Saturday, September 28, 2013

In My Mailbox #100

Post number 100. Fitting time, considering ALL the amazing eARCs I got this week :D Happy face. <3 But oh, I have not really had a good week. Got a cold at the beginning of the week, and it's finally starting to pass. But it sucked being sick like that. Plus side, or bad side, I finally called Apple support because of my dead power button on my iPhone 5. They are coming to get it on Monday. Sobs. Hopefully it will go fast :) Anyway. I got so much amazing this week! Lots missing still, but I did get much great things. <3 So many eARCs. HarperCollins are the best for the auto-approval. What did you get?

The Art of Arrietty. I need to own the Art of every Ghibli movie. <3 Love this one. So, so pretty :)
The Real Boy. Been months since I read it, and the book is awesome. Needed to have my own copy.
Not A Drop To Drink. While I did not love this book, I needed a hardcover. It's just so pretty ;p
The Burning Sky. Oh, had to have two hardcovers. <3 GORGEOUS. Perfect book. Loved it so much.
Untold. Yeah. Probably not reading book one and two until book three is out.. but now I own it :)
3:59. So many disliked this. Sad face. Not reading it for a while, but I am hoping that I will enjoy it.
All the Truth That's In Me. Have read this a few days ago :D It was perfect! Such an amazing book.
Clockwork Prince. I already own this, yes (A) But this copy is from a different publisher. Needed it ;p
Darkbeast Rebellion. Reading this series soon. <3 But waiting for my replacement; damaged copy :(

The Hunger Games. Oh, these are gorgeous in person. Had to buy them, so pretty paperbacks :)
Antigoddess. Got this from UK publisher; Orchard Books :D Thank you so much! Reading soon-ish. <3
Beautiful Creatures. While I did not love this movie, I needed to own it. Plus side, looks so pretty :)

The Lord of the Rings. I bought all of these today. I have an obsession with The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit lego. It's just amazing! And I love the movies so much. Sigh. Anyway. Still missing a few sets, but I had to get these. They were on -40% today only, so the ship cost me £60 :) Love them all.

So many amazing eARCs. Got auto-approved for all on Edelweiss, except for Pawn. <3

Into the Still Blue. Already read and reviewed this. <3 So damn perfect. Amazing ending to the series :)
Death Sworn - Salvage - Elusion - Uninvited - Panic - No One Else Can Have You - Pawn - Sea of Shadows -  House of Ivy & Sorrow - All That Glows - The Promise of Amazing - The Secret Box - Faking Normal - Fugitive X - Pawn. I'm excited for all of these. Really, truly excited. <3 Though I'm a bit worried about The Promise of Amazing, since not that many people loved it. Unsure if I'm going to read Fugitive X, since I did not love book one, but I'm going to check it out at least. So excited for Pawn! It's there twice, because I requested it from the UK publisher on Netgalley before my auto-approval via US had it up. <3 Anyway. I'm so excited to read all of these. Any suggestions to where I should start reading? :D

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review: Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi

I can't believe this series is over. It feels like I just started reading this book and then it was over a moment later. Into the Still Blue is the perfect ending to this amazing series. I loved all three books, but I might have loved this one the most. It was amazing. It shattered my heart so many times. Yet I loved it so.

I don't know how to put words together for this review. I will try my best, though. I won't post spoilers. But I will talk about my love for this book and for all the amazing characters. And I will mention the heartbreak a bit. Because there is a lot of heartbreak in this book. It's awful. I loved every moment.

I've been wanting to read Into the Still Blue ever since I read Under the Never Sky when it came out. Then I read and loved book two even more and I just knew I would love this third book the most. And I did. But oh, I just wish it wasn't over. I cannot wait for the short story to come out, but I really wish for a fourth book. There doesn't need to be one, but yeah, I really want one because I don't want this amazing and evil series to be over.

Into the Still Blue starts where Through the Ever Night ended. With Aria and Perry back in the cave with the Tides. With Roar trying to get Cinder back from Hess and Sable. Won't say more than that about it. But oh. It's all so interesting to read about and so heartbreaking and perfect at the same time. There is something happening on every page and the pages just flew by for me. Felt like I had just started reading it when it finished. But I was happy. I was happy with everything. Even all the pain. Especially.

There is just so much to love in Into the Still Blue. There is so much Aria and Perry together. Apart. They make the best couple ever and I loved them both so much more in this book. They are just amazing. Both so strong and kind and sweet. They both love with all their heart. Aria is just awesome. I love that the story is told from both their point of views, because I loved them both just as much. I loved getting to know a bit more about Aria, and about her past. I loved how much she loved Perry. Sigh. Adored her.

I might, maybe, love Perry a tiny bit more. I'm just like that. He's the best. He is the best leader for their people. He is the best uncle to Talon. Whom I just adore reading about. He's so sweet. And he is the best friend to Roar, though Roar is an asshole in this book for a long time. I understood him somewhat, though. I mean, he's grieving over Liv. But sniffs. She was Perry's sister. Blood means more. Heartbreak. I hated reading about them thinking about Liv. So heartbreaking. And so damn perfect too.

I just adored Perry so much. I loved reading about him. He and Aria are just perfect together. I loved reading about him with all the other characters as well. I also loved reading about Reef and the Six. They were pretty awesome and I loved how they cared for Perry. We also get to see a lot of the other characters from book two, and I loved getting to read about them all. They are just amazing. I even liked Brooke. And Sorren. But oh, my heart just breaks for Cinder. He is the best. But damn it. Sobs.

I don't know how to talk about the plot in this book. I don't want to give anything away, and yet at the same time I wish to talk about all of it. Because it's so perfect. It's a perfect ending to this amazing series. There is just so much happening all the time and we get to know so much yet never enough. Not for me. I loved reading about all of it, though. I loved reading about all the action, all the mystery. I even loved reading about all the torture. Though that broke my heart the most. So very unfair.

That's all I have to say about Into the Still Blue. The writing is gorgeous, like always. The characters are beyond amazing. Yes, there is a lot of heartbreak and doubt and evilness. So many evil characters. Yet I loved how it was written. So perfect. I loved Perry so much and it broke my heart into a million pieces the way he was treated by some people. Yet it was also perfect. Sigh, so confused. Into the Still Blue is a perfect ending to these three books. Veronica is amazing for writing them all. Thank you. <3

Now you all need to read these books. There is so much happiness in them. Amazing romance, the best. There may be more heartbreak, though. Which might be what I loved the most. It messed up my feelings. And I loved every second of it. Into the Still Blue is a must read. If you loved the first two books you will love this one even more. I did. And I know I will re-read all three books when I get my hardcover in January. If you haven't read any of these books, then get started. You will not regret it.

