Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Waiting on Wednesday #597

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

THE PIPER'S PROMISE (Sisters Ever After #3)

Goodreads Description:

The third book in the Sisters Ever After series of fairy tale retellings, this is the thrilling story of the Pied Piper’s little sister, Clare, who is determined to uncover the truth behind her brother’s seemingly cruel actions.

Clare's brother, Tom, also known as the pied piper, has stolen away the children of Hamelin. But Clare knows that’s only half the story. Tom isn’t the easiest person to love, but she’s certain that he couldn’t be so cruel. There has to be a good reason why he stole the Fae Queen’s magic pipe and led the children to a faraway land, never to be seen again.

Together with Anna, the mayor of Hamelin’s daughter, Clare embarks on a journey into the Faerie Realms. In order to succeed, she will have to dodge faerie traps and stay out of the evil Rat Prince's claws. Only she can save the children of Hamelin and clear her brother's name.

But who will she have to betray to do it?

Format: 304 pages, Hardcover
Expected Publication: April 18, 2023 by Delacorte Press
Pre-Order: Book Depository and Blackwells and Amazon

Oops. A third book in a series. I know, I know. I haven't read book one yet, ha :D But. I have pre-ordered this one too. Oops? I just think that I will enjoy these middle grade books a whole lot, haha :) And so I'm buying them all. Very much hoping to read them soon, starting with book one. I also love these covers :)
What are you waiting for on this determined Wednesday?

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Review: What Stays Buried by Suzanne Young

This was a book I had to read once I saw that stunning cover. And read that it was a middle grade story about ghosts. Which I always love. I'm giving this book four stars, as I enjoyed it a lot. I did not love it, as I had a few small issues, but oh. It was a great book and I'm glad that I read this one. It was a story full of heart.

I shall not write too much in this review of mine, as the book was short and fast and easy to read. But it still had so much going on. Every part of it was exciting and I always wanted to know more. And I do wish it had been longer, as there were still more things I wanted to know about these adorable characters and this world.

This book tells the story of Calista and of her family. Callie turns thirteen years old in just one week. A day that she's dreading, as she will then stop seeing the dead. Which she has been able to do since she was around seven years. This ability have been in her family forever, being able to see and speak to ghosts. She is not ready to let it go, because that means losing her dad and her grandma. Both dead, both still in her house, where only she can see them. But things are changing. She has a little sister, Molly. Only six, but soon able to see ghosts too. I loved how this ability to see ghosts were just like a normal thing in this family. How they seemed to love it. For the most part. It was from her father's side of the family, this ability. So her mom was a little left out.

And this was something that I found to be pretty heartbreaking. This book is a lot about grief. Callie's dad died two years ago. Her mom and sister have been grieving for him. But she has not, as he is still there for her. And this seemed like a difficult thing in the family, though Callie did not really see it at first. I wish she had a better connection with her mom, that she didn't keep so many secrets from her. I wanted her to include her more. Sigh. But I did love their scenes together. And I adored her little sister. Molly was sweet.

This is a ghost story. And like any good ghost story, there must be a bad spirit. This was the Tall Lady. I did like reading about her and knowing her story. But I felt like she was not done that well, should have been more scary and more creepy. Sure, this book had some scary moments, some sad ones. But I felt like they were too few of them and I kind of wanted more destruction and evil from this villain. Ha. But still. Also, well. I knew from the beginning where the kids were, and none got it. What. Made no sense, haha.

This is a story about kids going missing. And Calista trying to figure out what happened to them, using her abilities. It's about her sister seeing a ghostly woman that Callie cannot see. One that does not feel right. And so it was a story about Callie trying to save these boys, if they were still alive. I liked learning about the mystery of it all. Wish there had been more, and more details. But it was good enough. I liked her growing friendship with Wyland. Though wish they had more scenes together, as I adored him a lot.

What Stays Buried was an excellent ghost story. I liked all the family scenes and how Callie just wanted the ghost of her father and grandma to stay, she did not want them to go. Even though I liked this book a whole lot, I also did not love it. I did not connect with the writing, as I found it a bit annoying at times. And I found the ending to be a little too happy, with the missing kids. I guess I'm too used to darkness, ha. But there was a sad ending too, and I liked that. Overall, I'm glad I read this story. I think you will like this too.

