Friday, August 31, 2018

Cover Reveal: The Raven's Tale by Cat Winters

Yesss! New book by Cat Winters is coming :D I am so so so excited about The Raven's Tale. I adore Cat. And love her books so very much. She is awesome. This newest book by her sounds so good. Different, yet awesome. I think and hope that I will love this one. Eee. And oh my gosh. This cover. I cannot. It is so beautiful! Love love love. So stunning. You all need to read this one too, when it comes out on April 16th 2019 :D Wishing I could read this precious right away. <3 It's going to be so so good. Eee. The complete artwork can be seen here. <3 What do you think of this cover? :D Have you read any books by Cat yet? :)

Seventeen-year-old Edgar Poe counts down the days until he can escape his foster family—the wealthy Allans of Richmond, Virginia. He hungers for his upcoming life as a student at the prestigious new university, almost as much as he longs to marry his beloved Elmira Royster. However, on the brink of his departure, all his plans go awry when a macabre Muse named Lenore appears to him. Muses are frightful creatures that lead Artists down a path of ruin and disgrace, and no respectable person could possibly understand or accept them. But Lenore steps out of the shadows with one request: “Let them see me!”

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Review: Wildcard by Marie Lu

Deciding how to write down my thoughts about this book will not be easy. I wish I could say that I loved this second and final book the most. But that would be so very far from the truth. I didn't like this book. And I am feeling pretty heartbroken about it. I enjoyed re-reading Warcross. And had such high hopes for this final one.

Those hopes were pretty much crushed, to be honest. I'm giving Wildcard two stars. Which feels like a lot, considering I feel that all this book gave me was heartbreak. And it wasn't even sad. It was just bad. At least to me. This book was sadly nothing at all like what I had wanted it to be. Will try my best to share the why.

I hate feeling disappointed when finishing a book. Which I very much did when finishing Wildcard. I wish I had not felt this way, but I did, and I will be sharing my thoughts and feeling about this book with you all. Most will not be positive at all, sadly. And there will be spoilers about a few certain things, but not about the plot and such. Shall start by sharing my feelings about the writing. It bothered me a lot when re-reading Warcross, though I felt like it was a bit better in this one. But I also connected even less this time. I did not like Emika at all. I didn't like her way of thinking. So yeah, maybe the writing was worse, for me. Wildcard takes place three days after the end of Warcross. And takes place over about a week. Again told fully from the point of view of Emika.

This is the part where I should be able to say that I loved Emika, like I did in book one. But, yeah. I did not. I very much did not like her in this book. It might be only me that feels this way. But I simply did not like her. I did not like her thoughts in this sequel. Or her actions. Book one ended with her leaving Hideo, promising to hunt him and stop what he had just invented. This entire book is all about that. Her thinking about how bad Hideo is now, how awful his invention is, and how she is going to stop him. Got tired of it.

Yet at the same time she has feelings for him, somewhat. This book is also about figuring out more about Zero, whom we learned in book one is Hideo's lost brother. Last year I was worried there would be a love triangle. There was no hint of this at all. Instead, I didn't care at all about the romance. Ugh. Because I did not see at all why Hideo would be in love with Emika. Shrugs. I didn't see it. Which makes me sad. They are not together much in this book, but there are some few very cute scenes of them and I did love those.

But those small and very few scenes were the only parts of this book that I did love and like. And enjoyed learning about Zero and his past, figuring out what happened when he got kidnapped as a child. And why he now does not seem to care about Hideo at all. But, well. It felt too easy. This whole book did. Way too convenient. Like when she learned about that past, how she learned it. Too easy. And the past was pretty horrible, yet not that horrible, and I found that I did not care nearly as much as I wanted to. Disappointing.

Anyway. Emika and Hideo. She spends this whole book trying to stop him, yet he is barely in this book at all. It is about how horrible he is now, with what he created. I suppose I am the only one that did not think what he did was that bad. Yet Emika thinks all the time about how it was the worst. I mean, at one point, she compares Hideo to a person that kidnapped and hurt children. Yeah. What. What Hideo did was not that bad at all. Sure, it wasn't a good thing, but his reasons for it was good. Hmph. Emika did not see that.

And I simply did not like Emika in this book. I cannot explain it better than that. In book one, her Warcross teammates were just there. They did not seem like they were friends with Emika at all. And yet in this one they are all suddenly best friends and she cares about them so much. What. It has only been three days since the end of book one. Where did these huge friendships come from? Yeah, I did not get it. There are a few new characters too. Like Jax. I liked her a lot. But Emika's feelings toward her were too confusing.

There is so much happening in this book. Yet nothing happened at all. I found it to be boring most of the time, and when I finally enjoyed what was happening, Emika went back to her thinking about Hideo. I did not approve. They are still so adorable together. But they are barely together in this book at all. I have not shared most of this book at all. But tired of writing things down now. I sadly did not like this book. And the ending was not exciting to me, at all, and so much was missing from it. Disappointed and just sad. Sigh.

I see that most are already loving this book. And I'm sure there are few people that will feel the same way that I did. But to be honest, I don't understand the love for this book. At all. Which makes me feel bad too, haha. But everyone is free to like what they want. And for me, this book was not good at all. And I am so very disappointed about it. I wanted to love it so badly. I wanted it to be the perfect final book. But it was not. Not to me. I can only hope that I will forget about it fast, because this disappointed feeling is no fun.

Huge thank you to Penguin Random House International for sending me the free ARC copy of this book to read and review. I'm sorry I did not like this book, but I'm thrilled with the chance to read it early. And so happy to own this most gorgeous ARC for my collection, which I will still keep, despite my feelings about this book. As I do adore Marie. Wildcard ended up not being a book for me at all. There were parts I liked, but they were very few. Though I do not feel the same, haha, I know that a bunch of you will love this one.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Waiting on Wednesday #359

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

THE GOLDEN TOWER (Magisterium #5)

Goodreads Description:

The final, thrilling installment in this extraordinary series from bestselling authors Holly Black and Cassandra Clare.

A generation ago, powerful mage Constantine Madden came close to achieving what no magician had ever achieved: the ability to bring back the dead. He didn't succeed . . . but he did find a way to keep himself alive, inside a young child named Callum Hunt.

