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Waiting on Wednesday #107

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

A collection of forty eerie, mysterious, intriguing, and very short short stories presented by the cabinet’s esteemed curators, otherwise known as acclaimed authors Stefan Bachmann, Katherine Catmull, Claire LeGrand, and Emma Trevayne. Perfect for fans of Alvin Schwartz and anyone who relishes a good creepy read-alone or read-aloud story. Features an introduction and commentary by the curators, and illustrations and decorations throughout.

Hardcover, 304 pages
Expected publication: May 27th 2014 by Greenwillow Books
Pre-Order here.

I cannot wait for May to come. I think this book sounds amazing, mostly because I adore Claire Legrand. I love her books so much and I cannot wait to read more from her. <3 And this short stories book sounds awesome and I'm excited for all of the stories in it. And omg! Look at that gorgeous cover :D Sigh.
What are you waiting for? 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

I've been waiting years to read Allegiant. I've been excited for it, and then dreading it. It finally arrived today, and I started and finished it right away. I'm unsure how to feel. I will try my best to describe it, though. But it will be hard, because I have a lot of feelings and not too many of them are positive. Sorry.

I know that I will not be able to write my review without talking about the parts that bothered me the most. So there will be spoilers. But not at first. First, non spoilers. And then I will give a warning and talk mostly about some of the spoilery things :)

I don't know how to start. The writing in Allegiant is still very amazing, liked it better than the first two books. The characters are pretty amazing, though I probably only loved Tobias in this book. Tris just could not stop pissing me off. I wish it wasn't that way, but it was and I'm not going to lie about it. I'm giving Allegiant a three star, but right now even that feels like too much when I think of the things that happened.

I'm not going to talk too much about the book before I start talking about all the spoilers. Because there isn't much I want to say that doesn't spoil everything. But I am going to say that I did enjoy the book at times, it did some time have things that I enjoyed. I am happy that I read it, because the ending was actually the one thing that I approved of in this book. In a way, which I will explain soon. Some things were interesting to read about. I wasn't bored. But I wasn't very interested in it either. Which sucked.

I have seen that people are attacking Veronica as a person after reading Allegiant. I will not do that. Because I adore her and I do think she's pretty amazing. Especially since I got to meet her last summer :) But anyway. I think she did a good job with this book, though I mostly just liked the ending. But I am still very interested in seeing what she writes next, and I'm not going to hate her for not writing this book like I wanted her to do. I do, of course, feel a little bit resentment. But not too much. I hope.

Now begins the SPOILERS. Do not read unless you want to know or have finished Allegiant :)

I adored Tobias in this book. He just gets better for each book. But seriously. Is anyone ever going to care for him? To love him, and to think of him first? It's starting to bother me a lot that no one does. It isn't fair and to me it felt very overlooked. Tobias deserved more. He deserved more love and more faith. Which he did not get. And that breaks my heart the most. But even so, I adored reading about him and he will always be one of my favorite characters from every book. He is just perfect. So broken.

Then there is Tris. My god, I could not stand her in this book. And I'm sorry for saying it, but not really. I did not like her in this book. I did not approve of her choices. She does not talk enough with Tobias. She does not seem to trust him. She does not comfort him at all. And she has done so many mistakes. When he does one, I didn't even think it was that big of a deal, she's breaking up with him. Talk about unfair. I felt like she was being childish. After how much she hurt him, and he survived that. So she should too.

There is just so many things in this book that I disliked. We get to know why there are factions, why they live alone. And to be honest, I wasn't impressed with it. It was interesting, but not exciting for me. Things just felt a bit flat for me. The characters weren't very interesting anymore either, and that made me very sad. I did like Christina, though not too much of her either. More of Cara, and I'm even starting to like her more than Tris. She would even be better for Tobias. Sigh. I just did not love this book.

One of the worst things about this for me was that Marcus was not punished for all the wrong things he did. I wanted him to die a horrible death. He didn't even get shot or tortured or anything. It wasn't fair and yeah. Not happy about it. I even started liking Peter, and I'm not pleased about his ending either. Didn't truly think he was that much of a coward. I liked Uriah better in this book, but then he had to die. Which truly sucked, because he was one of the better characters. All the good ones die, I suppose.

But then. The thing I hated the most happened at about page 300. Tobias does something kind of stupid, like I said above, and Tris is so heartbroken and angry about it and blah blah blah. It was nothing compared to her killing Will. To her giving up her life at several occasions. Yet she acts like Tobias did an unforgiving thing. He did not deserve that kind of treatment at all and it broke my heart. Made me hate Tris a bit. She wasn't being fair. It gets sorted, but not in the way I felt it needed to be.

I just couldn't get over the way she treated him. And I'm sorry, but oh. I'm pissed off about it. Which is why I did not mind the ending too much; because Tobias deserved much better than her. Fine, she sacrificed her life for Caleb. But seriously? Why did she do that? Caleb wanted to do it. He didn't have the best boyfriend and the best friends. So why did she go and die, when she said she did not want to leave Tobias? Who does that? I may be able to understand it, but not now. To me it was selfish.

But in a way I'm happy she died. It made my heart break for Tobias, because he deserves more than anybody to be happy. It's even making me cry right now, because my heart breaks for him. But I'm happy it was her that died and not Tobias. That would have just been.. unforgiveable. But I'm still not agreeing with it, because to me it was a silly reason. Which you should all get if you have read the book. But anyway. Tobias was the bright point in this book. His point of view was the very best of it all.