Goodreads - The Book Depository - Blackwells - Amazon

Saturday, March 25, 2023

In My Mailbox #594

This has been one exhausting week. Only because I have been so tired lately, haha :) Been planning on reading a new book for days now, but haven't been able to make myself do so yet. I'm just so tired. Sigh. But hopefully starting it soon; tomorrow, maybe :) Plus side, I took a bunch of new photos on Sunday, and even more photos today. For instagram. And I love them all, ha. <3 And.. oh. I got a whole bunch of pop figures in the mail this week. Sigh. I love them. Too precious. But yeah. I'm exhausted these days and just hoping to feel better soon. Hmph. This week I'm waiting on Roar of the Tides. <3 Hope you are all well :)

Scurry. Finally got my pre-order of this pretty graphic novel :D Love the artwork so much. Full color too.
Funko Europe. Oh. Help. I have ordered too much lately. But all of it is awesome, eee :D But.. well. All the mystery minis. So many new stranger things, but none of the three I'm still missing. Sigh. How rude. Plus side, got one of the two I was missing from the Mickey mystery minis, ha :D Love my new Aristocats pin. First and probably only pin this size, haha. But so cute. Love my Wednesday. Sigh. All of them precious.
Pokemon GO balls. I couldn't resist buying these two, as I own the regular ball too :) They are too pretty.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Waiting on Wednesday #596

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

Roar of the Tides has been through it all. The staggering death of the girl he loves. The destruction of the only place he’s ever called home by harrowing Aether storms. Now, a year later, finally safe in an idyllic new land, his life should be back on track. Instead, he’s haunted by the memory of his beloved’s brutal murder by Sable of the Horns—until the day he hears a call for help that changes everything.

After fleeing from the tribe that held her hostage, Tempest of the Horns has been in hiding. She wants nothing more than to reunite with her brother, Sable, and return to her true home. When she sends out a distress call hoping to reach him, she doesn’t expect a stranger to answer instead.

When Roar and Tempest meet, their fate has already been sealed by lies and betrayals. But when they’re captured by a common enemy who plans to kill Roar and usurp Tempest’s ancestral lands, they’ll need to overcome old wounds and forge ahead as partners, proving that heroic feats can happen in the heart as much as on any battlefield.

Format: 440 pages, Kindle Edition
Expected Publication: March 21, 2023
Pre-Order: Amazon hardcover and Amazon paperback and Barnes & Noble and Kobo

Whoooops. I had not noticed that the release date for this book was so soon! Ah! It came out yesterday :) Gosh. I loved the Under the Never Sky trilogy so much. <3 I'm so excited about this new book about Roar :D Eee. I will, of course, have to re-read the trilogy first :) Later this year. And will have to figure out how to get a copy of this book first too. Oops. It was not easy to find, only found it on amazon. At least that is the only place I can get it from Norway. Hmm. Hoping to find it elsewhere :) But yes. Excited for this. <3
What are you waiting for on this haunted Wednesday?

Saturday, March 18, 2023

In My Mailbox #593

Not even sure how time is moving so fast lately. Gosh. It's almost May; almost birthday time, and vacation time, ahhh :D Can't wait. More about that at a later date. It's also almost April, which is taking up outdoor spa bath time, haha. I cannot wait for it. So so excited. Sigh. And so needed. But, yeah. Winter needs to go a little more away first. Which it does not seem like it will yet. How rude. But I did put up all my Easter ornaments/decorations this week :D Eeee. I love it so. And ahh. I read a book this week too :D A big one. I'm happy about that, especially since I loved it so much. Sigh. Hoping to start a new book soon. Fingers crossed. I'm just fully exhausted these days. Which sucks. But I'm still doing okay, somewhat :) This week I'm waiting on Greymist Fair :D And I shared my review of Lore. <3 I hope you are all doing well lately :)

A Day of Fallen Night. Oh. Oops. Waterstones edition. I have the other one; reading one day. Huuuge.
What Stays Buried. I'm hoping to read this stunning new middle grade book soon :D Sounds awesome.
Rule of Wolves. New US paperback edition has come out :) I need to read this newer series soonish. <3
Easter Chicken. Eee. Isn't this easter plush just too adorable? :D Ha! I love it. I love all my decorations.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Review: Lore by Alexandra Bracken

I do not know where to start. This book was everything. I loved it so very much. I did always think I would like it, but I was unsure as well. Then I finally started it. And I loved it from the beginning until it ended. Even the ending was perfect. Sigh. Five stars for this most perfect book. The writing was fully great too. I loved it.