Facing up to what he is, Callum has battled chaos and evil across four years of magical training at the Magisterium, eventually defeating the armies of chaos in an epic battle.

It came at a cost.

Now, triumphant and heartbroken, Callum Hunt has just about had enough, and is ready to complete his training. But the evil Callum faced has not given up just yet...

Hardcover, 256 pages
Expected publication: September 11th 2018 by Scholastic Press
Pre-Order here and here

Yessss. This fifth and final book is almost out! EEE :D Which means that I can finally read past book two soon, haha. I'm so beyond excited to re-read those first two books so that I can finally read all five in this series. Yesss. I loved the first two books so very much. And I'm thrilled that this series is finally complete, so that I can read all of them together. Cannot wait to know how everything ends. Eee. Yet nervous too.
What are you waiting for on this final Wednesday?

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Review: Warcross by Marie Lu

Second time reading this book, just over a year since I first read it. I'm glad that I decided to read it again before reading Wildcard, as it turns out that I had forgotten all the details. Rude. Warcross is still such a stunning story. And I still very much adore the cute romance. Eee. I simply cannot wait to get to read Wildcard next.

Warcross is still a four star for me. Though I will admit to having more issues with the book this second time, mostly the writing. I found it to be difficult to read, difficult to connect. Hoping that will not happen with the second book as well. Ack. It wasn't that the writing was bad. Only felt that it was written in a weird way to me.

But despite that, I really enjoyed this story once more. I still adore the small romance. It is so beyond cute. And I liked reading about the games too, and everything involved with that. Was interesting and exciting. I very much adore Emika too. She is a pretty great character. Though, honestly, I did not agree with her choice at the very end of the book, haha. I understood what she mostly did not. I mean, it was a rude thing to do, I suppose, but the reasons for it were solid, I think. That ending was all kinds of rude. Yet awesome too. Though I get the feeling my heart will be pretty broken in the next book. Yet so excited for it too. Even more so now, after this second read. Shall not be writing such a long review this time, I think. Only sharing a little of what I enjoyed about this.

Warcross tells the story of Emika. She has not had an easy life, with her mother leaving, and her father dying years back. She grew up in a foster home. Reading about her past was all kinds of heartbreaking, to be honest. I wanted all the best for this girl. She was amazing, though. Strong and brave and kind. I loved getting to know her. She is a bounty hunter, searching for criminals to earn money. She's about to get kicked out of her small apartment, as she has no money. Emika is desperate. Which broke my heart.

Which is how this story begins. With Emika making the choice to hack the biggest game in this world, Warcross. Trying to steal something from it, to earn money, to be able to live. It does not go as planned. But it ends up being very amazing for her. She ends up going to Tokyo, getting to be a part of the games as well. Meeting her childhood hero, Hideo, the creator of Warcross. Emika gets a taste of living with tons of money. And I loved reading those scenes so much. She deserves the very best and I want it all for her.

Not writing more about the story. Just that it is all kinds of awesome and I enjoyed reading about it very much. The world in this book is written so well too, and I liked it tons. It is a story about virtual reality, in a way. Almost everyone owns a pair of glasses needed to play the game. It's the biggest thing in this world. And it was so interesting to read about. Loved learning more about it all. There are some very awesome characters in this book. I very much adored Emika's Warcross teammates. I loved getting to know them.

And the love interest. Hideo. I loved him so very much, eee. He is the most known person in this world. And the richest. Emika has been a fan of him for years now. And now she is actually spending time with him. It was a little awkward but all kinds of cute at all times. I adored how there was this small romance between them. I shipped them so. And getting to know Hideo was the very best. And also the saddest. His family secrets still killed me to read about. Sad and heartbreaking and a little evil. Written very well.

I shall not write more about this book. Already written more than I was going to, yet not nearly all of the thoughts that I have about this book. I did not fully love everything about this book, which is why it's a four star for me, but I did enjoy it all so very much. The characters are so awesome. And getting to read about the Warcross game was pretty exciting too. I loved how they played this game, all of the rules, and how everyone knew about it. I loved how Emika was a wildcard. And how she ended up in this gaming world.

If you have still not read this book, then you really should get moving. Warcross is such a stunning story. An incredible world. Virtual and real. Great story and such amazing characters. The romance is small but so cute and adorable. The book was not perfect to me, but I still enjoyed it a whole lot. And I am so very excited to read the final book next. I adore Marie. Have read most of her books, but I'm behind on a few. They were all awesome, though. I simply cannot wait to read what she writes next after these books too.


Saturday, August 25, 2018

In My Mailbox #355

This week has gone by so fast. Gosh. I only managed to read one book, as I was nervous about it, so it took me ages to get enough courage to start it, haha :) But it is read now, and so I am already ready to start my re-read of Warcross. Gosh. Shall start it tomorrow, eee. I'm excited. I also do still not have any energy left. So I'm still as behind as I have been every week. How rude. But just got another dose of the newish medicine, so hoping so badly I might start feeling more awake, haha. Fingers crossed. Other than that, I'm doing pretty well. Which I'm happy about. Got a little mail this week; it is all gorgeous. Blogged a little bit too. This week I'm waiting on As She Ascends :D And I shared my review for Sherwood :) I wish I wasn't so behind on everything. It is no fun at all to be so far behind. Hmph. But my health do come first. And I'm not able to do anything at home either. How very rude. Hoping it will start getting better shortly :)

Catwoman. Gosh, I hope I love this one. I had to own this version too; as I own the other DC ones in it :D
Furyborn. Finally got hold of the international paperback :D But.. they are so very beat up. My poor heart.
Swag. Love these two pieces so very much! Thank you so much Calla for sending these precious to me.
Pop Figures. Some of the final Stranger Things I was missing, eee :D Biggest collection. Also, Hercules.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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Review: Sherwood by Meagan Spooner

It feels impossible to write down how I felt about this book. But I shall try my best. Reading this book was all kinds of complicated. I adore this author. And I have loved the books by her that I have read previously. And I was beyond excited for Sherwood. Which is why it breaks my heart a little that I was disappointed by it. Oh.