Oh, and that is the biggest spoiler. Kind of. Because why else would Veronica add Tobias point of view to these books? Oh, because Tris dies and then someone else need to tell the end of the story. I should have gotten that ages ago, when it was announced. Sigh. But anyway. I am glad I read Allegiant, I just know I will not forgive the way Tobias was treated. He deserved so much more and I will stand by that. Anyway. I just had to share my spoilery thoughts. Thank you. Read it? Give me your thoughts :)

Cress Tuesday #1

Hi! After having read Cress I got this idea that I wanted to share a small Cress teaser with you all every Tuesday this year. I will not share which page the teasers are from, and I will not share any spoilers. Just want to share some amazing things to get you all more excited for Cress; because it is amazing. <3 So every tuesday here on my blog will be a Cress Tuesday. I'm pretty excited about it :D Hope you enjoy.
The teasers are from my ARC copy of Cress and may not be the same in the finished copy. <3


Kai forced himself to stand, thought the action was surprisingly difficuly.
The stress of the past weeks had caused him to lose a few pounds, and yet he felt heavier than ever, 
as if the weight of every person in the Commonwealth were pressing down on him.


My five stars review of Cress

Was allowed to do this by Marissa and Macmillan; Thank you. <3 Marissa is the best. Check out her amazing website :D I'm also very much in love with the Lunar Chronicles facebook. So pretty. I hope you enjoy the teasers :) There will be one teaser each Tuesday. Can't wait for you all to read Cress :)

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Review: Plus One by Elizabeth Fama

I knew when I first heard of this book that I would read it and most likely love it, because I adore Elizabeth Fama, and I loved her other book, Monstrous Beauty. And then I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this a few days ago, and I could not wait to read it. The summary is awesome, but it kind of made me think that I would be confused a lot in this book. Not true at all.

I'm not used to reading books that have no fantasy, but I can honestly say that I did not mind that one bit in this book. Because the writing is stunning. I loved the writing a whole lot. The words are gorgeous. And oh, the characters are written so well and the story is so good and the book is just very exciting.

There is not a cover yet for Plus One, so I'm using the cover from my ARC. Think it looks pretty good, but I cannot wait to see the official cover for this gorgeous book :D I will not be including spoilers in my review, because I don't want to spoil anything for you. This book is amazing to read without knowing anything. But I will be talking about how amazing it is and how much I adored the characters :) Because I really loved this book. It has everything I want in a book. Good writing, exciting story, amazing characters. No love triangle. Amazing and epic romance. And the romance is so good; more than there usually is in books. Love. I just have a lot of love for this book.

Plus One is told from the point of view of Sol. The names in this book are unusual, and I adored them all. Sol is an amazing character and I couldn't help but falling in love with her. She loves her grandfather, Poppu. She lives alone with him, and oh, he's sick. Blind and full of cancer. He doesn't have long to live. And my heart broke for that. Because Sol had to take care of him all on her own; her parents are dead and her older brother, Ciel, abandoned them. Which is an awesome story. That I am not sharing :D

We learn a lot about Sol. Which I loved. But oh, she's skinny and a bit frail. I felt so sorry for her. She has no one, except for her Poppu. But she's still strong and kind and loving. And fiercely protective of her grandfather. I loved reading about the times she get to eat what she wants in this book. She eats so much and it was kind of adorable. Really loved her. Anyway. Sol is a Smudge; a part of half the population living only by night. By being forbidden to leave her house in the day. Weird, but awesome.

We just learn so much in this book and I loved reading about it all. Why some people are Rays and some are Smudges. It was amazing to read about and I kind of wanted to know even more. Then there is the plot. Sol is going to kidnap her newborn niece, to let her grandpa hold her once before dying. It was the best reason ever, though maybe not the best plan at all. Not saying more than that. Just that I loved reading about it, the things she did, because it was amazing. It was exciting and so interesting.

There is so much to love in Plus One. The story is just incredible. I was hooked from the first page. And I could not stop reading at all. I just had to finish it right away. There isn't a single thing I disliked about this book. Not one thing. Well, I might have wanted it to be longer, because the ending is kind of bittersweet and I have this need to know what happens next. I really need to know that. But anyway. I may be hoping for a sequel. <3 Because I think there should be. So much that could still be told :)

One of my favorite characters in this book was D'Arcy. Well, he might have been my favorite of them all :D But my god, he is amazing. He's just perfect. I loved reading about him. He isn't very kind at first, but I did not blame him for that at all. But then we get to know him. Know about his family and oh. That was heartbreaking. I felt so sorry for him too. But anyway. The romance between them is the sweetest thing ever. It's slow enough but not too slow. It has passion. It's amazing. D'Arcy is an amazing person.

Most of the book is told from Sol's point of view, present tense. I think it's called that. But then there are a few chapters where we get to see things from her past. And that was something I loved like crazy. We got to see her in school, and that was just the sweetest thing. I loved reading about it so much. Sigh. But oh, Sol also has some really heartbreaking things to talk about. But they just made me love her more. Because she's so strong and kind and gah. I adored her so much. I adored them all so much.

Anyway. I think that is all I'm going to say about this book. There is just too much. Plus One is amazing and I cannot wait to read it again. You all need to read it. There are many awesome characters in this book. I grew to like Gigi. Though I wasn't always too sure about her. She did this one thing that broke my heart. Sniffs. But she too is strong. I didn't really like Ciel. Grrr. But he was interesting to read about :D Anyway. I adored Plus One. So happy that I read it. <3 It was all kinds of perfect. Loved it so much.

Thank you so much to Macmillan Kids and Ksenia for the review copy of Plus One. <3 Meant so much to me. And I'm so happy that I got to read this book early! It isn't coming out until April, but oh, you all need to read it when it does. Because it's amazing. So perfect. And I cannot wait to read it again.

In My Mailbox #104

BEYOND excited about what I got this week. BEST MAIL WEEK EVER. Disney Store items. CRESS. Other AMAZING ARCs. Sigh. Dying. <3 Got so so much amazing this week and I'm so excited for it all. <3 Anyway. I re-read Divergent and Insurgent early this week, but have yet to get my hardcover of Allegiant so not reading that one yet. But I did read Cress and it was so so perfect. <3 reading Plus One next :) Can't wait. Sigh. Just so, so happy this week. Did you all enter my new international giveaway? :)
What did you get this week?