It is always hard to write reviews for books that I love so much. It is hard to find the right words. But I will try. As this book was so good. And I need everyone else to read and love this too. There wasn't a single thing that could have been better about this story. Okay, fine. I did want a little bit more heat in the romance, haha.

But it was so good. The romance was incredible. Not the focus of the story, but it was still there, and I still loved it to pieces. Yes, I do wish there had been more of it. But there did not need to be, because it truly was so beautiful. Sigh. Okay. I suppose I should start by describing the book a little first. This is a story that takes place in New York, our time. But it felt like fantasy as well, as it was also about Greek mythology, the old gods. Which I honestly do not know that much about. Only what I have read in a few other books about it, but it was enough to not be confused about anything in this story. I knew the characters, enough about them. And I loved the Greek mythology part of this book. It was very well done and fully interesting and exciting to read about.

In this story, the nine Greek gods have been punished. And so every seven years, for seven days, they are mortal. Forced to walk the earth and be hunted. There are certain people who know about it, some bloodlines. The hunters. For centuries they have hunted and killed the gods. If they kill one of the original nine, they take their power and become a new god themselves. Which means they will be hunted too. It was like an endless hunt for power. At the start of this book, there were not many of the original gods left.

This book begins right at the beginning of a new hunt, a new Agon. Where we meet Lore, the main girl. And oh gods, I loved this girl. I loved her to pieces. I think one of the reasons for why I loved this book so much was because of how very dark it was. It was not afraid of brutal things happening. And most of that had happened to Lore, to her family. Her parents, her sisters. They had died such a brutal death. And it was beyond heartbreaking to learn about, as we learn a little at a time. I also loved it so very much. Oh.

Lore has been without her family for seven years now. We slowly learn more about her, what she's been doing during that time. For the past three years, she took care of an old man, Gil. Now dead. He seemed adorable. She lived with him and Miles, who was her own age. And he was all kinds of awesome. I fully loved their friendship. They were great together. And I loved that he was there for her, despite not truly knowing who she was until the beginning of this book. I loved that he did what he could to help, always.

What I loved most about Lore was how very brave she was. Brave and strong. A little too angry, meaning she beat up people a bit more than she needed to, haha. But I did not mind that, as she had every reason to still be angry. She was broken. Yet not fully broken either, as she was so strong. But so angry. And just. Getting to know her story was the best. I loved that we got to know a bit at a time. Her family was the last of her bloodline. Everyone else had been killed before. They did not have much, unlike the other hunters.

When Lore was a child, she spent a few years training with a different bloodline. Where she met Castor. And oh. This boy was the very best. I cannot. I loved him the very most. And I really truly adored reading about their past together as children. How they trained together and protected each other. As Castor was sick. And Lore was certain he had died seven years ago as well. Until he shows up on this first day of the hunt, asking for her help. Another shows up asking for help too. The god, Athena. Which starts this story.

And oh, there is so much going on in this book. I do not know how to describe it. And so I am not going to. Will talk a little about how things happen, but will just share a bit more. Lore has been outside of the hunt and everything with that for years now. She has wanted to be free. But now she is getting dragged right back into it. Because of the new god of war and his plans on destroying things. She needs to help Athena and the others. And this is no easy thing. There is a whole bunch of fighting in this book. I liked it.

There is just so much about this book. The plot was huge. And I wanted it to be even more. I want more of everything, especially more of all the characters. I loved Lore and Castor the most. But I also adored Miles and Van and Iro too, somewhat, haha. I loved getting to know everyone. Athena too. She was way too complicated and full of secrets. This whole book had so many secrets coming out. And it was beyond exciting and thrilling. And pretty much killed me too. Shudders. But oh, how it was good. So many twists.

I am not sure what to say that this book is about. It is about Lore. And her trying to help save the world, trying to figure out who she is meant to be. A hunter, a normal person, something more. I just adored her. Even when she had a few moments of being wrong, haha. Mostly I just loved reading about Lore and Cas together. Their friendship from when they were young was the best. Getting to know who Castor was now was incredible, as he was not the same. And I loved that. It was so awesome. I loved how gentle he was.