I wish I could say that I loved this book. I wanted to, so badly. But I had issues with it. Which hurts my heart. And so I am giving this book three stars. Wishing it was higher, but I didn't love it. There were parts of it that I loved. Yet not enough. But I will say that the writing was all kinds of perfect. And I loved that very much. Sigh.

But good writing could not save this book for me. I will not write too much negative about this book, because it wasn't that I hated it. I really did not. But I also did not love it. I have so many mixed thoughts about it. There will be some spoilers. You are warned. A few spoilers about the romance. Or non romance, as it was. I will begin by saying that I was nervous about reading this book, as I had read another review of it. And it mentioned the romance and how it worked. I had hoped it would not bother me. But I know my heart. And I knew it would hurt to read about this. And it did. I thought I could get past it, but I could not, sadly. My biggest issue with this was the main character. Which breaks my heart. The final parts of the book was also the best parts of it all. Hmph.

I will begin by sharing what I did enjoy about this book first. I do not think I will write all that much about Sherwood. As it just ruins my heart to think about the fact that I did not love this book like I wanted to. I'm still thrilled that I read it, but heartbroken that it wasn't really for me. As mentioned, the writing was lovely. And the world this book was set in was great too. I loved the historical feel to all of it. I liked that it was a Robin Hood retelling. Though I have only ever seen the animated disney movie, haha. Which I loved so.

This book tells the story of Lady Marian. She lives in a small village with her father. I liked getting to read a little about her life there. Her father was a pretty awesome character too, and I enjoyed reading about him as well. Her maid, Elena was amazing too. She has a big role in this book, and I grew to care for her a lot. Did not fully love her, but I liked reading about her even so. Marian has been engaged to Robin of Locksley for ages, but he has been gone for months now to fight in the King's war, far away from Marian.

Word arrives that he has died. And everything Marian thought her life would be has died with him. She will no longer be the Lady of Locksley. She will no longer be free, though married to Robin. She is full of grief. Because she loved Robin. And they had spent pretty much their entire childhood together, growing up together, always playing together. Best friends. Reading about her grieving for him was pretty hard. I did not feel too much, but it was still sad to read about, and I did connect with Marian through most of it.

There is so much going on with this book. I do not know how to write it all down. So I will not. Her maid's brother is about to be hanged. And Marian will do anything to save him. So she puts on Robin's old green cloak, and goes out into the forest to save him. Which she manages. But now everyone thinks that Robin has returned from the dead, and is back to save the outlaws and the poor. Which he is not. Marian did not plan for this. But she is kind of drunk with all of this power too, and she uses it in any way she can. Hmm.

This book takes place over a few weeks. Marian ends up going with her father to Nottingham, the bigger city a few hours away. While there she must live the life as a lady, though she is also living as the masked Robin Hood. This story is all kinds of complicated and hard to describe. So I will not try. Marian passes as a boy for so many people. And as such she is able to help a lot of people too. She also meets some men in the forest, whom becomes friends, though them with Robin Hood. They were all great to get to know.

I honestly do not know what to share about this plot. So I will not share much about it. This is such a long book. And although I do love long books, I did feel this was a bit drawn out so many times. I kept wishing for more. More action. More romance. More anything. Marian is grieving for Robin. Though we learn more about them as the book goes on. That Robin loved her for real. That she might not have truly loved him that way at all, only as her best friend. Reading about their past friendship was good, though. I enjoyed it.

Then there was Gisborne. There will be spoilers. He is seen as the villain from the very beginning of the book. Marian cannot sand him. She hates him. And she treats him pretty badly because of this. True, he didn't seem all that nice for most of the book, but the way Marian treated him was still not okay. She did this same thing with some other characters too. Which made me end up disliking her a little. Gisborne is seen as the villain for almost all the book. Until near the end. Where he turns into the love interest. What.

Which was quite sudden. They were talking. He was sharing more of himself. And she suddenly realized that she felt more for him. Then they were kissing. And she was running away. Then a little more action and drama, a little romance on the very last page, and then the book ended. Yeah. What. I'm not pleased with the ending of this book. Sure, it was a good ending, but it was way too quick and ended in a wrong place. There needed to be more. More answers, more romance. I needed more of everything. How rude.

I was especially disappointed with the romance in this book. Sigh. It was about her past love for Robin, whom died. Except she did not feel romantic love for him. So there was no need to not have romance in this book until the very end of the book. And then such little romance too. I felt like there could have been so so much more. And much earlier on too. I probably would have liked this book more, if there had been. Ack. As I ended up feeling like this book was a bit too long with very little happening, honestly, and sadly.

There is so much I have not shared about this book. Yet I have written way more than I was supposed to. Oh, well. Sherwood was not the most amazing book that I so wanted it to be. It was not bad, though, and I enjoyed parts of it a whole lot. But I did not love it. But I did love Gisborne. But he was not there nearly enough. I loved parts of Marian. But not most of her. I'm glad I read this book, though. Huge thank you to the publisher, HarperTeen, for the auto-approval on Edelweiss. And I do think you should all read this too.

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Waiting on Wednesday #358

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

Mira Minkoba is on the run with her friends after a fiery escape from the Pit, where she’d been imprisoned for defending the dragons she loves. And she wants answers. Where have all the dragons been taken? Why are powerful noorestones being shipped to the mainland? And did the treaty she’s been defending her whole life truly sell out the Fallen Isles to their enemies?

As her connection to the dragons—and their power—grows stronger, so does Mira’s fear that she might lose control and hurt someone she loves. But the only way to find the truth is to go home again, to Damina, to face the people who betrayed her and the parents she’s not sure she can trust.

Home, where she must rise above her fears. Or be consumed.

The second page-turning novel in Jodi Meadows’ Fallen Isles trilogy scorches with mysterious magic and riveting romance as one girl kindles a spark into a flame.

Hardcover, 560 pages
Expected publication: September 11th 2018 by Katherine Tegen Books
Pre-Order here and here

I'm so nervous yet excited about this book too. I adore Jodi very much. And I have enjoyed many of her books very much too. But ack, I did have a few issues with Before She Ignites. I did not see the romance. At all. And so I am nervous about this second book, haha :D But I am very hopeful too; hoping that it will manage to convince me that this romance should be. Fingers crossed. And, I mean, there will be more dragons in this sequel. Yessss. I am very happy about that, haha :D And so I am pretty excited about this book. The cover is so gorgeous, which I shared about here. <3 I cannot wait to own this book shortly :)
What are you waiting for on this ascending Wednesday?

