Saturday, March 25, 2023

In My Mailbox #594

This has been one exhausting week. Only because I have been so tired lately, haha :) Been planning on reading a new book for days now, but haven't been able to make myself do so yet. I'm just so tired. Sigh. But hopefully starting it soon; tomorrow, maybe :) Plus side, I took a bunch of new photos on Sunday, and even more photos today. For instagram. And I love them all, ha. <3 And.. oh. I got a whole bunch of pop figures in the mail this week. Sigh. I love them. Too precious. But yeah. I'm exhausted these days and just hoping to feel better soon. Hmph. This week I'm waiting on Roar of the Tides. <3 Hope you are all well :)

Scurry. Finally got my pre-order of this pretty graphic novel :D Love the artwork so much. Full color too.
Funko Europe. Oh. Help. I have ordered too much lately. But all of it is awesome, eee :D But.. well. All the mystery minis. So many new stranger things, but none of the three I'm still missing. Sigh. How rude. Plus side, got one of the two I was missing from the Mickey mystery minis, ha :D Love my new Aristocats pin. First and probably only pin this size, haha. But so cute. Love my Wednesday. Sigh. All of them precious.
Pokemon GO balls. I couldn't resist buying these two, as I own the regular ball too :) They are too pretty.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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