Sunday, December 31, 2023

Best Books of 2023

Another year gone by :) This was a better reading year for me. Which I am very happy about. I ended up reading 30 books this year. Which is very good for me, ha. It is ten more than last year. I am hoping I will manage to read even more next year. Fingers crossed. I did a few re-reads. And read even more five star books. But also a whole lot of two stars. Oops. But no one star rating this year, which I'm pleased about. I have had a pretty good year. My health sucks, always. But I'm doing good despite this. This year I turned thirty. My cat turned ten. We are both doing great. I do not have much more to update about this year, just that everything is still the same, haha. And I'm so very, very happy about the books on my best of list this year. Ended up with nine favorite ones. Sort of in the correct order of which one that I loved the most. But I honestly just loved them all very much. A great reading year. What were your best books of this year? :)

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1. Silver in the Bone. Favorite book in a long time. It ruined me. Best setting. Most incredible characters.
2. A Crown of Ivy and Glass. Such an amazing romance. I so loved the sisters. The magic was stunning.
3. Divine Rivals. Most adorable couple. A heartbreaking moment in time. Probably the worst evil ending.

4. Champion of Fate. Such an incredible tale of heroes and those who make them. My most favorite girl.
5. A Study in Drowning. This was simply the most romantic story. And it was set in such a great place too.
6. Lore. Everything about this book hurt me. But it was a good hurt too. I so adored everything about this.

7. Strike the Zither. The most exciting story set during a war. I loved the main girl and how smart she was.
8. Sound the Gong. This was beyond evil. Yet all kinds of thrilling. The romance was the actual best thing.
9. The Isles of the Gods. A truly magical story set at sea. Enjoyed getting to know all of these characters.


Saturday, December 30, 2023

In My Mailbox #634

Happy Holidays. <3 I hope you all had the very best Christmas :D I very much did. Been having the best week. Family time and Christmas food and Christmas movies. <3 And I also got the very best presents for Christmas, eee :D Got a little bit of mail as well. I'm also taking it more easy this week. Had some bad pokemon news. Ugh. First it was a Christmas miracle. Then a nightmare. So, yeah. That was not nice at all. But I'm doing better about it now, haha :) Cannot believe it is almost January and a new year. So rude. Tomorrow I will be sharing my best books of 2023 post, eee. I read a whole bunch of amazing books this year. Eee. This week I'm waiting on The Enchanted Lies of Cèleste Artois :) Happy almost New Year :D

What the River Knows. December Fairyloot book. Looks pretty :D First time I hear of it. Hoping it's good.
Funko Pop. Got this gorgeous diamond Stitch as a Christmas present :D Wanted it for ages. He's so cute.
Nintendo Switch. This Dreamworks Kart game looked awesome, ha. Christmas present. Was a bit bad :)
Gremlins. I bought these myself, as I have a few of the ornaments. Now have more, eee. So very cute :D
Legolas Ornament. Another Christmas present, and it is the cutest. A Lord of the Rings stocking. Love :)
Playstation 5. I had wished for this cute pink controller :D Love it. I need to play more Playstation, oops.
Shoes. Eee! Got new adorable slippers. New Uggs from my sister for Christmas :D Love them most. <3
Decoration. This gorgeous crown was a gift from my sister. <3 And I just love it so very much. Gorgeous.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Waiting on Wednesday #636

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

In this lush and lyrical fantasy, Ryan Graudin transports readers to the hidden magical pockets of early 1900s Paris, a place of enchanted salons, fortune tellers who can change your stars, and doorways that can take you to the most unexpected places—and introduces readers to the delightful Céleste Artois, a con artist who will make a deal with the devil in exchange for her life...and change the fate of the world.

Once, Céleste Artois had dreams of being an artist. But when the creative elite of Paris dashed those plans, she turned her talents to forgery and cons. She and the Enchantresses—her two fellow thieves and best friends—see Paris as a rich hunting ground for marks. Yet even though their hideout in Peré Lachaise cemetery is bursting with francs, Céleste cannot rest. There is always more to take. And the blood she has begun to cough into her handkerchief means her time is running out.