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In My Mailbox #354

I had planned on reading more than one book this week. But that did not happen. Simply had no energy at all this week. Gosh. In pain all the time, which completely sucks. Sigh. Trying to stay positive, but it is hard. Aw. I just want to feel okay. With no pain. So I may finally do things again. Hmph. And start catching up and commenting again. I'm two and a half months behind on commenting. Which is over 300 posts to comment on. Yeah. I need to catch up. But need to feel up to it as well, and so far I'm not. Not even close. Uugh. Hospital/more medicine again this coming week, so hoping to get more answers about this heavy exhaustion. Fingers crossed. So anyway. Few posts this week, since I only read one book. Ack. Hoping to start Sherwood tonight, eee. And ahh! I'm seeing The Meg tomorrow night. I am beyond excited. Eee. Shark movies are the best. Anyway. I shared my review of Through the White Wood :) Oh. This week I'm waiting on Comet Rising. <3 Last week I did not get any books, but ahh, this week I got a bunch :D Eee. Love them all so very much. Sigh. Anyway. Cross your fingers for me, please, that I will feel better soon :)

Catwoman. I am crossing all my fingers that I will love this one. First and only Sarah book for me, haha.
The Dark Vault. Eee, I adored the first book. Still need to read the second one. Gosh. Reading both soon.
Star-Touched Stories. I have not read the books by this author yet, but I own them, had to have this too.
Before She Ignites. My Jodi collection just keeps growing and growing, haha. Had to have this one too :)
Stormdancer ARC. I am dying. Thank you so very much Elizabeth for trading with me :D Love it the most.
Magnus Chase Coloring Book. Couldn't help but own this one :D Still need to catch up to all these books.
Blue Lily, Lily Blue + Swag. Eee! So much love :D Thank you the most to Whitney for trading with me. <3
King of Scars Sampler. Ahh! My precious! Thank you so so much for trading with me Donna :D Love it so.
Pop Figures. Eee, more of my new Harry Potter pop figures :D These are just so beyond adorable. Love.

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Waiting on Wednesday #357

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

COMET RISING (Shadow Weaver #2) 

Goodreads Description:

Something is very wrong with the sky...

Emmeline and Lucas are safe from Lady Aisling and her soldiers for the time being. The only thing that mars their peaceful life is Emmeline's former shadow, Dar. Still shut in her cage, she constantly tries to manipulate Emmeline to set her free.

Then one night the Cerelia Comet, the reason for their magical abilities, returns... Twelve years too early. The return of the comet can only mean one thing, Lady Aisling has a sky shaker under her control and is hoping for a new batch of talented children to add to her collection.

Emmeline and Lucas journey to find other talented children who can help in the fight against Lady Aisling. But when Dar escapes, and the two friends realize many of the children they seek have already been taken, it's clear the sky shaker might be the least of their worries.

The thrilling conclusion to MarcyKate Connolly's Shadow Weaver duology follows Emmeline and Lucas as they face the darkness that has shadowed their lives.

Paperback, 320 pages
Expected publication: January 1st 2019 by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Pre-Order here and here

I cannot wait to read this gorgeous book :D I adore MarcyKate so so very much. And her middle grade books are all so adorable and awesome. Eee. While I had a few issues with the first in this duology, ack, I still liked it a lot. And I am so so very excited to know how this story will end for Emmeline and Lucas :D
What are you waiting for on this rising Wednesday?

Monday, August 13, 2018

Review: Through the White Wood by Jessica Leake

Currently feeling all kinds of heartbroken. Because I wanted so badly to be able to love this. Since I adored Beyond a Darkened Shore by Jessica. I felt sure I would love this new book by her as well. But I did not. Not even close. Oh. It's a solid two star for me. And it is breaking my heart. Because I wanted to love it so much.

I shall try my best not to share spoilers about this book. But I will also be sharing about why I did not like it. Which will not be very positive. So will be sharing some details about this book. Though it is not out until April next year, which still feels like forever away. I just could not resist reading it when it showed up on Edelweiss.

Both happy and sad that I read this book. Happy to have read it so early, sad that I did not like it one bit. But happy to have given it a chance. Even though it ended up disappointing me incredibly much. Shall try my hardest to share all my feelings and thoughts about this book. It will not be easy. It was so hard to read it, to be able to finish it. I wanted to give up. But I have not given up on a book for ages, and I was not about to start with this one. Also as I adore Jessica. But yeah. Although I adore her so very much, I did not like this newest book by her, and I will still be painfully honest about my thoughts about it. Though I will say that I am positive a lot of people will love this book. I was just not one of them. Which I am feeling pretty bitter about, honestly, haha. Sigh.

I shall begin with sharing about Katya. The entire book is from her point of view. And I did not like her one bit. Gosh. I don't know how to describe this girl. She was such a pathetic character. Which I almost never think about bookish characters. But this girl was. She was scared and crying all the time. She was afraid of her own powers. Through the whole book. She was whiny. She kept blaming the prince for every single thing he did. She did not even improve by the end. I simply couldn't stand her. Ahh. Wish I had loved her.

Katya has magic powers. She is able to freeze things with her mind. Or hands. I'm unsure. She has been able to do this ever since she can remember. She lives in a very small village. With two older people who took her in as a baby; they love her. The rest of the village hates her and treats her badly. Yet we do not see much of this at all. Only her weird moments of thinking about that past time. Mostly all she can do is make herself turn to ice when she is scared. Until one day when she ends up killing people in her village.

And then suddenly she is full of powers. Except she has only used those powers once. Was an accident. Yet she is full of guilt and sadness and ugh. The villagers send her away to a prince, whom they think will kill her for her crimes. He does not. He forgives her, as he needs people with powers like hers to help him fight a war. Which ends up with her at his palace. Which was all kinds of boring, to be fully honest. All she thinks about is running away. And crying. And weird moments of anger. I did not like this girl one bit. Sigh.

