Friday, June 30, 2023

Review: Arch-Conspirator by Veronica Roth

This book is based on a story that I do not know. And yet I had to read it, as I have been a fan of this author since I first started reading. It was such a short book and easy and fast to read. But sadly it was not a book that I liked much. Giving this two stars. It was pretty disappointing, honestly. I wanted it to be much more.

My review of this book is going to be short. I am not sure how to find the words to describe it. I did not like the writing. Felt messy and so it was impossible to care for any of the characters. With how short it was. How it kept showing us several point of views. With Antigone being the main character of this story, I suppose.

I am not sure if I got the point of this story. I just finished reading the summary of how the original play goes. This book was a tiny bit different. But it still had such a bad ending. And I'm not happy about it. I feel like this book could have been pretty amazing. If it had been a long one. If it had changed the ending as well. There was the hint of a romance. And it could have been good. Sigh. I loved it. There was a hint of great sibling relationships. Until the two brothers died. And just the two girls were left behind. This book was honestly way too short and took place during such a short time. And yet, I did enjoy this too. But still. Two stars. Even so, the plot was kind of interesting. I was curious about this future world, how ruined it was, and how few people were left alive.

But we learn too little of it all. Sigh. I so wish this had been a longer book, with way more world building. It felt more like a tease. How rude. Okay, I'm sure there are people who will love this short re-telling. I'm not going to share too much about it. It takes place in the future. The men are in charge. The women are only used to bear children, but not in the normal way. Everyone is stored in an archive after they are dead, to be reborn mixed with others to create a child. It was so weird. Yet interesting to read about. Wanted more.

This book was about Antigone, though. Her parents were dead. She and her siblings were now living with his brother, who was not a really kind man at all. Her brothers suddenly ends up dead. Antigone break the rules to try to save the soul of her twin. She is caught. And that is pretty much the whole story. All of it felt too rushed and I wanted more and I wanted it to be longer so that I could love it. Hmph. There was a boy, her betrothed, that she had ignored for years. He seemed to love her. I so loved their one-page romance.

Okay. I have already written too much about this very short book. There truly isn't much to say about it. I did enjoy it at times. The world was interesting. The characters seemed great. The romance could have been so epic. But it was too short. All of it. Not enough to truly make me care or to make this story great. Sigh. So yes. Arch-Conspirator was a disappointment to me. I wanted it to be so much more. It was still kind of good, but not enough. Still. I'm always going to buy books by Veronica, ha. Do give this one a try.

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