But everything changes when she encounters Rafe, a mysterious and beautiful stranger who leads her to an enchanted salon—a place where artists can bring wondrous imaginations to life. Céleste is captivated by this establishment, and learns of the existence of magical Paris, hidden in the pockets and alleys of the ordinary world, if one only knows where to look.

Rafe offers Céleste an irresistible deal: the gift of time in exchange for lending him and his benefactor her forging talents. But one must be careful making deals with devils, and there's more to this hidden world than meets the eye. Shadows have begun to circle Paris. And soon, the Enchantresses will find that true magic is far more powerful, and deadly, than they ever imagined.

Format: 480 pages, Hardcover
Expected Publication: August 27, 2024 by Redhook
Pre-Order: Blackwells and Amazon US and Amazon UK

Another new book by Ryan, ha :D From middle grade to adult this time. And I think this book sounds pretty amazing too. And I will give it a try; hoping to love it. It seems interesting and I like the cover :)
What are you waiting for on this enchanted Wednesday?

Saturday, December 23, 2023

In My Mailbox #633

Happy almost Christmas :D It's the night before Christmas here. <3 I'm so excited for tomorrow. There will be turkey for dinner. My favorite. Then opening of presents in the afternoon. I'm all kinds of excited :) Hope you will all have the most wonderful Holiday. <3 This week I got no books in the mail, but a bunch of pop figures, ha :) I did read another book, my final one of the year. It was meh. Oops. But made it to thirty books read, which I'm happy about :) Been re-watching a bunch of Christmas movies these past days. <3 It's the best. And eating lots of good Christmas snacks, haha. Will be so much good food this coming week. Sigh. Excited. Two new posts. I shared my review of The Forest Grimm :) This week I'm waiting on The Girl Who Kept the Castle. <3 Hope you are all doing well. <3 MERRY CHRISTMAS :D

Lush. Eee! Finally got to buy more bath bombs, ha :D They are just the best. Sigh. A big box of them :)
Funko Nordic. Ahh! Thank you so, so much for this most wonderful Holiday gift :D The three in boxes. <3
Funko Europe. Uhm. Yeah. I placed a new order. Oops. So many new pop figures, ahh :D But I had to have them all, haha. Love the new Robin Hood ones :D And Sauron. And Bruno. And so so many other great ones. Tried more mystery mini. Still no Max. Sigh. But got two new Harry Potter; love the dragon :D

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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Waiting on Wednesday #635

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

Nevermoor meets Howl’s Moving Castle in this engaging fantasy—the first in a duology—from acclaimed author Ryan Graudin. Perfect for fans of wizards, dragons, magical castles, spectacular spells, and a spunky cat who may not be what he seems.

Wizard West was dead for nearly an entire day before he noticed. And it is up to Faye, the daughter of West’s groundskeeper, to inform the wizard that he is a ghost who has lost all of his magical powers. (But not before the wizard tries transforming her into a cat!) To make matters worse, the enchanted castle of Celurdur—the only home that Faye has ever known—will fall apart at the next full moon if its foundation spells can’t be renewed.

After (sort of) accepting his demise, West decides to host a competition to choose his successor. Faye finds herself fighting to keep the tournament running smoothly behind the scenes: putting out kitchen fires, feeding the compost dragon, and making sure competitors stay away from the cockatrice pen. 

But killer roosters soon become the least of her worries. A servant of the evil Shadow Queen has sabotaged the contest—set on destroying not just Celurdur but the entire kingdom of Solum. It is up to Faye to stop him, but she’ll need more than a mop. Will a maid’s magic be enough to save everything she loves from utter destruction?

Format: 336 pages, Hardcover
Expected Publication: June 18, 2024 by Quill Tree Books
Pre-Order: Blackwells and Amazon US and Amazon UK

Ohh. I am very curious and excited about this book :D I have been a fan of Ryan for years now. And I can't wait to read this middle grade of hers. It sounds adorable and that cover is all kinds of perfect :)
What are you waiting for on this magical Wednesday?

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Review: The Forest Grimm by Kathryn Purdie

This book sounded a little spooky and a little romantic. And so of course I had to give it a try. The author was new to me, so I was a little unsure. But I decided to buy this book anyway. Hoping that I would love it. But I did not. Sigh. It may not be so easy to write my review, as I have decided to give this two stars. I'm disappointed.

