Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: The Lost Planet by Rachel Searles

I wanted to read The Lost Planet as soon as I saw that cover many months ago. And I liked the summary as well. Then I was lucky to get an ARC from Macmillan months ago, but I never found the time to start reading it. But today I really wanted to. And I'm so glad I did. Because I really enjoyed this book.

I'm not sure what to say about it, though. There is so much happening all the time and I can't mention too much about it because I don't want to spoil anything. I found the writing in this book to be very good and very easy to read. I found The Lost Planet to be very exciting and full of surprises. I adored it.

What I really loved about this book was the characters. I think they were all amazing. The story is about thirteen year old Chase. Who suddenly wakes up with no memory of anything. Which was kind of sad and made me feel a lot for him. But it was also pretty amazing and I thought it was done really well. I loved where he woke up; outside the house of Parker. Who was all kinds of awesome. I liked reading about him quite a lot.

Most of the plot in this book is about Chase trying to figure out who he is. And there is so much happening and so much to figure out about him. And I loved getting to know it all, though I would still like to know so much more. I would say that this book ends on a cliffhanger. And I need to know what happens next. What happens with the plot and the characters. I would really love a sequel to The Lost Planet. <3 So fingers crossed for that; I would read it in a heartbeat. This was an awesome book.

There are a lot of characters in this book. I won't mention them all. But I really liked reading about all of them. Some were creepy and mean and I kind of loved that too. But some were also pretty sweet. Though mostly I just loved Chase and Parker. They are both adorable. Sure, Parker do a few dumb things. But I didn't really fault him for that and I still adored him. I just loved reading about them both so much. Then there is the android, Mina. Whom I kind of loved. She was weird, but still amazing.

The plot in this book takes place on different planets. And I liked that. We get to know a little about each one and I loved that. So interesting to read about. And I would have loved to know more. I really enjoyed those nightmarish creatures that lived on Trucon. Those were creepy. I think it's the one of the cover? Though I'm not sure. I kind of thought that was a dragon, hih. But no dragons in this book. Anyway. I would have loved to see more of those creatures. But probably not, as they would kill you.

I don't think I should say much more about this book. As I kind of just want to say all the spoilery things, which I won't :D I just thought The Lost Planet was an amazing book with great characters. I loved reading it and I always wanted to know what would happen next. It's full of adventure and excitement. And a bit of horror as well. Some sad parts. And kind of full of betrayals, in a way. Anyway. I have decided to rate this book with a four stars, as I didn't fully love it. But I thought it was amazing.

Huge thank you to Ksenia at Macmillan Kids for the gorgeous print ARC of this book. <3 I'm so happy that I read it and so thankful that I got this copy to read. I will also be buying a hardcover of it: :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cover Reveal: Plus One by Elizabeth Fama

Oh, I'm so excited to finally be sharing and finally seeing this amazing cover! It's been a few months since I read Plus One. Read and loved it. So I've been dying to see the cover for ages. <3 And I love it. So much. This cover fits so well with the book. And it's just beautiful. Sigh. I adore it. Also, link below to official reveal post where you can win two arcs of it; which you very much want. <3 I cannot wait to get my two hardcovers of it. <3 This book was just that good. And I need you all to read it when it comes out. Read it and love it. <3 Because you will. What do you think of this gorgeous cover? <3

Divided by day and night and on the run from authorities, star-crossed young lovers unearth a sinister conspiracy in this compelling romantic thriller.

Seventeen-year-old Soleil Le Coeur is a Smudge—a night dweller prohibited by law from going out during the day. When she fakes an injury in order to get access to and kidnap her newborn niece—a day dweller, or Ray—she sets in motion a fast-paced adventure that will bring her into conflict with the powerful lawmakers who order her world, and draw her together with the boy she was destined to fall in love with, but who is also a Ray.

Set in a vivid alternate reality and peopled with complex, deeply human characters on both sides of the day-night divide, Plus One is a brilliantly imagined drama of individual liberty and civil rights, and a fast-paced romantic adventure story.

Waiting on Wednesday #120

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:


Allison Sekemoto once struggled with the question: human or monster?

With the death of her love, Zeke, she has her answer.


Allie will embrace her cold vampire side to hunt down and end Sarren, the psychopathic vampire who murdered Zeke. But the trail is bloody and long, and Sarren has left many surprises for Allie and her companions—her creator, Kanin, and her blood brother, Jackal. The trail is leading straight to the one place they must protect at any cost—the last vampire-free zone on Earth, Eden. And Sarren has one final, brutal shock in store for Allie.

In a ruined world where no life is sacred and former allies can turn on you in one heartbeat, Allie will face her darkest days. And if she succeeds, triumph is short-lived in the face of surviving forever alone.

Hardcover, US, 304 pages
Expected publication: April 15th 2014 by Harlequin Teen
Pre-Order here.

