Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review: Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein

Rose Under Fire was such an evil book. It gave me all the feelings. Hate. Love. Sadness. Grief. Hope. And I loved every moment of it. I don't think I have much chance at describing how this book changed me. How much I loved it. And I have no hope at describing the things happening, how amazing the characters are, but I will do my best. You all need to read it.

I don't know why I waited so many months after I got accepted via NetGalley to read this book. I guess I was scared that I would not like it, since Code Name Verity was just a four star for me and I had this big issue with how it was written. But then Rose Under Fire is almost coming out, and I need to read it. So I did. And I do not regret it for a second. It was so good.

It is very much like Code Name Verity, but also so much different. Because I loved this book. A lot more than book one. I loved the main character so much and all the other characters. Because there are a lot more characters in this book. And they are all amazing. I loved the writing as well. It's just stunning. I was a bit upset about the time jump some time in this book, but I get it, even though I didn't fully like it. But I did love that it was written like Rose wrote it in her journal. She wrote it all so well. I won't spoil it, but yeah. Rose is amazing. And the writing is just so good and I loved it all so much. Sigh. And sobs.

The book is told from the point of view of Rose Justice. She's an amazing character. And we get to know her so well and I loved her so much. I don't really want to get into the whole war thing and the pilot things and the flying. You all know that if you read Code Name Verity. And you will all get to know it when you read Rose Under Fire. So I'm not getting into it. Just, there is the war and Rose is delivering air planes for the pilots going into the war. We get to know a lot about her work. I loved it. We also get to see who she's working with. And that just broke my heart a little. We see more of Maddie. I love her.

I also want to say that there is not much romance in this book. Though there is a little bit in the beginning, between Rose and Nick. And thing is, I actually loved it. It was sweet and romantic. Yet it ended up breaking my heart, of course. Curse you, book. But I didn't mind all that much.. oh, who am I kidding. I wanted there to be a romance. Though there does not need to be one at all. This book is perfect just the way it is. I loved reading about just Rose. And the things she went through. Because she ends up at the Ravensbrück concentration camp. My god. I hated how she ended up there. Yet loved it.

I don't know how to talk about what happens in this book. So I won't talk about it too much. I loved reading about it all from Rose. She's just amazing. Strong and smart but also broken. Well, she ends up getting broken at Ravensbrück. She was fine before going there. She had a good life. And that's the saddest part. Kind of. We also meet so many people. So many women and girls. They all broke my heart. Yet I loved reading about them all so much. Irina. She's amazing. Karolina. She's adorable. Lisette. She was like their mother. There are so many characters. All amazing and remembered. And Anna too.

Then the most important one was Róża. And oh, how I loved her. She was so badly hurt and yet she was so strong and amazing. And so tiny. My heart broke for her so much. She was a Rabbit. Which I will not talk about. Because it creeped me out and made me cry and I can't deal with it. Yet it was written so amazing and I loved reading about all parts of it. There is some torture in this book. A lot of pain and suffering. Yet not all bad, and I loved reading about every part of it. It made the book more real. And I like that. But yeah. There is a lot of hurt in Rose Under Fire. So much heartbreak. Yet so amazing.

I feel like I have talked too much already know. Just know that Rose Under Fire is amazing. One of the best books. And you all need to read it. It made me teary so many times. It made me feel all the things. I will now go Google all things Ravensbrück and probably get my heart broken even more. But this book made me interested. And I liked that. Liked it a lot. Just wish there were more YA books like this one. Written so good with perfect characters and with an really interesting plot. And so very real. And heartbreaking. And yeah. I just loved every part of this book. It will always be in my heart.

I don't really know how I felt about the ending for this book. I might have wished for romance, because that's the way I am. I might have wished to see this one thing that was going to happen in the future. Made me sad that I didn't get to read it, but I'm glad it was going to happen. I was happy with the ending. It is hopeful. But in a way it is also very heartbreaking. I liked the ending in this a lot more than the ending in book one, though, lol. Thank you so much to the publisher, Disney Hyperion, and to NetGalley for the chance to read and review Rose Under Fire early. <3 I'm so glad that I read it.


  1. I've read so many great reviews for the this book and Code Name Verity that I know I need to read them no matter what, but I'm scared I'll have the biggest cry-fest ever!

    Thanks for a great review Carina!

  2. The cover is awesome and I am so intrigued that this book changed you. Makes me want to read it. Look at all the emotions it brought out in you! WOW! Great review, Carina. :) *hugs*

    1. <3 *hugs* Thank you :) Think you would love it :D

  3. Way to string words together for this review-this book just destroyed me and my reviewed trailed off into words just strung together without meaning because it moved me so powerfully.


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