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Review: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

I've been waiting years to read Allegiant. I've been excited for it, and then dreading it. It finally arrived today, and I started and finished it right away. I'm unsure how to feel. I will try my best to describe it, though. But it will be hard, because I have a lot of feelings and not too many of them are positive. Sorry.

I know that I will not be able to write my review without talking about the parts that bothered me the most. So there will be spoilers. But not at first. First, non spoilers. And then I will give a warning and talk mostly about some of the spoilery things :)

I don't know how to start. The writing in Allegiant is still very amazing, liked it better than the first two books. The characters are pretty amazing, though I probably only loved Tobias in this book. Tris just could not stop pissing me off. I wish it wasn't that way, but it was and I'm not going to lie about it. I'm giving Allegiant a three star, but right now even that feels like too much when I think of the things that happened.

I'm not going to talk too much about the book before I start talking about all the spoilers. Because there isn't much I want to say that doesn't spoil everything. But I am going to say that I did enjoy the book at times, it did some time have things that I enjoyed. I am happy that I read it, because the ending was actually the one thing that I approved of in this book. In a way, which I will explain soon. Some things were interesting to read about. I wasn't bored. But I wasn't very interested in it either. Which sucked.

I have seen that people are attacking Veronica as a person after reading Allegiant. I will not do that. Because I adore her and I do think she's pretty amazing. Especially since I got to meet her last summer :) But anyway. I think she did a good job with this book, though I mostly just liked the ending. But I am still very interested in seeing what she writes next, and I'm not going to hate her for not writing this book like I wanted her to do. I do, of course, feel a little bit resentment. But not too much. I hope.

Now begins the SPOILERS. Do not read unless you want to know or have finished Allegiant :)

I adored Tobias in this book. He just gets better for each book. But seriously. Is anyone ever going to care for him? To love him, and to think of him first? It's starting to bother me a lot that no one does. It isn't fair and to me it felt very overlooked. Tobias deserved more. He deserved more love and more faith. Which he did not get. And that breaks my heart the most. But even so, I adored reading about him and he will always be one of my favorite characters from every book. He is just perfect. So broken.

Then there is Tris. My god, I could not stand her in this book. And I'm sorry for saying it, but not really. I did not like her in this book. I did not approve of her choices. She does not talk enough with Tobias. She does not seem to trust him. She does not comfort him at all. And she has done so many mistakes. When he does one, I didn't even think it was that big of a deal, she's breaking up with him. Talk about unfair. I felt like she was being childish. After how much she hurt him, and he survived that. So she should too.

There is just so many things in this book that I disliked. We get to know why there are factions, why they live alone. And to be honest, I wasn't impressed with it. It was interesting, but not exciting for me. Things just felt a bit flat for me. The characters weren't very interesting anymore either, and that made me very sad. I did like Christina, though not too much of her either. More of Cara, and I'm even starting to like her more than Tris. She would even be better for Tobias. Sigh. I just did not love this book.

One of the worst things about this for me was that Marcus was not punished for all the wrong things he did. I wanted him to die a horrible death. He didn't even get shot or tortured or anything. It wasn't fair and yeah. Not happy about it. I even started liking Peter, and I'm not pleased about his ending either. Didn't truly think he was that much of a coward. I liked Uriah better in this book, but then he had to die. Which truly sucked, because he was one of the better characters. All the good ones die, I suppose.

But then. The thing I hated the most happened at about page 300. Tobias does something kind of stupid, like I said above, and Tris is so heartbroken and angry about it and blah blah blah. It was nothing compared to her killing Will. To her giving up her life at several occasions. Yet she acts like Tobias did an unforgiving thing. He did not deserve that kind of treatment at all and it broke my heart. Made me hate Tris a bit. She wasn't being fair. It gets sorted, but not in the way I felt it needed to be.

I just couldn't get over the way she treated him. And I'm sorry, but oh. I'm pissed off about it. Which is why I did not mind the ending too much; because Tobias deserved much better than her. Fine, she sacrificed her life for Caleb. But seriously? Why did she do that? Caleb wanted to do it. He didn't have the best boyfriend and the best friends. So why did she go and die, when she said she did not want to leave Tobias? Who does that? I may be able to understand it, but not now. To me it was selfish.

But in a way I'm happy she died. It made my heart break for Tobias, because he deserves more than anybody to be happy. It's even making me cry right now, because my heart breaks for him. But I'm happy it was her that died and not Tobias. That would have just been.. unforgiveable. But I'm still not agreeing with it, because to me it was a silly reason. Which you should all get if you have read the book. But anyway. Tobias was the bright point in this book. His point of view was the very best of it all.