Thank you so, so much to HarperCollins for the auto-approval on Edelweiss that I got yesterday. <3 I started reading Into the Still Blue today when I finally had the time to. Loved it so much. Cannot wait to get my hardcover and paperbacks of it. I need to own all copies of this gorgeous and perfect book :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: All the Truth That's In Me by Julie Berry

When I got my pre-ordered hardcover in the mail today I didn't truly know what the book was about. I hadn't really read much about it, I just saw that gorgeous cover and read most of the summary. And I knew that I needed it. Then it arrived today, and I peeked at the ending. And it sounded amazing. So I started it right away; and I could not stop reading it.

At first I was a bit worried about the way it is written, the way the story is told. But then I got sucked into the voice of Judith and I couldn't have loved the writing more. It was perfect for the story and I loved it so much. It's written in short parts, some past, most present. All from the point of view of Judith.

This book reminded me a tiny bit of If You Find Me, and that might be a bit reason for why I loved it so much. It's just my kind of book. It's set sometime in the past, I think, though I'm not sure when. But most definitely in the past. Which I really loved. The setting in this book is amazing and I loved reading about it all. The horse. The houses. The sort of crazy church people who didn't really have a big role in the book. Mostly I loved the way people in love got together.

This whole book was amazing. And I don't won't to spoil anything, so I won't write too much about the plot at all. Though I will mention the most important things, which you'll get to know in the first few pages of the book. All the Truth That's In Me is the story of Judith. This broken 18 year old girl who got kidnapped at age 14 and was held captive for 2 years. She got her tongue cut out. And my god. It was awful. We don't get to read too much about what she went through, but we got to know enough.

There is so much in this book. Even though it is short and many pages don't have much words on them. But I felt like the book was long enough. Even though I wanted so much more. I would really love a sequel. But there doesn't need to be. The ending is good. A bit sad, yes, but good. We get to know a lot of people in this book. A couple of kind ones. Mostly we get to know all these awful persons who just hurt others. I hated them. I hated so many of them. Yet I loved reading about all of it. It's interesting.

We get to know Judith a lot. And I loved reading about her. She's amazing. So broken. Yet she is strong and kind and sweet. I loved the love she has for her childhood friend, Lucas. It was real and sweet and heartbreaking at times. But so amazing. There is romance in this book. Not as much as I would have liked, but there is enough and it is perfect. We also get to know Judith family. Her dad is dead. Her brother is a bit of an asshole at first, but I adored him so much. Her mother is pure evil. Sigh.

Okay, fine, she's not that evil. But my god, I hated her. She's so cruel towards Judith. I didn't understand it. Sobs. But oh, it was so amazing to read about and I just adore these heartbreaking stories. Then there is Lucas. Whom I really adored. He's four years older than Judith, which I also kind of loved. He is amazing. He was a bit blind at first. But I forgive him for that. I hurt for him so many times. This town they lived in was so unfair. Sigh. But oh, how I loved reading about Lucas and Judith. They are perfect.

I won't say more about this book. Just that there are so many amazing characters in it. I liked Maria a lot. I hated the teacher so much. Yet I loved reading about all of it. I could say that All the Truth That's In Me is about finding your voice, and standing up for yourself. But it's about so much more than that. It's just perfect. I didn't think I would love it this much, but I did. And I'm so happy that I read it. I just wish to read more books like this one, for All the Truth That's In Me was perfect. Loved it so much.

Hero Blog Tour: Interview with Alethea Kontis + Giveaway

I'm so happy to be a part of the Hero by Alethea Kontis blog tour! It's been more than a year since I read Enchanted. But I loved it so much. And I remember most of it. But I will still re-read it before reading Hero, which is coming out on October 1st :) I cannot wait! Alethea has written an amazing fairy tale series. And I cannot wait to read the next books in this series. Since the first was so amazing I'm excited to read how awesome the next ones are ;p Anyway. I'm really happy to be a part of this blog tour. You can see the rest of the tour schedule here. For my tour stop I'm having an interview with the author. Thank you Alethea <3 You are amazing. Hope you all like the interview; awesome US giveaway below :)

Interview with the amazing Alethea Kontis :)

1. What was the first fairy tale you remember falling in love with? And was it a book or movie?

I fell in love with books first. I started reading when I was three and was crazy about reading by the age of five. When I was eight, my French grandmother gave me a giant copy of unexpurgated Grimm and Andersen tales. I mark that date as The Beginning of The End.

My favorite tale in that book was "The Goose Girl." It's still my favorite to this very day.

2. Did something inspire you to name the sisters after the weekdays? Like Saturday in Hero? :)

The inspiration for the naming of the sisters came from the nursery rhyme "Monday's Child." I was born on a Sunday, and I've always thought the whole "blithe, bonny, good, and gay" thing was a load of crap, too.

3. Did you always know you were going to be a writer, and that you would write books about magic?


If eight years old counts as "always," then yes. As soon as I began writing poetry, I knew I was destined to be a writer. I only *hoped* that I'd be able to write about magic and fairy tales. Actually DOING SO is a serious dream come true. 

4. What is your all-time favorite fairy tale book? :)

The easy answer would be Robin McKinley's Beauty or Deerskin, but it's really Meredith Ann Pierce's Darkangel Trilogy. Pierce took all the greatest elements of fairy tales and incorporated them into a magical setting...that when you step away is *really* science fiction. That whole series pushed all the right buttons for me. Prophecies, true love (or is it?), evil witches, gargoyles, strong young's also very female-centric, like the Oz books, which is something I didn't realize until I was much older. 

5. Do you have a favorite character from the Woodcutter Series?

I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the sky. They are all me, and I rather like me. 

6. Is there a scene in Hero that you couldn’t wait to finish writing, a happy one or a hard one?

Oh, I loved the scene where Saturday broke the world. I can still see it in my head like a movie, and I hope that translates to the reader. I also love the scene with the dragon. And in the crystal cave. And on the pirate ship. And...and all the spoilery ones I can't mention. 

