Friday, December 31, 2021

Best Books of 2021

Happy final day of 2021 :D This year have not been a good reading year for me. Gosh. I only managed to read 20 books. Which is so few. And yet I feel happy that I managed to read anything at all. For this year have not been easy. I have not had any energy or will to read much. So reading a little was good enough. And I am crossing everything that I will be able to read a whole lot more next year. Plus side, I truly liked most of the books that I read. So that's very good. And I still love reading the most. I just do not feel like reading. Ugh. But once I do start, I love it. So rude. Next year will hopefully be better. I have had a good year despite this, though. I still play Animal Crossing: New Horizons every day. And it still brings me the most joy. I spend time with my family every day too, which is exhausting, haha, but the best as well. I'm doing good. And I hope all of you are too. <3 My Best Books of the year will be a little different this time. Because I have read so little, and only have seven five star reads to add to this list. But then I also have five four star reads as well. And so I'm doing twelve books this year. The first seven are my favorite five stars, then the next five are my favorite four stars of this year. What were your best books this year? :)

1. Extasia. Such an incredible story with the greatest girls. Loved all of the magic and romance and pain.
2. All These Bodies. Bloody and perfect. Characters were amazing. That ending killed me; I need more.
3. Gilded. A stunning retelling that I loved to pieces. It was full of pain and darkness. And best romance.

4. Winterkeep. A heartbreaking and exciting new book in my favorite series. Love these characters most.
5. Graceling: The Graphic Novel. A new version of my favorite book. Lovely artwork making it come alive.
6. Sparrow Rising. Such an adorable book full of pain and hurt. And the best friendships as well. Loved it.

7. Curse of the Phoenix. This magical world was awesome to read about. Loved the sibling relationship.
8. Clarice the Brave. The growing friendship between the mouse and the cat was the most perfect thing.
9. The Ones We're Meant to Find. This book hurt me. Badly. But I loved it so. It had the worst twists, ha.

10. Small Favors. Such a wonderful book. Though it had way too much heartbreak, haha. It was so good.
11. Red Wolf. This was a truly amazing retelling that I liked a whole bunch. It was fully dark and delicious.
12. Any Sign of Life. An incredible end of the world story. The dog was awesome. And the characters too.


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  1. 2021 wasn't a good reading year for me either, I've only read a ten more books than you. I actually did tried to read Graceling but I couldn't seem to finish it. Perhaps it's better in graphic novel form? I like that you've read some middle grade books as well.

    Have a lovely new year.


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