Oh, and that is the biggest spoiler. Kind of. Because why else would Veronica add Tobias point of view to these books? Oh, because Tris dies and then someone else need to tell the end of the story. I should have gotten that ages ago, when it was announced. Sigh. But anyway. I am glad I read Allegiant, I just know I will not forgive the way Tobias was treated. He deserved so much more and I will stand by that. Anyway. I just had to share my spoilery thoughts. Thank you. Read it? Give me your thoughts :)


  1. my comment contains SPOILERSSS

    I didn't dislike Tris as much as you did.. I kind of got where she came from.. she felt that Tobias always seems to belittle her opinion and judgement.. but at the same time, I also didn't get how she could think about breaking up with him.. he didn't kill him on PURPOSE just like she didn't kill Will on purpose.. and for her death? I just.. I want to cry every time i think about it because this series is so close to my heart and Veronica Roth just butchered my heart by doing that. Everytime I think of how tobia is now alone, and how all he's wanted is to be with the one he loved but that didn't happen. I am really pissed at how a ton of dystopian trilogies have bad endings.. can we for ONCE have a happy ending? I just have to point out, people keep saying why did Tris sacrifice herself.. you need to understand.. if Caleb went.. then the WHOLE plan would have failed since there wasn't enough time to wear the protective suits and he would have died before getting to the memory serum so… I think that's what Tris though.

    great review Carina!

    - Juhina

  2. I agree with a lot of what you said. Tobias really did not deserve that! I feel so heartbroken for him City of Books

  3. Great review! I stumbled across your blog by accident, and as a fellow Norwegian booklover, I couldn't help but sharing my own thoughts about Allegiant. Turns out I have quite a bit to say, so bear with me.

    I'm not gonna pretend to like how Veronica Roth chose to end the series. I'm not. Because honestly, I hated it. I feel like she just killed my best friend. I also feel like she ripped the heart out of my chest, threw it down on the ground, and stomped all over it. What can I say? I'm a HEA kind of girl, and I just felt emotionally drained after finishing Allegiant. I mainly read to get away from reality for a while, not to be reminded of how horrible the world can be. If I wanted a reminder of the horrors of war, I would just watch the news.

    Anyway, even though I hated the ending, that was not my main issue with the book. The dual POV's were confusing (their voices were way too similar), the big reveal wasn't all that exciting, and some of the issues between Tris and Tobias kinda felt like a repeat of what we got in Insurgent. Just talk it out already. And Tris survives the death serum only to get shot? I mean, if she was gonna die, she should at least have gone out in an heroic attempt to save the world. But no, her death ends up being pretty damn pointless. I wanted Caleb to be the one to die. What I disliked even more, was that certain characters seemed to have gotten a personality transplant. Come on, where did the strong and smart Four from Divergent go? I loved the Tobias we got to know in Divergent. This one, not so much. I do, however, think the (completely unnecssary) death scene was beautifully written. I couldn't stop crying. Same goes for the ziplining scene.

    Despite all my criticism, I don't think Allegiant was bad, but I don't think it was particularly good either. It was just... average, and I really wanted it to be so much better than it was. Divergent remains my favorite book to date, but I think I'll treat it as a standalone novel from now on. And I'll definitely be wary of Veronica Roth in the future. If she ever writes another trilogy, I think I'll wait for the series to be completed before picking up the first book. Just to be on the safe side, you know.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. <3 (As you can see from my review, not agreeing with everything you say. But I do love your thoughts about it :D) Yeah, I might have to do that too; wait for the last book in a series to come out before starting it. I don't like being disappointed by an awful/evil ending.

  4. Oh dear! Spoilers everywhere! Waah!... I didn't read the last part of your review, I don't want to be spoiled. Anyway, I'm afraid of finishing the trilogy because of the buzz I've been hearing. And trust me, they aren't any good. I mean, they kept saying about how sad the ending was!! Now, I'm hesitating to read it :(( I avoid opening my FB account because I might accidentally stumble upon spoilers. And I don't like that to happen. I might read this book after getting my copy. Thanks for the review :) and the warning of course! :D

  5. Sigh, this one was such a sad read for me :( At first the ending didn't make me feel anything at all and then I was just sad. Loved Tobias, too! Have you watched Veronica Roth's interview on the ending and a few other Allegiant q's? I found it very helpful!

  6. Thanks for your review. I agree with a lot of it after reading Alligiant. I did not like how Tris and Tobias related and were so separate/broken up for much of the book. And I had a hard time buying the genetically perfect/defective distinction as causing all the problems. And I thought they were both too quick to judge what was good and bad. I didn't love the ending but could live it better if the whole story was better. But I still think Veronica Rossi is a fantastic writer. This just wasn't the way I wanted it.

  7. Yep, so not going to read this. I'm sure I'd want to strangle Tris with all the stupid decisions she makes. This series had a great beginning, so this is completely unfortunate. So many readers are ticked! It sounds like you were being generous with your 3 star rating. Great review, Carina. :)

    1. <3 Yeah, wise decision, lol :) Me too. Gah, I hate it when characters make stupid decisions. No fair. Sigh. Thank you Rachel. <3 Yeah, most of the time a three star felt like too much :)

  8. You, my dear are so brave. I can't. I refuse. I just. NOOOOOOOO. That is all.


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