I.. may have forgotten to do a cover reveal post for this book, hih (A) So I'm adding it as my WoW for today, as I'm REALLY dying to read it :D But first. That cover. It's pretty sweet, isn't it? I adore it. <3 And I cannot wait to own it. And YAY for having peek of Talon inside :D So excited about that as well. But anyway. I have been DYING to read The Forever Song for a long time. I need to know what happens. I need Zeke to be alive. I need him and Allie together. <3 And I need to know how it all ends. Sigh.
What are you waiting for? 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mini Review: The Little Android by Marissa Meyer

Oh. This short story was pretty evil. Heartbreaking yet kind of sweet and the same time. But also kind of dark. I loved it. But wish it hadn't ended. Sigh. I cannot wait to read more by Marissa; as she's an amazing writer and so far I have loved everything she has published. I know that will continue. <3

The Little Android is an amazing short story. It has a very interesting plot that I adored. It's based on The Little Mermaid, and while I haven't read the original book, I have seen details about it. And I would say that this is a good retelling of it. Though heartbreaking. And I enjoyed that very much.

This short story is told from the point of view of an Android. Who is kind of not working right. She's acting more human; feeling things. And oh, how I loved that. But it also seemed a bit lonely. We get to know a bunch of things about her and I loved getting to know her. But I do wish there had been more; like I always do. I'm not sure what to say about the plot in this, as I don't want to spoil everything. So just going to say that I really enjoyed it.

The Little Android is a well-written good short story. And I think you should all read it. I found it to be pretty amazing. I loved Mech6.0 feelings towards this guy. Even if it was heartbreaking. Sniffs. I loved getting to see some characters as well. That was pretty awesome. Mostly I just loved reading more from Marissa and her Lunar Chronicles world. This doesn't have that much to do with her other books, to be honest, but I loved it. <3 Though, hmm, I'm wondering if we'll see more of some of the characters :) Also wanted to say that I found the ending to be beautiful. It made me sad, but it was also so good.

Mini Review: Bridge of Snow by Marie Rutkoski

This was an evil short story. Because it made me remember all the heartbreaking details about The Winner's Curse. But even though it was heartbreaking, it was also beautiful. I found Bridge of Snow to be a perfect short story. Well written, interesting and sweet. And full of feelings. I loved it.

Bridge of Snow is a short story set in the world of the upcoming book The Winner's Curse. It is about one of the main characters, Arin, when he was 8 years old. This story is told from the point of view of his mother. And it is beautiful. I loved getting to know a little bit more about Arin. And his family.

Arin's mother is telling him a story about a man and the God of snow. Which was kind of a really heartbreaking story. But also good. I kind of loved reading it. <3 Though I might have wished for a tiny bit more of child-Arin. Okay, want a whole book of Arin, hih. But I loved what was included in this story. Arin and his mother are adorable. I loved getting to know a little about his sister as well. Though that part made me even sadder.

Not saying anything more about this short story. Just that Bridge of Snow is an amazing story and I think you all need to read it. It broke my heart a little, though. But I'm so glad that I read it. It was so good. You should all read it before or after reading The Winner's Curse. Probably before. I cannot wait to re-read The Winner's Curse. <3 Will be doing so very soon, I hope. And I hope you will all be reading it when it comes out in March. Because it is such a gorgeous and heartbreaking and perfect book. <3

Cress Tuesday #14

Cress is out in just one week! So exciting. I can't wait for you all to read it. <3 It has been fourteen weeks since I started sharing Cress Tuesday teasers with you all. I have loved these weeks so much. Have loved figuring out teasers to share and have loved reading all your lovely comments. Thank you all so much. I also cannot believe it's already been more than three months since I read Cress. Time has gone by so fast! I will be re-reading the three books after I get my hardcover. <3 You can see all the previous Cress Tuesday posts here. <3 Hope you are enjoying these small non-spoilery teasers :)


"Cinder made a special trip to Paris for this girl?"
"My logic aptitude suggests this is a possibility."
"What else do we know about this ... Scarlet?"

My review of Glitches. My review of The Queen's Army. My blog tour post of Cinder.

Was allowed to do this by Marissa and Macmillan; Thank you. <3 Marissa is the best. Check out her amazing website :D I'm also very much in love with the Lunar Chronicles facebook. So pretty. I hope you enjoy the teasers :) There will be one teaser each Tuesday. Can't wait for you all to read Cress :) 
The teasers are from my ARC copy of Cress and may not be the same in the finished copy. <3

Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: Alienated by Melissa Landers

I was actually lucky enough to get an ARC copy of Alienated from the publisher all the way back in May. But at that time I had some issues with reading, and I could never make myself pick the book up. And then I started thinking I would dislike it, since I'm still unsure about that summary. But today I decided that I needed to read it. Since it's coming out in a few days and all. And because I thought I would probably enjoy it. I hoped. And then I read it. And I loved it so, so much. It surprised me.

My love for this book is big. I'm so glad that I ended up loving it. I found the writing to be pretty amazing. Though I had a few issues with how the people were talking and such. But mostly I really loved it. And that was great. I was sucked in from the very first few pages. And then I just could not stop reading until I had finished the book. Though, I do have something to say about that ending. Which I will be getting to pretty soon :D

Alienated is told from two different point of views. The point of view of Cara the human, and Aelyx the alien. And I kind of really loved them both. So much. They were both amazing characters and I loved being inside both their heads. Cara is such a sweet girl. Well, for the most part. And I loved reading about her family, because they were adorable. Though I wish we had gotten to know even more about them all. Even her brother.

