Monday, July 2, 2012

Holiday Vacation

Hi everyone! Today I'm leaving for my vacation. I'm going to Orlando in Florida. Will be gone for 2 weeks, or 16 days. Cannot wait! :D Gonna visit Disney World, and Universal, and I'm going to Ascendio where I'll meet Veronica Roth and Michelle Hodkin and Beth Revis. <3 Sigh. Dying to do that. I'm just so excited for everything that I'll do there. :) It's gonna be amazing. (Going to buy tons of stuff.) Will also take lots of pictures, in case anyone want to see them. :)

Anyway. Writing this blog post because I wanted to let you know that I would be leaving. Won't be blogging while I'm gone. Or commenting. Well, maybe I'll do it a little. Maybe. Depends on how exhausted I am. :) But I have finished making many Waiting on Wednesday posts, so will be posting those. Won't be any IMM posts, but there will be a big one when I get home. Plus a special one ;)
Also! I will be celebrating July 4th in Orlando. Not sure how to do that. Any tips? :) First US trip too. So it would be very nice if any of you have advice for me, or anything like that. :) I don't know very much about how things will be there once I get there :p I'm so excited, though. :)

I also probably won't read anything while I'm gone. Cause I remember a few years ago when I was in Dubai, there I was too exhausted once I got back to the hotel every day to do anything at all. I know I haven't read much these past few weeks. I just haven't been in the mood to read anything :\ Also been sick. But once I get home I will have tons to read. :) Gonna try to read some on the 12 hours plane ride to Orlando. If I can manage to read in a plane. We'll see. Hih. :)

About my travel route; if you wanted to know. It is now Monday morning. I leave for Oslo in the evening. And then tomorrow in the early day I leave for Orlando. So I will land in Orlando at 6-7pm local time on July 3rd. <3 Cannot wait! :D But oh. It will be 12 hours inside planes :p Or 14, counting today.

I'll see you all once I get back! 


  1. Ohhhh, so you are coming to my side of the pond. Lucky for you, I live in Orlando actually, haha ;)

    My tips. Well for 4th of July your best bet if you wanna see fireworks that are insane -> Disney World. Doesn't get better. Those guys go all out. I mean every city/area in Orlando has fireworks but the best of the best are the ones at Disney world. But if on that day you are not there and maybe are around --> downtown Disney/pleasure island, they always have lots going on there, nice to walk around and that is where Cirque du Soleil is and I bet your hotel is around there if it isnt one of the ones close to Disney, but you will probably stop there.

    For shopping, if you plan on that, the Mall at Millenia is awesome. It is a mall that is pretty close to Universal Studios on I-4 (main highway here in Orlando). It is a high end mall that is really pretty/fancy, that I am obsessed with. You never know if you got that shopping urge, haha ;) And they have the only Sanrio in Orlando (store that sells hello kitty/chococat etc) if you are one of those peeps that loves cute stuff :D

    And they also have the cheesecake factory at that mall. That restaurant is awesome and has the craziest cheesecakes, in case you are a person who love sweets.

    For more shopping, Orlando Premium Outlets are awesome, too.

    Besides that. If you are going to Universal, you are set there because Universal city walk is where the Harry Potter park, Universal studios itself, islands of adventure are and city walk itself has tons of stores and an AMC theater that is big and always is showing awesome movies.

    Ohhh and wear lots of SPF and flip flops/sneakers. It is hot down here and that sun will get you. Also make sure to keep hydrated. Shorts will become your best friends LOL.

    That's all I got for you. Anything else, just ask, hun. Hope you have fun over here, Carina :)

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

    1. Hii :D Sorry for taking so long to reply :p I have just been so busy while in Orlando. Well, okay, not really (A) Wasn't much to do there :\ Kind of boring. And it wasn't worth all the money :( But more on that in another blog post. :) I did think it was pretty and interesting ;p (Haven't replied before cause the internet at my hotel sucked.)

      Anyway! I wanted to thank you for this loooooong blog comment; it helped me a whole lot :D Thank you so so so much sweetie. <3 *Hugs* :)

  2. I hope you have the most amazing time! Definitely take pictures! I want to see them when you get back. :D

  3. What an awesome trip! How exciting?!? I can't really give you any advice since I've never been to Orlando myself, but going do Disney World is one of my biggest dreams! =D I hope you have TONS and TONS of fun!! Good luck on the plane ride, I hope you can read to help pass the time! I'm terrified of flying so I don't envy you there!


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