Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review: The Outside by Laura Bickle

I've been waiting over a year for this book to come out. I enjoyed the first one, The Hallowed Ones, so much and I knew I would enjoy this sequel too :) And I did. Sometimes more than the first. The Outside is an amazing sequel. While I had a few small issues with some things I'm still giving it a five star.

The Outside starts where The Hallowed Ones ended. With Katie and Alex and Ginger being banned from Katie's home. And oh, I felt for Katie. I really did. Because it must have been very heartbreaking to be separated from your family like that and to have them throw you out to die. Not for a good reason either.

But even though it was sad, I was happy about it, because I wanted to see them out in the world. To see what Katie felt about all of it, even with the world just about ending. I liked getting to know how things were on the outside, about the people left. If there were anyone left at all. Loved reading about their white horse too, Horace was really cute :)

My review won't be that long, I think, because the book isn't too long and I don't want to spoil anything. The book is told from the point of view of Katie, whom I adore. I like the writing in this book, for the most part. Though at sometimes I had a hard time getting past a few words. But most of the time I loved the writing. Though one time there was too much explaining about something that made me not pay much attention, lol. But that happens in most books, and it was mostly interesting to read about :)

I don't know how to talk about this book. There are more vampires in this one. We get to know a bit more about them. We get to know more about the world and some theories about how the vampires got to be there. There is some killing in this book. It's pretty dark at times and sad and heartbreaking. But most of the time it's full of love. Because there is Katie and Alex and they are the sweetest couple. She's a banned Plain girl and he's an English man. Well, 24, which isn't all that old. He is just adorable.

There is a lot of romance in this book. Not too much, though, since you know, it is the end of the world and it's hard to have a normal relationship. But there are a few stolen moments. And they are so sweet and gah. I loved Alex and Katie together. They are just adorable. We also read more about Ginger, and I really, really liked her. We also get to see some new characters. Most of them were a bit weird, and some a bit scary. But I did like reading about them, because it was pretty interesting and new :)

The Outside is an interesting book. It's exciting and awesome. It's a bit creepy too. It's romantic and I loved it. There are bad things happening. But there are also good things. That made my heart warm. I enjoyed this book a lot. Not saying more about it, because I don't want to spoil it :) Just know that you need to read it if you read The Hallowed Ones. And if you haven't read any of them then you need to read both because this is an awesome series. I loved the ending. Though I would love a third book. <3


  1. So glad to hear you loved it to!!
    I wouldn't mind a third book either, even if the ending seemed good enough also.

    I think this one even creepier than the first book, or at least with the snakes it was for me!

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, especially after waiting a year!! I just read The Hallowed Ones a few weeks ago so thankfully my wait was a lot shorter! I agree, Katie & Alex are one of the cutest couples ever. I can't wait to read more about them <3 <3

  3. Well, I think this book will answer most of my head-scratching questions from the first book. Which is why I didn't really like The Hallowed Ones.

    Great review, Carina. I'm ordering this as we, as I type. Lol.

  4. Sometimes stolen moments can make a romance all the more sweeter. I loved Katie and Alex in the first book and can't wait to get more of them here. I'm glad you enjoyed this overall, Carina! My copy arrived just the other day and I should be getting stuck in soon. I can't wait. :)

  5. Sounds very exciting and I like the stolen moments of the romance

  6. This sounds like a really great book. I still have the first one on my TBR list- but I have added this one too. I just love the cover and your review is great. Glad you enjoyed it!

  7. I'd love a third book too, although I'm also kind of glad she ended it on a strong note. :) Wasn't it CREEPY?! Especially the parts with the vampire __ __ __ s. @_@

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


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