Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review: Outpost by Ann Aguirre

This book was the devil. It shouldn't be allowed to be books this good. Outpost was amazing. It made me smile. It made me ache. It made me cry. It was all kinds of perfect. So happy that I finally convinced myself to read it. <3 I loved every part of it. Kind of; a few small things broke my heart a bit. But so good.

I was supposed to read this book a year ago when I got my hardcover. But I was scared. Because of that thing I disliked in book one. And because I peeked at the book once I got it. But now that I have read it, there wasn't anything that would have made me dislike it. Not even a year ago. It was all so good.

I don't know how to describe this book. I don't know how to talk about my love for it. It was just everything. There were some of the sweetest moments between Fade and Deuce. They made my heart happy. They were perfect. But there were also some of the most heartbreaking moments as well. Yet they too were perfect. I couldn't fault this book even if I tried. And I won't.

There is so much happening in Outpost. Many things go unsaid. Those parts broke my heart. But it all sorts out. Kind of. I hope. Outpost picks up where Enclave ended; with Deuce and Fade and Tegan and Stalker settling in at Salvation. Which was all kinds of amazing to read about. There are some time jumps in this book that made me a bit sad, but I didn't mind them too much. Anyway. Salvation is a pretty amazing place. They have food, people, safety and guns. It's as safe as it gets in this world.

We get to meet so many new people. Some I really hated. Can't remember their names right, and I don't want to either. They were awful to read about yet an important part of the story. But there are amazing people as well. Like Momma Oaks and Edmund. Deuce's foster parents. They were adorable and they brought tears to my eyes. They love her so much. Sniffs. It was amazing to read about. I loved them to pieces. And I adored Longshot as well. He was amazing to read about and I liked him very much.

We get to learn more of Deuce as well, which I always love. She's an amazing main character. I also adored Tegan. Felt like she was a little bit harsh in the beginning, but I couldn't blame her. She's so sweet, though. I liked her. I still don't like Stalker, though. There isn't a love triangle. But he wants there to be. And I hated the kisses he stole. It was just.. annoying and a bit evil, in my opinion :D Anyway. He was better in this book than the first one. For the most part. I can't totally hate him. I think. Maybe.

But the person I still love the most is Fade. He is perfect. And broken. And adorable and sweet and I just wish he thought better of himself. Sobs. But oh, how I got him. I understood him, even when Deuce did not. So many bad things happens to him. WAY TOO MANY. And I loved every single one of them. Just my kind of thing. Though it broke my heart into a million pieces. It was awesome. Oh, how I felt for Fade. He's just, so amazing. I adore him. And he's so sweet with Deuce. It's all kinds of amazing. Love him.

Anyway. Enough about the characters. There were just so many to adore and so many to hate. Every one of them was interesting to read about. But oh, the plot in this book. So amazing and exciting and I just could not stop reading this book. It was perfect. Which I have said a lot now. But it was. We learn so much more about the Freaks. And it chilled me. They are such an amazing plot twist and I love reading about them. Though I feel that book three, Horde, will kill me a bit. And maybe scar me for life :D

I loved Outpost. Such an amazing sequel. I loved it more than Enclave. I could say I regret not reading it sooner, but I felt like this was the right time to enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed. You all need to read this book. Thank god I have an ARC of Horde right next to me. Starting it in the morning. <3


  1. Great review! Even if I had to skim over it a bit since I didn't want to spoil myself for book one!

  2. It's really tough these days finding a follow up book which meets your expectations and ends up delivering a brilliant read, but I'm s glad that Outpost was able to do this, the world and characters in this book sound amazing! So glad you enjoyed it Carina! :)

  3. Fade sounds amazing, I need to try this one


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