Monday, February 28, 2022

Review: Dog Star by Megan Shepherd

I knew I had to read this book when I saw that cute cover. And because I have read and enjoyed books by this author for years. I hoped I would like this one, and that I did. Giving it four stars, as it was almost perfect to me. It was also all kinds of sad which just broke my heart. Rude. But it was so good too. I loved the writing.

I must admit that I did not really know much about Laika and her story before reading this book. Only knew that there has been a dog in space, but no real details about it. And reading this story was pretty exciting. But also sad, which was hurtful. But it was a great story, and I am glad that I read it. It was a story with heart.

This book takes place in Russia in 1957. It tells the story of Laika, the first dog sent to space. It was a honest and real story. I knew how it would end, with the dog, but I still hoped that it would have a different ending. It did not. Sobs. It was fully interesting to read about, though. This book is told from two different point of views, alternating between them. We get to read from the dog, Laika. And the girl who gets to know her, Nina. I will not be sharing too much about this book. As it was a pretty easy and fast read. There was not really that much happening. But it was pretty exciting at times and full of family love, which I enjoyed a lot. I really liked reading about the bond between Laika and Nina, how it kept growing. They were both so cute but sad and broken too.

I enjoyed getting to know Nina and her family. She is twelve years old and her brother Ivan is ten. He wasn't all that nice at first but I grew to care for him, as he got better. I also liked her parents a lot. Their family scenes were pretty cute. Nina had a best friend, who escaped with her family to America, having been branded as traitors to Russia. And so she cannot talk to her or talk about her at all. The people at her school doesn't treat her nice either. Some of it were a little weird, but I liked it even so. But sad too.

This book is about the dog Laika. And I really liked getting to read from her mind. She was a homeless dog, living alone out on the streets. Getting attacked by other dogs, barely getting something to eat. She did not have a good life. Until she got picked up by humans, wishing to use her in their space program. She got food and some new dog friends, who were adorable. She had to do a lot of tests, to see if she could enter space. It was a little hard to read about but so interesting too. I liked this dog a whole bunch.

Laika is being cared for by Nina's father, as he works there. So they get to meet and Nina starts spending time with the dogs. Which I adored a whole lot. This book was about them connecting and starting to care more. And the date for sending a dog into space got closer and closer. And then Nina slowly learned that Laika was never meant to come back from space, as the rocket was not made for that. And reading about all of that was so sad but good too. It was a fast read, full of feelings. I wish it had ended differently, haha.

One thing about this book is that it reminded me a lot about World War II and what happened then, with the youth groups. Okay, because it was featured in the last book I read about the war. And because of what is happening right now in the world, with the Russia war. And how similar Russia and Germany were back then. It was written well, though. But yeah. Russia in the time of the Communists did not seem like a good time. Does not seem like Russia is any better now. This doesn't focus much on any of that, though.

Dog Star was a great read. And I'm glad I read this beautiful story. It did make me cry, though. And I'm a little bitter about that ending, haha. But this was a stunning book. And I very much enjoyed it. It was not fully perfect to me, as I found some of the dog point of view a little weird, with talking to a star, but it was still very cute. And I cannot wait to read more books by Megan. I haven't yet read all of her books, but I have read a bunch, and she's a great writer. I think that you should all read this important and cute story.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

In My Mailbox #538

Meh. I have been dealing with having corona all week. And it has not been easy at all. I got so sick and I'm still not that much better. Okay, I'm better, but I'm still coughing and still hurting all over. Slowly getting better. So far I'm still doing my surgery next Friday. But if my cough doesn't get better, I will cancel. So will see. I'm still nervous about removing my tonsils. Ahhh. But want to get it done too. Hmm. I haven't gotten to read anything yet. Aw. Just haven't had any energy at all. So zero things have gotten done. Oh. I hope to feel better shortly. I need to read. Going to try tomorrow. I just. I'm exhausted. I hurt all over. And I just don't want to do anything. Hmph. I did get some gorgeous mail this week. <3 So yay for that. Did not get an exciting package I'm waiting for, though. Rude. Hopefully early next week. This week I'm waiting on Shinji Takahashi and the Mark of the Coatl. <3 I hope that you are all doing well and staying safe too :)