7. Is there anything you regret not adding into Enchanted or Hero before they got published?

"Regret" isn't the right word, but there were 30,000 words cut out of Enchanted before it was published. I would really love to go back one day and do a Director's Cut of Enchanted, preferably an enchanced Immersedition, where I can annotate it with all the inside jokes and fairy tale references. In the meantime, I've recorded a few of those scenes--you can find them on my YouTube channel. 

8. I would love to know your favorite movie, fairy tale movie and “regular” movie :)

I actually did a list for USA Today on the 11 Best Fary Tale Movies: 

...and it was hard to stop at 11.
Tough call to what my "favorite" movie would be. Possibly The Princess Bride, The Fall, or The Hunt for Red October. I'm a sucker for submarine movies. 

9. Are you planning on writing other books besides the Woodcutter Series, when you finish with them? :)

I have plans for SO MANY OTHER THINGS. Most of those ideas are with my agent. But as none of the projects has officially landed with a publisher yet, I feel like it's jinxing them to talk about them.

I will say that I will soon be releasing a collection of my non-fairy tale short stories called WILD & WONDERFUL, DARK & DREAMING. I also mean to do a Kickstarter to reprint Beauty & Dynamite and finally publish the sequel, Murphy's Girl. And at some point, Janet Lee and I will be printing hard copies of Diary of a Mad Scientist Garden Gnome...but we're both so busy nowadays it's fallen by the wayside. I need to clone myself to get more accomplished!

Where to find Alethea Kontis:
Website - Twitter - Facebook

Where to find the books:
Website - Goodreads - My Old Review

Where to order both books:
Amazon - The Book Depository - Barnes & Noble

Giveaway details:
One winner will get a Fairy Tale Gift Basket.
Which if Signed copy of Enchanted and Hero and swag :)
US winner only. Ends on October 17th.

Waiting on Wednesday #102

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

He is a Legend.
She is a Prodigy.
Who will be Champion?

June and Day have sacrificed so much for the people of the Republic—and each other—and now their country is on the brink of a new existence. June is back in the good graces of the Republic, working within the government’s elite circles as Princeps Elect while Day has been assigned a high level military position. But neither could have predicted the circumstances that will reunite them once again. Just when a peace treaty is imminent, a plague outbreak causes panic in the Colonies, and war threatens the Republic’s border cities. This new strain of plague is deadlier than ever, and June is the only one who knows the key to her country’s defense. But saving the lives of thousands will mean asking the one she loves to give up everything he has. With heart-pounding action and suspense, Marie Lu’s bestselling trilogy draws to a stunning conclusion.

Hardcover, 384 pages
Expected publication: November 5th 2013 by Putnam Juvenile
Pre-Order here.

Been wanting this book for a long time now. I loved Legend and Prodigy so much. And I need to know how it all ends. <3 But already I'm worried, because I read a long teaser, and so much time has passed. And it's already breaking my heart. I HATE when time passes. Especially long time. Sigh. Still, I am excited for Champion, and I cannot wait to read it. <3 I need more of Day :) And June ;p
What are you waiting for?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Title Reveal: The 5th Wave #2 by Rick Yancey

Sharing the title for the sequel to The 5th Wave today :D I loved this book. It was amazing. And oh, I just cannot wait to read the sequel. Think it will be amazing. I just need to know what will happen next to everything and everyone. I love the title. Think it is amazing. And so excited to read what it means :) Just wish it was May 6th already. Also hoping to see the cover soon :D What do you think of the title?


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review: Kinslayer by Jay Kristoff

I can't decide if I'm happy or not about waiting a few months before reading this. I got an eARC a few months back, and like always, I peeked. Which scared me. So I waited. Then I got my pre-ordered hardcover and I had to re-read Stormdancer and be brave enough to read Kinslayer. I loved it so much. But my god. It broke me to pieces. I felt everything. So much heartbreak.

I feel like I shouldn't have to say that my review will contain a whole bunch of spoilers from Stormdancer. But I'm saying it anyway. There will be a lot of spoilers for book one. Just so you are warned :) Probably no spoilers for Kinslayer, though I wish to write about all that happened. But I won't, promise :D Kinslayer was just so amazing and there were so much happening.

I just can't deal with my feelings for this book. I can't. And I don't really know how to begin this review. How to talk about this book without giving away all the spoilers that I have in my heart. I don't know how to remember to talk about all the characters. But I'm hoping to remember most of them. But even if I don't, I loved them all. Because there are so many. Okay, fine, I did not love them all. I hated most of them. Mostly I just loved Kin and Yukiko and Buruu. Though there were a handful of new characters whose gotten a place in my heart. And they were amazing. Mostly cruel people in this book, though.

Kinslayer starts where Stormdancer ended. About 50 days after Yukiko murdered the Shogun. And since her father died in her arms. Sobs. But the thing that broke me the most, was reading the description of the characters in the beginning. I did not realize while reading the ending of Stormdancer that Yukiko left Kin behind in the city. That broke my heart into a million pieces. Thank god I didn't spend a whole year knowing that information. Sigh. Still, it wasn't too bad. Maybe :D Because Kin is in this book a lot.

This is told from the point of view of many characters. Kin, Yukiko, sometimes Buruu and a whole bunch of new characters. I still love that these books are from so many different characters. I was never overwhelmed by it. Though there were a few times that I wished to read more from one characters point of view, and got a little bit frustrated that I had to wait while reading from someone else, lol. But I did love all the different characters. They were all needed. And it is written so well. Easier than book one :)

Well, okay, that might be a lie. I say Kinslayer was written easier than Stormdancer. Not really. Because it seemed to have taken me forever to read this book, when all I did today was read. But I didn't have any trouble with the book, I understood everything. Though there are many names to remember. Many expressions and things to remember as well. I felt like I remembered them all, though, and I'm very happy about that. Would have sucked a bit to not know what was going on, lol. But it was amazing.

There is just so much happening in this book. I think it all happened in three weeks. And while it took me ages to read this book, I just wished it had been longer. Because, damn it, evil ending. But also pretty amazing. Anyway. We get to see a lot more of Yukiko in this book. Sometimes she pissed me off. She did some dumb things. But I adore her. She's strong and awesome. She's trying her best, even with her awful head pains. Those just broke my heart. But I loved reading about it so much, even so.

I do adore Yukiko. But yes. She really frustrated me in this book. Some things in the beginning broke my heart, the first pages. But then a few pages later I was so, so happy. Then even more heartbroken. Unfair. I don't know what her feelings for Kin is. I hope she loves him. I want her to love him. I need them to be together. But sometimes I got the feeling she was just using him. And I couldn't stand that. Hope I'm wrong. Because a few times when she thinks of him.. Swoon. I loved those moments the most.

Then there is Buruu. The thunder tiger. And oh, how I loved him. I loved him and Yukiko together so much. They are amazing. We get to know him a bit more in this book. A few things that broke my heart. But they also made me curious. I need to know more. Hopefully getting to know a lot more in book three. Favorite part of Buruu and Yukiko together is when she and him are one. It's pretty amazing to read about and gah. It just makes me so jealous. I want my own Buruu. To share everything with.

My favorite character in still Kin. He's so adorable in the beginning. But then, in the end, I didn't really understand him. And it broke my heart so much. But I did get it, for the most part. I just.. I wish it doesn't ruin things. I wish he and Yukiko can be together. Because they do make an awesome couple. But oh. Reading about Kin with the Kage.. it broke my heart into pieces. They were so cruel towards him. So evil and mean. So much hate. And, sigh, a new Guildsman. Girl. Grrr. A bit annoyed about it, hih :)

I talk too much. But I just had to. But oh. I need to mention all the new characters. We get to read a lot more of Michi, whom I'm not sure how to feel about. I liked her, but hated what she did to this one man. Sniffs. We also see more of a few characters from Stormdancer. Won't spoil it. But yeah. It was evil! And heartbreak. And all kinds of awesome. Sigh. I can't deal with all the characters in this book. They were just too many and too amazing and just so perfect. Every character is written really, really well.

A favorite of mine was Hana. And her brother, Yoshi. They were so damn amazing. But my god. The scenes with them broke my heart the most. Well, maybe. Loved their cat, Daken. Heartbreak. Loved Yoshi's boyfriend. Even more heartbreak. Loved Hana so much. She's tough and smart and sweet. And broken too, I think. I just wish to know even more about them. But I loved how much I did get to know about them both. But damn it. So much heartbreak with them. So much pain and torture. So unfair.

You should know that there is a lot of torture in this book. And you get to read all of it. It's awful. And I loved it so much. Must be something wrong with me, lol. But it was amazing to read about. All of it was. But so much pain. So much heartbreak. So much torture. There is also sex scenes between some new characters. Which I kind of liked. Though, uhm, I might have wished for it between someone else, oh well. Maybe in another book :D Anyway. This is still an YA book. An amazing one at that. <3

I wish to talk forever about Kinslayer. But I won't. But my god. There is so much happening and I feel like I haven't expressed it well enough. So many amazing characters. Some new creepy creatures. Whom I NEED to know more about. You know, that gorgeous dragon on the most gorgeous book cover. The plot is just amazing in this book. But damn it. I can't get over all the heartbreak. And the betrayal. Yet I have a small hope inside me. Just need book three now, please. Kinslayer was amazing. Read it. Right now.

I hope my review ended up making sense. My head isn't really making much sense right now, though. Feeling so much. And so little, because Kinslayer did break me. Evil book! Yet I couldn't help but love it. Damn it. I cannot wait for book three. Yet I fear the wait will be more than a year. Sigh. I want it now! Anyway. Kinslayer is a MUST after having read Stormdancer. And you need to read both. Thank you so much to St. Martins Press for eARC via NetGalley, though I ended up reading my hardcover of the book :)

Goodreads - Buy it

Update: Newer and better review of the book can be found here.

In My Mailbox #99

I got some pretty amazing books this week. <3 The Dream Thieves. Love. Kinslayer. Mega love. Just read it, writing my review now :) Got some other amazing books and things as well. <3 Though, sobs. Still missing so much. Unfair. Oh, well. I've been feeling like crap for weeks now, and yesterday I finally got more medicine. So hoping to be feeling a lot better in a few days. We'll see. Oh, I'm also very sad. Because I keep getting declined for Rebel Spring and The Offering and Vitro on Edelweiss. Three books that I'm absolutely dying to read. Sobs. Making me sad. What did you get this week?

Rose Under Fire. Read this just a short while ago. Oh, this book is just so perfect. Love my hardcover :)
Thornhill. I really hope to find time to read this soon :D Really loved book one. So excited for this.
The Dream Thieves. Gorgeous US hardcovers. <3 Sigh. They are perfect. Need to re-read soon, hih :)
The Waking Dark. People said this was scary and awful and I just had to buy it. Hope I will love it :D
Origin. Loved this book. So I just had to own this gorgeous US paperback. <3 Need to read the extras :D
This Song Will Save Your Life. Read this a short while ago. It was beautiful. Love the hardcover <3
Bitterblue. Oh, gorgeous, gorgeous US paperback. PERFECT book. Perfect series. So much love.
The Dream Thieves. Gorgeous UK paperbacks :D They are really pretty and I love them. Amazing book.
Kinslayer. Oh, BEST COVERS EVER, I think. So gorgeous. Such an awful perfect book. Loved it.

Tinker Bell. Bought these three for just £10 :D But ohh. Just realized I'm missing movie one.. Need.
Fierce Reads Bookmark. Got this in my hardcover of TSWSYL. <3 Gorgeous bookmark! I love it.
City of Bones. My first CD from amazon was broken. So they sent me a new one. Thank you :D Love it.
The Dream Thieves. Yesss. Signed UK paperback :D LOVE that the sticker wasn't stuck inside. <3
Cat. Cat keychain and nail file. <3 Got from my mom from her vacation. They are pretty cute, hih :)
Porco Rosso. I now have all the Studio Ghibli figures of this kind :D Love this one; it's pretty cute.
My Blue Nose Friends. These plushes are awesome. I own very many of them, lol. Just so, so cute :D

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Book Recommendation: Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff

I had forgotten how much I loved Stormdancer. It's been way more than a year since I first read it last summer. It took me forever to re-read it, even though I've wanted to read it again ever since I finished it. But I was worried about reading it again, because I remembered this one thing that would break my heart and annoy me a tiny bit. And it still did. But it wasn't all that bad, and I felt like I understood it better this time. So yeah. I'm very glad I re-read Stormdancer now, before I finally read Kinslayer :)

It took me a few days to re-read this. It's kind of a difficult book to read with a whole bunch of complicated words. But it is also written so good and I loved the world and characters so much. While it was hard to read sometimes, it was very worth it. I think Stormdancer is an amazing book and I recommend that you all read it. It may be a tiny bit hard to understand in the beginning, but you should not give up on it. Because it's so interesting and it gave me all the feels. Happiness and heartbreak.

Stormdancer is told from so many different point of views. But it is mostly just told from the point of view of Yukiko, a sixteen year old girl. And oh, I loved her so much. She's strong and kind and sweet. Well, fine, she does this one selfish thing that broke my heart a bit. But I still like her, and I think she's an amazing heroine. I loved reading about her past, about her brother and mother. Though those flashback scenes shattered my heart. So sad. Yet I loved those scenes so much. I loved Yukiko's heart.

I don't know how to write this. How to write about this amazing book. I wish to talk about all of it, yet I shouldn't talk about it at all because I feel that I will spoil everything. But I think I have some things to talk about, most likely. All those characters. I loved Yukiko and Buruu the most. Though Kin might be my favorite character. He's so sweet and honest and he has the sweetest heart. I don't understand how people can hurt him so much. I loved reading from his point of view, though that too was sad.

Another character I liked was Yukiko's father. He is the Black Fox of Shima and he's pretty amazing. Well, okay, he's not that amazing in this book. He has faded away and he smokes too much Lotus. It just broke my heart, all of it. Especially when I learned why he is that way. So much heartbreak, damn it. Unfair. But so, so good. And real. I also loved reading about his friends, they were amazing. I'm bad at remembering how their names are spelled, just know that they are all very amazing to read about.

There is so much to read about in this book. So many things to learn. The plot is truly amazing and I just cannot explain it at all. But yeah. I loved reading about it. About the Lotus and the Guildsmen and everything. I loved reading about the legends. I hated how bad things were in this world. I loved it as well. I want to get to know more about it all. About the lands next to Shima. I want to know everything. Mostly I want to know even more about the thunder tiger. He was truly amazing to read about.

This book is mostly about Yukiko and Buruu. Though we get to read about a bunch of other characters too. But those are the main ones. And I loved reading about them together. Their arguments. Their love. Their friendship. It was written so perfect though it did make me so sad most of the time. But it was so good and I loved reading about. I loved the parts in the middle of the book the most, when they are all out in the forest. Sigh. Loved that. Ohh, also curious about the Oni. They were so creepy.

I just can't describe this book. I can't share how I felt about it, because I felt so much. It is amazing and I'm so glad I read it and just re-read it. It's heartbreaking. It's beautiful. There is a little romance in this book, with Yukiko and Hiro. I did not approve. At all. I adore Kin. Sniffs. But oh, it was interesting to read about, for the most part, and I didn't really hate it. Just hated that Kin got hurt. Not fair at all. Anyway. Stormdancer is amazing. And I loved it so much. Now I'm worried about starting Kinslayer :)

Stormdancer. Jay Kristoff. The Book Depository.
My old review of Stormdancer.

Update: Newer and better review of the book can be found here.

Waiting on Wednesday #101

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

On Internment, the floating island in the clouds where 16-year-old Morgan Stockhour lives, getting too close to the edge can lead to madness. Even though Morgan's older brother, Lex, was a Jumper, Morgan vows never to end up like him. She tries her best not to mind that her life is orderly and boring, and if she ever wonders about the ground, and why it is forbidden, she takes solace in best friend Pen and her betrothed, Basil.

Then a murder, the first in a generation, rocks the city. With whispers swirling and fear on the wind, Morgan can no longer stop herself from investigating, especially when she meets Judas. He is the boy being blamed for the murder — betrothed to the victim — but Morgan is convinced of his innocence. Secrets lay at the heart of Internment, but nothing can prepare Morgan for what she will find — or who she will lose.

Hardcover, 356 pages
Expected publication: October 1st 2013 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Pre-Order here.

Feels like I've waited forever for Perfect Ruin to come out. And soon it is here! I cannot wait to read it. I adore Lauren DeStefano so much, and I loved her other books, and I just know I will love this one too. Cannot wait to get to know Morgan and Pen and Basil and Judas. And the world! Sigh. So excited. <3
What are you waiting for?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I've known for months that when I finally got to read this book I would love it. And I did. I loved it so much. It broke my heart a bit, though. Because it's very real and I felt so much for everything that happened in this book. It almost made me cry. It made me smile like a crazy person. I just loved it so much.

I don't think I will post any spoilers in my review. Just talking about the things I loved. Like Cath and Levi. And Cath's obsession with Simon Snow. Which was all kinds of awesome and I can relate to that so much. Fangirl was the best kind of book. Cath is a part of a fandom. Yet I'm fangirling about her :)

I don't know how to deal with my feelings for this book. On the one hand, I loved it more than Eleanor and Park. But on the other this romance seemed to have more issues at first than Eleanor and Park did. But then again, this romance might have been ever better and sweeter and gave me all the feels. Sigh. I just loved them both. Both books are amazing. I need more.

There is so much to love in Fangirl. And I loved all of it. The book is told from the point of view of Cath, 18 year old first-year college student. I adored her so much. She felt so much like myself in the beginning. Though not really, since I have not gone to college. I don't have the same experience as she does and get. Probably won't ever, but I'm okay with that. Because I get to read books like this. I get to fall in love with these amazing characters. I loved reading about Cath. She's cute, funny and I loved her.

Cath is a twin. Her sister is named Wren, and I think I liked her. I can't decide. She got better near the end. Maybe. But oh. She's a bit awful in this book. She's selfish and mean and I did not approve of her. She hurt Cath a lot. I did not like that. But, I loved their father. He's a bit crazy but I loved that about him. He's awesome. Wish we had gotten to read more about him, though. Then there is their mother. I hated her. She left when they were eight. We get to read a bit about her. Glad Cath hated her too.

There is just so much in this book. So many characters. So many things happening, though it isn't all that exciting things, since it's not a fantasy book. But oh. I loved all the little things. I loved reading about Cath in college. About her writing class. About her writing with asshole-Nick. Most of all I loved that Cath wrote fan fiction. I haven't tried it yet, but years ago I loved reading it so much. I craved it. And yeah. This was amazing to read about. Because I got Cath's obsession. Like I'm obsessed with Rob.

I loved reading about Cath's roommate, Reagan. She's awesome. Though I did understand why Cath got jealous a few times. That was a bit sad. But yeah. Reagan was amazing and I loved her. Then there is Levi. The love interest. And oh, he is perfect. Well, he does some dumb things, but I don't hate him for it. He's charming and sweet and all kinds of amazing. I loved reading about him. And him and Cath together. It was so good. And sweet. And I can't get over it. I wanted more, but I loved what there was.

