Saturday, September 21, 2019

In My Mailbox #411

This week have been all kinds of hard. I have been so busy and so exhausting. My health completely sucks. I'm struggling with a cold on top of everything too. Ugh. Goddamn tired of it. I want days where I do not feel pain. Sigh. Anyway. I'm behind on reading again, as always. Behind on every single thing. And now I will be turning in my laptop again this Monday, so will be without a good one for ages. Ugh. But I'll survive, hopefully. I also bought Link's Awakening for my Switch yesterday, and I have played for hours, and I'm loving it so. But my eyes are killing me more than usual. Hmph. Oh, well. I got gorgeous books this week, though :D Love them all. <3 A couple of new blog posts. I shared my review of Bid My Soul Farewell :D This week I'm waiting on The Secret Commonwealth. <3 Eee. I have so much reading I have to do. But no time. But shall try my best this coming week to read a lot :) I'm just hoping so badly that my health will get better, not worse. Also, keep your fingers crossed for me this Wednesday, eee :D Nervous.

The Definite Guide to Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. Gosh. This is huge. I could not resist it, lol.
Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp. New edition of old Philip book :D I must read this one very soon. <3
Crooked Kingdom. Eee. The gorgeous UK collector edition :D And it is so very beautiful. Sigh. I love it.
Darkdawn. Oops. Another edition, this time the UK paperback version, haha. I just. It's beautiful. Sigh.
Furyborn. Second version of the Spanish edition, eee :D I couldn't help but buy these foreign editions.
Dæmon Voices. Paperback edition :D I have not read this one yet, but had to own all the copies of it.
Five Dark Fates. International paperback edition and the UK paperback :D Both are so very gorgeous.
When She Reigns. Trilogy is complete :D I have still only read book one, oops, so must read them soon.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Waiting on Wednesday #414

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

It is twenty years since the events of La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Volume One unfolded and saw the baby Lyra Belacqua begin her life-changing journey. 

It is almost ten years since readers left Lyra and the love of her young life, Will Parry, on a park bench in Oxford's Botanic Gardens at the end of the ground-breaking, bestselling His Dark Materials sequence. 

Now, in The Secret Commonwealth, we meet Lyra Silvertongue. And she is no longer a child . . .

The second volume of Philip Pullman's The Book of Dust sees Lyra, now twenty years old, and her daemon Pantalaimon, forced to navigate their relationship in a way they could never have imagined, and drawn into the complex and dangerous factions of a world that they had no idea existed. Pulled along on his own journey too is Malcolm; once a boy with a boat and a mission to save a baby from the flood, now a man with a strong sense of duty and a desire to do what is right.

Theirs is a world at once familiar and extraordinary, and they must travel far beyond the edges of Oxford, across Europe and into Asia, in search for what is lost - a city haunted by daemons, a secret at the heart of a desert, and the mystery of the elusive Dust.

Hardcover, 656 pages
Expected publication: October 3rd 2019 by Penguin and David Fickling Books
Pre-Order here and here

Wow. 15 days. I mean, wow. THIS BOOK IS ALMOST OUT! AHH! WHAT! I am SO VERY EXCITED :D EEE! It's going to be beyond perfect. Sigh. And I could not be more excited. Okay, beyond worried too, haha. But cannot wait. SO thrilled to be able to read more about Lyra, finally :D Cover reveal post here.
What are you waiting for on this secret Wednesday?

Monday, September 16, 2019

Review: Bid My Soul Farewell by Beth Revis

This final book fully messed with my mind. And it was every bit as good as I had hoped it would be. But it also ruined my heart, just as much as I had feared it would. I liked the ending a whole lot. Though I wish it had been a little longer, haha. I really would not have minded a third book. I always want more of what I love.

But this book did not need more. Because it was perfect just the way it was. Fully evil and rude. But so very amazing as well. I so loved every moment of this. Even the moments that made me all kinds of angry at the characters, haha. They were so flawed. But so perfect to me, because of this. I loved both of them to pieces.

There is so much I could share about this book. But I will try not to write too much about it.This book takes place moments after the ending of Give the Dark My Love. Meaning that there will be spoilers about book one. Which you all should have read by now anyway. If not, go read it. Right away. I very much loved that this book did not skip any time. I so liked that it started right after the first book ended. Nedra is alone at the quarantine hospital. With the dead she raised for company. Grey is with the Emperor, staying up at the castle, after his parents fled their home. They are apart, but not for long. Nedra and Grey end up going on a small journey together to the mainland. Which was all kinds of exciting but sad too. I loved it. It was a fun adventure to read about.

