Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: All the Truth That's In Me by Julie Berry

When I got my pre-ordered hardcover in the mail today I didn't truly know what the book was about. I hadn't really read much about it, I just saw that gorgeous cover and read most of the summary. And I knew that I needed it. Then it arrived today, and I peeked at the ending. And it sounded amazing. So I started it right away; and I could not stop reading it.

At first I was a bit worried about the way it is written, the way the story is told. But then I got sucked into the voice of Judith and I couldn't have loved the writing more. It was perfect for the story and I loved it so much. It's written in short parts, some past, most present. All from the point of view of Judith.

This book reminded me a tiny bit of If You Find Me, and that might be a bit reason for why I loved it so much. It's just my kind of book. It's set sometime in the past, I think, though I'm not sure when. But most definitely in the past. Which I really loved. The setting in this book is amazing and I loved reading about it all. The horse. The houses. The sort of crazy church people who didn't really have a big role in the book. Mostly I loved the way people in love got together.

This whole book was amazing. And I don't won't to spoil anything, so I won't write too much about the plot at all. Though I will mention the most important things, which you'll get to know in the first few pages of the book. All the Truth That's In Me is the story of Judith. This broken 18 year old girl who got kidnapped at age 14 and was held captive for 2 years. She got her tongue cut out. And my god. It was awful. We don't get to read too much about what she went through, but we got to know enough.

There is so much in this book. Even though it is short and many pages don't have much words on them. But I felt like the book was long enough. Even though I wanted so much more. I would really love a sequel. But there doesn't need to be. The ending is good. A bit sad, yes, but good. We get to know a lot of people in this book. A couple of kind ones. Mostly we get to know all these awful persons who just hurt others. I hated them. I hated so many of them. Yet I loved reading about all of it. It's interesting.

We get to know Judith a lot. And I loved reading about her. She's amazing. So broken. Yet she is strong and kind and sweet. I loved the love she has for her childhood friend, Lucas. It was real and sweet and heartbreaking at times. But so amazing. There is romance in this book. Not as much as I would have liked, but there is enough and it is perfect. We also get to know Judith family. Her dad is dead. Her brother is a bit of an asshole at first, but I adored him so much. Her mother is pure evil. Sigh.

Okay, fine, she's not that evil. But my god, I hated her. She's so cruel towards Judith. I didn't understand it. Sobs. But oh, it was so amazing to read about and I just adore these heartbreaking stories. Then there is Lucas. Whom I really adored. He's four years older than Judith, which I also kind of loved. He is amazing. He was a bit blind at first. But I forgive him for that. I hurt for him so many times. This town they lived in was so unfair. Sigh. But oh, how I loved reading about Lucas and Judith. They are perfect.

I won't say more about this book. Just that there are so many amazing characters in it. I liked Maria a lot. I hated the teacher so much. Yet I loved reading about all of it. I could say that All the Truth That's In Me is about finding your voice, and standing up for yourself. But it's about so much more than that. It's just perfect. I didn't think I would love it this much, but I did. And I'm so happy that I read it. I just wish to read more books like this one, for All the Truth That's In Me was perfect. Loved it so much.


  1. 5 stars! I'm looking forward to reading this book. Much has been said how wonderful it is and I'm glad you felt the same way about it.

  2. Judith sounds great, and I def need to give it a shot

  3. She had her tongue cut out? That's horrible. I'm glad you loved this book, though! I keep hearing great things about it and think I might just have to get my hands on a copy now. Lovely review, Carina!

  4. Wow, sounds like a very tough story! What a great review, Carina!

  5. This sounds like a good book and I think the message is important. I am glad the characters are so well done and that you enjoyed the writing. Awesome cover!


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