Saturday, July 28, 2012

In My Mailbox #40

Still getting lots of awesome in my mailbox. <3 Sigh. Loves it all :D Also, posted my pictures and such from Florida this week. You can find it all on my blog. :) Sigh. I just adore getting mail! Cannot wait to get everything else I have pre-ordered. :) Hih. I am sad this week though, for some reasons. That I hate. And gah. I just don't want to speak of it, so will not. But I'm trying my best to forget. :)
What did you get this week?

The Art of How To Train Your Dragon Ahh! LOVE THIS :D I loved this move so much.
Changeling Lots of people loved this book. It does seem awesome. So excited to read it. :)
Endlessly I now have the three books in this series. Have not read them yet. But excited to do so :)
Brave things! Love them. Gorgeous stickers. :) Bought them all from Ebay ;p
Innocent Darkness Swag that I won via the YAmazing Race. Ahh. So pretty. Loves it all :D

Something Strange and Deadly Really excited to read this book! It seems awesome.
Blood Magic Loved this book when I read it. Such a gorgeous paperback. Needed it. :)
Throne of Glass Even though I didn't like this when I tried to read it, I love the paperback. :)

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Orlando, Florida 2012

This July I was in Orlando, Florida for two weeks. Here is my pictures from that time. Just be aware, there is a lot of pictures, so viewing them might take a long time, plus, they might be a bit big. :) I did enjoy Florida. Sort of. It was not as good as I had expected. The warmth was nice, so I did love that. But there was a lot of rain and tons of thunder. I didn't mind though, but mom did. Also. Taxi prices was fucking expensive. I did not approve. Dubai was so much cheaper. And nicer. And warmer. And better. Sigh. Anyway. Orlando was all flat. No mountains anywhere. When I look out of the window here at home I see so many mountains. So that was a bit weird. Also a bit sad that there wasn't a beach anywhere near. But I survived that. Anyway. It was pretty in Orlando. For the most part ;)

Then there was Disney. It wasn't as great as I thought it would be. I mean, it was beautiful. And kind of awesome as well. But is was so damn hot, I could not stop sweating. So that sucked. Plus, there was so much walking. And Magic Kingdom was only for little children :\ But, I did a few things there that I liked, but we were there for only 4-6 hours, and that was enough. Then the second day we had at Disney we spent at Animal Kingdom. Only 6 hours, but it was enough. :)

And Animal Kingdom was the best place. Lots more stuff to do, and lots of awesome animals to see. First we took the Kilimanjaro safari ride. In an awesome bus. We saw lots of cool animals. :) So I enjoyed that. Then later we spent an hour in line for this river ride. First and only time we stood in a line. NEVER AGAIN. I hate waiting. And waiting there was torture. And the line was so big. One hour. Gah. And the ride was only 3 minutes, tops.. but it was fun. But. We also got soaking wet. Only us, it looked like. Plus side of that: We didn't sweat that day. lol. But, we were wet ALL DAY LONG. So that sucked.

Then we took Everest. I loved Everest. Well, mostly. I don't like those big rides.. but we didn't take any big ones; just Everest. And it was creepy. Made my stomach hurt. But it was also really fun. Picture of that below, somewhere. :) We also took some other things that I enjoyed. But, yeah, I wished Disney had been better. But, it was amazing. Really, it was. :)

Then we were at Universal a few days later. And, well, Universal wasn't that great, either. Just like a huge Tivoli / Carnival. But it was pretty. And I did enjoy some things ;) We saw Shrek in 4-D, and that was amazing. Also saw the Hogwarts castle, and I loved that too. We did some cool stuff there. But it wasn't that much to do, so that was a bit disappointing. We payed a lot of money for all of this.. too much, in my opinion. But, it only happens once in a life time. And I'm glad we have done it. :)

What I did most in Orlando was shop. I bought so much stuff. Heh. Spent waaaaaaaaay too much money. But, I had decided that I would not go home regretting not having bought something that I wanted. And I didn't. :) One thing I have not showed on the pictures of what I have bought is the clothes. I bought a black hood jacket of the Grinch. That I love. And pants. So gorgeous. I think it's awesome. And I got a Harry Potter jacket; with the four houses on it. It is so pretty. And a t-shirt that looks the same. Also got a pink Orlando Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt that I like.