The Winner's Curse Trilogy. Eee! Illumicrate special editions. <3 So completely gorgeous. A little sad that I had to pay so much in customs, though. Uuugh. But the books are gorgeous. The knife is so pretty too.
Rebellion of the Lost. Had to get the AUS paperback edition as well, haha, as I have it for the first one. <3
Horizon II Forbidden West. I couldn't resist buying this new PS5 game. It looks stunning. I hope to love it.
Pop Figures. Oh. Finally got that gorgeous scene from Avengers End Game, with Tony. <3 Sad, though.
Animal Crossing. Oops. More cards from Amazon France, haha. Still missing 4 cards. Uuugh. So very rude. So I have ordered more. Again. Sigh. Fingers crossed. And a bag to have my Switch in :D Love it!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Waiting on Wednesday #540

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

Shinji Takahashi and the Mark of the Coatl is the first book in a globe-trotting adventure that combines high-tech wizardry, old-world legends and a little bit of magic.

Shinji Takahashi is just an ordinary kid. An ordinary homeschooled smart-alecky orphan kid being raised by his aunt Yui. But when a magical guardian decides to use him as a conduit to awaken its power, Shinji’s life takes a turn for the extraordinary. Captured by the menacing Hightower Corporation, which is bent on using the guardian’s magic for its own nefarious purposes, Shinji must team up with a brilliant young tech whiz named Lucy and her robot mouse, Tinker, to escape the Corporation’s evil clutches.

Together Shinji and Lucy turn to the venerable Society of Explorers and Adventurers and its ragtag cast of spelunkers, hackers, mapmakers, pilots, and mythology experts (among other things) to return the guardian to its rightful home and release Shinji from its magic—which seems to be draining his life force. Time is ticking, the Hightower Corporation is hot on their tail, and success or failure might depend on one small thing—Shinji finally coming around to the belief that he is anything but ordinary.

Hardcover, 320 pages
Expected publication: April 5th 2022 by Disney-Hyperion
Pre-Order: Book Depository
and Amazon #ad

I think this book looks all kinds of adorable :D That cover looks so good. <3 And I have adored Julie for so, so many years. So of course I will be getting this book too :D It sounds fun and exciting. Excited for it.
What are you waiting for on this extraordinary Wednesday?

Saturday, February 19, 2022

In My Mailbox #537

This week have been pretty crazy. First I had a few days of arm pain from getting my 4th vaccine last Friday. Then this Thursday I felt like shit. And took my very first corona test. Which was fucking positive. Very much so, right away. Goddamn it. I am not at all happy about this. It all started with my nephew on Sunday. So I got in from him. Mom too. And my stepdad. And today my poor sick grandpa too. I'm feeling like absolute shit. Feeling so sick and I fucking hate it. I'm already sick all the time. I did not need corona as well. I have chest pain. I have a bad cough. I have nose and throat pain. I have a fever and a very big headache. Though I have had those two for ages. But still. It sucks right now. In paaain all the time and it is the worst. It better last for just a few days. I better not get any lasting effects of this. It will not be okay if I get worse because of corona. I'm already sick enough. Shudders. So yeah. Please, fingers crossed for me. Supposed to have my tonsils operation in 13 days. Not sure if I can do that now or not. Sigh. Will see if I get well again fast enough, though. Feeling so worried about my grandpa. He was not supposed to get corona at all, as we don't know if he will survive it. Ahh. But. Positive thing is that we most likely only have omicron. Which is said to be milder and less awful. So. Yeah. Fingers crossed. And my sister still hasn't gotten it, which doesn't make any sense at all. Hmph. Haha. Anyway. This week have been bad. It is still bad. I have not done any reading. Or taken any photos; not until today. But not doing any better yet either. So rude. Hoping this coming week will be better. We'll see. Sigh. Only one new blog post. This week I'm waiting on I'm the Girl :) Hope you are all well. <3 And staying away from corona, which I did not. Hmph.

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Two days left! Hurry up :) One winner takes them all.

