Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Review: A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas

It has not even been a full year yet since I first read this book. Still I somehow managed to forget all the details. Hmph. And so I am very happy that I decided to re-read before reading the third book. Because, gosh, how I love this story. It is very good. Pretty heartbreaking at times, yes, but truly amazing at every moment.

This book is still a four star for me, but such a high one. As there was not a single thing about this book that I disliked. I only wish there was more of some certain things. Reading this book again was the very very best. I love it so much. Such stunning writing. Such amazing characters. A plot that murdered me once again.

I will not be sharing all that much about this stunning book this time. Only some thoughts I had while reading it again. And those thoughts are all positive. So enjoyed reading this most gorgeous book. I'm such a huge fan of Sherry, though I have not read her previous adult books yet. But I will. Because she is so awesome and her books that I have read so far have been so perfect. This female Sherlock Holmes series is a big favorite of mine. Despite not being a five star, this book is still perfect. And I still loved every moment of it. It's the story of Charlotte Holmes. But also told from other point of views as well, and I very much enjoyed reading from all of them. They were such amazing characters and getting to know them was the very best thing. Adored them so.

Getting to read about Charlotte again was the very best thing. I loved all the details about her. Her looks, her incredible mind. And her family. One of her sisters, Livia, was the very best and I loved her beyond words. Cannot wait to read even more about her. Their parents were the very worst. Yet so interesting to read about too. I loved that this is a historical mystery. So much awesome takes place. But also so many rules for women, which is kind of heartbreaking to think about. Hmph. Written so well. Loved this setting.

Charlotte was my favorite. She was all kinds of smart and lovely and just so sweet. I loved how she loved food. I loved how she was different. And just how very amazing she was. There is so much to get to know about her. And I loved that tons. This book begins with a scandal. And it did not go at all the way she had planned it to. So things are not going that well for Charlotte. But then she meets Mrs. Watson. And I loved that so very much. This woman was all kinds of awesome and I loved their growing friendship very much.

There is also a man in this book. I shipped Charlotte and Lord Ingram beyond words. They have history. But it is pretty tragic. And was all kinds of fun to read about, haha. They have such tension. And they both obviously love each other. But there are complications. And gosh, how I want them together. So so badly. Cannot wait for the other books. Eee. Very excited. But anyway. Lord Ingram was such a great person. I loved him so. There were other awesome characters in this book as well. Loved reading about them all.

There is so much to say about this book. But I am not going to share all that much this time. Because you need to read all of this for yourself. There is a mystery. There are three deaths. Much of this book is from the point of view of an inspector. Which was a man that I grew to love a whole bunch, for the most part. His wife was so adorable. And I liked his point of view a lot. And the murder mystery was simply amazing. Will not say anything more about it, just that it was all written so well and I liked reading about everything.

I'm not sure how I managed it, but I had forgotten the details of this murder mystery. I did not remember how it ended, who had done it, and why. I didn't even remember it until I read about it again, at the very end. Gosh. And this mystery killed me. Again. Such a heartbreaking ending. Well, incredibly awesome and happy too, but knowing the details for it was very sad. But so well written and such a great mystery. Now I cannot wait to re-read book two, to figure out what I have managed to forget about that one, haha.

A Study in Scarlet Women was such an incredible book. And I am so very thrilled that I decided to re-read it right now. Because reading it again was so much fun. And I cannot wait to read the next books as well. I do not want this series to end. Reading about Charlotte and Lord Ingram and Livia and Mrs. Watson was the very best. And I can't wait to read more about them all. The mystery was stunning too. If you haven't read this book yet, then you really must get started. These books are not to be missed. They are so good.

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