ARC package from Macmillan. <3 They are the best publisher in the world. Thank you Ksenia :)

The Rule of Thre3. Think this sounds like an awesome book! Love the cover. Will read it soonish ;p
Nil. Hoping this book will be amazing, because it looks and sounds good. Excited to read it soon :)
Plus One. Oh, I cannot wait to read this! I ADORE Elizabeth. I think I'll love this. Reading it next.
Bad Kitty. This book looks adorable. Reading it pretty soon and I'm pretty sure I will adore it. <3
Sekret. Sounds interesting and exciting and I really hope it will be amazing. Reading it soonish ;p
The Lost Planet. Oh, I'm very excited for this one. Awesome cover. I must love it; I just must.
CRESS. SO excited! Best book. <3 Already read and loved. So, so perfect. Dying for Winter :)
Unforgotten. Cannot wait to read :D So excited for it! Loved book one. <3 And oh, so pretty.

The Hunger Games Jumbo Word Search. Thought this sounded kind of awesome, so had to buy it :)
The Iron Traitor. Already read an ARC of this book, but oh, this UK edition is so so gorgeous.
Allegiant. UK paperback. <3 Not reading this edition, but I just had to own it. It is kind of pretty.
The History of Pi. Have not yet watched this movie, so had to buy it. The three blu-ray were on sale :)
Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs. I have not seen this movie yet, but think it looks kind of cute :)
The Hangover 3. This movie was good, not great, but I still had to own it, hih. It was mostly good.
Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile swag. Gorgeous swag I won from Shannon. <3 Thank you. Love it!
The Shadowhunter Codex. Ah, the very expensive special edition. But my god, it is so gorgeous! <3
The Hogwarts Library. This looks all kinds of awesome. Three hardcovers. I love it. Need to read :)
Outpost. Gorgeous new US paperback. <3 After finally reading it, I now want to own all the copies.
Horde. Ohh, hardcover already arrived :D And it is gorgeous. Sigh. This book was all kinds of perfect.
Catching Fire. Heh, I may not love Josh as Peeta, but I still had to own this magazine. I just had to.

Frozen. A few more gorgeous Frozen books and calendar. <3 love love love. NEED the movie now, please.

Disney Store US. Yeah. I might be very happy with all of this. <3 Pretty expensive, but worth it for me. LOTS of gorgeous Frozen items :D Love love love. Olaf is so awesome. And Kristoff. Sigh. Some gorgeous Tangled things and a new gorgeous Merida. Love. And Christmas Lotso :D Love him. And Sully. <3 Sigh. They are all so amazing and I'm very pleased with them all.

Disney Store UK. I also ordered a few things from Disney Store in the UK. <3 And I'm in love with all of them. Toddler Anna and Else are gorgeous. Love them so much :D Waiting on a smaller package as well. It will arrive early next week, I think :) Excited to get that one too. <3

In My Mailbox is an weekly meme made by The Story Siren.

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Review: Cress by Marissa Meyer

I've been dying to read Cress for ages. And today I was lucky enough to get a print ARC of it from Macmillan. It made my year. It just made me so happy and I will always treasure it. I started it right away and could not stop until I had finished it. Cress was everything I wanted it to be and so much more.

I don't know how to deal with my feelings for this book. There is just too much. Cress was amazing. It was beyond amazing. It had everything I wanted and more. But oh, the heartbreak it gave me. So amazing. I cannot wait to read Winter. Just wish it was out sooner. I'm so excited to read the ending of it all.

There was just so much to love in this book. We get to read so much more from Cinder's point of view, and I loved that. Because I adore Cinder. She's my favorite character, I think, though I'm pretty sure I love all of them just as much. First, spoilers for book one and two. But not really spoilers for this one. We get to see more of Scarlet and Wolf and Thorne. And I adore all of them. But oh, there is so much I wish to say about them all. Just, heartbreak! And so much love. They are all amazing characters and I love them all so much. Though, I love Kai the most. We see much more of him too. Heartbreaking and smiles and sadness. It was perfect. There is also much more of Iko, who is still so adorable to read about.

But then there are also some amazing new characters. Like Cress. Who is the cutest girl ever. She's so shy and adorable and I loved her to pieces. She's been trapped in a satellite for years. Which is just so heartbreaking to read about. But my god. How I loved reading about it. Cress situation is unique and amazing and I loved it so much. We see more of Sybil as well. And oh, how I hated her. Cruel woman. But Cress is amazing. Loved reading about her first comm with Cinder and Thorne. Sigh. It was adorable.

I can't find words. The book is over five hundred pages long yet it felt like I finished it so fast. I never wanted it to end. There is just so much happening and yet not enough. There is more time spent in space and time spent on earth, in the desert. Some of those scenes were awful to read about, yet I loved them. We even get to see some scenes from Lunar. That place still creeps me out. Though I suspect it will be even worse in the fourth and final book. And yet I can't wait, because it'll be awesome.

Cress is told from many different point of views. And I loved all of them. They all needed to be there and it never felt like too much for me. I just wanted more, like always. What I loved most about Cress was her crush on Thorne. It was adorable and awkward at times. I loved reading about it. Cress is just an amazing person and I loved her so much. My heart broke for her. Cannot wait to read more about her. And I kind of really love Thorne as well. Something happens with him in this book, and it was amazing.

I loved reading about Cinder as well. She's getting stronger and better though she's so scared as well. She's just amazing. Won't say too much about her, just that I cannot wait to read more of her in book four. It will be the best book, I think. I just know it will be, with that ending. Anyway. I also adored reading more about Wolf and Scarlet, though we did not see enough of them together and most of it broke my heart. Yet it was so exciting to read about and I loved it so much even though it was so awful.