I truly thought that I would like this book more. I did enjoy parts of it, sure. But I was also annoyed for most of the book. And I did not connect with the writing like I wished. I also very much did not like the main girl, Clara. I tried to love her, truly. But she was not at all making it easy for me. And then it was not a scary book. So rude.

There is so much for me to share about this book. I will probably want to share too much about it, haha. So going to try not to write it all down. This book is told from the point of view of Clara. She is seventeen years old. Clara lives in a village with her grandmother. Her mother went missing in the forest three years before, and her father died at that time too. She lives in a village that is cursed. It is now forbidden to enter the Forest Grimm; the forest will not let anyone in. Unless they are to become Lost. Which was weird, to be honest, the way they talked about the Lost. Anyway. The village was not always cursed. For about a hundred years or so, they were lucky. They had this book where anyone above sixteen could make their one wish that would come true. If shared, the wish was reversed. And then someone wished with murder.

And now they are all cursed. Which is what this book is about. Clara's mother went into the forest after they were cursed. She never returned. Many others did too, during those three years. Over fifty people gone. They all want them back again. But it is not possible to enter the forest to look for them. Clara just want her mother back. She is certain she is still alive. Clara has had her grandmother read her future in cards since she was little. She is fated to die in the forest. Yet all she wants to do is to save her mother.

I wish I could say that this plot line was exciting and heroic and whatever. But I did not find it to be. I really truly wanted to love this book. But I did not. Sigh. It sounded like it would have a great, sort of forbidden, romance. What it started as was a boy who had lost the love he was supposed to marry on their wedding day to the forest. Yeah. And that was the romance. Clara and Axel. And then they were off to the forest to search for her mother and his lost love. Yeah. Not the type of romance I was expecting or wanting at all.

So yes. I was disappointed. Clara obviously loves him. And he obviously cares for her as well. They have some moments. They have been friends for years, in this small village. But never more. And I would have loved this. If it were not for the mentions of his lost girlfriend. Yeah. Big no for me. Ugh. I guess they were not meant to be, him and his past. But that takes forever to be known. So yes. The romance was not at all for me and it just made me very angry. Sigh. It was impossible for me to ship them together, sadly. I tried.

But anyway. This book was not only about the romance. Clara found a secret way of entering the forest without being thrown out of it again, like everyone before her. She took Axel with her. So they could look for the Lost people and break the curse. I would have liked this. They had a great moment their first night there in the forest. But then suddenly Clara's best friend had followed behind them, Henni. And she was there at all times too. I did like her. But I was not expecting it, and it ruined the romance even more. Ugh.

I did try to like the friendship between Clara and Henni. As it was good at first. But then Henni got angry when she found out Axel cared for her. Since she was the younger sister of his lost girlfriend. Yeah. Some drama. I did not care for it at all. Ugh. Anyway. Already sharing too much about this book. And yet nothing about the plot, haha. I'm honestly not sure what to say. There were a few fairy tale characters thrown into the story. And they all sucked, I'm sorry to say. It was supposed to be scary. It was not. At all. I wanted it.

Where was the dark and deadly twists the summary promised? On the very last pages. And that was not very good either, ha. So yes. I was disappointed in that too. Oops. I just. I wanted more from this. More danger, more romance. More exciting things. But I did enjoy parts of it too, I think. The forest was kind of interesting. I liked the wolf, for a moment at least. Did not at all like the writing. Sigh. Clara has a crooked spine, which I liked. I did not like how it kept being written the same all the time, as a bad reminder. Ugh.

There were a few other things that bothered me as well. At one point all of them were stuck in a small cage for over three days. Not one mention of any of them having to pee. The cage was not opened. So, yeah. Bad writing. There was even a ghost in this story. It made no sense at all. I tried to enjoy the fairy tales. But they were just weird to me. And not scary either. There is sort of an ending to this book. But also not. There will obviously be a second one. I'm not sure if I would read it, though. This was not good.