I also loved every part of the plot as well. It was scary at times and just so good. I loved how dark this book was. How heartbreaking it was. And I loved how it ended, as there were hope as well. Of course, this hope did not come easy at all. And that was even better, haha. There was no real relationship drama in this story. And that may have been what I liked the most. They just were. And I loved that. Sigh. Now just wishing for another book, ha. Though there is no need for one. How rude. I just truly loved this story.

Lore was every kind of perfection. It was everything I want a book to be. Full of danger and anger and love. It was a book about the gods and their wrath. About all of the hunters hunting them down, wanting their powers. It was about getting to know the bloodlines and what they stood for, somewhat. And gods, I hated some of these people so very much. Shudders. They were the worst. But written so well. I'm just so happy with how much I adored and loved this story. It is a book I will read again. You must all read it too.


Waiting on Wednesday #595

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

The people of Greymist Fair know that the woods are a dangerous and magical place, and that they should never set foot off the road. But when a young tailor discovers a body on the road, her search for the culprit reveals even more strange and dark happenings around her town. From acclaimed author Francesca Zappia, Greymist Fair is a suspenseful and inventive murder-mystery inspired by the lesser-known fairytales of the Brothers Grimm. Greymist Fair will bewitch readers of Rachel Vincent’s Red Wolf, Liz Braswell’s A Twisted Tale series, and fans of Into the Woods.

Features chapter decorations by the author throughout, as well as a map.

Two roads lead into a dark forest. They meet at Greymist Fair, the village hidden in the trees, a place kept alive by the families that never leave. The people of Greymist Fair know the woods are a dangerous and magical place, and to set foot off the road is to invite trouble.

When Heike, the village’s young tailor, discovers a body on the road, she goes looking for who is responsible. But her quest only leads to more strange happenings around Greymist Fair.

Inspired by the original, bloody, lesser-known fairytales of the Brothers Grimm, acclaimed author Francesca Zappia crafts an enthralling murder-mystery that will keep readers turning the pages. Told from multiple points of view, with each narrative building on the crime discovered by Heike, Greymist Fair examines the themes of childhood fears, growing into adult responsibilities, and finding a place to call home amid the trials of life and death.

Format: 336 pages, Hardcover
Expected Publication: March 28, 2023 by Harper Collins
Pre-Order: Book Depository and Blackwells and Amazon

I think this book looks awesome and sounds exciting :D I just.. am not able to pre-order it. Hmph. It is not up for order on Blackwells. How rude. And too expensive everywhere else. So I won't be able to get hold of this book just yet, but hoping to be able to buy it one day :D As I think I would love this book a lot. <3
What are you waiting for on this magical Wednesday?

Saturday, March 11, 2023

In My Mailbox #592

I'm way too tired. I have not done all that much this week, just trying to take it easy. Still in pain, but finally got the pain in my jaw to be better, haha :) But exhausted and tired, always. Been playing a lot of mario kart with my nephew; love the new courses and being able to finally play birdo :D I do know what book to read next, so I'm happy with that. I did finish a book, but did that on sunday, so almost a week ago, haha. Just too tired to think of reading just yet. But soon, I hope. Got little mail this week. But that is more than okay, haha. I shared my review of The Wolf and the Woodsman :) And this week I'm waiting on Champion of Fate. <3 I'm still healing from corona two, weeks later. Sigh. I hope you are all doing better than me :)

Museum of Magic. At last bought this new book by Beth, via amazon. <3 Stunning :D Hope to read soon.
Funko Pop. Finally bought this adorable special Raya from amazon. She is way too cute and I love her :)

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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Waiting on Wednesday #594

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

Behind every great hero is an Aristene.

Aristene are mythical female warriors, part of a legendary order. Though heroes might be immortalized in stories, it’s the Aristene who guide them to victory. They are the Heromakers.

Ever since she was an orphan taken in by the order, Reed has wanted to be an Aristene. Now, as an initiate, just one challenge stands in her way: she must shepherd her first hero to glory on the battlefield. Succeed, and Reed will take her place beside her sisters. Fail, and she’ll be cast from the only home she’s ever known.

Nothing is going to stop Reed--until she meets her hero. Hestion is fiery and infuriating, but what begins as an alliance becomes more, and as secrets of the order come to light Reed begins to understand what becoming an Aristene may truly cost. Battle looming, she must choose: the order and the life she had planned, or Hestion, and the one she never expected.