In the beginning Cara has a boyfriend. And oh, I kind of really hated him. I'm sure he was sweeter earlier on, as in years ago, like Cara says. But now he was a total asshole. And I'm happy that didn't last long. Though, sure, he does one good thing at the end. But that does not make me forgive him. She also has a best friend. At first. And I did not like Tori much either. First she was awesome. But then she changed and I hated how much she hurt Cara. And I don't think I would have ever forgiven her for what she did.

I'm not sure how I will talk about this book. I won't share too much about the plot, because that would be kind of spoilery. And it was amazing reading this book without knowing what would happen. And I really enjoyed this book. Sure, it had a few flaws. But I loved it and I'm rating it with five stars. I enjoyed the characters. I loved getting to see Cara and Aelyx get to know each other. I loved how Aelyx spoke, the things he said. This book was funny. And I wasn't expecting that. Which is why I loved Alienated so.

There is a lot of things happening in this book. And I loved all of it. Though, to be honest, most of it kind of broke my heart. Alienated was full of feels. And I couldn't have loved it more. We learned about the sort-of-aliens and how they were. And I loved that. Aelyx was so different and I adored him. But I wanted to know more. So, so much more. Cannot wait for book two. I even loved the school scenes. Because they were pretty creepy. There is a lot of creepy in this book. And lots of creepy people.

I won't say more about this book. Just that it is amazing. And I really enjoyed it. And that there is some romance in this book. And it's amazing and it made me swoon. Though it did give me some heartbreak. I wish they had talked a bit more about this one thing. But then, I didn't really blame Aelyx for not saying anything. But I do wonder why Cara didn't see that it isn't that easy to choose between saving your own planet or someone else's planet. At least, I don't think it is. I understood his hesitation about sharing.

I'm dying to read the sequel to this book. And I just wish the wait was shorter. But still. There is one thing that's bothering me about this book. The ending. I liked it, but it also broke my heart a little. And thing is, it hadn't broken my heart if this character hadn't been introduced. I feel that Jaxen will make the sequel into a love triangle thing. And if that happens, I'm out. So, please, don't let that happen. There does not need to be a triangle. Cara and Aelyx have an amazing love story to explore. <3

I want to give a huge thank you to the publisher, Disney Hyperion, for the print ARC copy of this amazing book. <3 Thank you so much for the chance to read it early. And I'm so so sorry that I waited all these months to finally read this book. But also glad, as I'm not sure I could have survived a year and a half for the sequel, hih. Though now I must wait a whole year for it.. I hope it goes by fast. I need more. <3
I think you should all read Alienated. It is an amazing book and I think you will all fall in love with it.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review: Unforgotten by Jessica Brody

I have had the ARC of this book for months. And I have been wanting to read it for longer than that. But because I'm kind of a coward, I peeked at the ending when I just got the book. And it scared me a little. So I put off reading the book. But today I finally made myself read it. I'm happy I did. But angry as well.

This book did unfair things to my heart. And I'm not sure yet if I approved of it or not. More about that later. Because I really enjoyed the beginning of Unforgotten. I loved getting to read more about Sera and Zen. They are adorable together.  But oh, if only that had lasted.. so much happens in this book. Sniffs.

I loved reading about the place they went to. We get to know a bit about it, and it was very interesting but also quite awful. There is this burning scene. And it was very disturbing. I loved it. But it was sad as well. Sigh. There were some new people in this time period. I enjoyed reading about them, but didn't really care about them too much. Though Jane was kind of sweet.

Oh, I just don't know how to talk about this book. I don't want to give away spoilers. Yet all I want to talk about is that awful thing near the ending. But I won't. Okay, fine, I will. Later. A little bit. And it will be kind of spoilery. But not yet. Anyway. The writing. I mostly enjoyed the writing in this book. Though there were a few things that annoyed me. But they weren't many or often, so that was good. I like Jessica's writing and her way of telling a story. Though I may not forgive her for that ending. We'll see.

I don't think I should say much about this book. As I don't want to spoil anything. But I did think it was pretty amazing. I enjoyed the plot and the action. I always wanted to know what would happen next. And that was good. I really loved reading about Sera and Zen. They are adorable. And I loved how much in love they were. I also really loved that we got to see more of the time travelling thing. Though it did confuse me a tiny bit. But I very much enjoyed reading about it. Overall, I enjoyed this book.

But then there is that thing that I did not enjoy. And I need to talk about it. I really need to. So you should be aware that there is some spoilers below. Nothing too horrible. Just don't read if you don't want to know. I would have wanted to know, though. But I am happy that I didn't peek more before reading the book, as I might not have been able to make myself read all of it.. and I did mostly really enjoy Unforgotten. So anyway. There will be a few spoilers below as I cannot not talk about what happened.

You should all know that I hate love triangles. More than anything. I just do not understand them and I do not like them and I never ever want that to change. Which is kind of why I was happy that Unremembered didn't have a love triangle. And this book started with showing how strong Sera and  Zen's love was. So I did not understand the need to add that male character. Though it did make sense. With the plot and all. But I hated it. I hated it so much and I'm not sure that I can forgive it.