Anyway. I had really hoped to love The Forest Grimm. And I very much did not. But I am still glad that I gave this book a try. And the Fairyloot edition of it that I have is beyond stunning. Just wish the book had been too, haha. Might just be a me issue, though. So you should give it a try too. I have written way too much about this book now. Yet I feel like my review is a little bit of a mess, as I had too many thoughts to share. Mostly this book just annoyed me. But it was easy and fast to read, which I was happy about, ha.

Saturday, December 16, 2023

In My Mailbox #632

Ahh! It is almost Christmas :D Getting closer and closer, haha. I am so very excited. <3 Christmas is the very best time. This week I finished reading a book. And I will hopefully start a new one tomorrow, final of the year :) Will then have made it to thirty books read this year, eee. I'm very happy with that. I have had an okay week. It was medicine day earlier this week. Which went better, thankfully :) I am not sure if I like the effects of it, though. But giving it some more time. Hmm. As I have been so so so very tired lately. So rude. But I'm doing my best :) Still taking daily walks, though shorter ones, as it's been so cold. Brrr. But getting better from now :) Been seeing some stunning northern lights as well. <3 Still playing pokemon go at all times, haha. And animal crossing new horizons on my switch and animal crossing pocket camp on my ipad :) I love these games the most. This week I got way less mail; one book and one book box, haha. But next week. Ohh. Next week I'm getting a whole bunch of pop figures. Oops. I can't wait, though, ha :) I have been watching some movies this week. And I will start a new book tomorrow. And then it is time to watch only Christmas movies. <3 I'm so excited for the end of next week, eee :D Two new posts. I shared my review of The Night Hunt :D This week I'm waiting on The Last Rose :) Happy almost Christmas. <3

The Last Rose. I know. I haven't read the first books. This is the fourth one! Ahh! Reading all one day :)
The Raven Boys Owlcrate. Eee! Finally bought this book box, ha :D One of the very last ones in stock. I had wanted the book for ages, but did not really want to pay so much for all the items. Sigh. But then I decided to do it anyway, haha. And I'm glad I did :) The book is just gorgeous. I love it so. Cute items :)

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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Waiting on Wednesday #634

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

THE LAST ROSE (Sisters Ever After #4) BY LEAH CYPESS

Goodreads Description:

The fourth book in the Sisters Ever After series of fairy tale retellings, this is the wild story of Mera, the only one who can save her beautiful older sister when she is kidnapped by the Beast who viciously rules over their small village.

For as long as Mera can remember, she and her sister Darina have feared the Beast who lurks in the castle above their village. On countless nights they have locked themselves into their home while the Beast led his hounds on the Wild Hunt, preying on anything in his path.

Now Darina has been kidnapped by the Beast, and only Mera can save her. But she soon finds that in the Beast’s eerie, magic-haunted castle, nothing is quite what it seems—including her own sister. Here, Mera will discover the dark secrets that have bound her village to the Beast for so long.

But in order to set them all free, she will have to face the most dangerous secret of all: the truth about herself.

Format: 304 pages, Hardcover
Expected Publication: December 5, 2023 by Delacorte Press
Pre-Order: Blackwells and Amazon US and Amazon UK

Ohh! Suddenly a fourth book in this series in out. Oops. I have not yet read book one. Ahh! But I do own them all, and I'm waiting on this one in the mail too, ha :D It came out last week, but I am getting it this week. So I'm excited about it. I'm thinking about reading all of them at once. They sound so very good. <3
What are you waiting for on this beautiful Wednesday?

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Review: The Night Hunt by Alexandra Christo

This sounded like it would be such an great monster book. And it was. I really liked this story a whole lot. A four star for me. It was almost perfect. It was so much fun and a little bit of sad too. Most of all it had a bunch of romance, which I liked most of all. Oh, and monsters. So many of them. The writing was pretty much perfect.

I may struggle to find the words to describe this book, though. But going to do my best to write this review. I very much enjoyed this story. I liked that it was about monsters living in the human world. I liked that it was a fantasy world, not like ours. I so loved getting to know the different types of monsters. They were all interesting.

I must also mention that cover. It is so stunning. And it is what the main girl looks like. The monster part of her. Although she mostly passes for a human. I loved her white hair. I loved reading about her when she was fully a monster, loved her horns. I so loved her powers of feeding on fears. It starts with that, which is how we get to know Atia. I liked that a lot. Her powers were awesome, ha. A bit creepy, but I very much loved that. I also loved getting to know her. As she was pretty amazing. She had been alone for the past three years, since her parents were murdered when she was fourteen years old. She is now the very last of her kind, the last Nefas. I liked how we got to know more about her type of monster as this story goes on. I loved her. And I just found all of it to be pretty fascinating, to be honest, ha. It was written pretty well.

Then there was Silas, the Herald. Also some type of monster. But he wasn't actually alive. He seemed to be around Atia's age of seventeen. But he had been a herald for fifty years, stuck in place, not living. His job was to help the dead move on. Which seemed so boring, ha, but so interesting too. Silas is so not like the others of his kind. He wants more. He want to remember his past, which has been taken from him. He wants to know who he was. And he does not want to live life as a herald anymore. I so loved this boy. Oh.

Atia and Silas end up together when he is sent to curse her. She looses her immortality and her abilities. But Silas knows of a way she can get them back. By killing three different monsters. He also needs her help, to get his memories back. So their journey together begins. They have two more with them, though. Tristan and Cillian. I liked getting to know them both, as they were pretty adorable. And I liked how much closer they all got. Tristan was fully human. Cillian was half human, half banshee. This was so awesome.

There is so much going on in this book. Yet it takes place over a very short amount of time. I'm not going to say too much about everything, I do not think. It was a fast and easy book to read, despite taking days for me to read it, as I had too little time. Oops. But it was a book that I will not forget. And I so very much enjoyed it. I liked that it was pretty dark. Atia feeding on the fears of humans. Her having a sort of vampire friend who murdered humans. Then herself killing some other, less kind, monsters. I loved it. Was creepy.

It is about Atia and Silas wanting to change their lives, their future. Somewhat. Atia has been hiding in the darkness of night her whole life, as her parents were too scared of something. Then they were killed. And Atia is still hiding. And also blaming herself. I liked the small glimpses of her past life, her parents seemed great. She was full of pain. Yet full of life, and I just adored her. I loved her instant connection with Silas. A little banter at first. But then a lot of love too. They just fit together. Sigh. Anyway. Was a pretty good story.

And yet. This book was a four star for me, not five. As I did not fully love all of it. I found the romance to be pretty much incredible, yet also a little bit of cheesy. And it moved so very fast. But I did love it. There was one short moment of betrayal, that I did not like, but it lasted like five pages, ha. So I did not mind at all. And it happened during an almost-death of one of them. I loved that the most. Sigh. I had one issue with the writing, as I thought there was a little too much smirking. I just do not like it, ha. Sorry about that.

But even so. The Night Hunt was such an incredible story. And I very much enjoyed it. I loved many parts of it. The characters were amazing. The world created was all kinds of fun and interesting. I liked the five different kingdoms. I wish Vail had been punished more, so I was disappointed about that, ha. I liked the ending a whole lot. And I'm glad it had finish, though I would love more about these characters, of course. But yes. This book was good. And I cannot wait to read even more books by Alexandra. You must read it.

Goodreads - Blackwells - Amazon US - Amazon UK

Saturday, December 9, 2023

In My Mailbox #631

This past week have gone by so fast. Ahh! I have started a new book, at last. <3 But have not had much time to read. Hoping to be able to read lots tomorrow, though :) I'm liking it a lot, at least. This week have not been the best. I'm dealing with having gotten medicine again last week. I'm not sure it is working right. Stomach is worse. My wrists are killing me. I am so very tired. But my hips pain are gone. My psoriasis is better, somewhat. So, yeah. I hope my stomach gets better too. Hmph. But ugh. I am so tired these days. So trying to get things done, but it isn't easy. Still making it on my daily walks, though, so that is a plus :) But it's freezing cold. Brrr. But good for me, I guess, haha :) I got some new stunning books this week. <3 And I'm glad to be reading again too, though need to read a little faster. Oops. Reading lots tomorrow, for sure. This week I'm waiting on The Darkness Within Us :) Hope you are all doing well this December. <3

Fairyloot November. Not heard of The Scarlet Alchemist before, but it looks stunning :D Reading one day.
Shatter Me. I know. This series is so not for me. Though I did read the first. Wanted this special edition :)
A Study in Drowning. Final copy of the published ones have arrived; UK paperback edition :D Love it. <3
Movies. I just had to own the new Mario Bros movie, ha. Loved it. And a Tangled tv-show dvd as well :)
A Crown of Ivy and Glass. At last got the replacement dust jacket in the mail for the bookish box version.
Swag Pack. Traded for on Twitter :) Lore fairyloot items that I was missing; collection complete. <3 Eee.
The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding + The Last Life of Prince Alastor. Paperback editions :D Love. <3

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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Waiting on Wednesday #633

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

THE DARKNESS WITHIN US (The Shadows Between Us #2)

Goodreads Description:

Chrysantha Stathos has won.

By hiding her intelligence and ambition behind the mask of a beautiful air-headed girl, she has gathered important secrets, earned her father’s constant care, and become a wealthy duchess—all by age nineteen. Now, she is only one elderly, dying duke away from having all the freedom, money, and safety she’s ever wanted.

Or so she thought.

Turns out her little sister somehow snatched the true victory away from her: Alessandra is wedding the Shadow King, the most powerful man in the world. Meanwhile, after the death of Chrysantha’s no-good, lecherous husband, a man claiming to be the duke’s estranged grandson turns up to inherit everything that should be hers.

Chrysantha is enraged. There is no way that she’s going to let some man take everything from her. Never mind that he’s extremely handsome and secretive and alluring with mysterious powers… No, Chrysantha wants Eryx Demos dead, and in the end, a Stathos girl always gets what she wants.

Format: 336 pages, Hardcover
Expected Publication: July 9, 2024 by Feiwel & Friends
Pre-Order: Blackwells and Amazon US and Amazon UK

I know, I know. I haven't read book one yet. Oops. But I do own it, ha :) So I will be reading this second book too, one day. When I find the time to read the first one. Oops. But I think that I will like them both :)
What are you waiting for on this dark Wednesday?

Saturday, December 2, 2023

In My Mailbox #630

Happy December :D Ohh. This week have gone by way too fast. How rude. No new book read, though I know what I'm reading next, hopefully starting it soon :) Finished my The Lord of the Rings re-watch. <3 Best movies, always. Then I re-watched Sweet Home, eee :D Best show. Sigh. As season two came out yesterday. Ahh! Just finished that too. Was a little disappointed. Aw. But it was amazing as well, and I did love it. Now just waiting for season three. Hmph. I got a whole lot of mail this week. <3 Few books. Many pop figures. Oh. Help. I have just had such a busy week. But a good one too. So excited for it to finally be December, Christmas month, ahh. <3 I started entering all of the different advent contests here in Norway online, haha, until Christmas on the 24th. <3 Hoping to win something awesome this year :) Crossing my fingers. This week I'm waiting on There is a Door in this Darkness. <3 Hope that you are all doing well :)

Once Upon a Time in the North. The US edition. Yeah, I know. Still buying all the different copies, haha :)
A Study in Drowning. Eee! So happy I was able to buy this from Goldsboro :D Fully gone now. Gorgeous.
Beth Revis Swag. Ahh! Two swag packs from Beth arrived :D And they are so perfect. Love this swag. <3
Movies. Still buying blu-rays to collect, haha :) I so loved The Little Mermaid. And Strange World as well :)
Poki-Heaven. Bought three pop figures :D Love Hagrid. And my The Lord of the Rings magnets, ahhh :D
Plushes. Eee. These three TY plushes are just too cute. Still addicted to buying all the cute plushes, ha :)

Funko Europe. Help. Two new orders arrived this week, ahh. <3 And oh my gosh. I just had to have all of these, eee :D So much precious. Love the new Disney princesses. Love the ones from Wish. I got that Ace poster just to sell it. Oops. I'm the worst, haha. But I just got it sold too, so, ha. Yay for me. Still not getting my Stranger Things mystery mini Max. Sigh. Not giving up yet, ha. Love my new soda pops. <3 And most excited about my three flocked Aristocats, ahh :D And love my free Nana wallet, eee. Precious.

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