Then there is Kai. Sigh. He's still dreamy, lol. I adore him. He's an amazing Emperor and I think he's doing the best he can for his people. Though it was not a good choice, it was the only choice he could make. I just hated how broken he seemed in this book. I felt so sorry for him, because as he says, he is alone. And it is so heartbreaking to read about. Yet. That ending. Best ending ever, though some sad parts, and I can't wait to read what happens next. I loved the ending. It could not have been better.

I don't know what else I can say about Cress. I fear I have rambled a bit. It's just that Cress was amazing. The best third book I have read. Probably my favorite of the three books, so far. Book four will be even better. Cress has romance, action and heartbreak. There is a bit of everything in this book. And it is so good. It gave me all the feels. Mostly shocked that I just read it. It was perfect. So much happening and not enough. Though, one character is in a really bad place at the end. Sobs. So good.

Cress was amazing. I loved all the characters. Every single one. Most of them improved from the first books and that just made me love them more. Sigh. Cinder and Kai. Swoon. Winter cannot get here fast enough. The writing is so good as well. Marissa is an amazing author. And I adore her so much, because she's also so kind and sweet. Thank you for writing these perfect books. <3 I cannot wait to read more from her. I will always read anything she writes :) Now begins the very long wait for Winter.. <3

Thank you so much to Macmillan Kids and Ksenia for the review copy of Cress. <3 It meant the world to me. It will always be precious to me and I'm so glad that I got to read it early. This book was amazing. Now I'm even more excited about getting my hardcovers of it. <3 You all must read Cress. Must.

Goodreads - Pre-Order

Update: Newer and better review of the book can be found here.

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Book Spotlight: The Trap by Andrew Fukuda

Hi everyone! Today I wish to spread the word about The Trap by Andrew Fukuda. It is out so soon from now; on November 5th :D I cannot wait. It's the third book in this amazing series and I loved The Hunt and The Prey :) I cannot wait to read The Trap, as I think it sounds awesome and I'm sure I will love it. November 5th can't get here fast enough :) You can buy it via St. Martin's Griffin here. If you have not yet The Hunt trilogy, then you should do so :) It is well written and amazing. I love it. You will too :)

Details about The Trap (The Hunt #3)

From author Andrew Fukuda comes The Trap, the explosive finale to The Hunt trilogy—perfect for fans of The Hunger Games!

After barely escaping the Mission alive, Gene and Sissy face an impossible task: staying alive long enough to stop an entire world bent on their destruction. Bound on a train heading into the unknown with the surviving Mission girls, Gene, Sissy, David, and Epap must stick together and use everything they have to protect each other and their only hope: the cure that will turn the blood-thirsty creatures around them into humans again. Now that they know how to reverse the virus, Gene and Sissy have one final chance to save those they love and create a better life for themselves. But as they struggle to get there, Gene's mission sets him on a crash course with Ashley June, his first love . . . and his deadliest enemy.

Where to find Andrew Fukuda:
Website - Twitter - Facebook

Where to find The Trap:
Website - Goodreads - Facebook

Where to buy the books:
St. Martin's Griffin - Amazon - The Book Depository - Barnes & Noble

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Mini Review: The Transfer by Veronica Roth

This is an amazing Divergent short story. And I loved it so much. It gave me all the feels. Heartbreak. But also hope. It's depressing, but so good, because I adore Four. We get to know more about him and I just adore reading from his point of view.

In The Transfer we see parts of his life two years before Divergent, when he was still a part of Abnegation. We get to see him struggling with what to choose to get away from his father. We get to see his last day in his house, and my god. Marcus is the devil. I cannot get over my hate for him.

Anyway. I adore Four and I love reading about him so much. He's so broken in this story. So little. And so adorable, even though mostly my heart just hurt from him. We get to see him choose faction in this short story, and that made me very happy. We also get to see him arriving at Dauntless with the train and the jumping which is not good for him. Sigh. Adore. And we get to see his fear landscape, the first time he goes through it. HEARTBREAK. It just about broke me to pieces. And I loved every moment. Four is amazing. He's strong and sweet. Though mostly kind of broken in this. But he's getting there. Anyway. The Transfer is amazing and you all need to read it.The writing is awesome.

Waiting on Wednesday #106

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

Clementine DeVore spent ten years trapped in a cellar, pinned down by willow roots, silenced and forgotten.

Now she’s out and determined to uncover who put her in that cellar and why.

When Clementine was a child, dangerous and inexplicable things started happening in New South Bend. The townsfolk blamed the fiendish people out in the Willows and burned their homes to the ground. But magic kept Clementine alive, walled up in the cellar for ten years, until a boy named Fisher sets her free. Back in the world, Clementine sets out to discover what happened all those years ago. But the truth gets muddled in her dangerous attraction to Fisher, the politics of New South Bend, and the Hollow, a fickle and terrifying place that seems increasingly temperamental ever since Clementine reemerged.

Hardcover, 352 pages
Expected publication: June 26th 2014 by Razorbill
Pre-Order here.

I have read a lot of books by Brenna. And I've mostly loved them all. So I cannot wait to read Fiendish :D I think it sounds amazing and I love the cover. Just wishing it came out before June. <3
What are you waiting for?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mini Review: Free Four by Veronica Roth

This is my second time reading this short story. And short it is. It is about thirteen pages of a Divergent scene written from the point of view of Tobias aka Four. And it is amazing. The writing is great, like always, which is a plus. And of course, there is Four. And he will always be perfect. This short story is from the knife throwing scene in Divergent. And it is amazing.