I'm not sure I can forgive what Sera did. It wasn't too bad, I guess. But to me it was so much worse. I just did not enjoy reading those parts. At all. And I'm so sorry about that. But I can't change who I am. And I do not like love triangles. Especially not in this book. With Zen being such an amazing and sweet person and he did just not deserve that. Now it's making me cry a little. I'm sorry. But this is how I feel.

It's just.. it better be fixed EARLY in the third book. Please. I can't stand this pain. It's not for me. Only option, for me, is to kill the new guy. Pretty please? <3 But anyway. Enough about that. About that ending.. it is beyond evil. More evil than a lot of other books. And I'm not sure how I will be able to wait for the third and final one. I need to know what happens. And gah. I just need to know everything. And I need everything to be okay and I'm starting to fear that it won't be. Which is pretty interesting.

I have decided to rate Unforgotten with a four star. That triangle thing hurt me. Pretty deep. But I'm willing to overlook it. So, four stars from me. Because I did enjoy the book. I found Unforgotten to be an amazing and interesting sequel. I loved reading it so much. And I do think you guys will love it too, if you loved the first one :) So you really should read Unforgotten when it comes out in about a month.

Huge thank you to Ksenia/Macmillan for the ARC copy of this book. <3 So happy that I was able to read it early; though I waited many months before I started, hih. I'm glad that I read it. Despite the pain.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

In My Mailbox #117

I got some pretty amazing things in the mail today. A few letters that had some amazing swag that I'll love for always. <3 Plus a few books that I ordered :) Still missing a couple of things; will have to email about them. Sniff. Anyway. I'm pretty happy with this week. Still not feeling good, but I'm thinking that's just the way it will be for me. Which kind of sucks. I'm also freezing a bit, as of right now it is -20 outside and a lot of wind. Brrr. Thankfully, kitty is here to make me warm, lol. <3 I also posted a new GIVEAWAY yesterday :D It is international. And there will be one winner who will win an brand new ARC of Faking Normal. <3 And a bunch of swag :) Enter here. What did you get this week?

The Unbound. Gorgeous bookmarks that I got from Victoria since I pre-ordered the book. <3 So pretty.
Siege and Storm. Huge thank you to Leigh :D I LOVE the bookmarks. And the note/card :D So perfect.
Claire Legrand. Oh, best middle grade books ever. <3 And I adore Claire SO MUCH. Thank you thank you thank you. <3 I love these bookmarks so so much. Sigh. See them in my house here :)

How To Train Your Dragon. One of the best movies. Finally got myself to buy this gorgeous book. <3
The Hobbit. Finally got this as well :D It is awesome! Have the first one, so had to have this too. Hih.
Evertrue. I have yet to read book one.. but now I own all three, and I will be reading them someday :)
Avalon. While I didn't fully love this, I enjoyed it, and I needed to own it. The hardcover is gorgeous.
Graceling. I won this from the publisher :D Thank you so so much! I didn't even own this edition.. <3
The Offering. Hih, I must own all the books. Collection of the UK covers are complete :) So pretty.
Chicken Little. I will own all the Disney Classics in blu-ray (and dvd). And this movie is pretty cute ;p
The Wild. Like I said, I will own them all, hih :D And I did enjoy this movie. Not the best, but cute.
Wolf Children. I loved this movie a whole lot. So I needed to own the US edition of it as well. <3

I also got accepted for Sunrise on Netgalley, since I will be a part of the blog tour for the book :) I will be reading it soonish. Probably. Most likely.

I have posted a bunch of Instagram pictures this week too. Here you see a couple of them. <3

In My Mailbox is an weekly meme made by The Story Siren.

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International Giveaway: ARC + Swag!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I did a giveaway so I wanted to do one know. I own a lot of swag, so one of the two prizes will be a swag pack. I also got one ARC of Faking Normal from HarperCollins International. <3 But then I also won a signed ARC from the author :D So I will be giving away the un-read, un-signed copy to you guys. There will be one winner who wins the book and the swag. Giveaway will be via Rafflecopter and you will have lots of chances for entries :) Though you must be following me for the first entries. <3 I read Faking Normal a little while ago, and I really enjoyed it.
My four star review can be read here. Anyway. I hope you'll all wish to enter this giveaway; because I think it's an amazing prize :D Good luck :) And thank you all for following me. <3 You are the best.

Brand new never-been-read ARC of Faking Normal.
A bunch of swag. Some signed. Some not. All gorgeous.

International. Must follow via GFC. Must reply within 48 hours.
Must want to win. As in, planning on reading the book. <3

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review: Vitro by Jessica Khoury

I have been waiting so long to read this book. And now I finally could. I have known for ages that I would enjoy it, since I loved the first book by Jessica; Origin. And I loved the plot for this one. And I'm pleased to say that I did love it. I found it to be a pretty amazing book with good writing and awesome characters.

I adore the cover for Vitro. It's just gorgeous. And the hardcover is very pretty as well. Which made reading this book even better. I enjoyed the book from the very beginning. Which was very good. I love it when a book I've been waiting for turns out to be as amazing as I wanted it to be. And Vitro was that book.