Format: 480 pages, Hardcover
Expected Publication: September 19, 2023 by Quill Tree Books
Pre-Order: Book Depository and Blackwells and Amazon

Eee! I am so very excited about this book :D Ahh! New Kendare story. <3 And it sounds aaamazing. I love the cover too :) I just know that I will love this book, haha. It just sounds epic. I cannot wait for it :)
What are you waiting for on this heroic Wednesday?

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Review: The Wolf and the Woodsman by Ava Reid

This is a book I have wanted to read since it came out; since I saw so many people read and love it. At last, I have given this a try too. But oh, I am so conflicted about this book. And I do not know how I will manage to write down all of my thoughts. I shall start by giving it three stars, as I did not love this story. But I did not hate it either.

I have way too many feelings about this book. And I will not share all of it, because this book was all kinds of complicated, and I will fail at trying to describe it all. And so I will only talk a little about the story and the plot and this world. Will do my best, but not sharing everything. At first I really liked this. It seemed exciting and creepy.

But it changed pretty fast. I liked the writing at first, but the more I read, the more I started to dislike it. I did not like the way the main girl talked at times. Or thought, I guess. Everything was way, way too much described. That put me off too much. Which was pretty disappointing. I get wanting to describe certain things, but when every thing that happens is compared to something else, it is too much. That bothered me. But more later. Will share first about the things that I did like about this book. Because I did enjoy a whole lot of it. I may not know anything about what this book is based on, the history and the religions. I know there were Jews, but everything else felt like a fantasy version. I will say that the religion parts were written well and I liked that, for the most part.

But religion has never been my thing, so it was a little much as well. I do now know where to begin, what to say. This book tells the story of Évike and Gáspár. They are both twenty five years old, making this an Adult book. Though I did not find it nearly dark enough for that, haha. I wish it had been darker and more brutal, to be honest. I guess there were some bloody scenes. But I just did not care enough about any of it. Oops. Anyway. Main characters. I guess I liked getting to know them. But I did not love either of them.

I sadly did not love them together, either. Which is what this book was about, at some point. With them starting as sworn enemies and turning into friends or more. But I did not feel their beginning romance at all. Probably because of how very terribly Évike spoke to Gáspár. All the time. And that drove me nuts. I suppose some would find it fun or whatever. I did not. She was cruel to him. All the time. And I hated it, to be honest. Didn't feel like she made up for it either, with kind words later on. She did not have those. Ugh.

Anyway. I need to talk about the characters a little, I guess. But I do not want to recap this whole book, so only mentioning a little. Évike comes from a very small village in the woods of wolf-girls. All the men are regular humans, but the girls born are not. They all have one of four types of magical power. And so the girls are almost worshipped, in a way. Until Évike. Who does not have any type of magic in her at all. She has been bullied and hurt her whole life by the other girls. I did feel for her, a lot. She did not deserve that.

But other than that, I just could not bring myself to care for her very much. Because of her bad temper. I do not mind angry girls at all. I liked how she was not sitting still. But I did not like how she was cruel to everyone when she was angry. There is a difference between mean and angry and angry and cruel. And I do not do cruel. So, yeah. I liked Évike, somewhat. But I did not love her. I liked reading about her story. How her village sacrificed her to the Woodsmen, when they came looking for a new wolf-girl to take away.

And how it was Gáspár who came to take her away to the king. Him and a few other Woodsmen, whom all ended up dead. I liked the beginning of the book. I liked the monsters of the forest. But I wanted more of it. And there wasn't much more. Which was disappointing. As this book was pretty long and pretty slow most of the time. It took me days to read and I got bored easily. Anyway. Gáspár. He was the prince, with a complicated story. I guess that I liked him. But I also felt like I did not know him nearly well enough. Oh.

There is much to say about this book. And I have already written more than I was going to, without really saying much at all, haha. This book tells the story of two people meeting and having to survive together. Having to figure out a plan to save the kingdom and the people within it. They are truly enemies. But they slowly turn into something more. Which I wish I could have liked more. Sigh. But the romance was small; too small. Not enough nice words. Especially at the end. She had him kneel, yet she said nothing. Hmph.