And reading about her powers bothered me too. Which I'm so sad about, because magic in fantasy books is usually the very best. But they were not so in this book. Sigh. She uses her powers twice after her first time. And suddenly she can control them a little, and the prince is full of praise for her. Yeah. No. She was not good at controlling her powers at all. And she did not deserve any praise, sadly. And ugh. The prince. Summary calls him Sasha. But it takes half the book before that name is mentioned. What. So very weird.

Then there is the insta love. Which happens so very suddenly. First, why on earth would this prince even be interested in this girl? It makes no sense. She was not special. She wasn't very kind. She did nothing, to be honest. They didn't even talk. Yet he loves her a few pages later. Hmph. And she loves him. For no reason at all. At least, that is how it felt like to me. Maybe not insta love. Maybe so. I think it was. And not done well either. Sigh. I shall not mention more of this plot. But there is much happening. All very boring.

I would call Through the White Wood a companion to Beyond a Darkened Shore. As it happens very few years after the end of that book. And we see the same two lovely characters in this book. Not many days on horse away from where this book takes place. So yes. To me, that is a companion book. Oh, I do wish I had loved this one. I wanted to, so badly. But I didn't. Some parts were interesting. But I did not care at all for the characters. The two main ones were so boring. The background characters had no story at all.

Now I must mention the writing. As I could not stand it for one moment. It bothered me from beginning to end. Not once did I manage to ignore the way this one was written. Not fully first person point of view. Not sure how else to describe it. Other than saying that I hated it. Gosh. Which does not happen all that often. I was simply unable to connect to the characters at all. Or even the world. Nothing about this book stood out to me. And I am so sad about it. The writing was a big reason for that. So wish that was not the case.

Still. I do not regret reading this book. I only wish that I could have enjoyed it more. But it was just not a book for me at all. Which is still so heartbreaking to me, as I adored the other book by Jessica. Sigh. I will still be hunting for the print ARC of this one, to complete my collection. As this cover is beyond gorgeous. Huge thank you to the publisher, HarperTeen, for the auto-approval on Edelweiss. I do feel sorry to have written this negative review. Yet I'm also happy to have shared my honest thoughts. Glad to have tried it.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

In My Mailbox #353

Gosh. This week have been busy. Been out eating a bunch, which has been the best, eee. But also still so so very exhausted all the time, which sucks. So I'm still forever behind on everything. Sigh. And only managed to read one book this week. But it was The Blood Spell; so I am still very happy, haha :D And oh gosh. I did not get ANY books in the mail this week! WHAT! How very very rude. Only thing I got in the mail was a CD. And bought lego from a local store. <3 Oh, well. Still some mail, just not books, haha :) But some pre-orders arriving next week, most likely. Hoping to be able to read more shortly. Also! HELP. Does any of you use Firefox right now? Because I do. For days my site will not load fully; the side items never show up. It works on Edge. But I only use Firefox. Ahhh. Does anyone else who use Firefox see all of my blog? Please reply, I am dying to know if the issue is only with me. Ack. Anyway. A few posts this week. But not many; only two. <3 This week I'm waiting on The Deceivers :) I shared my review of The Blood Spell, eee. <3 Despite this week being busy and exhausting, it was also good. So I'm happy about that. ALSO! Final chance to enter the two international giveaways I'm hosting below! Please do enter; as I'm sending the prizes myself :) Best of luck, if you do enter. Hope you are all doing the very very best. <3
Update about Firefox: Laura told me she had no issues; I figured the issue must be mine. Tried the whole Refresh Firefox thingy, and it actually worked, haha. So now my blog is back to being visible for me :D

Finished copy of The Glittering Court. International. Ends 08/17. LAST CHANCE!
The Adventures of Phatty and Payaso Finished Copy.
International. Ends 08/14.

Lego. Ahh. My newest bought lego :D The Harry Potter ones are so very awesome. Love all of them so.
Mamma Mia 2 Soundtrack. Eee. Been listening on repeat on my laptop for weeks now. Love these songs.

More Instagram photos here. <3

Friday, August 10, 2018

Review: The Blood Spell by C. J. Redwine

I knew I would end up loving this book. And I'm so thrilled to say that I was completely right. This new fantasy fairytale retelling by CJ is based on Cinderella. And it is written so well. It was such a stunning story. And I adored these two characters beyond words. There was not a single thing about this book I did not love. Sigh.

This book tells the story of Blue and Kellan. It's written from both point of views, which I loved so. Writing was stunning, as always with books by CJ. This story was all kinds of heartbreaking and stunning and so much fun too. I loved reading every moment of this book. Five stars. I have very much to share, but no spoilers.

I don't know where to even begin. My mind feels blank. Probably because of how very awesome this book was. And trying to write down all that I love about it will not be easy. Because there was a lot. But I will try my very best to convince you all why you need to read this precious book when it comes out months from now. It is worth all heartbreak. This is the story of two amazing characters. Blue and Kellan. About how they slowly start to be friends, after having known each other since they were little. It tells the story of Kellan having to become king, and all he has to deal with because of that. It tells a story of grief. And how Blue is dealing with it. Both beautiful and heartbreaking to read about. This book is sad. Yet full of hope. And friendship. Then something more.

There is so much that I adore about both Blue and Kellan. They have known each other since childhood. Their fathers were best friends. Kellan got into all kinds of trouble as a child. And Blue always told on him. They were not really friends back then. Kellan has also been to a school far away for years, only home in the summers. Now he is finally back home for good. But he is also about to become king. And he has to choose a bride from one of the head families. There was a whole lot of expectations for Kellan. Poor boy.

But he deals with all of it so well. Sure, he was a pretty wild boy for years. But he knows what he must do, and he will do it. He cares deeply for his family. His mother, the queen, was all kinds of awesome. I loved reading about her. His little sister, Nessa, was super adorable. She speaks with sign language, which is personal for this author, and I loved that beyond words. Their sibling relationship was the very best thing. Although Kellan has the very best family, he is also so broken. Because of his father's death years back.

Then there was Blue. I loved this girl so so very much. She lost her mother when she was four years old, and she is still traumatized by it. Because it was pretty brutal and heartbreaking. This girl is broken. Yet all kinds of strong and loving and so very kind. She wants to help everyone. And I so loved that about her. She goes through so much in this book, with the death of her father as well, and she handles it all so well. I adored Blue. Her grandmother was also amazing. Blue has the most precious cat. So beyond adorable.