I'm not sure what to say about this book and what not to say. I don't want to spoil anything, as I loved the sort of mystery of it. I loved figuring out everything and I loved getting surprised as well. So I won't say much about the plot. Just a few small things. Will talk a little bit about the characters, whom I really adored. Well, okay, just a few of them. Most of the characters in this book was pretty evil. But I loved reading about all of them.

Vitro is told from the point of view of Sophie and Jim. And sometimes a few short chapters from Lux. I really loved Sophie. I found her to be an amazing person and I loved reading about her and learning about her life. Though when we learned later about some things that happened when she was a bit younger, that broke my heart a little. Wish we could have seen more of Sophie and Jim's childhood. I loved that part so much. Found it amazing that they used to be best friends when they were kids.

I also really adored Jim. I think he was an amazing character. And I loved reading about him so so much. And my heart broke for him pretty much all the time. Did not approve of his parents. Though I would have loved to read more about it. The book ended way too soon. Jim is a pilot. And I loved that about him. Loved reading about him and Sophie flying. That was pretty awesome. Sigh. I just really adored Jim; he had such a big heart. And he's so kind as well. And brave. Loved that he cared about people.

We also get to know Lux a lot in this book. Except that she is not normal. And that's all I'm going to say about it. Because ohh. It was very creepy to read about and I loved every second of it. The plot with Lux was pretty amazing. Just, ugh. I loved this book. I was worried about Lux at first, thinking that there might be a love triangle sort of thing. But there wasn't. Though there was this boy that worried me as well. But no. No love triangles. But not much romance in the book either. But the beginning of one. <3

There are a lot of characters in this book. I kind of only liked four of them. Maybe. I liked reading about the Russian guy. He was pretty awesome. And then all the scientists.. I didn't like them much at all. The things that they did on Skin Island. I did not approve. But I loved reading about it so much. Because it was a bit unique and special and I very much enjoyed the plot. I had a few small issues with the book, but none big enough for me not to give this book a five star. Because I enjoyed it that much :)

I'm not sure what else to say about this book. So I just won't say more about it. No spoilers. Because Vitro is amazing. And it's even more amazing when you know nothing about what will happen. I enjoyed reading about the characters and everything that they did. I loved reading about the Vitros. Though, creepy. A lot of things in this book was creepy. And I loved it. Jessica did a very good job writing this book. <3 And I cannot wait to read even more books by her, as I really adore her. Now, go read Vitro!

Waiting on Wednesday #119

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

It had to end sometime, but Mara had no idea it would end like this. Experience the mind-blowing conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Mara Dyer trilogy.

Loyalties are betrayed, guilt and innocence tangle, and fate and chance collide in this shocking conclusion to Mara Dyer’s story.

Hardcover, 464 pages
Expected publication: June 10th 2014 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Pre-Order here.

This book I have waited for FOREVER. I loved book one and two, but book two ended in such an evil way. I need to know what happens next. With Mara. <3 And Noah.. Yeah, I don't believe that ending, hih. But anyway. June cannot get here fast enough. I need to own and read this book. So excited. <3
What are you waiting for? 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Avalon by Mindee Arnett Launch Day Excerpt + Giveaway‏

Today is the release day for Avalon by Mindee Arnett :D So excited! I quite enjoyed this book. My review can be found here. <3 I cannot wait to get my hardcover. Anyway. Today I'm taking part in this Launch Day Excerpt and Giveaway via the publisher :D So excited. Included is the summary for the book, which is pretty awesome, and a picture excerpt. Which is also all kinds of awesome. I really hope you will all buy this book and that you will enjoy it :) Also, you should go follow Mindee. As she's an pretty amazing author and person. I adore her. At the end there is this awesome US/Canada giveaway for you all :)

Avalon Book Description <3

Of the various star systems that make up the Confederation, most lie thousands of light-years from First Earth—and out here, no one is free. The agencies that govern the Confederation are as corrupt as the crime bosses who patrol it, and power is held by anyone with enough greed and ruthlessness to claim it. That power is derived from one thing: metatech, the devices that allow people to travel great distances faster than the speed of light.

Jeth Seagrave and his crew of teenage mercenaries have survived in this world by stealing unsecured metatech, and they're damn good at it. Jeth doesn't care about the politics or the law; all he cares about is earning enough money to buy back his parents' ship, Avalon, from his crime-boss employer and getting himself and his sister, Lizzie, the heck out of Dodge. But when Jeth finds himself in possession of information that both the crime bosses and the government are willing to kill for, he is going to have to ask himself how far he'll go to get the freedom he's wanted for so long.

With pulse-pounding action, a captivating mystery, and even a bit of romance, Avalon is the perfect read for hard-core sci-fi fans and non–sci-fi fans alike.

Links to where you can buy Avalon. <3

Where to find Mindee Arnett: Website - Twitter - Facebook - Tumblr - Goodreads

Mindee Arnett is the author of one other book for teens,The Nightmare Affair. She lives on a horse farm in Ohio with her husband, 
two kids, a couple of dogs, and an inappropriate number of cats. Her dream home, though, is aboard a spaceship.