I need to know more about Simon Snow, though. And Baz. Cath write about them being in love, and it's the sweetest thing. I want to read her entire fan fiction. I want to read the eight books. Though they sound a lot like Harry Potter, they are not the same. And, goddamn it, I wanted them to be real. Now just waiting for Rainbow to write those eight books, lol :D Would love to read them. Though first I need a sequel to Fangirl. <3 Oh, I've talked too much. Just, writing is perfect. The characters are amazing.

There were a couple of things I disliked about the ending of this book. Which I will discuss. And it will be spoilery. Though nothing too bad, I think, just some of the romance. I guess you should read it if you want to know :) But anyway. The romance is awesome, but oh. I kept waiting for this one thing to happen, because it had been pretty steamy and Cath thought about sex a lot, and then it never happened. At least she never mentioned it happening. That disappointed me. Need a sequel for it ;p

But even though I did not get that sex scene, there were still some amazing kissing scenes and no-kissing scenes. This was a romantic book and I loved Cath and Levi so much. But yeah. I am disappointed that I didn't get to know whether they slept together or not. Thought that was an important thing to get to know. Oh, well. I was happy about the ending. But yes, I do want another book :) Need it. I need to know what happened with Cath's fan fiction. What happened with the final Snow book.

Anyway. This book is amazing. I loved it and I think all of you would love it too. So, go buy it if you haven't yet. And if you do have it then go read it. It's worth it. Even with the bit of heartbreak. I enjoyed the ending of the book. Okay, I enjoyed all of the book. And if you haven't read Eleanor & Park either, then you should do that too :D Because both books by Rainbow are amazing. I hope she continues to write these amazing YA books. I will read anything she writes. (Well, about teenagers. <3)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

In My Mailbox #98

I have not had a good week. Been very sick and feeling like crap. Sigh. Still am. Just waiting for next Friday so that I can get my medicine and most likely feel better. <3 But, plus side, I did get a whole bunch of awesome books this week :D Some awesome review copies and a bunch of pre-orders ;p
Winner. I picked a winner for a paperback of What Goes Around, but she did not respond within 48 hours. I picked another one and contacted her, so hoping she'll respond :) What did you get this week?

I got these four amazing books from HarperCollins International. <3 Thank you so, so much!
The Burning Sky. SO happy about having a print ARC of this. <3 Loved the book so much :)
The What Not. I still have to read my hardcover of The Peculiar, but I'm really excited for both ;p
Deception. I'm hoping to read this book really soon :D Just have a few others I need to read first :)
The Beginning of Everything. Weeell.. I do suppose I need to give this book another try. It's pretty.

Sweet Legacy. I didn't fully love book one, but I still think I should finish this trilogy :)
Replica. Won this from Preternatura. <3 Thank you :D Sounds pretty awesome. It is pretty.
Deception. Hih, I might have bought way too any copies of Deception. But they are so pretty!
Fangirl. Reading this one today :D SO EXCITED! I think I will love it a lot. I really hope so :)
The Unwanteds: Island of Fire. Won this ARC from the publisher, and Kristen was so kind to ship
it to me here in Norway. <3 Thank you so much :) Loved this book and really wanted this ARC as well. <3
Kinslayer. Gorgeous UK hardcover! So, so pretty. Re-reading Stormdancer, then this awesome one :)
Hover. My second paperback (A) Hih. I still haven't read Gravity but I'm hoping to do so pretty soon.
Deception. Yeah, I pre-ordered a few of this one (A) but just different editions :) Excited to read it.
More Than This. I kind of love this author. So I really hope I will love this book too :D Excited for it.
Unspoken. I have not yet read my hardcover.. but I'm getting book two, and I wanted them to match :)
Clockwork Princess. New UK paperback. And oh, it's really pretty :D And smaller than my other ones ;p

The Cat Returns. Ordered this one months ago, had to get book depo ship me it again. Finally arrived :)
Clockwork Prince Manga. Oh, they look so pretty. But hah. I'm not sure I dare to read the mangas ;p
HaPĂ„ t-shirt. Won this via Facebook. <3 A Norwegian t-shirt for this food thing we have ;p Hih.
Antigoddess. My own pre-ordered hardcover <3 I need to read this awesome book soon. So pretty. <3
Hemlock. US paperback :) I did love this book about a year ago. Cannot wait for the sequel to come :D
Monsters. Ah, gorgeous hardcover. <3 Just read my ARC and this book is so perfect. You all need it.
What Goes Around. Got this awesome book from publisher. <3 Thank you :D I love it. Excited to read.
Antigoddess. Got this gorgeous hardcover from Tor Teen :D Thank you so much! You guys are amazing.

In My Mailbox is an weekly meme made by The Story Siren.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review: The Outside by Laura Bickle

I've been waiting over a year for this book to come out. I enjoyed the first one, The Hallowed Ones, so much and I knew I would enjoy this sequel too :) And I did. Sometimes more than the first. The Outside is an amazing sequel. While I had a few small issues with some things I'm still giving it a five star.

The Outside starts where The Hallowed Ones ended. With Katie and Alex and Ginger being banned from Katie's home. And oh, I felt for Katie. I really did. Because it must have been very heartbreaking to be separated from your family like that and to have them throw you out to die. Not for a good reason either.

But even though it was sad, I was happy about it, because I wanted to see them out in the world. To see what Katie felt about all of it, even with the world just about ending. I liked getting to know how things were on the outside, about the people left. If there were anyone left at all. Loved reading about their white horse too, Horace was really cute :)

My review won't be that long, I think, because the book isn't too long and I don't want to spoil anything. The book is told from the point of view of Katie, whom I adore. I like the writing in this book, for the most part. Though at sometimes I had a hard time getting past a few words. But most of the time I loved the writing. Though one time there was too much explaining about something that made me not pay much attention, lol. But that happens in most books, and it was mostly interesting to read about :)

I don't know how to talk about this book. There are more vampires in this one. We get to know a bit more about them. We get to know more about the world and some theories about how the vampires got to be there. There is some killing in this book. It's pretty dark at times and sad and heartbreaking. But most of the time it's full of love. Because there is Katie and Alex and they are the sweetest couple. She's a banned Plain girl and he's an English man. Well, 24, which isn't all that old. He is just adorable.

