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Review: A Conspiracy in Belgravia by Sherry Thomas

Reading this book again was a must. And I am so glad that I did so. It was still all kinds of amazing, and I loved it so. There was tons of details, and I had forgotten so much. How rude. Now I'm ready to read book three, and gosh, how I am excited. It shall be so good. These books are all kinds of amazing. I love them so.

I shall not be sharing all that much about this precious book this time, only sharing a few of my feelings. I'm so thrilled that Sherry is writing these Lady Sherlock books. As they are stunning. And reading about Charlotte is the very best. I hope she'll never stop writing about her. And all the other characters too. Love them all.

There is so much to love in this second book. It takes place right after the end of book one. It is one big mystery. Full of mentions from the first book that are important. I loved figuring out, again, how this mystery ended. It was so much fun. But also a bit rude. And a little heartbreaking at times. So good. There is so much of Charlotte point of view in this one. I loved that the very most. As Charlotte is my favorite and I love her mind so much. She is still taking on cases as Sherlock Holmes, and they were all awesome to read about. There is so much going on in this book. We learn more about Charlotte and all her feelings for Lord Ingram. And more about their past. It broke my heart a little. Ahh. But so so very good. They are both the very best to read about. Eee.

One of the things I love the most about Charlotte is her love of food. And I very much loved how much she ate what she wanted to in this book. Charlotte is the best. She also wears such awesome dresses. Loved reading about all her outfits. And oh, her mind is the very best. I love the way she thinks. I adore how clever she is. I love how she cares about Lord Ingram. Whom is Ash in private. And ahh. How I ship those two so so very much. Ash is also the very best and I love him to pieces. Sigh. Oh, my poor heart.

There is also more of Livia in this book, and I love her so very much. She is full of self-doubt, which killed me a little. Because she is an amazing woman. And I loved her so. She meets a man in this book. Which was so cute and heartbreaking and just awesome. I have the best wishes for Livia. Cannot wait to read more about her. And Mrs. Watson was so great in this second book too. We get to meet her niece, whom I also adored. These books are simply filled with amazing characters and I loved reading about them all.

There is very much going on in this book. I shall not share any of it, but it was so exciting and so hard to figure out what was really going on. Charlotte as Sherlock Holmes has to help Lady Ingram. To look for a past lover. And it is not easy for Charlotte to do this. I loved her thoughts. Charlotte is also looking for her half brother. And they are searching for some murderers too. It is all so complicated. Yet so easy to read. I loved all the clues and all the surprises. The plot was excellent. Can't wait to read more from this story.

I have to say that I did not care for the inspector in this book. Hmph. He has a weird way of looking at the world. And women especially. He is kind, yes, and I liked him a lot sometimes. His wife was the very best. But his views really needs to change. I need him to become a better man. Fingers crossed that it might happen, haha. But still. I did enjoy reading from his point of view. So curious to know what the rest of his story will be like, with his wife, and with how this second book ended. Simply cannot wait to know all of it.

The only reason for why this was a four star for me, and not a five, is because there was too little of Lord Ingram. Haha. I would have loved more of him so so badly. More of him and Charlotte together, because they are truly so amazing together. And would have loved more of Charlotte and Livia together too. But this does not mean I disliked the book. Because I did not. It was all kinds of awesome, even more so this second time. And just, gosh, I'm glad I re-read these two books before the third one. Had forgotten a lot.

A Conspiracy in Belgravia was such an incredible second book. Full of mystery and secrets and so many surprises. I love Charlotte and Lord Ingram and Livia so very much. These characters are so well written and I love them all to pieces. The writing is very good too. If you still have not read these books, then you are seriously missing out. I do not read a lot of adult, but I am so glad that I chose to read these. Because they are simply amazing. And I cannot wait to read all the next ones in the series. Hope they never stops.

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