There is also magic in this book. Which Blue has. Though that has to be kept hidden, because witches in this town gets killed if discovered. The reason for why magic is not allowed in this town was pretty good, though. There is a history. Of a blood wraith. And it was creepy and scary and I loved every moment of it. It is history but also present. And reading about all of it was so much fun. Yet also pretty awful. I loved all the twists and surprises. Getting to know more about this huge world is always the best. Very well written.

There is so much happening in this book. I will not mention most of it. Only a few parts that I loved. In the beginning of the book we get to know Blue and her father. And their small but happy life living together at a farm house. They are both alchemists and own a shop. I loved reading about all of that, the spells they could create and such. But oh, it was heartbreaking to get to know Blue's father for so long. Because like the summary mentions, he ends up getting killed. And having gotten to know him first made it hurt more.

This story is about Blue having to deal with her father's death. And then having to deal with this unknown woman and her two daughters moving into her house and taking over her whole life. It was all so so very complicated. Yet written so well. But gosh, this woman. Dinah. There is a lot of point of view from her too. I could not fully decide if I completely hated her or felt sorry for her as well. Probably both. We learn a lot about her. But the way she treats Blue in this book was completely not okay at all. Hmph. Did not like her.

This book also tells the story of Blue and Kellan. How they start hanging out again, this time starting to become real friends. Maybe something more. But she is no one important. And he is a prince. It cannot be. Yet that does not stop them from spending time together. And slowly growing to care more for each other. They help each other with grieving. And I loved that so very much. Ahh. I loved reading about their growing friendship. It was the very best. They were just adorable together. And I shipped them so much.

So much happens in this book. And I have not even told most of it. There is a villain. There are children going missing. And all of it was so incredible to read about. I simply loved this story and this world. And I love how all the books is set in the same world, around the same time. Getting to know Blue and Kellan and their story was the very best. I love them to pieces. I have not said much about this book at all. Just that I loved it beyond words. So good. And you all need to read this book too, in February. Do not miss it.

Getting to read this lovely six months before it is published just about killed me. So thrilled to have gotten the chance to read The Blood Spell so very early. Huge thank you to the publisher, Balzer + Bray, for the auto-approval on Edelweiss. Shall have to hunt down the print ARC too, to complete my collection by this very awesome author. But gosh, how I'm happy to have gotten to read it. The Blood Spell was everything I wished it would be. And so much more. Stunning world, amazing characters, such a heartbreaking plot.


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Waiting on Wednesday #356

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

Pretty Little Liars meets Ocean's 11 in this intrigue-filled contemporary drama from acclaimed author Kristen Simmons.

Welcome to Vale Hall, the school for aspiring con artists.

When Brynn Hilder is recruited to Vale, it seems like the elite academy is her chance to start over, away from her mom's loser boyfriend and her rundown neighborhood. But she soon learns that Vale chooses students not so much for their scholastic talent as for their extracurricular activities, such as her time spent conning rich North Shore kids out of their extravagant allowances.

At first, Brynn jumps at the chance to help the school in its mission to rid the city of corrupt officials--because what could be better than giving entitled jerks what they deserve? But that's before she meets her mark--a senator's son--and before she discovers the school's headmaster has secrets he'll stop at nothing to protect. As the lines between right and wrong blur, Brynn begins to realize she's in way over head.

Hardcover, 384 pages
Expected publication: February 5th 2019 by Tor Teen
Pre-Order here and here

This would so not be a book for me. Except. It is written by Kristen Simmons. And I adore her. And so I shall give this book a try, ahh :D And I am very excited about it. Because I do think this summary is pretty amazing :D And sounds like the romance could be so awesome. Eee. Cannot wait to read this one. <3
What are you waiting for on this deceiving Wednesday?

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In My Mailbox #352

Gosh, I have read a lot this week. Four books read and reviewed. Eee! It's the most I have read in forever and ever, haha. I feel so happy about it :D And ahh! Edelweiss uploaded three of my most wanted Harper ARCs! I got them. I am dying. Will be starting the first in a few days. Nervous yet beyond excited. A few new blog posts this week :) Posted my preview review of Give the Dark My Love :D This week I'm waiting on The Waning Age. <3 Posted my second review of A Study in Scarlet Women :D My second review of A Conspiracy in Belgravia. <3 Then my review of The Hollow of Fear :D Eee. So so good. I had the best reading week. And got some gorgeous mail too. My body is all kinds of exhausted, but I'm doing good. Or as good as possible, at least :) I love blogging the most. But I'm feeling pretty heartbroken about it lately, to be honest. I still get the same amount of page views. But I am getting zero comments on all my posts. Which is breaking my heart a little. Sigh. Please, if you have a second, leave a comment? It would mean so much to me. <3 And it would mean the world to me if you would all enter the two giveaways below :D

Sea Witch. This hardcover is so gorgeous. I'm nervous about this book, yet I hope that I will love it tons.
Contagion. Eee, finally got the hardcover :D Loved this book. It is such a stunning one. Love this cover.
LIFEL1K3. Ahh, UK paperback edition :D It is all kinds of lovely. And different. I very much love this cover.
The Golden Compass ARC. Ahh! Thank you so much for trading with me Kelly :D It is a bit beat up, which is a little heartbreaking, but I am still so thrilled to at least own this precious thing. Love this book so. <3
LIFEL1K3 Swag. EEE! Thank you so much Alyssa for helping me get this pre-order swag :D I love it so.
Pop Figures. Three of the newest Harry Potter ones :D Aren't they just stunning? Love. More coming too.

The Blood Spell. I am so in love with these fairytale retellings. And thrilled to have this one finally, eee.
Through the White Wood. Ahh! I very much enjoyed Beyond a Darkened Shore. Can't wait to read this :D
Sherwood. EEE! I loved Hunted so very much. And this new book by Meagan seems so good. Can't wait.

More Instagram photos here. <3

Review: The Hollow of Fear by Sherry Thomas

This book murdered me. And I fear I may never recover. This was the most perfect third book. And I loved every moment of it. My poor heart, though. I stayed up half the night to finish it. And I do not regret it. Once I started reading, I just could not stop. Five stars for this very perfect book. Truly loved every single moment.