We see more of Four and the way he thinks, which is just so good. We learn more about his relationship with Eric, though not too much. We learn more about how he feel about his new faction and how he feels about Tris, even though it is early.

There really isn't too much to say about this short story. Free Four is written great and it is a good story. We learn more of Four and I adore that. I wish it had been longer, but I'm very happy with what I did get to read. I will be reading the other short stories told from his point of view as well. And I cannot wait. Because Four is my favorite character and I adore him.

Book Recommendation: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

I don't know how to talk about Insurgent. I've actually only read it once, when it came out last year. Not sure why I didn't re-read it. Because I did love it. There were a few parts that I hated a little bit, but mostly I found it to be a great sequel. The writing in this book is good, and I liked it better than in Divergent. I enjoy the characters, though I had some issues with Tris. But I adore Four so much. He is amazing and it is mostly because of him that I love these books. That and the awesome story line :)

Insurgent starts where Divergent ends. With Tris and Four and a few other people heading for Amity to be safe. And oh, I'm not sure how I felt about it. I will never be able to fully trust Peter. Though I'm starting to like him a little bit better. But Marcus. I will never ever like him and I hated that Tris had to spend so much time with him. It was just.. evil, in a way. I'm not happy with it. Not after what he did to Tobias. For years. It was not fair at all. Sniffs. Anyway. I will never like those two. No matter what.

The book is told from the point of view of Tris again, and I liked that. Though I would have liked Four more. Who goes by the name Tobias, which I adore. But I will continue to refer to him as Four for the time being; as I adore both names. Anyway. Tris changes in this book. She changes after the death of her parents and after having had to kill Will. And I get that. Truly, I do. But seriously. That is no excuse to shut Four out like that. To not tell him things. To betray him. She had no reason to do that. Sobs.

I wish I could say I loved Tris in this book. But I did not. I enjoyed reading about her and I did mostly approve of some of the things that she did. If only she had included Four in those things. I would have liked her more if she hadn't been so cold. Sigh. Anyway. I did like her for the most part, I just didn't love her. Hoping that changes in Allegiant. Though it may not. Still. I love her and Four together. They are the perfect couple and I need her to see that as well. They fit together so well. They are adorable.

I'm not going to talk about the plot in this book. Because there is so much happening. We learn more about the simulations. I actually really loved reading about the fear landscapes in book one, but the simulations in this book were awful. They messed with my mind a bit. And I loved it. We learn more about Candor and Amity in this book. Candor sounds awful. I hated when they used the truth serum. Tris needed it. But Four did not. It broke my heart because it wasn't fair to him. Still, it was interesting.

There is so much in this book. A lot of deaths. A lot of heartbreak. Many tears. But there is also love and friendships. I still adore Christina. And Uriah. So many amazing characters to read about. Some I hate, but don't care too much about those. There are a lot of betrayals in Insurgent. Most of them broke my heart. I don't know what else to say about this book. There were moments I loved. Moments I hated. When Tris didn't trust Four. It was heartbreaking. But mostly I did love this book. It is awesome.

Though I didn't fully love Tris in this book, I adored Four. He keeps a few secrets himself, but they are not big one like those Tris keeps. He's still sweet and adorable and he loves Tris more than anything. He's protective and broken. I loved every part of him. Though I'm not sure I like him getting closer to this one person in this book. Hmm. But anyway. I loved re-reading this book and I'm hoping Allegiant will be just as good. <3 I think you all need to read these books right away. I do think they are worth it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Divergent by Veronica Roth

It's been so long since I last read Divergent. I haven't re-read it since May 2012. But this is also the seventh time I'm reading it. And I still love it so much. It's not the best book I have read anymore, but it is close to it. It still has a special place in my heart and it always will. I'm glad I finally decided to re-read it, and to re-read Insurgent, because I need to before reading Allegiant. Which I am now very worried about. But I still cannot wait, because I do have high hopes for it. And I just want more of Four. <3

I'm not going to recap the book. Just going to share my love for it and my love for the characters. Divergent is told from the point of view of Tris, who is all kinds of awesome. I adored her. She's strong but also weak. She's kind but also cruel at times. She changes a lot in this book and I loved that. She's an amazing person and I loved reading about her. I enjoyed her family as well, though I'm not sure I really liked them. But her mom was amazing, and I wish we had gotten to read more about her.

There are five factions in this book. Dauntless, Abnegation, Candor, Amity and Erudite. I loved reading about all of them, though I didn't really love any of them. They all have some flaw. I would never be able to live selfless, like the Abnegation. I just thought the way they lived were awful. Not for me at all. But I did enjoy Dauntless a lot. I would have liked it there the most, I think. But I would never have been able to stand all the fighting. I hate getting hurt. But I loved reading about it, even so. It was awesome.

The character I love the most in this book is Four. He is amazing. He's a bit harsh at times, but I didn't blame him for that. He is protective and loving. He's broken and hurting. I adored him to pieces. I loved getting to read about his life; and how he ended up being Dauntless. Though I wish there had been even more. We get to know him just enough, I think. I loved reading about him and Tris together, because it's sweet. And fun. A bit hurtful at times, but I loved those moments as well. Four is so awesome. <3

There is many other amazing characters in this book. Tris makes some friends, and I liked reading about them. Christina is awesome, but she is a bit jealous at times and that kind of broke my heart. I loved reading about her and Will together. He was amazing as well. I did not like Al. He was just.. broken. Then there are the mean people, Peter, Molly and Drew. I hated them so much. Yet I loved reading about them, because they made it interesting. Still, hated them. And Eric. He was awful.

There is so much I loved in Divergent. So many scenes. There were a lot of things that broke my heart a bit. But there were so many things that made me smile and made me happy. I'm not sure how I felt about Tris's brother, Caleb. He is sweet, I think. Maybe. Though he made me dislike him in the beginning, when Tris had no idea about something that he did. Anyway. I adored most of the characters in this book. I just really enjoyed Divergent and I don't have too much more to say about it.