The Iron Sword. Looking gorgeous :D Behind on reading books by Julie. But adore her and own them all.
In the Serpent's Wake. EEE! Finally, book two is out :D I'm so very excited about this sequel. <3 Preetty.
Beyond the End of the World. Yesss. Got my stunning AUS paperback edition :D Sigh. This is gorgeous.
LIFEL1K3. As I wasn't able to find the new UK cover paperback, I got the AUS version instead, haha :)
Pop Figures. Oh. My gosh. I got all the pre-orders this week. Oops. And eee, they all look so goddamn gorgeous :D Love my Robert Pattinson Batman, eee. <3 Love my The Witcher lovelies. All are perfect.
Animal Crossing. Gosh. I ordered more cards from Amazon France. Oops. And that gorgeous wrapping paper from Nintendo German as a platinum points reward :D Ahh! I'm so, so happy with everything. <3
Batman Tickets. Eee! Thank you so much Funko Nordic. <3 I will be giving some away on instagram :D

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Waiting on Wednesday #539

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

The new groundbreaking queer thriller from New York Times bestselling and Edgar-award Winning author Courtney Summers.

When sixteen-year-old Georgia Avis discovers the dead body of thirteen-year-old Ashley James, she teams up with Ashley's older sister, Nora, to find and bring the killer to justice before he strikes again. But their investigation throws Georgia into a world of unimaginable privilege and wealth, without conscience or consequence, and as Ashley’s killer closes in, Georgia will discover when money, power and beauty rule, it might not be a matter of who is guilty—but who is guiltiest.

A spiritual successor to the 2018 breakout hit, Sadie, I'm the Girl is a masterfully written, bold, and unflinching account of how one young woman feels in her body as she struggles to navigate a deadly and predatory power structure while asking readers one question: if this is the way the world is, do you accept it?

Hardcover, 352 pages
Expected publication: September 13th 2022 by Wednesday Books
Pre-Order: Book Depository
and Amazon #ad

Eee! New Courtney book :D I am all kinds of excited for this one. <3 The cover looks gorgeous. Sigh. And I think that it sounds pretty exciting and creepy and thrilling too. I just know that I will love this book a lot :)
What are you waiting for on this deadly Wednesday?

Saturday, February 12, 2022

In My Mailbox #536

Whoops. Suddenly Saturday all over again. This week have gone by too fast, as always. And I did not manage to make myself read anything. Oops. But this coming week I will for sure. <3 I have just been trying to take it easy. Sigh. My health is a fucking mess right now. And everything goddamn hurts. Hmph. I just want some of it to heal. And nothing is getting better yet. So rude. So yeah. My energy is gone and I have not been able to get anything done. Fingers crossed for me, that I will finally feel better soon. I did, however, get my 4th pfizer corona vaccine yesterday. It was needed. Hoping for no side effects from that. Ha. This week I'm waiting on Fairy Tale :) I did get a bunch of pretty mail this week, though, eee. And that always helps my mood. <3 Now just need my body to get better too. Hmph. Hope you are all doing well :)

GIVEAWAY! Go to my instagram to enter to win 6 pop figures! International. <3 HERE.

Real Easy. Excited for a new book by Marie. <3 I think I will love this adult book. Reading it one day :)
Seven Mercies. And now I got my US hardcover as well :) I do need to read the first book soonish. Oops.
Dog Star Bookmark. Eee! Thank you so much Megan :D This bookmark is so very precious. <3 I love it.
Pop Figures. Arthur looks pretty awesome :D I love love love my Amazon exclusive The Witcher, eee :)
Animal Crossing. Oops. More mini figures came out, eee. And they are SO cute and worth the money :D Love them the most. And had to buy another calendar, only luck that I found one in stock, and this one had no damage, so yay. <3 And a few more a little more expensive Amiibo cards. Oops. So precious :)

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Waiting on Wednesday #538

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

Legendary storyteller Stephen King goes deep into the well of his imagination in this spellbinding novel about a seventeen-year-old boy who inherits the keys to a parallel world where good and evil are at war, and the stakes could not be higher—for their world or ours.

Charlie Reade looks like a regular high school kid, great at baseball and football, a decent student. But he carries a heavy load. His mom was killed in a hit-and-run accident when he was ten, and grief drove his dad to drink. Charlie learned how to take care of himself—and his dad. Then, when Charlie is seventeen, he meets Howard Bowditch, a recluse with a big dog in a big house at the top of a big hill. In the backyard is a locked shed from which strange sounds emerge, as if some creature is trying to escape. When Mr. Bowditch dies, he leaves Charlie the house, a massive amount of gold, a cassette tape telling a story that is impossible to believe, and a responsibility far too massive for a boy to shoulder.