There is so much going on in this book. I shall not write too much about it. But gosh. There was so much to get to know. We learn more about the necromancer part of Nedra. About what happen to the dead she raises. About their souls and so much more. It was so sad to read about at times. But so very good too. A little creepy, a little scary. But fully exciting. Reading more about Nedra hurt my heart. But I loved this girl the very most. She has lost so much. Her family. Her home. But she is still alive, despite the pain. Fierce.

And she has her sister with her. Well, her dead body, with her soul trapped in her crucible. And Nedra would do anything to save her sister, to save her soul, to have more time with her. Because her body is there, but empty. Reading about all of the things Nedra did to figure out a way to save her sister was so good. All kinds of sad but good. Nedra was pretty dark. A whole lot of broken. Yet I adored every part of her. She was not truly that bad. She only wanted her sister back. So yeah. I adored every part of Nedra.

Then there was Grey. He was so complicated in this book too. Fully ignorant about how politics around him worked. How he was being used by others. He felt things so very much. He was wrong a lot of times, but I honestly did not think he was wrong about Nedra and her being a necromancer. Because that was all kinds of scary. They had such different opinions. And reading about them somewhat working through it all was so good. Grey was a little dumb at times but gosh how badly I adored him. Sigh. Could not help it.

This book is all about Nedra and Grey. About her dealing with the people she raised from the dead. About them dealing with their feelings for each other and how to live with each other while being so different. Yet they have the same type of heart. Sigh. It tells more about the Emperor and the place they live in. We get to read a little about places away from their island, which was also great. A few new characters too, which were interesting to read about. But this story was mostly about Nedra and Grey. Which I loved very much.

Grey and Nedra are so difficult in this book. I ship them so very much. As they are adorable together. But my gosh, they are such different people. They argue all the time. Grey is very much against Nedra being a necromancer. He does not think it is right. And she is very much for it. So they have some arguments about it. Some big ones, some small ones. But all of this simply made me love them together even more. Because despite their issues they still love each other very much. Sigh. And their love was the very best.

This book told an ending to the story of Nedra the necromancer. And it was an ending that fit this story very well. Nedra was such a complex person. I adored her to pieces. And reading about her was the very best. Her love for her dead sister pretty much ruined me, though. She would do anything to bring Nessie back to her. To bring her soul back to her dead body. We learn so much about everything with that. And it was so very exciting to read about. Nedra goes through so much. I loved her even more because of this.

Bid My Soul Farewell was just the kind of finale I wanted. It was full of danger and romance and a great story. I adored Nedra and Grey so much and I loved getting to know how their story ended. This whole necromancy thing was all kinds of creepy yet so very interesting. I enjoyed every part of this book. And I am so glad that Beth wrote these books. They are heartbreaking at times. But so worth it too. Though, to be honest, I wish this second book had been even longer. It feels like there was more I needed to know.

But I am also okay with not knowing everything. I think. Because this book was all kinds of beautiful and tragic too. It hurt my heart. It hurt my soul. But it healed it too, in a way. Because of how Nedra changed in this book. How she slowly healed herself. Was so good to read about. I was lucky enough to be able to trade for a gorgeous print ARC of this book to read a little early and to add to my most stunning collection of books by Beth. She is such an awesome author and person. You all must read these books right away.


Saturday, September 14, 2019

In My Mailbox #410

Another week gone by. Gosh. Time is moving way too fast. I got so so little done this week. I even spent seven days reading a book that I read in one day last year. Ugh. But so little time. And no energy at all. I thought last week was bad with my health. This week was so much worse. My eyelid got swollen. Badly. Went to two doctors, got antibiotics for it. It's better now, but gosh, it was painful. Then yesterday I noticed pain in my wrist. And bent it. Turns out I now have a ganglion bump too. Ha. Yeah. Not pleased. Another thing I had never heard about. Anyway. My health currently sucks. Doing okay despite that. Somewhat. I am so far behind. But I'm trying. Trying to feel up to doing more. I also got some gorgeous books in the mail this week, eee, which I'm super happy about :D It's all perfect. A few new blog posts. This week I'm waiting on Bid My Soul Farewell. <3 And shared my second review of Give the Dark My Love :) I'm trying to deal with my health and everything. It's hard, though. Hard to find time to do all the things I want. Sigh.

