Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Review: Warcross by Marie Lu

Second time reading this book, just over a year since I first read it. I'm glad that I decided to read it again before reading Wildcard, as it turns out that I had forgotten all the details. Rude. Warcross is still such a stunning story. And I still very much adore the cute romance. Eee. I simply cannot wait to get to read Wildcard next.

Warcross is still a four star for me. Though I will admit to having more issues with the book this second time, mostly the writing. I found it to be difficult to read, difficult to connect. Hoping that will not happen with the second book as well. Ack. It wasn't that the writing was bad. Only felt that it was written in a weird way to me.

But despite that, I really enjoyed this story once more. I still adore the small romance. It is so beyond cute. And I liked reading about the games too, and everything involved with that. Was interesting and exciting. I very much adore Emika too. She is a pretty great character. Though, honestly, I did not agree with her choice at the very end of the book, haha. I understood what she mostly did not. I mean, it was a rude thing to do, I suppose, but the reasons for it were solid, I think. That ending was all kinds of rude. Yet awesome too. Though I get the feeling my heart will be pretty broken in the next book. Yet so excited for it too. Even more so now, after this second read. Shall not be writing such a long review this time, I think. Only sharing a little of what I enjoyed about this.

Warcross tells the story of Emika. She has not had an easy life, with her mother leaving, and her father dying years back. She grew up in a foster home. Reading about her past was all kinds of heartbreaking, to be honest. I wanted all the best for this girl. She was amazing, though. Strong and brave and kind. I loved getting to know her. She is a bounty hunter, searching for criminals to earn money. She's about to get kicked out of her small apartment, as she has no money. Emika is desperate. Which broke my heart.

Which is how this story begins. With Emika making the choice to hack the biggest game in this world, Warcross. Trying to steal something from it, to earn money, to be able to live. It does not go as planned. But it ends up being very amazing for her. She ends up going to Tokyo, getting to be a part of the games as well. Meeting her childhood hero, Hideo, the creator of Warcross. Emika gets a taste of living with tons of money. And I loved reading those scenes so much. She deserves the very best and I want it all for her.

Not writing more about the story. Just that it is all kinds of awesome and I enjoyed reading about it very much. The world in this book is written so well too, and I liked it tons. It is a story about virtual reality, in a way. Almost everyone owns a pair of glasses needed to play the game. It's the biggest thing in this world. And it was so interesting to read about. Loved learning more about it all. There are some very awesome characters in this book. I very much adored Emika's Warcross teammates. I loved getting to know them.

And the love interest. Hideo. I loved him so very much, eee. He is the most known person in this world. And the richest. Emika has been a fan of him for years now. And now she is actually spending time with him. It was a little awkward but all kinds of cute at all times. I adored how there was this small romance between them. I shipped them so. And getting to know Hideo was the very best. And also the saddest. His family secrets still killed me to read about. Sad and heartbreaking and a little evil. Written very well.

I shall not write more about this book. Already written more than I was going to, yet not nearly all of the thoughts that I have about this book. I did not fully love everything about this book, which is why it's a four star for me, but I did enjoy it all so very much. The characters are so awesome. And getting to read about the Warcross game was pretty exciting too. I loved how they played this game, all of the rules, and how everyone knew about it. I loved how Emika was a wildcard. And how she ended up in this gaming world.

If you have still not read this book, then you really should get moving. Warcross is such a stunning story. An incredible world. Virtual and real. Great story and such amazing characters. The romance is small but so cute and adorable. The book was not perfect to me, but I still enjoyed it a whole lot. And I am so very excited to read the final book next. I adore Marie. Have read most of her books, but I'm behind on a few. They were all awesome, though. I simply cannot wait to read what she writes next after these books too.


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