Cress Tuesday #13

Today it has been thirteen weeks since I started sharing Cress Tuesday teasers with you all. I have loved these weeks so much. Have loved figuring out teasers to share and have loved reading all your lovely comments. Thank you all so much. Cress is almost out now, and I'm not sure if I should keep posting Cress teasers after the book is out. What do you all think? I would love to continue. Anyway. You can see all the previous Cress Tuesday posts here. <3 Hope you are enjoying these small non-spoilery teasers :)
Also! TWO WEEKS! Cress is out in just fourteen days! I cannot wait. So excited :D You will all love it.


Kai scowled. Torin was right, of course. He didn't know anything about Cinder, no matter how much he felt that he did. But he was the emperor. He had resources. He may not know much about Cinder,

 but if she could find out about the lost Lunar princess, then he could find out more about her.
And he knew just where to start looking.


My review of Glitches. My review of The Queen's Army. My blog tour post of Cinder.

Was allowed to do this by Marissa and Macmillan; Thank you. <3 Marissa is the best. Check out her amazing website :D I'm also very much in love with the Lunar Chronicles facebook. So pretty. I hope you enjoy the teasers :) There will be one teaser each Tuesday. Can't wait for you all to read Cress :) 
The teasers are from my ARC copy of Cress and may not be the same in the finished copy. <3

Monday, January 20, 2014

Review: Unhinged by A. G. Howard

Oh, I don't know how to write this review. I truly don't. So I'm going to start by saying that I adore the author; Anita. She's an amazing person. But I have to be honest about my feelings for this book, and I just did not enjoy it. I wanted to. So much. But I couldn't. Will explain why in my review. For the most part.

It's been more than a year since I read the first book, Splintered. Back when I read it I really liked it, though I didn't fully love it. Because of the love triangle. And I suppose that was my biggest issue with this book as well. I could not enjoy it. Not for a single moment. Which broke my heart a little.

I probably should have re-read book one before reading this; as there were a few things I didn't remember. But I figured I would understand most of it, still. And I did. And I do think I will re-read both books before the third one. Most likely. I don't know how to write my review, though. Because I know it will be negative and I wish to apologize for that. But I'm also going to be honest, and negative was just the way I felt for this book.

To me, Unhinged was a disappointment. I wanted so much more from it, but I didn't get it. That was disappointing to me. Sure, the book isn't all awful. There were a few things that I liked. But they weren't enough. I wish that they had been, but they weren't. Now to try to put my thoughts into words.

I won't do a recap of the first book. And I won't do a recap of the things that happen in this one either. Instead I will just talk about a few things. Mostly the things that I did not like. Sigh. Anyway. Unhinged is told from the point of view of Alyssa. And I liked that. I'm not sure how I felt about her as a character, though. Most of the time she annoyed me. I didn't like how she cried all the time, and at the same time thought that she didn't have the luxury to cry. It confused me a little and made me a bit annoyed.

I'm not sure what to think of the writing in this book. Most of the time I didn't have a huge issue with it. I didn't find it to be perfect, which made me a bit sad. And there were many words in it that are not in other books that I have read. Sure, that's supposed to be a good thing. Except that for me it was not; considering I had never heard of the words before. That was another reason for why I failed to love this book. Since I didn't love the writing; I had some issues :\ That was only the beginning, though..

In this book Alyssa has been with Jeb for a whole year. And I liked that. Except that we didn't get to know anything that happened in that year. Sure, her mom is back. Which I suppose was good. Except that I didn't really like her at all. Her dad started to annoy me as well. Sigh. But anyway. Jeb. I liked him. But then I didn't love him. He and Alyssa annoyed me a little. First, why hadn't they already had sex? They had been together for a whole year. Ugh. What annoyed me the most was looks they exchanged.

And that kind of ruined a lot of the book for me. How Alyssa could see everything emotion in their eyes. I just don't get that. At all. Because I can't see a damn thing looking into someone's eyes. And Alyssa could see everything? How is that even possible? Sigh. It just bothered me a bit. Anyway. Jeb was always looking at her in a way that melted her and whatever. I just didn't find it to be real and I didn't think it was very romantic either. But I do ship Alyssa and Jeb. I just don't ship this book all that much.

Then there is the thing that I disliked the most. Morpheus. I didn't like him at all. Not even a little bit. And I didn't understand how Alyssa could be attracted to him. And I hated how stupid she became around him; like she couldn't even think at all. Like she just forgot about her one year together with Jeb. And then later she sees this future thingy, and she completely changes how she feels. And it pissed me off. And I only see one solution for book three: to kill Morpheus. I want him dead. Just saying :)

I'm not sure what I can say about this book. I hated how much of it was focused of Morpheus and Alyssa's attraction to him and blah blah blah. I just did not like that part at all. Another thing that bothered me was that I felt that this book had no magic. It only takes place in the human world. That made me sad. And there is all this drama and school drama and it just wasn't good for me. It wasn't the adventure book that I wanted; that I kind of expected after the first book. So I'm sorry that I didn't like this one.