There is a lot of romance in this book. Not too much, though, since you know, it is the end of the world and it's hard to have a normal relationship. But there are a few stolen moments. And they are so sweet and gah. I loved Alex and Katie together. They are just adorable. We also read more about Ginger, and I really, really liked her. We also get to see some new characters. Most of them were a bit weird, and some a bit scary. But I did like reading about them, because it was pretty interesting and new :)

The Outside is an interesting book. It's exciting and awesome. It's a bit creepy too. It's romantic and I loved it. There are bad things happening. But there are also good things. That made my heart warm. I enjoyed this book a lot. Not saying more about it, because I don't want to spoil it :) Just know that you need to read it if you read The Hallowed Ones. And if you haven't read any of them then you need to read both because this is an awesome series. I loved the ending. Though I would love a third book. <3

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday #100

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

One choice will define you.

What if your whole world was a lie?
What if a single revelation—like a single choice—changed everything?
What if love and loyalty made you do things you never expected?

The faction-based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered—fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal. So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she’s known, Tris is ready. Perhaps beyond the fence, she and Tobias will find a simple new life together, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties, and painful memories.

But Tris’s new reality is even more alarming than the one she left behind. Old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless. Explosive new truths change the hearts of those she loves. And once again, Tris must battle to comprehend the complexities of human nature—and of herself—while facing impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice, and love.

Told from a riveting dual perspective, Allegiant, by #1 New York Times best-selling author Veronica Roth, brings the Divergent series to a powerful conclusion while revealing the secrets of the dystopian world that has captivated millions of readers in Divergent and Insurgent.

Hardcover, 544 pages
Expected publication: October 22nd 2013 by Katherine Tegen Books
Pre-Order here.

Probably the book I've been waiting for the most these past few years. I cannot wait to see how it all ends :D Just dying to read Allegiant. <3 To read more of Tobias. Even from his point of view! Dies. And to read more of Tris too. I'm just so excited to see what happens next in this amazing trilogy.
Also, this is my 100th Waiting on Wednesday post. Only fitting that it is Allegiant :D
What are you waiting for?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cover Reveal: Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray

A month ago I blogged about the title reveal for The Diviners two, and today I'm sharing the amazing cover :D I think it looks awesome. Also adding the new paperback cover for book one below as well. I love these new covers, but I might have loved the original first one a tiny bit more (A) Still, I'm really excited to own both the new covers :D I cannot wait to read Lair of Dreams. Think it will be amazing. I just wish it was out before April 22nd. Feel like I've waited forever already :) What do you think of it?

After a supernatural showdown with a serial killer, Evie O'Neill has outed herself as a Diviner. Now that the world knows of her ability to "read" objects, and therefore, read the past, she has become a media darling, earning the title, "America's Sweetheart Seer." But not everyone is so accepting of the Diviners' abilities...

Meanwhile, mysterious deaths have been turning up in the city, victims of an unknown sleeping sickness. Can the Diviners descend into the dreamworld and catch a killer?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Monsters by Ilsa J. Bick

I should have read this when I got my ARC back in May. But I was scared after having peeked at the ending and a lot more of the book. I knew I would love it, but I also knew the ending would break my heart. Then there was that whole 800 pages thing. And the fact that I didn't feel like reading at all that month and the nexts. But then a few days ago I finally picked it up, before my hardcover arrives. It broke me. It was worth it.

It took me many days to read this book, because it is long, and I didn't have all day to read. But I wanted to. I wanted to read it all the time, because from the very beginning I was hooked. It's been more than a year since I read book one and two, and I do remember loving them. But not like I loved this final book. The writing is amazing. More amazing than I remembered. So good. And the characters were awesome. I loved the plot so much.

I was right to be scared of this book, though. Because it's awful. There is so much death and pain and heartbreak. And I loved every moment of it. Because it's written so good and it gave me all the feels. I connected to all the characters and I needed to know what happened next. There are some great moments as well. Not just all pain. But yeah. Mostly there is pain and heartbreak. I loved it so much. Because it is true to the story. It is real, considering how awful the world is in this trilogy.

I don't know what to mention in this review. I won't talk too much about the plot, because there is so much happening all the time. Will talk about the characters, though, because there are so many to talk about. I thought this book was very long, since it's 822 pages, but while reading it I thought it was way too short. I wanted more and more and more. I never wanted it to end. And I felt like everything needed to be there. Though I have heard that it will be cut down to 600 pages? I'll see when hardcover arrives :)

Monsters is told from so many different point of views. There is a lot of Alex, but I'm not sure we read about her the most. We get to see a lot of Tom. And Ellie. And Peter. Sobs. And a whole bunch of other characters. I liked reading about Greg, though those chapters in the beginning was a bit painful. Some torture and heartbreak. Yet I wouldn't have had it any other way. Book was so perfect just the way it was. With the pain and heartbreak. And the small parts of hope, though there were not many :D

There is so much happening in Monsters. So much. I could say it's hard to catch up with it all, but it isn't. It isn't too rushed, though it changes point of view almost every chapter. I loved that. Because it's always clear right away who you are reading about. And I loved reading about all of them. Though I might be wanting a book told just from one person's point of view. Sigh. I loved reading about all the plot twists. I loved the big fights. I loved the ending, though it was so, so sad and heartbreaking.

There are so many characters in this book. Many new ones. But also all the old ones. Many die in this book. Three characters that I hated with a passion I'm not sure what happened to. I would have loved to see them ripped apart by the Changed. Sigh. Maybe in a sequel that may or may not happen? Yes please. We get to know so many. I loved seeing more of Kincaid, though he was the one who broke my heart the most. Well, not really, but my heart broke for him. I enjoyed reading about Greg and Tori and Sarah.

There is also a lot of kids in this book. I liked them. Well, except for those who cried all the time, oh well. They were very young. But then there is Ellie, who is just eight, who we got to know in book one. And oh. She broke my heart so much in this book. She's amazing. I loved her a lot. There is this scene on the ice with her and Eli and holy crap. It was awful and perfect and done so damn well. Couldn't have loved it more. She's with Hannah for some time, not sure if I liked her or not. I probably didn't ;p

We also read more about Alex. After the ending of book two, I was worried. And oh. She's in a lot of pain in this book. We learn more about the monster in her head. We learn more about her. And I adore Alex. She's an amazing person. We also get to see her and Wolf together for a long time. Nothing romantic. But oh, I loved reading about Wolf. And who his twin was.. sobs. Wolf is an amazing character, though he might be a monster, hih. I was unsure about Penny. Though she was interesting.

Then there is Peter, and the things happening to him might have been the second most heartbreaking thing in this book. He is in so much pain. Damn that Finn! Gah. I can't deal with all the emotions. I loved Peter. And what Finn did to him.. it wasn't fair. Peter might have done a few awful things while in Rule, but he did not deserve that. Sigh. Then there is Tom. I like Tom. I just don't see him and Alex together.. though it do make sense, and I can't hate it. Still, I'm not in love with Tom. He is awesome, though.

My favorite character in these books is Chris. He holds my heart because he is full of feelings. He's kind and sweet and so amazing. I loved reading about him. Though I won't spoil this book, considering how book two ended. Sobs. Worst ending ever. There is so much pain in this book. So much. And it killed me so many times. Yet I couldn't stop reading. I didn't want to stop. Never wanted it to end. All the tears were worth it. Well, maybe :D I think the book was amazing, at least. I just loved all of it. Sigh.

Even with all the pain this book gave me I know I will re-read this series one day. Hopefully not too long till I do that, but not right away either. My heart need to heal a bit first. Monsters was such an amazing book. Loved the writing and all the characters. The story is unique and all kinds of awesome. This whole series was amazing. Though this was my favorite in the series, my favorite character, Chris, was so amazing in book one. Sobs. But yeah. This book was so, so good and I loved all of it so much. <3

If you have not yet read Ashes and Shadows then you really need to start reading them so that you are ready for Monsters in just a few days. I think you will all love these books. Especially Monsters. Though, yeah, be aware of the pain and such :D I did love it, though, so hopefully you are like me. Yeah, some things were painful to read about, but I might have just loved the book even more because of it. Since it seemed so real. I could not have lived in this world. It might have been awesome, though :)

I think I have now said all I wanted to about this book. Maybe. I have written way too much. Oh, well. Monsters was amazing and I loved it. Ilsa is awesome for writing these books. Now I just need a sequel, because the ending to the book is not final and I would really truly love to read another book. Okay, there doesn't have to be one, but I want it. With all my heart. This book gave me all the feels and it made me cry. Like a good book should. You all need to read this amazing conclusion to the Ashes Trilogy.

Thank you so much to the publisher, Egmont USA, for the print ARC of Monsters. <3 I loved it.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

In My Mailbox #97

I got some pretty awesome things in the mail this week too. <3 So much missing, though, and it's making me so damn sad. Things I payed for as well, though I got my money back and the book resent :\ But still. Sad face. I hate it when my mail leaves me. Oh, and bookmarks are missing too :( But, I did get a whole bunch of pre-ordered books this week. <3 And a package from Disney Store UK, hih. Love Disney things so, so much. <3 Ohh, and got an awesome eARC :) Also! I read a lot this week. Three review copies. <3 And I'm halfway through my print ARC of Monsters :) What did you get this week?

All Our Yesterdays. Oh, I loved this book so much. Love the hardcover. So pretty :D Best book.
The Outside. Reading this book after finishing Monsters :D So excited for it. <3 Loved book one.
The Unwanteds: Island of Fire. Read this in February, such a good book. Love the whole series.
The Memory of After. It used to be Level 2 :) Which I enjoyed. Very excited about the sequel. <3
Antigoddess. Oh, I adore Kendare. Hoping to read this really, really soon. <3 UK paperback :)
City of Bones. Soundtrack and score, hope they are good. One is broken though, sobs. Not approved.
Eternal. Have not started these books yet, but I now own all of them :D Looks very pretty too.
The Fault in Our Stars. I only had one hardcover copy, and I needed to own one not-for-reading. <3
Origin. Not started this series yet either. But I have this obsession about having all the books :p
Hover. Still waiting on second copy, hih (A) hoping to read book one and two pretty soon :)
The Golden Compass. Had to own it in Blu-ray. Still haven't seen it after reading the books (A) Soon.

Hidden Treasures. Heh. I just adore Disney books and I wanted this one. It's pretty cute :)
Of Beast and Beauty. People love this book. I hope I will love it too. Looks and sounds good ;p
The Fall of Five. I loved book one, just need to read the rest of the books :) Hopefully someday.
The Beginning of Everything. Tried to read it, no success. But hopefully reading it pretty soon.
The Crown of Embers. Paperback edition. <3 This book was just so awesome. I loved it a lot.
The Bitter Kingdom. Gorgeous hardcover. Loved this book so much. Sigh. Hector is awesome :)
Defiance. US paperback. Looks so pretty. Been a year since I read the book, and I need to re-read ;p
Deception. Hoping to read this soon :D Think it sounds awesome, and I really hope I'll love it.

Tangled. Have this huge book in Brave and Wreck-It Ralph. <3 Had to have it in Tangled too :D
Brave. Another of these gorgeous puzzles. Own a few, but did not own this one. So pretty. Love it.
Tangled Coloring Book. Well, it is way too gorgeous not to own. I love it. So pretty and awesome.
Wall-E. Was on sale, and I wanted it. Adore Wall-E and Disney books like this one. It's gorgeous.
iPhone 5. Pretty hard case for my iPhone. It is very pretty and awesome. Buy all of them from ebay :)

Belle. My Disney Store items. <3 I have a lot of these big dolls, but not this gorgeous gold dress :)
Rapunzel. Have two of her. This is my third. And she has the best looking dress :D So gorgeous.
The Little Mermaid. Gorgeous cup. I had to buy it. It's really pretty and I adore The Little Mermaid.
Brave. Charms and figure. They are awesome. The Little Mermaid charms too :) They are all so pretty.
Disney Villains Ornaments. I just had to get these. Now I need a Christmas tree ;p They are gorgeous.
Pascal. I ordered from Disney UK because of this one. And he is so worth it! GORGEOUS :D

Rapunzel. Close up of this gorgeous figure. She looks so so pretty. Very happy that I bought her.
Pascal. He has such a gorgeous face. And looks so pretty next to my other two. <3 So amazing.
Merida. Have a lot of these ornaments, and Merida looks so gorgeous. I love her a lot. <3

Got accepted for Let the Storm Break via Edelweiss :D So excited for it. <3 Hoping to read it next week :) Looks so pretty. Sigh.

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