Darkdawn. Oops. Some pre-orders have arrived, haha :D And they just looks gorgeous. I love the covers.
The Girl the Sea Gave Back. Oops. Yeah. I did not love this book but had to own the gorgeous hardcover.
The Magnolia Sword. This book was SO GOOD. And I loved it so. Sigh. The finished copy is so precious.
Pumpkinheads. UK edition :D It looks all kinds of stunning. And this book was pretty much so adorable.
Tunnel of Bones. US and UK editions of this book :) Book one was a bit meh, hoping this one is better.
The End and Other Beginnings + The Grace Year. EEE! Thank you Rezanne for trading with me :D Love!
When She Reigns Swag. YAY! Thank you so much Jodi for this most precious pre-order swag :D Love it.
Pop Figures + Mirror. Captain Marvel and Lucas :D Both so awesome. And LotR mirror from a trade. <3

The Empire of Dreams. AHH! I could not stop myself from downloading this from Edelweiss the moment I saw it. Oops. So love being auto-approved by Harper so so very much. <3 Sigh. I adore Rae. And her books were so good. Her first trilogy was awesome and I can't wait to read this companion sequel :D

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Review: Give the Dark My Love by Beth Revis

Reading this book again was a must. And I'm so thrilled I finally had the chance to re-read it. Because, gosh, this story is good. Beyond heartbreaking and kind of evil and fully sad but so good. So perfect. And such a thrilling story as well. Cannot wait to read the final book next. It will be amazing, I'm sure of it. Very excited.

Give the Dark My Love was every kind of perfect the first time I read it. And it was just as perfect this second time. The writing is gorgeous. The world building awesome. And all of the characters were the very best. Reading about Nedra and Grey was still the best thing. They are adorable. Although this book ruined me too.

Because this story is all kinds of heartbreaking. It is a story about grief and loss and pain. A story about the plague. A story about a girl doing her best to help find a cure for this plague. It is a story about a girl and boy falling in love, despite Nedra not having time for romance. Despite all their differences. The romance is not a huge part of this book, but it was there, and it was every kind of adorable. I shipped them so very much. Sigh. The book is mostly told from the point of view of Nedra. With a few chapters from Grey included too. And I loved reading from both of them. I fell in love with them both. Getting to know their story was the best thing. Grey is the rich boy having lived a privileged life. Nedra is a girl from a small village with the biggest heart and best family.

There is so much about this book that I could write about. But this time I will not share too much about everything. Well, I will try not to, haha. I am simply so happy that I read this book again. Because it was all kinds of good. Though my heart feels like it will always suffer. Sigh. Nedra goes through so much in this story. So much pain and suffering. But many happy things too. A lot of happy with Grey. And that made me the happiest. I loved how she was so excited about studying alchemy. She was so awesome.

This book takes place at a private school. And on a quarantine hospital just across the water from it. First we get to know Nedra and her family. And gosh, how I adored them all. Her parents were adorable and her twin sister was so cute. I loved that Nedra had a happy family. She got accepted to this private school on a scholarship for a year. And she is so excited about it. About learning alchemy, learning more about the plague that is happening in the world around her. I loved how very excited she was about everything.

But oh, things were not all perfect and fun and full of learning. Because what Nedra do most in this book is spend time around people that have the plague. She learns everything there is to know about it, without finding a cure or the reason for why it all happened. She learns how to take the pain away from the sick people. Though most of them died anyway. There was so much death. And it was heartbreaking to read about. Especially considering how much Nedra cared about it all, and how much the rich people did not.

This is a book about the plague. And it was so interesting and horrifying to read about. I loved everything that was learned about it. And all the secrets that came out too. Especially about necromancy, which was forbidden in this place. Learning about necromancy was all kinds of interesting. It was all about sacrifice and death. Which Nedra learns so much about in this story. Sigh. Which broke my heart so very badly. I will not say more about it, but gosh, my heart hurt for Nedra. She didn't deserve all that happened to her.

I shall not say much more about this book. Only that I still loved it so very much. The story about Nedra and how she ended up turning dark was the very best. I so loved her relationship with Grey and with her family too. There was simply so much about this book that I loved. The world was so good. The story was so sad and rude and evil. Yet I loved every moment of it. Give the Dark My Love was still everything that I wanted it to be. And I cannot wait to read Bit My Soul Farewell next. You all need these books in your life.