Anyway. This book is a whole lot about religion. Which is not my thing at all. But I found some of it to be interesting even so. The magic part was pretty good too. And the different religions and beliefs. And their different stories too. I liked some of them, but there were too many at times. I am not going to say much about this, but the story about all of this was done well. Some people had it so horrible. Others took what they could from them. It was very real, with our history. I think that it was written well, from what I know.

Enough written about this book now. I have shared too much yet not enough too. I have many conflicted feelings about this book. I did like it at first. I liked the world, the magic, the creatures. But I wish there had been more about that. I felt like this was more about the king and kingdom and I found that to be a little boring. I wish the romance had been better. I wish the girl had been less cruel. I did not mind mean. But yeah. The Wolf and the Woodsman was an exciting story, not as good as I had hoped, but good enough.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

In My Mailbox #591

Another week has passed. I am exhausted. Sigh. This week have been full of pain. Plus side, reading a new book :) Will finish it tomorrow. It's good, but a little bad; a four star so far. Anyway. Got some stunning mail this week; all the books. Ahh! <3 But yeah. This week have been hard. I'm still so exhausted from my corona, now three weeks later. So tired. But getting better, I guess. But this week sucked. Badly. I had my final dental appointment to get rid of holes, finally. But it was super painful after, and it still is, now many days later. Shudders. My poor jaw. Then this week was medicine week too. And that killed me. Only just starting to recover a little. I'm so exhausted from pain. Ugh. But I'm doing good, despite this :) Well, trying to be doing good, haha. Oh. Yess. Did finish my re-watch of The Lord of the Rings, took me many days, but so good, always. <3 This week I'm waiting on Night of the Witch :) I hope you are all doing well. <3

I Dream of Popo. Finally bought myself this new adorable picture book by Livia. <3 Hope to love this one.
House of Hollow. Have been meaning to buy this book for ages :) Heard good things about it. I'm curious.
Rebel Spy. Finally bought this new-ish US paperback edition, ha :) I so loved this book; you must read it.
Jellicoe Road. Another that I finally bought; new paperback edition of a book I so, so loved years ago. <3
In Every Generation. Had to own this paperback edition too, ha :) Though I have not read this series yet.
The Dragon's Promise. I haven't read book one, oops, but since I own it, I figured I should own this too :)
Skyborn. Eeee! German edition :D I had to own this gorgeous copy. I loved this trilogy. So much. Love.
Extasia. Of course I bought two copies of this new paperback edition, haha :) Loved this book so much.
Kirby. A new Kirby game for my nintendo switch :D I just had to buy this one, haha. Hoping to play soon.
Funko Europe. Oops. I may have ordered again. Ahh! But so worth it :D I ordered for the new Bruno. So stunning. Love my Hamilton girls, which I still have not seen, haha. And I had more luck with my mystery minis, eee :D Got one new Stranger Things; Eddie. <3 Finally got the Coraline pin I was missing :) And at last got the evil valentine's mystery mini blue bird that I was missing to complete my collection, ha :) Love. Oh! Forgot to mention Max and Luisa. Bought from a US site; finally got my stunning Luisa. <3 Love her.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Waiting on Wednesday #593

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

A witch and a hunter. Vengeance is their mission. Love is their destiny.

Fritzi is a witch. A survivor of a brutal attack on her coven, she's determined to find her only surviving family member and bring the hexenjägers—zealot witch hunters—to justice for the lives they ended. To do this, she will need to take down their leader—Kommandant Dieter Kirch.

Otto is a hexenjäger and a captain, the second in command to Dieter Kirch—but that's just his cover. Years ago, the hexenjagers burned his innocent mother alive and since then, he has been planning a move against the witch hunters that tore his family apart. And now the time has come for them to pay for what they've done.

When Fritzi and Otto are unexpectedly thrown together, neither is sure they can trust the other, despite their common enemy. But all they have is one another, and they both crave revenge. As truths come to light and trust shifts, Fritzi and Otto uncover a far more horrifying plot at the center of the hexenjäger attacks . . . but their own growing feelings for each other may be the most powerful magic of all.

Format: 416 pages, Hardcover
Expected Publication: October 3, 2023 by Sourcebooks Fire
Pre-Order: Book Depository and Blackwells and Amazon

I'm pretty excited about this book :D I adore Beth. <3 Have not read anything by Sara yet, but know of her, and I cannot wait to read their book together :D It sounds awesome and looks great. I shall love it.
What are you waiting for on this magical Wednesday?