Anyway. I loved bathing at the hotel in Orlando. Cause we had the most awesome hot tub. I loved it. At least 105F at all times. Sigh. I wanted it warmer.. but, yeah, that was awesome. I loved that. :) Plus, I got a lot of tan in Orlando. Got some issues with my skin, so hated that. But hopefully it will go away soon. :) Anyway. I just wanted to share my trip to Orlando with you all, or with those who wanted to know :D Going on another trip this August, to London, with my sister. <3

First: Pictures of what we did and such. 

Hotel Front.

 Hotel Pool.

Downtown Disney.

Disney World, Magic Kingdom :)

Me at Magic Kingdom. Not looking my best. Heh. Still ;)

Me in front of The Tree of Life. Might not look so good, but still (A)




 Cute Giraffe.



Everest. I did that ride! It was creepy but kind of awesome too. :)

Over to Universal. Triton! I think ;)


Had to have a picture with me and the castle. :)
Keep in mind, sun was very sharp and annoying. Hih.

<3 Did not take the ride, cause it was 1 hour waiting..
Later in the day, the line was forever o.O

I did love looking at it all. <3 Sigh. I love Harry Potter. :)

Jurassic Park!

Squirrel. <3


So cute.

Me in front of the Harry Potter train :D Looking a bit weird, but still ;)

Island of Adventure.

We saw Spider Man! lol :)


Scary ride at Universal. Not something I took ;)

Was also at the biggest Hard Rock Cafe. :)


Universal Studios Florida.

Palm Trees.

SWATH at Universal.

Garden outside Universal.

Garden we walked through to get to Ascendio.

More garden.

Birds we fed.

Kind of cute. :)

The Mummy ride. It was awesome. And creepy. Love the movies. :)

Dinosaur! This one was awesome too ;) Plus, loved that movie.

Everest. This one hurt my stomach. But it was still awesome ;)

That is all the pictures I have of the things we did. Wasn't that much to take pictures of, really ;p hih. But it was kind of fun, still. :) I did enjoy it there. It just wasn't perfect as I thought. Still, pretty.
Now I'm sharing pictures of all the things I have bought (A) Apology in advance. Cause it is many pictures. I bought so much at Disney. Hih. But I love EVERYTHING of it! <3 Also. They look even better in person, just so you know. <3 

My plush animals. <3 love.

Some small things. Angry Birds, Lion King, Smurfs.

Ah, love. More Brave :D Loves it.

Vanity Fair. Entertainment Weekly. I adore LOTR/The Hobbit.

Tangled and Brave :D Favorite movies. <3

Merida plush. And the three bears. <3 adorable. Rapunzel plush, Tangled Ever After plush :D

Maximus! Tangled mini dolls. Mother Gothel. And wedding Flynn. <3
Did not find wedding Rapunzel :'( Will look for her in London.

Harry Potter. <3 Cards :D And chocolate frogs. <3 Sad it was the same card in both.

These are all awesome. I LOVE THEM! Lots of Brave. <3 Aaah. And pins :D

These look a bit weird, but still, love them. <3

I LOVE these dolls! They are all gorgeous. <3 It is all so pretty.

Most perfect dolls ever. They are gorgeous in real life. So amazing. And Angus :D

These amazing toddler dolls were a big reason for why I wanted to go to America.. And I got them all! :D Yay. I am so so so happy about that. <3 All these dolls are gorgeous.

Better look at the pretty dolls.

In love. With these.

Loves. So pretty and awesome.

Brave Merida Limited Edition. 7000 copies made. And one is mine :D
My precious. <3

I love her.

Merida and Stormdancer. They make a fine couple ;)