Writing down my thoughts and feelings may not be easy, though. As I am feeling way too much. This book was all kinds of thrilling and exciting and surprising. Everything I had wanted it to be and so much more. Can't begin to describe how happy I am with this book. Once again, the writing was perfection. All written so well.

This book takes place about three months after the end of book two. At first I was a bit unsure about this time jump, but I ended up being glad for it. It did not change anything, which I'm happy about. In this one, most of the book is from Charlotte's point of view. And Lord Ingram. Eee. And a little of Livia too. They are all amazing and I love reading about them so very much. I shall not be mentioning too much about what happens in this book, no big spoilers, except for what is already revealed in the summary. What made me the very happiest about this book is how much time Charlotte and Lord Ingram spends together. They are together just about all the time. And it killed me with happiness. The best friendship. The most awesome tension. Sigh. Adore them.

All of this book takes place at Lord Ingram's house. Which is all kinds of huge and perfect. I loved reading about it. I loved reading about Charlotte being there, and Mrs. Watson too. Still adore her so. This book is about a murder. Lady Ingram turns up dead somewhere on the property. With Lord Ingram being the only suspect. Things are not looking good for him. Even Charlotte is scared for him. She stops eating. Which was pretty scary, haha. But gosh, this mystery plot was good. So exciting and oh. Loved it. Amazing plot.

I adored reading more about Livia. She is such a stunning character and I adore her to pieces. I have such high hopes for her future romance. Eee. It shall be so awesome, I hope. I want the best for Livia. I love that she is writing a book. I love how she cares about Charlotte. And their other sister, whom is not well. I loved how they both took care of her. Not much about their parents in this one, but they were still awful, haha. But gosh, how I adore reading about all of these characters. I can't say it enough. So good.

I must talk a little of Inspector Treadles. I liked him in book one. Disliked him a lot in book two. And in the beginning of this one I did not like him either. But towards the end of the book, he finally got better. And I cannot help but feel so happy about that. I wanted this man to turn out a better person, haha. His wife is still adorable. And he did a good job as an police inspector. He was a pretty good friend too. Well, mostly. I'm glad he managed to change a little. I hope he'll continue to change for the better. He was interesting.

This may sound weird, but the only thing I would complain about is that I wish some certain scenes had more details. And very much complaining about having to wait at least a year for the next book. Hmph. I want more. Right now. I love these characters so much. I love this setting. I need more of Charlotte and Lord Ingram. I need more of everything. I am so happy there will be at least two more books. But gosh, how I wish they will never end. And how I wish none of my favorites will end up dead. Fingers crossed.

The Hollow of Fear was every kind of perfection. The most well written characters, whom I loved beyond words. Such a stunning and exciting mystery. Full of secrets and surprises. Every part of this book killed me with perfection. Getting to read more about Charlotte and Lord Ingram was the very best. Getting to know them better. Getting to see more of their friendship. And how that friendship was finally turning into something more. Gosh. It was so good. And I loved every part of this book so much. Too much, maybe.

There was so much mystery and suspense in this book. It was impossible to know what had happened. Who the murderer was. And getting to know all the answers at the end of the book pretty much killed me. I mean. What. It was all stunning. And so very perfect. A little bit sad, but then not, and gosh, how I loved this ending. And the ending of the mystery. It was very exciting and surprising and I loved learning every moment of it. Was simply perfect. And I could not be happier with this book. Sigh. Makes my heart happy.

Huge thank you to Penguin Random House International / Berkley for sending me the free ARC copy of this book to read and review. I am beyond thrilled that I was able to read this book early. I shall treasure my copy, always. Can't wait to get the finished edition too in a couple of months. This is a series that you cannot miss. Such amazing historical mystery books with a hint of romance. And with the most amazing characters. And I very much adore Sherry too. And I simply cannot wait to read even more books by her.


Friday, August 3, 2018

Review: A Conspiracy in Belgravia by Sherry Thomas

Reading this book again was a must. And I am so glad that I did so. It was still all kinds of amazing, and I loved it so. There was tons of details, and I had forgotten so much. How rude. Now I'm ready to read book three, and gosh, how I am excited. It shall be so good. These books are all kinds of amazing. I love them so.

I shall not be sharing all that much about this precious book this time, only sharing a few of my feelings. I'm so thrilled that Sherry is writing these Lady Sherlock books. As they are stunning. And reading about Charlotte is the very best. I hope she'll never stop writing about her. And all the other characters too. Love them all.

There is so much to love in this second book. It takes place right after the end of book one. It is one big mystery. Full of mentions from the first book that are important. I loved figuring out, again, how this mystery ended. It was so much fun. But also a bit rude. And a little heartbreaking at times. So good. There is so much of Charlotte point of view in this one. I loved that the very most. As Charlotte is my favorite and I love her mind so much. She is still taking on cases as Sherlock Holmes, and they were all awesome to read about. There is so much going on in this book. We learn more about Charlotte and all her feelings for Lord Ingram. And more about their past. It broke my heart a little. Ahh. But so so very good. They are both the very best to read about. Eee.

One of the things I love the most about Charlotte is her love of food. And I very much loved how much she ate what she wanted to in this book. Charlotte is the best. She also wears such awesome dresses. Loved reading about all her outfits. And oh, her mind is the very best. I love the way she thinks. I adore how clever she is. I love how she cares about Lord Ingram. Whom is Ash in private. And ahh. How I ship those two so so very much. Ash is also the very best and I love him to pieces. Sigh. Oh, my poor heart.

There is also more of Livia in this book, and I love her so very much. She is full of self-doubt, which killed me a little. Because she is an amazing woman. And I loved her so. She meets a man in this book. Which was so cute and heartbreaking and just awesome. I have the best wishes for Livia. Cannot wait to read more about her. And Mrs. Watson was so great in this second book too. We get to meet her niece, whom I also adored. These books are simply filled with amazing characters and I loved reading about them all.

There is very much going on in this book. I shall not share any of it, but it was so exciting and so hard to figure out what was really going on. Charlotte as Sherlock Holmes has to help Lady Ingram. To look for a past lover. And it is not easy for Charlotte to do this. I loved her thoughts. Charlotte is also looking for her half brother. And they are searching for some murderers too. It is all so complicated. Yet so easy to read. I loved all the clues and all the surprises. The plot was excellent. Can't wait to read more from this story.