Because within the shed is a portal to another world—one whose denizens are in peril and whose monstrous leaders may destroy their own world, and ours. In this parallel universe, where two moons race across the sky, and the grand towers of a sprawling palace pierce the clouds, there are exiled princesses and princes who suffer horrific punishments; there are dungeons; there are games in which men and women must fight each other to the death for the amusement of the “Fair One.” And there is a magic sundial that can turn back time.

A story as old as myth, and as startling and iconic as the rest of King’s work, Fairy Tale is about an ordinary guy forced into the hero’s role by circumstance, and it is both spectacularly suspenseful and satisfying.

Hardcover, 608 pages
Expected publication: September 6th 2022 by Scribner
Pre-Order: Book Depository
and Amazon #ad

I feel pretty curious about this book :D I have only read one Stephen King book. The Institute. Which I read just two years ago, haha. So I haven't read any of his older books. Only seen some of the movies, which are great :) Not sure I would like those older ones, ha. But I'm curious about his newer books, as I liked the one I read a whole lot. This newest sounds pretty exciting. And I really hope to love this one :)
What are you waiting for on this spectacular Wednesday?

Saturday, February 5, 2022

In My Mailbox #535

Another week gone by. But this time I actually read a book, haha :D And I got it finished while it was still January, so managed one book that month. <3 Which is so little. But at least it was one book :) Hoping to start another one tomorrow, maybe. I am struggling with a fever these days. Only low, but fever feeling in all of me, and every goddamn day. It's the worst. Sigh. I'm always hoping to get better. So far nothing. So rude. But I did get some great mail this week too, eee. <3 And I loved the book that I read :) Yay for that. I also got to order some Animal Crossing amiibo things I'm so very excited about, eee. So I'm feeling good, despite hurting a lot. This week I shared my review of Bluebird. <3 I'm waiting on This Appearing House :) I got an appointment in early March to remove my tonsils. I'm beyond nervous. But I feel like it is needed, as they have always been big and in the way and full of issues. Sigh. So I think this will be a good thing. I just hope it's safe. And that I will survive the pain. Any advice for me? :) Hope you are all doing well. <3 Oh! And almost forgot to mention. But my precious cat girl turned 9 years old on February 1st. Love her.

Seven Mercies. I know, I haven't read book one yet. Oops. But I love Elizabeth. So I hope to love these :)
Beyond the End of the World. Eee! I'm excited about re-reading book one very soon. <3 Excited for this.
In Every Generation. I had forgotten to pre-order this! Ahh! But ordered it. <3 And I can't wait to read it :)
Winterkeep. Didn't know about this paperback edition either, sigh, so ordered too late. But it is so pretty.
Pokemon Legends Arceus. A new pokemon game, again :D Ha! Have played a little. I am loving it a lot.
Pop Figures. A few older pre-orders finally arrived :D I love Snow White. <3 And Tigger is the best one :)
Animal Crossing Amiibo cards. Oops. A little expensive, but worth it :D So many doubles, though. But a few new ones, so yay. <3 And finally got series 4 Katt :D She's moving in tomorrow, eee. So excited. <3

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Waiting on Wednesday #537

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

From the author of Ghost Girl comes another standalone spooky middle grade for fans of Nightbooks and Ghost Squad, about a terrifying house and the girl haunted by her experience with cancer, grief, and healing. Are you brave enough to step inside?

For as long as anyone could remember there wasn't a house at the dead end of Juniper Drive . . . until one day there was.

When Jac first sees the House, she's counting down to the five-year anniversary of her cancer diagnosis, when she hopefully will be declared NED, or "no evidence of disease." But with a house appearing, and her hands shaking, and a fall off her bike, Jac is starting to wonder if these are symptoms--or if something stranger is happening.

Two classmates dare Jac and her friend Hazel to enter the House. Walking through the front door is the way in. It's definitely not the way out. There's something off about the House; Jac can feel it. The same way she knows it's no coincidence that the House appeared for her five-year marker. It wants something from her. And she won't be able to get out until she figures out what.

Hardcover, 288 pages
Expected publication: August 16th 2022 by Katherine Tegen Books
Pre-Order: Book Depository
and Amazon #ad

I saw this cover and could not resist it. I had to read what it was about. And I think it sounds pretty much awesome :D And I do think I will read and enjoy this book. Seems so good. <3 And I just love the cover.
What are you waiting for on this spooky Wednesday?