There is a lot of things happening in this book. So much amazing. I loved the zip lining. I loved reading about the trains and how they jumped on and off them. I loved reading about the ferris wheel; it was amazing. I loved reading the stolen moments between Four and Tris, even though there weren't that many. I loved reading the love between them, and seeing it happening. I loved the fear landscape so much. Though it broke my heart to read about Four. Yet it was my most favorite moment in the book.

Considering it's been so long since I last read Divergent, and even longer since I wrote a blog post about it, I'm not going to link you to any of them. Though you can see them if you search for it on my blog :) But anyway. I'm happy that I re-read Divergent. I still love it like crazy. I know I will re-read it many more times in my life. It's just a book that will never end up getting boring. If you still haven't read it, then do so right now! Also, sharing my favorite quote from Divergent below. Spoilers, though. Hope you enjoy :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

In My Mailbox #103

I think I read pretty good this past week. I read Enclave, Outpost and Horde. And the two short stories in the series. But I finished all of that on Monday. And I haven't read anything since. I wanted to, but I'm waiting and hoping to get something in the mail. But nothing has arrived so far. And with Allegiant coming out next week, I'm going to start re-reading Divergent and Insurgent today :D It's been so long since I last read it o.O Anyway. I'm happy with what I got this week. <3 Though next week will be epic. Just you see. Did you all enter by new international giveaway? :) What did you get this week?

Frozen. I am DYING for the Disney Frozen movie. <3 It will be amazing. There was just another new trailer, and it is so so good. Sigh. Cannot wait to get all my disney store items from it :D
Christmas in the Castle. I just had to buy myself this one. It's adorable. Adore Tangled and Brave. <3
Catching Fire. Was supposed to have a different cover, book depo said :\ A bit sad. Still, pretty.
This Song Will Save Your Life. Just had to buy the UK paperback as well :) This book was awesome.
Bethany Griffin swag. Got these from Bethany via her blog. <3 She's awesome and these are gorgeous!

Ashen Winter. Hih, had to get the paperback. <3 Though I'm not sure why. Hmm. The book is good.
Renegade. Paperback of this one too. Loved the book. But I need to stop buying so many copies (A)
Never Fade. Did not love book one. But hoping to read this. One day. In the future :D Pretty, though.
Bang. Excited about starting this series soon. <3 Adore Lisa. Think these books sounds awesome!
The Fault in Our Stars. Gorgeous new Australian edition. <3 But my god, it was damaged :(

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday #105

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:


For Kitty Doe, it seems like an easy choice. She can either spend her life as a III in misery, looked down upon by the higher ranks and forced to leave the people she loves, or she can become a VII and join the most powerful family in the country.

If she says yes, Kitty will be Masked—surgically transformed into Lila Hart, the Prime Minister's niece, who died under mysterious circumstances. As a member of the Hart family, she will be famous. She will be adored. And for the first time, she will matter.

There's only one catch. She must also stop the rebellion that Lila secretly fostered, the same one that got her killed …and one Kitty believes in. Faced with threats, conspiracies and a life that's not her own, she must decide which path to choose—and learn how to become more than a pawn in a twisted game she's only beginning to understand.

Hardcover, 352 pages
Expected publication: November 26th 2013 by Harlequin Teen
Pre-Order here.

This is coming out in just over a month, and I cannot wait to read it! Think it sounds pretty amazing and I really hope I will love it :) Have not read the other books by Aimée yet, but I own them and hope to read them pretty soon ;p I love the plot for Pawn and I just really hope it will be an amazing book. Also, update: I have an eARC of this book, and I need to read it soon :) Can't wait! It must be good. <3
What are you waiting for?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cover Reveal: Of Neptune by Anna Banks

Sharing the cover for Of Neptune by Anna Banks today :D And omg, I love it. It looks amazing and fits well with the covers for book one and two. <3 I adore it. And oh, I just cannot wait to read Of Neptune. Think it will be amazing. I simply cannot wait to read more about Emma and Galen. Just wish it was out before May 13th 2014. <3 There is no summary yet, but hoping for it soon :D What do you think of it?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mini Review: Foundation by Ann Aguirre

This is a very short story, so my review won't be very long. I'm not sure how I felt about it, to be honest. I loved getting to know more about the world from the Razorland series. I loved getting to know who Robin was; since we get to know about him in the other short story. It was an interesting short story.

We don't get to see too much in this, but we get to meet Robin and his family. It was a bit sad to get to know their lives, what happened when the world went to hell. But I did enjoy getting to know it. We read about their life in the bunker, though it's just for over a year. Then something interesting happens :)

There is also some romance in this book. Between Robin and Austin. Which I kind of adored. It was different and awesome. I enjoyed reading about it, though this was very short and I wanted to read even more about them :) Enjoyed it, though.

I'm giving it a four stars, though, because I had some issues with it. Didn't fully like the way it was written; since it was a journal entry. I think. But I did think the story was interesting, though a tiny bit boring compared to the official books. The cover art is gorgeous, but nothing to do with the novella, which was a little bit disappointing. But I didn't mind too much. I would read anything from this series :) And I do think you should read Foundation if you have read the Enclave books. <3 Can't wait to read more by Ann :)

Review: Horde by Ann Aguirre

I didn't fully think that I would love this book when I got it back in June. So I put it on hold; put the whole series on hold. I shouldn't have done that. Because this series was amazing. Heartbreaking. Perfect. I loved all the books so much. And Horde was the most perfect one. It was so incredibly good.

I'm not sure how to put my thoughts into words. I spent all day reading this, I just could not stop. Something amazing was always happening and I was very invested in the story. And the writing was amazing. I loved it even more in this third and final book. I just could not have loved Horde any more than I did.

As you probably realize, there will be spoilers for book one and two in this review. There will be no spoilers for Horde, though, just my thoughts about it :D I'm really struggling to put my feelings into words. But I will try my best. Mostly I'm just happy. Because this was the perfect ending to the series. Though there was so much death and pain. It was worth all the pain.

Horde starts where Outpost ended. With Deuce and her friends leaving Salvation to look for help. Because their town is under attack from the Freaks; whom are getting much better at being alive. They are smart. They think. Some might even talk. It was amazing to read about. Horrifying most of the time. But amazing. The Freaks are done so well and we learn so much about them. I loved that. It's an amazing plot twist. I loved reading about them, and I loved all the explanations for the way they were.

Anyway. I'm not saying much about the plot in this book. Just some things. Because new things are happening all the time and I loved reading about all of them so much. We get to see so many new places as well. I loved that. I loved reading about all the different towns and settlements. Some were a bit awful, though, but I blame that on the people. There is a war in this book. Between the humans and the Freaks. We see a lot of planning the wars. Kind of. I loved reading all of it, anyway. It was perfect.

There is so much death in Horde. Way too much. So many good people died. It broke my heart and made me cry. Yet I loved it to pieces. It was real and it hurt. Though what made me hurt the most was when Fade was damaged. That seems to happen a lot. But the worst pain is what he went through in Outpost, when he was taken. It takes him a long time to get over that. If ever. And I so understood it. It killed me to read about it. It was just done so perfectly and sweet and honest. Fade is just the best character.

But oh, there are so many characters to love in this book. I adore Deuce so much. She's so amazing. I love reading from her point of view, though I would have loved to read from Fade.. But yeah. She's awesome. And I love her family so much. Momma Oaks is still perfect. And Edmund too. Even Rex. They are just adorable together. Though, a lot of heartbreak. Sad face. But it was perfect. And oh, Tegan. I adore her so much! She's the perfect friend and doctor. She was amazing to read about. So strong.

I still don't know how I feel about Stalker. I wish he hadn't been into Deuce. Would have made things easier; even if I could never forgive him for what he did before. But anyway. He does change. And I did like him. Mostly. But only as a friend. Always a friend. Anyway. There are so many characters in this book. I won't mention them all. But my god. So many amazing new ones! I adored all of them. Especially Morrow. He was awesome. But sigh. They all were. And so many died. Heartbreak. Yet so perfect.

I don't know what to say about Horde. It was the perfect ending to an amazing series. It is full of action, excitement, romance and love. And so much heartbreak. It was perfect and it had everything. My favorite parts were between Deuce and Fade. They have the most amazing love story. It started so good. There are some heartbreaking parts. But mostly I was happy. Wish there were more stolen moments, but when we got to see them together it was all kinds of perfect. I loved them both so much.

I forgot to mention in my other reviews that the titles for these books fit very well with the story. And that is awesome. I loved it. And oh, the covers are gorgeous even if they are a bit simple. I adore them. I think that is all I wish to say about this book. Maybe. It was just so amazing and heartbreaking and beautiful. The ending is perfect. Truly perfect. I want more, though. But I don't need it. It was just amazing. You all need to read this book when it comes out later this month. You really need to! <3

Thank you so, so much to Macmillan Kids for the printed ARC of this book. I will always cherish it. I'm so glad that I got to read it early, though I didn't read it when I should have. Can't wait to get my pre-ordered hardcover. <3 I just know that this is a series I will always treasure. It will stay in my heart.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review: Outpost by Ann Aguirre

This book was the devil. It shouldn't be allowed to be books this good. Outpost was amazing. It made me smile. It made me ache. It made me cry. It was all kinds of perfect. So happy that I finally convinced myself to read it. <3 I loved every part of it. Kind of; a few small things broke my heart a bit. But so good.

I was supposed to read this book a year ago when I got my hardcover. But I was scared. Because of that thing I disliked in book one. And because I peeked at the book once I got it. But now that I have read it, there wasn't anything that would have made me dislike it. Not even a year ago. It was all so good.

I don't know how to describe this book. I don't know how to talk about my love for it. It was just everything. There were some of the sweetest moments between Fade and Deuce. They made my heart happy. They were perfect. But there were also some of the most heartbreaking moments as well. Yet they too were perfect. I couldn't fault this book even if I tried. And I won't.

There is so much happening in Outpost. Many things go unsaid. Those parts broke my heart. But it all sorts out. Kind of. I hope. Outpost picks up where Enclave ended; with Deuce and Fade and Tegan and Stalker settling in at Salvation. Which was all kinds of amazing to read about. There are some time jumps in this book that made me a bit sad, but I didn't mind them too much. Anyway. Salvation is a pretty amazing place. They have food, people, safety and guns. It's as safe as it gets in this world.

We get to meet so many new people. Some I really hated. Can't remember their names right, and I don't want to either. They were awful to read about yet an important part of the story. But there are amazing people as well. Like Momma Oaks and Edmund. Deuce's foster parents. They were adorable and they brought tears to my eyes. They love her so much. Sniffs. It was amazing to read about. I loved them to pieces. And I adored Longshot as well. He was amazing to read about and I liked him very much.

We get to learn more of Deuce as well, which I always love. She's an amazing main character. I also adored Tegan. Felt like she was a little bit harsh in the beginning, but I couldn't blame her. She's so sweet, though. I liked her. I still don't like Stalker, though. There isn't a love triangle. But he wants there to be. And I hated the kisses he stole. It was just.. annoying and a bit evil, in my opinion :D Anyway. He was better in this book than the first one. For the most part. I can't totally hate him. I think. Maybe.