I just wish I had liked this book. But it had so many things that I do not like and I couldn't fool myself into thinking that I liked it. I'm sorry; but it is the truth. Though I have seen so many else love it. Sigh. Anyway. I read my hardcover of this book, but I also got this gorgeous ARC from UK publisher, Tina. <3 Thank you so so much. Though I didn't love the book, I very much love all my different copies of it.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

In My Mailbox #116

I'm not sure how to feel about this week. Mail wise it has been AMAZING. More than amazing. But I have been feeling very crappy and that just sucks. Sigh. I'm so behind on responding to blog comments that I have gotten and I'm SO SORRY for that. I have been commenting on many blogs aside from that, though. But I'm really hoping for the time to respond to comments made on my blog soon. Hopefully time next week. I read two books this week. The Impossible Knife of Memory, which sucked, and took me forever to read. Sigh. Also read Let the Storm Break, which I loved. <3 And today I'm finally starting Unhinged :D The thing I'm most pleased about this week is getting that GORGEOUS copy of The Winner's Curse. <3 Dying. A post about it will be up in a few days. Most likely. Anyway. I'm happy with everything I got this week and hoping to feel better soon. And to catch up. What did you get this week? <3

Vitro. I have been waiting forever for this book to get here. <3 SO excited to read it next week :D
The Winner's Curse. This was the best thing in the world to get in the mail a few days ago. You have no idea how happy it made me to get it. <3 This edition is GORGEOUS. And the book is so amazing :D

Enders. I have yet to read book one (A) But I pre-ordered this one a year and a half ago, hih.
Hollow City. It's been so long since I read book one.. but I'm hoping to read this one one day :D
The Archived. As I very much liked this book I needed to have the US paperback. So pretty.
Ice Age 4. This one was on sale, so I just had to get it. <3 Pretty edition and it is in 3D :)
Taste of Darkness. I read book one ages ago.. must re-read so I can finish this trilogy soon ;p
Erased. SO EXCITED! Re-reading Altered one of these days. <3 I cannot wait to read this one.
Frozen. Gorgeous Olaf book, hih. <3 I adore it. And Olaf is just the best. This is a very cute book.
Vengeance swag. Huge thank you to Megan for sending these to me. <3 They are GORGEOUS.
Disney Infinity. Yeah yeah. I have yet to really play the game. But ohh. I love buying all the things (A)
Stickers. I had to buy some gorgeous stickers while out of town this week :D They are adorable. Though I'm regretting that I shipped my fanletter before I got stickers.. Sniffs. Oh, well. Next letter :)

Disney. Okay. I think this is my last package from Disney Store for a while (A) Hopefully. No more money.. Sigh. I need to start saving. But ohh. I just HAD to get these from the UK. <3 Tinkerbell is adorable. And KRISTOFF! Kid Kristoff. He is so so adorable. I love him. And he is very pretty next to my toddler Anna and Else :) And Anna singing doll. <3 Have Elsa; now I have both. Another Pascal Christmas plush, hih. He's just too cute. Chip 'n' Dale plush and mug! I had to get them. And they are so adorable in person. Love them. Frozen puzzle. So so cute. Must have. And another Frozen bag, because kitten has sort of murdered my first one.. heh. Now I mostly have everything Frozen. <3 Kind of :)

<3 My precious. A few more pictures on my Instagram. Thank you so so much to Macmillan. <3

In My Mailbox is an weekly meme made by The Story Siren.

Cover Reveal: City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

How can it already be almost two years since I re-read the first five books in this series by Cassie? I adore her books. But I also feel like I have waited forever for this last one, lol. And now the wait is almost over. I could not be happier. She's broken my heart with her Infernal Devices trilogy and I cannot wait to get broken by everything else that she writes. I love her writing even with all the heartbreak :) Anyway. Today I'm sharing the cover for the final book in The Mortal Instruments series; City of Heavenly Fire. And I pretty much love it. Not going to lie, would have loved to have just Jace on another cover, lol. <3 But I think Clary and Sebastian looks awesome. Sigh. I just cannot wait for this book to come out on May 27th. It will be an amazing day. Have you read any books by Cassandra Clare? Favorite? :)


I am coming.

Darkness returns to the Shadowhunter world. As their society falls apart around them, Clary, Jace, Simon and their friends must band together to fight the greatest evil the Nephilim have ever faced: Clary’s own brother. Nothing in the world can defeat him — must they journey to another world to find the chance? Lives will be lost, love sacrificed, and the whole world changed in the sixth and last installment of the Mortal Instruments series!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer: Paperback Edition

I'm so excited for this paperback of Scarlet to come out. First, because I really loved the book and I cannot wait to have more editions in my collection. <3 Second, because there are some truly amazing extra contents inside. Third, my blog name is featured inside :D SO excited about that. Huge thank you to the publisher, Macmillan, for including me. My blog is featured because back in June I commented on a blog post by Macmillan with my review of Scarlet. <3 Anyway. I'm so so excited because this is the best feeling in the world. Getting included in books makes me exstatic. I love it. Thank you. This is also super exciting because I love Marissa Meyer so much and all her books are amazing. I cannot wait to read even more from her. <3 I LOVE the way my name is included in this paperback. It all just looks amazing. I cannot wait to see it in the paperback when I get my pre-ordered copies. <3

The Scarlet paperback arrives on Tuesday February 4,
and it will include the following bonus material:

~ Bonus short story entitled The Queen’s Army ~
~ Q&A with author Marissa Meyer ~
~ Reader’s Guide ~
~ Special sneak peek at Cress ~

My blog posts about books by Marissa Meyer.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: Let the Storm Break by Shannon Messenger

I read book one back in March. And ever since then I have been dying to know what happens next in this pretty amazing series. But then I got an eARC of Let the Storm Break all the way back in September, and I couldn't bring myself to start it. I don't know why. I think it was because I was scared of not liking it.

