Saturday, October 28, 2023

In My Mailbox #625

This have been a pretty busy week for me. I somehow managed to read two books in three days :D Eee! And they were both five star reads for me. Sigh. I am so happy about that, haha :) Then I wrote two long reviews as well, which made me too exhausted, haha. But I survived :) Hoping to read a new book next week too. <3 Though first there is a hospital visit on Monday. Ugh. It will be hard. But hopefully surviving that long day too, ha :) I got a bunch of gorgeous mail this week, ack. Less next week, though, finally. Ha. I have bought too much. Ugh. But I needed it all. Oops. I shall do better though. I hope. Some new blog posts. I shared my review of Strike the Zither :D This week I'm waiting on Return of the Vengeful Queen :) And I shared my review of Sound the Gong. <3 Hope you are all doing well. Happy almost Halloween :D

Lore + Silver in the Bone. Precious :D New exclusive French editions. I had to have. Love the edges. <3
The Unmaking of June Farrow. So so behind on books by Adrienne. Aaack. But I own them all, at least :)
Midnight Showing. Book two in this new adult series by Megan :) Hoping to read the first one soon, ack.
The Night Hunt. US hardcover has arrived :D And I think it looks gorgeous. Reading this onesoon, I hope.
A Study in Drowning. Owlcrate version :D Eee! I got to buy this brand new from Norway, cheap. Love :)
A Study in Drowning Swag. Ahh! Thank you so much Ava for this gorgeous pre-order swag :D I love it so.
Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Been waiting ages for this game :D It's a bit hard, ack. But I'm loving it still :)
Taylor Swift The Eras Tour T-Shirt. EEE! Finally got this one :D To be worn in August in London. <3 Yess.
Taylor Swift The Eras Tour. Popcorn tin + cup :D Thank you so much Kerri for helping me get these. <3

Funko Europe. Oops. A new order, of course. Finally got Jasmine :D Now only missing Tiana. Hoping she will be back in stock soon. I love that D&D white bear thing. It's stunning. I had to have it, ha :) Love. <3
Funko Nordic. Eee! Four stunning pop figures for my latest ambassador gift :D Thank you very much. <3
Miraculous Ladybug. I'm still buying these stunning dolls, haha :D Missing just a few now. Love this one.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Review: Sound the Gong by Joan He

How am I supposed to write about this book without sharing all that happens? It is still six months until it's out. I feel the luckiest to have been able to read it early. But oh, how I hurt. Back when I first peeked at this one, I knew it would hurt me. But I did not truly realize how much it would destroy my heart. This book ruined me.

And yet I loved every moment of it. I suppose, haha. I am a little bitter about the ending. Even though it was so good. But yeah. It hurts. But more than the hurt, is the love I have for this story. This sequel was just as good as the first. Five stars for me. I read all of it in one sitting, mostly. It's been ages since I have last done that.

Now comes the hard part. Writing about this second book without sharing everything that happens in it, ha. I want to share so very much. And I will share a little, but nothing that actually spoils the book. Well, it will spoil the first one. So I will try my hardest not to share all the secrets of this sequel. But ohh, yess. I must share a few things that I loved. A few details. A little bit about what I wish had been. Sigh. My poor heart. But first I shall start by saying that the writing was perfect, as always. I loved getting to know more of this world and these characters. I love how Joan wrote about this world and the time it was set in. It is a duology based on a different tale, which I know nothing about, ha. But from the notes, Joan has made changes. All amazing, from what I can tell.

There is so much to say about the plot of this second book. I'm going to try not to say too much. But oh, there was something happening at all times. This begins pretty much right after Strike the Zither ends. A few weeks later. Zephyr is still by Ren's side in the war, while they figure out what to do next. Well. Except Zephyr is not actually her anymore. She is in the body of Lotus. And oh my gods. The twist of all that from book one ruined me. Who Zephyr actually is. Her entire past, how long it goes back. But it was very good.

And that is all I will say about that. I was a little upset for some time, that she lost her body, the body of Zephyr. As I loved her frail and small body. Sobs. So it took me a little while to get past that. But I did. And I loved her as Lotus as well. And later as someone else. Gosh. Though that hurt more than anything else. I wish to share. I shall not. But that new body of hers was the worst one. The pain it gave me. Sigh. But it was also done perfectly. Such a huge new plot twist, haha. Also, I loved seeing more of her actual sisters.

There is so much going on in the beginning of this book. It is about Zephyr learning more about living as Lotus, with her body and how others see her. Making Ren see her as Lotus, still believing that Zephyr is dead. I also loved getting to know more about everyone around her as well. Ren and Cloud and everyone else. I adored them all. I'm not the biggest fan of reading about war tactics and such, but in this book I did not mind it. And found all of it to be pretty interesting. And really wanted to know how it would all end, ack.

Something more I will say about the plot. It is about defeating the bad one in charge; Miasma. Free the empress from her. And also figure out what to do about the South, with Cicada, who actually betrayed them. It is a whole mess. And I loved it. Zephyr has to work her brain so hard to figure out how to solve everything. Many things go wrong, though. Which hurt. But it was written so well too. Hmph. There are more deaths in this one. A little more torture and hurt. Also a little less romance, which hurt me most, ha.

Because I had been expecting there to be more in this second book. As Zephyr and Crow are perfect together. I wanted to see more of them so badly. I know, she doesn't have her actual body anymore, but still. And Crow didn't know this. Yet I wanted them to have more so much. Gah. And they do spend much more time together. But most of it as mostly enemies, as there were many changes happening. Betrayals. Truths revealed. Loved their banter, though. And just loved them together. But yes. I missed my romance.

Yet I still loved this book very much. Because it was not all about Zephyr and Crow. It was about Zephyr wanting to help Ren and change her fate. Change the fate of everyone she cared about. What she was willing to do to make that happen. Which, well, was everything. Still. I did not actually blame her. Except for that one part, which involved steaming. That she did not have to do. And that still hurts so very badly. Oh. It was the actual worst. But so good. But goddamn. It hurt my heart. She should not have done this.

So anyway. There is so much going on in this book. I think I have already shared too much, yet also not enough at all. I was disappointed about the romance. As I wanted much more. And yet. It was still great, because it was almost there. It was so very obvious how much they cared for each other. I just so wish it could have been acted upon. Hmph. Yet I get why it was not, ha. Which you will understand, when you read it. Such a rude plot twist. Yet so good too. Much of this book made me smile as well. I so loved that.

Sound the Gong was a most incredible ending to a fantastic duology. This story truly ruined my heart. Yet I loved every moment of it. The story of Zephyr was so epic. Her adventure was big and hurtful yet full of great moments as well. I so loved her relationship with the other girls. I loved her and Crow the very most. But that ending. I am not over it. It was amazing, of course, but I am a little bitter, haha. It hurt. Very badly. But I shall forgive this. One day. Probably. Huge thank you to Joan for the chance to read the eARC early.

Oh. My review needed to be edited to add this. It turns out Joan has written an epilogue of sorts, a bonus short story to be read after Sound the Gong. I just read it. And it murdered me with happiness. Ha. I take back what I said about the ending. This made my heart so happy and I just. I loved it more than anything. So. Yes. If you read this book, look up In Another Life. It is a must read. But of course, the book is great without it too. But this bonus gave my heart life again. It was perfection and I am so happy Joan wrote it.


Waiting on Wednesday #627

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

(Rise of the Vicious Princess #2) BY C. J. REDWINE

Goodreads Description:

From C. J. Redwine, the author the New York Times bestselling Ravenspire series, comes the stunning conclusion to the fantasy duology that began with Rise of the Vicious Princess. Perfect for fans of These Violent Delights, And I Darken, and Ash Princess!

Charis Willowthorn is a queen without a throne. A Rakuuna invader holds Charis's kingdom of Calera captive, leaving her desperate—and ruthlessly committed to vengeance. But with her allies reluctant to intervene and her enemies hunting her across the open sea, Charis is left with only one forge a temporary alliance with Tal Penbyrn, the boy who betrayed her—and, at all costs, keep him out of her heart.

Tal is imprisoned, both by the Rakuuna's isolated castle and the weight of his guilt. Though he once betrayed his love, he knows that he can help turn the tide in Charis’s favor, if only he can regain her trust. But the Rakuuna have an ally of their own—one who knows Charis’s every move and will stop at nothing to see her destroyed.

With threats closing in and every allegiance in doubt, Charis must be stronger, faster, and more vicious than her enemies to reclaim her kingdom—and her future.

Format: 400 pages, Hardcover
Expected Publication: April 30, 2024 by Balzer + Bray
Pre-Order: Blackwells and Amazon US and Amazon UK

Ohhh. I cannot wait for this second book :D Though, yes. I have not yet read book one. Ahh! Despite very much loving C. J. and all of her previous books. <3 But I peeked at the ending for book one when it came out, haha. And figured I should wait for the sequel before reading it. And so I will. April cannot come fast enough. As I am so very excited to read both of these books at the same time. I know I will love these :)
What are you waiting for on this vengeful Wednesday?

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Review: Strike the Zither by Joan He

This is a book I have been supposed to read for a long time now. But I had peeked at the ending, so I wanted to wait for book two. I now have that one as an eARC, so I at last made myself read this first book. And oh. It was all kinds of amazing. Different from what I thought too. Even more exciting than I had imagined it would be.

Of course, the ending I had peeked at wasn't even what I thought it was, ha. So I was actually worried for nothing. So, yeah. And I had not even noticed the huge plot twist. Which did put me out a little. But I have grown to love it. And so I'm giving this book five stars. I was interested from the beginning to the end of this story.

And I shall admit that I did not think I would be, considering what the book is about. It is a little slow. Yet I adored it. I loved getting to know Zephyr and her life. I loved the world this story was set in. It was fully exciting to read about. And so I didn't mind that it was slow. Because I fell in love with everything. The writing was perfect, of course, as with the other books I have read by Joan. This is so far my favorite of her books. It's a five star for me, but there were a few small things that bothered me. I wanted more of Crow and the very, very small growing romance they had. Sigh. But I loved just reading about Zephyr too. But yes. I wanted more of Crow. And that twist. I did not see it coming at all. And it hurt me. So very much. Sobs. But it was written really well.

And so I think the twist will be okay. Perhaps. I may have also peeked a little more on my early copy of book two. And that hurt me even worse, haha. I'm unsure how this story will end. And yet. I am dying to read it. Because I really truly fell in love with this world and these characters. I want more of them all. I want to know how it will all end, even if it breaks me. Though I hope it will not, not too badly, at least, ha. Shall not write too much about the plot in this review of mine. Will not mention the twist at all; best not to.

But how do I even write about this book? I'm not sure. It tells the story of eighteen-year-old Zephyr. She spends her time as a strategist for Xin Ren. This world was a world of war. Who should rule the empire and who should not. Zephyr tries her best to make Ren into the best option, working on taking out their enemies. Okay. I have no idea how to describe this plot at all. Haha. It made sense when I read the book. So I will not write too much about it, as that will not make any sense at all. But it do in the book, promise.

I loved how this story begins, right in the middle of the action. With Zephyr and Ren with their soldiers on the run from a more terrible woman in charge of others and more soldiers. Zephyr has to make a choice to save them all from being killed. It is not easy. But oh, she was such a smart person. At least I think so, haha. She did make a few bad choices in this book. But for the most part she was extraordinary. I loved that. I loved how smart she was and how she saved everyone, or tried to at least. Her mind was the best.

I simply adored her. I loved how she was not a warrior, like everyone around her. I loved how she played the zither so well. I very much loved how she gave herself up to the enemy, pretending to switch sides. It was pretty exciting to read about. And oh, how much she learned while at their place. Most of all I loved when she met their strategist, Crow. He was the best. Probably dying. But I loved him most and hope he makes it. Ha. Sobs. They were not friends. And I so loved them together. As they slowly got a little closer.

But then she left. Back to Ren and her actual people. And ahh. I can't deal with everything that happened. How the war went. How many people died. We do not see much of it, but a few deaths. And they were a bit awful and I just loved it. This whole book was just written so well. I loved the war parts of it. All of the scheming too. So much happens in this story, despite it being kind of short. I can't wait to read all of what happens next, though I'm way too nervous. I have shared way too little about what happens in this book.

Of course. I suddenly remembered something important that I should mention. I did not love only Zephyr and Crow in this story. But all the others too. Ren was pretty great, I think. And I loved Lotus and Cloud as well, her swornsisters. I loved that part of it. I loved how close they all were. Though Zephyr was not really a part of all of that. Which did change a little towards the end, which I liked. This book had a little drama. I loved it, haha. It was full of heartbreaking parts too, which I loved a little less, to be honest, ha.

I should write more about this book. But I'm unable to describe the plot. That twist ruined me. Yet it was written really well too, I suppose, haha. And I'm growing to like it. I just hope it ends well. Oh. Strike the Zither was such an excellent story. I loved the history and the world. I adored Zephyr and Crow. Now I will be reading book two. And hopefully I will survive it. This review feels a little messy. But that's okay. I feel a little messy too, after having read this story. It was so good, though. And I think you should all read it too.


Saturday, October 21, 2023

In My Mailbox #624

New week, new mail to share about, haha :D I got waaay too many pop figures this week. Oops. But I had to have them all, ack. <3 I also read a new book this week too :) Sadly just a two star. Sigh. But at least I read it, ha. And I have my next two reads ready as well. Hopefully starting a new book tomorrow :) I have been a little better this week. First a whole lot of pain in my joints. But it's getting better. Hopefully. So I'm trying to take it easy. But I'm still going on daily walks, which is good :) Probably, ha. But yeah. I'm better. But not good. Also, it's getting darker and darker outside and inside. Hmph. I'm not looking forward to the weeks of no sun. Sigh. Though Christmas is around that time too, and I cannot wait for that. <3 But yeah. I don't like the dark. It ruins my photos, ha :D We also got a little snow back. Now gone again. Ugh. Hoping it will be back soon, ha. Anyway. This week I'm waiting on Not Quite a Ghost :D And I shared my review of Bee Bakshi and the Gingerbread Sisters :) Hope you are all well. <3 Have a great weekend :D

Sword Catcher. US hardcover and UK Waterstones special :D They both look gorgeous. Excited for this.
The Hurricane Wars. Waterstones exclusive :D It just looks stunning and I'm hoping this will be great :)
The Fragile Threads of Power. My Waterstones exclusive signed edition arrived :) And it looks stunning.
Mister Magic. I wasn't sure about getting this, as I didn't like her other adult horror. But giving it a try :D
Divine Rivals. I know. I already have this UK hardcover. But mine is read, so wanted one un-read, ha :)
Silver in the Bone. Same with this. Though I have the UK signed copy, and this is not signed. Needed it.
A Fire Endless. Now I got both books in this series. Though I prefer hardcovers, oops. Reading one day.
Movies. I still love buying blu-rays, eee :D I so cannot wait to watch Cocaine Bear soon, finally, haha. <3
Funko Europe. They finally sent me the correct Pluto :) I think I will sell Freddy; not for me. He was a free gift, haha :D And ohhh. I was able to get that Luffy One Piece poster. And I'm keeping it. Looks awesome.

Funko Europe. Yeah. This was two big orders. Sobs. Cost me so much. Sigh. But I love them, ahh :D I'm so thrilled about all the new Stranger Things pop figures, eee. And I got them all. Sigh. Love. Still tried to get the mystery mini Max, still failed. Got two sodas; Stitch is so adorable. And I got Sandy Claws chase, where the regular one looks better. Uuugh. So I have ordered a new one, hahaha :) I always get all the "uglier" chase figures. How rude. Never the pretty ones that I actually want, ha :) All the other pops are adorable too. I just love them all. Had to get the Looney Tunes HP houses; so cute. Love my Garfield :D

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Friday, October 20, 2023

Review: Bee Bakshi and the Gingerbread Sisters by Emi Pinto

I really truly wanted to love this book. As I bought it because of that most adorable cover. It looks so cute. And spooky. But it sadly was not. Sigh. I'm going to struggle a little with this review. I'm giving the book two stars. I really wanted to enjoy it. And I very much did not. Some parts were good, but most were bad. Which makes me sad.

I have a whole lot to share about this book. So many thoughts and feelings about it. But going to start with the positive. The writing was pretty good, I didn't actually have any issues with it, which was nice. I adored Lucas and his cat, Albus. As they were the bright spots of this story. And liked the relationship Bee had with her grandmother.

But those were sadly pretty much all that I liked about this one. Ack. And I have a lot of thoughts about it, though I'm only going to share some of it. First, I feel tricked by the summary. They did not spend a summer at the cottage. It was one week. Rude. She did not spend much time at this magical house at the other side of the lake, it was one night. And the witch part was all a lie, mostly. So disappointing. Only real part was Lucas, who was pretty dorky. But Bee hated him at first. And that made me somewhat hate her, sadly. And oh, I did not have the best connection at all with this twelve-year-old main girl. I wanted to love her. She looks so adorable. And her family was great. First, it sounded like her family was huge. It was not. It was her and her parents and her grandmother. Yeah. But anyway. Bee wasn't a nice person. At all. To anyone. Hmph.

And that bothered me so much. She treated her parents horribly. She treated Lucas horribly too when she met him, and for a long time after as well. I guess we were supposed to feel sorry for her. But I didn't. She used to be a weird girl herself, years ago. Always left out. Until she met Kitty, her best friend. Well, so she thinks she is. After she met her, she changed. As Kitty did not approve of the things that Bee liked. As in her family's food. And so Bee no longer liked her parent's cooking. That just. That bothered me too much.

We don't even get to see Kitty in this story. As the book takes place during that one week at the cottage. But Bee thinks of her a few times. She is always very embarrassed of her parents and everyone around her. I hated it. So much. So yeah. Supposed to feel sorry for her, as she was forced to change who she was to be friends with a girl who did not truly like her. Yeah. I didn't buy it. And I did not feel sorry for Bee. Because none of it was a good enough excuse for how she was with her parents or towards Lucas. Sigh.

I'm not fully sure what this book was about. I see others say it was about Bee learning to love herself. Well. No. It was not. Because I do not felt like she did. She cried a little towards the end. I did not care. She did not end her friendship with Kitty. We did not get to see anything more about that, and that was disappointing. Bee had a favorite author, and that whole story line was just weird, ha. This book had a little bit of magic. I liked a little of it. Other parts were weird. Like the magic birds or whatever they were.

I guess the book was about the girl Alina, who Bee met at the other side of the lake. She met her once and was obsessed with her. I did not get it. Sigh. I just did not care much for this book at all, which was disappointing. I tried. It was impossible. I wish Bee had been kinder. Sure, she got better. But it was too late for me. Even with how short this book was. It also felt like she was way younger than twelve at first, more like eight. So that was a little weird as well. Anyway. I did adore Lucas. And their mostly friendship.

I have already written too much about this book. And yet I'm sure I still have some thoughts that I have not shared yet. Oops. I just. I so wanted to love Bee Bakshi and the Gingerbread Sisters. But I did not. Had hoped it would be such a great spooky ghost story. It was not. Sure, there were a couple of ghost. And they were fully boring. Sigh. The cat was the only bright spot, and even that wasn't normal, which made it a little weird. But yeah. I'm still glad I read this book, as I just could not ignore that cover, haha.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Waiting on Wednesday #626

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

From the award-winning author of The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy comes an unforgettable and deeply personal story of the ghosts that surround us—and the ones we carry inside.

The house seemed to sit apart from the others on Katydid Street, silent and alone, like it didn’t fit among them. For Violet Hart—whose family is about to move into the house on Katydid Street—very little felt like it fit anymore. Like their old home, suddenly too small since her mother remarried and the new baby arrived. Or Violet’s group of friends, which, since they started middle school, isn’t enough for Violet’s best friend, Paige. Everything seemed to be changing at once. But sometimes, Violet tells herself, change is okay.

That is, until Violet sees her new room. The attic bedroom in their new house is shadowy, creaky, and wrapped in old yellow wallpaper covered with a faded tangle of twisting vines and sickly flowers. And then, after moving in, Violet falls ill—and does not get better. As days turn into weeks without any improvement, her family growing more confused and her friends wondering if she’s really sick at all, she finds herself spending more time alone in the room with the yellow wallpaper, the shadows moving in the corners, wrapping themselves around her at night. 

And soon, Violet starts to suspect that she might not be alone in the room at all.

Format: 288 pages, Hardcover
Expected Publication: January 16, 2024 by Walden Pond Press
Pre-Order: Blackwells and Amazon US and Amazon UK

I'm curious about this one :D I think it sounds both spooky and heartbreaking and that is just the kind of middle grade books that I love. Sigh. The cover is pretty too. So yeah. I'm so going to love this book. <3
What are you waiting for on this spooky Wednesday?

Saturday, October 14, 2023

In My Mailbox #623

Hello :) This week have been both good and bad. I finished reading Champion of Fate, which was true perfection. Oh. I loved it so very much, yesss. And I'm starting a new book tomorrow, hopefully :) I also got a bunch of lovely books this week. Oops. And getting more pop figures next week, ha. The psoriasis cuts on my heels and fingers healed fast, thankfully. But I have a different kind of pain these days which is killing me. Sigh. I am having a medicine break, since April. My stomach is still okay, so I do not want to start it again. But my arthritis is currently murdering me. I haven't had pain like this since I was small, as I have been on medicine my whole life. But yeah. Now I am dying a little. It hurts so much, all my joints. My entire left arm has been so painful for a few weeks. And my knee keeps hurting. And my hips and ankles. So, yeah. I hurt. But I am dealing with it. Probably, haha. Might have to call the hospital this coming week and ask to be put back on the medicine. Uugh. But the side effects can be so so very bad, so I wanted to survive without it for a while. But, well. I cannot keep having this type of pain either. Ack! Anyway. I have watched The Fall of the House of Usher this week, which was pretty great :) I wish I could say that I saw the Taylor Swift Eras tour movie last night. But I did not. Sobs. My small town is not getting it. Ahhh. They can't afford it. What even. So, yeah. I won't be able to watch it in the cinema. Sobs. I so hope it will be on streaming soon, ahh. Pretty please. Aaalso! My blog turned 12 this week :D Ahh! So old already, ha. