Saturday, June 3, 2023

Review: Silver in the Bone by Alexandra Bracken

This book ruined me. I'm still shaking a little. But oh, how badly I loved this story. Giving it five stars, as it was truly perfection. Of course, all kinds of evil and heartbreaking. Especially towards the end, where everything happened at once. Shudders. Yet it was so good and I loved it all to pieces. I must have the sequel now.

Putting all my thoughts into words will not be easy this time. So much was going on in this book and I shall not write about it all. But some things must be shared. If I can manage to. Still feeling a little broken. But still happy that I read this stunning book as the story was incredible. And the writing was fully great too. I loved it.

This book is told from the point of view of Tamsin. She lives in our world, but it is a different one too, with magic for those who have it. Tamsin does not. But her brother does and their guardian did too. And so she has grown up with the magical parts of the world, trying her best to fit in, unable to see what everyone around her does without help. She and her brother, Cabell, have been alone for the past seven years, since their guardian left or disappeared. Life has not been easy for them at all. I loved learning more about it, about them, during this book. Made me love them more and care more for their sibling relationship. Not siblings by blood, but by heart. They are all each other has. I did like learning more of their missing guardian, Nash. He was pretty unique, ha.

Tamsin is fiercely protective of Cabell. And I loved that she was. He has had a curse since he was born and they are trying their best to break it. I loved learning about it, and that is all I will say. It was all kinds of interesting. The beginning of this story was slow, and it took a while before things started happening. But I did not mind, as I liked getting to know Tamsin a little more. And when things started to move faster, so much happened all the time and ahh. It was a book where I needed to pay attention to every detail, ha.

There is so much going on in this book. I shall not mention it all. But a lot of it has to do with legends and magic and hunting for hidden treasure. And trying not to get cursed or killed while doing so. It was a lot of Arthurian legend, which I honestly do not know that much about. Only from a few other books and things I have seen online. But I knew enough and I liked this story a whole bunch. Everything made sense. A bit of fantasy, a bit of real world, a bit of magic and history. All of it awesome. And most of it completely evil.

Tamsin and her brother is in need of money, to be able to continue living. For the past year, since they turned sixteen years old, they have been able to join the guild and hunt for treasures too. It was more complicated than that, but I'm not explaining it, haha. There were different types of magic in this world and it was all interesting to read about and get to know. The newest treasure to hunt for them is a ring, a ring that can break any curse. Tamsin needs it for her brother. But everyone else is looking for it as well.

And so it will not be easy. Especially not when her enemy, Emrys, is hunting for it too, right where she is searching. And oh, how I loved this. Emrys was the very best boy. Sigh. I loved him to pieces. Of course, Tamsin truly hated him, ha. So they had a whole lot of tension. And she was not being very nice about it. Hmph. But they spent so very much time together in this book that she could not help but start to like him a little. And I just loved that beyond words. The romance was way too little. But oh, how badly I wanted it.

Of course, the whole story with Emrys was not easy. And it just kept getting worse. Especially at the end. That killed me. What even. I need to know what happens in book two. Sigh. I just want them together. As they fit together so well. Both broken. Both needing the other. I so loved getting to know him. His scars. His story. His magic. Although it took time to learn more about him. But yeah. I may have loved him too much. Oops. I loved Tamsin too, but I loved Emrys more. So very worried about book two. And nervous.

This book was also filled with other characters. Like Neve, the sorceress. She was all kinds of awesome. And I just loved her. Took a while for Tamsin to warm up to her, as Tamsin pretty much hated everyone. But they ended up having such a great friendship. Sigh. Oh, Tamsin. She was so dark and negative and I just adored her. Of course, I wish she had been a little kinder, haha, but she had her reasons. I loved her so. Kind of loved her brother too. Cabell was difficult to know, but pretty adorable too. The best siblings.

There is so much I should say about this book. And much that I should not say. Most of the book does not take place in our world, but in Avalon. And it is not a very nice place at all. It is cursed and dark and full of creatures that wanted to eat them at all times. It was pretty horrible but so very well written and I loved it. This place had a bunch of great characters too, and oh, how I loved getting to know them. Sigh. My poor heart. I also just loved getting to know Avalon and all the secrets of this place. And what happened there.

Okay. I have written way too much about this book. But I must share a little bit more, haha. I just loved this book so much. But gosh. That ending ruined me. And I am not okay about it. I need the next book. I must know what happens next. With everything. So many dark things happened. So many sad things. So much that I am not sure how it will be okay. There were deaths. It was not pretty. But was beautiful at the same time, because it was so awful and so real and I loved reading about it. But yes. I'm still fully broken.

Silver in the Bone was so very perfect to me. Full of adventure and magic and growing friendships. Full of death and sorrow and heartbreak. And so many twists. Of course, I saw the hidden villain from early on, and I was mostly right about it too, though not fully. And I loved it. I'm still broken about the ending. I still need the second book right away. Hope this is a duology, as I wouldn't handle waiting for two more books to know everything, haha. You must all read this precious book too. It will ruin you. But you will love it too.


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