Saturday, December 11, 2021

In My Mailbox #527

Gosh. I got a whole bunch of aaamazing mail this week :D Yesss. <3 SO happy :D I sadly haven't read this past week either. Sigh. Getting there soon, I hope. I am finally, finally pretty much done with having this goddamn cold. Ugh. So yeah. Been exhausted and sick for ages now. And this morning I woke with the worst headache I have ever had. And so I have tried to take it easy today. Managed somewhat. This week I have just mostly played Animal Crossing, as always, ha. <3 And I'm just enjoying this Christmas month :) It's the very best. And also finally got to see season three of Lost in Space. <3 After re-watching season one and two :) And eee, I loved it so much. But goddamn it. My romance did not happen, and I don't understand why? So disappointing, that one part. Rude. Anyway. Hoping to read shortly. Tomorrow, hopefully. I am so excited about my next read. I know I will love it. I just cannot make myself start, which have been a problem all year. Sigh. I really hope next year will be a better reading yet for me. Hmph. This week I'm waiting on Call of the Crow :D I hope you are all doing well and are all ready for Christmas :D

Animal Crossing Monopoly. Eee. I couldn't help but order this one, haha :D Not sure if I will play it, lol.
Luca. Just had to buy this cute sticker book. I love that the gorgeous cat has a few stickers too, haha :D
The Dragon's Revenge. I really liked book one years ago. This is three; hoping to re-read the first soon.
Beasts and Beauty + The Light in Hidden Places + In Every Generation + Extasia + The Last Legacy. Omg. Thank you so much for trading with me, GodOfWax :D EEE! And thank you so much to Becky for helping me get these perfect ARCs to Norway. <3 Means the most to me. And I just. I'm dying a little. Extasia is finally mine :D AHH! I loved it so much. And so excited for In Every Generation :D Love all.
Pop Figures. Oh. So many of my orders arrived this week, haha :D Love them all. Love Eevee the most.
Taylor Swift Oven Mitt. I'm so glad that I bought this holiday item, eee. As it is big and beautiful. I love it.

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