But then yesterday I got the need to read it. And I'm so glad I did. I enjoyed it from the very beginning, which was very good. Which doesn't happen often, either. While the writing isn't perfect for me, I very much enjoy it. I think that Shannon's writing is pretty amazing and I love reading her books :)

I'm not sure, but I think I enjoyed this sequel more than book one. But it also worried me a whole lot more. And it did some funny things to my heart. Not so funny things as well. I still love that the book is told from Vane and Audra's point of views. Because I really enjoy reading from both of them and I feel that we needed to see things from both. Plus, they are awesome.

I'm not sure how to write this review, though. I kind of want to talk about all the spoilery things. Like what happens at the end of the book. Such an evil ending! But oh. I will not. Because I need you all to read this book for yourself. But be aware that this review will contain spoilers for Let the Sky Fall, if you haven't read it yet. Which you totally should have by now. Because it's a pretty amazing book. And the covers for these books are gorgeous. Truly gorgeous. I cannot wait to own this. And to see book three :)

Let the Storm Break starts where the first book ended. With Audra having left Vane for a while to travel and think. It's been twenty-something-days and Vane is wondering when she will come back. If she will come back. And that is a part that kind of broke my heart a little. That he's having doubts, because she left him. Made me sad. But I also kind of really loved reading about it, hih. It's a bit heartbreaking to read about him searching the winds for signs of her coming back. But I loved reading his thoughts.

We get to meet more characters in this book. Which I pretty much loved. Vane has a new trainer called Gus. And oh, I kind of really loved Gus. He was pretty amazing to read about and he was funny and sweet as well. And loyal to Vane. I think he was a good friend. We also get to know Os, whom I did not like at all. Evil dude. Well, I think he's evil. Then there is Solana. Who could have become a love triangle, but did not. But she's sweet and hot and that bothered me a little bit, hih. Maybe like her.

There is also more about the evil villain in this book. We get to meet him a little bit. And oh, I did not like him. And that was a huge plus, because I'm pretty sure he will only ever be evil. He better be. He did some pretty awful things. Like what happened with Feng. That was heartbreaking. Did not approve. But it was also fascinating to learn more about what could be done about the winds. So I loved reading about all of it. All of the evil things as well, because I loved learning. But they were so evil. Sigh.

Oh, I don't know what to say about this book. There were a lot of things I loved in it. A few small things I found annoying, but not enough to let it bother me at all. There were some swoony moments. I still very much like the romance. And wishes for more. And there are a few funny scenes as well. I loved reading about Vane and Audra. They are both so adorable and different to read about. I'm kind of starting to dislike Vane's mother a tiny bit. Just a little. But I'm hoping she will come around soon.

There is just so much happening in this book. So much evil and heartbreaking things. But also so many interesting things that I loved reading about. I loved learning more about the four winds. I loved reading about them talking to the winds. It was interesting and I adored it. I wish to know even more, though. Then there is that ending. I'm not sure how to feel. It was pretty brutal, what happened. I don't think it can be reversed. Heartbreak. But it was also beyond amazing. I loved reading about it so much.

Anyway. I thought that Let the Storm Break was an amazing sequel. It was fun and sweet and heartbreaking. I was the perfect continuation of Vane and Audra's story. Though it ended too soon. So now I'm dying for book three. Cannot wait to see what happens next. <3 Rating this book a five star, though it might have been four point five a few times. But overall I really enjoyed it. Huge thank you to the publisher, Simon Pulse, for the chance to read this awesome book early via Edelweiss. <3

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday #118

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

The Yellowstone supervolcano nearly wiped out the human race. Now, almost a year after the eruption, the survivors seem determined to finish the job. Communities wage war on each other, gangs of cannibals roam the countryside, and what little government survived the eruption has collapsed completely. The ham radio has gone silent. Sickness, cold, and starvation are the survivors' constant companions.

When it becomes apparent that their home is no longer safe and adults are not facing the stark realities, Alex and Darla must create a community that can survive the ongoing disaster, an almost impossible task requiring even more guts and more smarts than ever — and unthinkable sacrifice. If they fail . . . they, their loved ones, and the few remaining survivors will perish.

This epic finale has the heart of Ashfall, the action of Ashen Winter, and a depth all its own, examining questions of responsibility and bravery, civilization and society, illuminated by the story of an unshakable love that transcends a post-apocalyptic world and even life itself.

Hardcover, 466 pages
Expected publication: April 15th 2014 by Tanglewood Press
Pre-Order here.

It's been a long time since I read book one and two. Well, it feels like forever ago. So I think I need to re-read them both before I read this third and final book :) I'm pretty excited for it, as I did enjoy the first two books and I'm just dying a bit to know how it all ends. Excited to read more of Alex and Darla :)
What are you waiting for?