I have to say that I did not care for the inspector in this book. Hmph. He has a weird way of looking at the world. And women especially. He is kind, yes, and I liked him a lot sometimes. His wife was the very best. But his views really needs to change. I need him to become a better man. Fingers crossed that it might happen, haha. But still. I did enjoy reading from his point of view. So curious to know what the rest of his story will be like, with his wife, and with how this second book ended. Simply cannot wait to know all of it.

The only reason for why this was a four star for me, and not a five, is because there was too little of Lord Ingram. Haha. I would have loved more of him so so badly. More of him and Charlotte together, because they are truly so amazing together. And would have loved more of Charlotte and Livia together too. But this does not mean I disliked the book. Because I did not. It was all kinds of awesome, even more so this second time. And just, gosh, I'm glad I re-read these two books before the third one. Had forgotten a lot.

A Conspiracy in Belgravia was such an incredible second book. Full of mystery and secrets and so many surprises. I love Charlotte and Lord Ingram and Livia so very much. These characters are so well written and I love them all to pieces. The writing is very good too. If you still have not read these books, then you are seriously missing out. I do not read a lot of adult, but I am so glad that I chose to read these. Because they are simply amazing. And I cannot wait to read all the next ones in the series. Hope they never stops.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Review: A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas

It has not even been a full year yet since I first read this book. Still I somehow managed to forget all the details. Hmph. And so I am very happy that I decided to re-read before reading the third book. Because, gosh, how I love this story. It is very good. Pretty heartbreaking at times, yes, but truly amazing at every moment.

This book is still a four star for me, but such a high one. As there was not a single thing about this book that I disliked. I only wish there was more of some certain things. Reading this book again was the very very best. I love it so much. Such stunning writing. Such amazing characters. A plot that murdered me once again.

I will not be sharing all that much about this stunning book this time. Only some thoughts I had while reading it again. And those thoughts are all positive. So enjoyed reading this most gorgeous book. I'm such a huge fan of Sherry, though I have not read her previous adult books yet. But I will. Because she is so awesome and her books that I have read so far have been so perfect. This female Sherlock Holmes series is a big favorite of mine. Despite not being a five star, this book is still perfect. And I still loved every moment of it. It's the story of Charlotte Holmes. But also told from other point of views as well, and I very much enjoyed reading from all of them. They were such amazing characters and getting to know them was the very best thing. Adored them so.

Getting to read about Charlotte again was the very best thing. I loved all the details about her. Her looks, her incredible mind. And her family. One of her sisters, Livia, was the very best and I loved her beyond words. Cannot wait to read even more about her. Their parents were the very worst. Yet so interesting to read about too. I loved that this is a historical mystery. So much awesome takes place. But also so many rules for women, which is kind of heartbreaking to think about. Hmph. Written so well. Loved this setting.

Charlotte was my favorite. She was all kinds of smart and lovely and just so sweet. I loved how she loved food. I loved how she was different. And just how very amazing she was. There is so much to get to know about her. And I loved that tons. This book begins with a scandal. And it did not go at all the way she had planned it to. So things are not going that well for Charlotte. But then she meets Mrs. Watson. And I loved that so very much. This woman was all kinds of awesome and I loved their growing friendship very much.

There is also a man in this book. I shipped Charlotte and Lord Ingram beyond words. They have history. But it is pretty tragic. And was all kinds of fun to read about, haha. They have such tension. And they both obviously love each other. But there are complications. And gosh, how I want them together. So so badly. Cannot wait for the other books. Eee. Very excited. But anyway. Lord Ingram was such a great person. I loved him so. There were other awesome characters in this book as well. Loved reading about them all.

There is so much to say about this book. But I am not going to share all that much this time. Because you need to read all of this for yourself. There is a mystery. There are three deaths. Much of this book is from the point of view of an inspector. Which was a man that I grew to love a whole bunch, for the most part. His wife was so adorable. And I liked his point of view a lot. And the murder mystery was simply amazing. Will not say anything more about it, just that it was all written so well and I liked reading about everything.

I'm not sure how I managed it, but I had forgotten the details of this murder mystery. I did not remember how it ended, who had done it, and why. I didn't even remember it until I read about it again, at the very end. Gosh. And this mystery killed me. Again. Such a heartbreaking ending. Well, incredibly awesome and happy too, but knowing the details for it was very sad. But so well written and such a great mystery. Now I cannot wait to re-read book two, to figure out what I have managed to forget about that one, haha.

A Study in Scarlet Women was such an incredible book. And I am so very thrilled that I decided to re-read it right now. Because reading it again was so much fun. And I cannot wait to read the next books as well. I do not want this series to end. Reading about Charlotte and Lord Ingram and Livia and Mrs. Watson was the very best. And I can't wait to read more about them all. The mystery was stunning too. If you haven't read this book yet, then you really must get started. These books are not to be missed. They are so good.

Waiting on Wednesday #355

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

In a parallel present San Francisco, Natalia Peña works as a hotel maid, practices martial arts, and cares for her eleven-year-old brother, Calvino. In this version of our world, all children start to "wane" when they reach Cal's age; by their teen years, they've lost their ability to feel emotion. But Cal isn't waning. When a mysterious corporation kidnaps him for testing, Natalia's reaction surprises her: she's crushed, and she'll do anything to save her brother from their experiments. But the road to his rescue leads her into the path of a dashing but troubled billionaire's son, a cadre of killers, and, eventually, the shocking truth about waning. Filled with twists and turns, The Waning Age is a powerful mirror that shows us the danger of becoming desensitized to violence and the remarkable, transformative power of love. 

Hardcover, 352 pages
Expected publication: February 5th 2019 by Viking Books for Young Readers
Pre-Order here and here

Is if February yet? I am so so so excited for this book :D I cannot wait to read it. Eee. I very much loved the middle grade trilogy by this author. And I am dying to read this new book by her. And it's young adult. And it looks beyond gorgeous. What. Love that cover. And sounds so good. Gosh. I need this book. <3
What are you waiting for on this transforming Wednesday?