But the person I still love the most is Fade. He is perfect. And broken. And adorable and sweet and I just wish he thought better of himself. Sobs. But oh, how I got him. I understood him, even when Deuce did not. So many bad things happens to him. WAY TOO MANY. And I loved every single one of them. Just my kind of thing. Though it broke my heart into a million pieces. It was awesome. Oh, how I felt for Fade. He's just, so amazing. I adore him. And he's so sweet with Deuce. It's all kinds of amazing. Love him.

Anyway. Enough about the characters. There were just so many to adore and so many to hate. Every one of them was interesting to read about. But oh, the plot in this book. So amazing and exciting and I just could not stop reading this book. It was perfect. Which I have said a lot now. But it was. We learn so much more about the Freaks. And it chilled me. They are such an amazing plot twist and I love reading about them. Though I feel that book three, Horde, will kill me a bit. And maybe scar me for life :D

I loved Outpost. Such an amazing sequel. I loved it more than Enclave. I could say I regret not reading it sooner, but I felt like this was the right time to enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed. You all need to read this book. Thank god I have an ARC of Horde right next to me. Starting it in the morning. <3

Mini Review: Endurance by Ann Aguirre

I just had to read this short story before starting to read Outpost. I adored Thimble and Stone in Enclave, and I just knew they would be perfect together. And they are. This short story is told from both's point of view. Which was perfect. Loved reading from them both; since they are both amazing characters.

In this short story we get to know what happened to College after Deuce and Fade was exiled. We get to know what happens to Silk and Twist and Thimble and Stone. And everyone else, of course. We get to know more about Thimble and Stone as well, which I really loved. I really wish to read more of them.

There is a lot happening in this story, even though it isn't very long. I wish it had been longer. Giving it a four stars since I had a few small issues with the writing. But mostly I loved this story. Endurance is amazing. I loved reading more of Thimble and Stone and his brat. It was awesome. There is a lot of death and pain. I loved every part of it. Some sweet romance too.

If you have read Enclave then you really should read Endurance. It's pretty great and I loved getting to know more about the other characters. It is an exciting short story and I wished it hadn't had to end.

Review: Enclave by Ann Aguirre

It's been more than two years since I first read Enclave. I've been meaning to re-read it ever since I got an ARC of Horde back in June. So that I could finally read Outpost as well. But I have been worried. Because of something that happens near the ending. I still hated that one part, but loved the rest.

Since it has been so long since I first read it, I seem to only have remembered that part I didn't like. I had forgotten so much of the book. I had forgotten how amazing it was. And I kind of regret not re-reading it sooner. Because I thought Enclave was amazing and I loved it a lot. It was awesome.

I enjoyed the writing a lot. Had no trouble reading the book at all; which was good. I adored the main character, Deuce. Though I felt a few times that she was a bit too much ignorant. Which she was, a lot, and I understood why. It was a bit sad. Yet awesome. Deuce is a strong character. She's fierce and amazing. But she's also a bit soft, which was very good.

Deuce lives in an enclave underground. It freaked me out a bit. Yet it was all kinds of awesome. I felt like it was described really well, the darkness and everything. It was an pretty amazing world. But then there was the people she lived with. She's lived underground her whole life. Which was sad. There are rules where she lives, and they were a bit hard for me. I understood the reasons for them, but found them to be a bit heartbreaking. Won't describe all of it, cause it's more awesome to read it yourself.

I loved reading about Deuce's life. Though it broke my heart. And made me angry a lot. The things they did to others.. heartbreak. Yet it was all so exciting to read about. I loved reading about all of it. Even evil Silk. I didn't like her much at all, but she was very interesting. I adored reading about Thimble and Stone. They were adorable. And great friends. Though we don't see too much of them. And I enjoyed reading about Twist too. They were all interesting characters. So many other characters as well.

Then there is Fade. The love interest. Though there is not much romance in this book. But there are a few sweet moments that I had forgotten about. And they were amazing to read about. So sweet. Just wish Deuce had known more. Sad face. Anyway. I really loved Fade. He was so, so amazing. Strong like Deuce. And he has a soft heart. He's very sweet. Though he's also very protective. I loved reading about his past, though it was very sad. Loved him so much. Sigh. He was just very amazing to read about.

The world of Enclave is pretty amazing to read about. I loved it. I loved reading about the Freaks, who eat people. They were awful. And I loved them. Awesome plot twist. I would like to know more about why the world is the way it is, but I don't need to, because I think it was pretty obvious. But anyway. I loved re-reading this book. I really did. The world was very amazing and I loved the plot. I cannot wait to read the next two books, though I'm still worried about the beginning of Outpost. Hopefully not too bad.

I'm giving this book a five star. But it was a four point five for me. Will explain why. And that will be spoilery, just so you know :D Anyway. I wanted to give this book a five star, because it was a five star all the way until close to the end. When Stalker and Tegan entered. I enjoyed reading about Tegan. I loved her. She was sweet and I hurt so much for her. But Stalker. He was awful. I hated the things he had done. I didn't even like the way he was now, probably changed. I just disliked him so very much.

Thing is, Deuce did not. He made people hurt Fade. It just about killed me. I get that they all were going to let the past go to survive, but omg. I hated that Deuce seemed to be so close to Stalker. I hated that she stopped talking to Fade. That she didn't do anything to fix that. That she was so forgiving of Stalker. I'm sorry, I just didn't like him much. Sigh. I wish I could have liked him, but I didn't. I just didn't understand why she was so forgiving of him. I never would have been. Anyway. That's my opinion :)

Okay. I think I've talked way too much now. I adored Enclave. Even though I had a few issues near the ending. I though the writing was good and I loved the story. I adored Fade. I mostly loved Deuce. And the book was exciting. It was interesting to read. It was just very, very good. Will now be reading the short story about Thimble and Stone before I read Outpost :) Cannot wait. <3 You all need to read this book.