Saturday, September 21, 2013

In My Mailbox #99

I got some pretty amazing books this week. <3 The Dream Thieves. Love. Kinslayer. Mega love. Just read it, writing my review now :) Got some other amazing books and things as well. <3 Though, sobs. Still missing so much. Unfair. Oh, well. I've been feeling like crap for weeks now, and yesterday I finally got more medicine. So hoping to be feeling a lot better in a few days. We'll see. Oh, I'm also very sad. Because I keep getting declined for Rebel Spring and The Offering and Vitro on Edelweiss. Three books that I'm absolutely dying to read. Sobs. Making me sad. What did you get this week?

Rose Under Fire. Read this just a short while ago. Oh, this book is just so perfect. Love my hardcover :)
Thornhill. I really hope to find time to read this soon :D Really loved book one. So excited for this.
The Dream Thieves. Gorgeous US hardcovers. <3 Sigh. They are perfect. Need to re-read soon, hih :)
The Waking Dark. People said this was scary and awful and I just had to buy it. Hope I will love it :D
Origin. Loved this book. So I just had to own this gorgeous US paperback. <3 Need to read the extras :D
This Song Will Save Your Life. Read this a short while ago. It was beautiful. Love the hardcover <3
Bitterblue. Oh, gorgeous, gorgeous US paperback. PERFECT book. Perfect series. So much love.
The Dream Thieves. Gorgeous UK paperbacks :D They are really pretty and I love them. Amazing book.
Kinslayer. Oh, BEST COVERS EVER, I think. So gorgeous. Such an awful perfect book. Loved it.

Tinker Bell. Bought these three for just £10 :D But ohh. Just realized I'm missing movie one.. Need.
Fierce Reads Bookmark. Got this in my hardcover of TSWSYL. <3 Gorgeous bookmark! I love it.
City of Bones. My first CD from amazon was broken. So they sent me a new one. Thank you :D Love it.
The Dream Thieves. Yesss. Signed UK paperback :D LOVE that the sticker wasn't stuck inside. <3
Cat. Cat keychain and nail file. <3 Got from my mom from her vacation. They are pretty cute, hih :)
Porco Rosso. I now have all the Studio Ghibli figures of this kind :D Love this one; it's pretty cute.
My Blue Nose Friends. These plushes are awesome. I own very many of them, lol. Just so, so cute :D

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  1. Great bargain on the Tinkerbell movies! They are so adorable :D

    I can't wait to read Origin, I need to get started in The raven boys and I love the cover from Kingslayer.

    Happy reading! :D

  2. Holy crap! Why the duplicate copies? I really must get you to do a Shelf Envy post on my blog. I'm dying to see your bookshelves! Let me know if you're interested and I'll email you some questions. :)

    Anyway, This Song Will Save Your Life is another much anticipated book for me. I hope it's as good as everyone claims.

    have a lovely week, Carina. <3

    1. lol <3 I just need to have duplicate copies. One hardcover to read. One to look pretty. And, well, kind of the same with paperback, though I would never read either of the two paperbacks, lol (A) Would love to do a shelf envy post on your blog :D though I did post pictures of my bookshelves a few months ago: <3
      Thank you Joy :) You too. <3

  3. You got some amazing books this week. I see lots of awesomeness in your pile this week. Heard good things about The Dream Thieves. Come check out my haul as well.

    Books of Love

  4. Oh my Kinslayer is so pretty!!! I love that cover. Also I hope you'll enjoy The Dream Thieves :) Great haul :)

  5. Wow! Can't believe you got multiple copies of books. I don't get approved for many books on Edelweiss and sometimes on NetGalley either so I know what you mean.

  6. AAAH! THE DREAM THIVES! since you have so many copies, send me one? LOL. and YOU NEED TO PICK UP THORNHILL!! please?… pretty please? :D I need to read Origin soon! As for Edelweiss.. I always get frustrated because they either reject me or just never reply :( so I know what you mean!

    awesome book haul as usual Carina!
    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

    1. lol :D No way! <3 The Dream Thieves really is amazing, though. You must read it soon! Gah. Weelll.. FINE! I will read Thornhill pretty soon, I think :D Edelweiss is evil. Sniffs.

  7. Loving those copies of Bitterblue! I have a hardcover copy and I ADORE it :D

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  8. I love the cover of Bitterblue and I want to read it. Look at that beautiful paperback! I love all the stuffed animals too. Also- it is wonderful that Amazon replaces broken CDs. Yeah!

    I hope the rest of your stuff comes soon. You get so much I am always jealous. :) Thanks for visiting my blog. :) <3

    1. Oh yes :D So happy that amazon replaces broken things. <3
      Thank you sweetie :D <3

  9. Oh wow, what a big haul! And so many duplicates!

    I also got my UK paperback of Dream Thieves this week! SO SO loved it!!

    Edelweiss still haven't approved any of my requests, so I feel your pain!

    Hope you will be feeling much better soon now that you got your meds!

    My Showcase Sunday:

  10. Very curious what you'll think of the Waking Dark. It was too hard-core for me. Beautiful haul...can't wait to get a copy of The Dream Thieves. So beautiful.

    My Friends Are Fiction


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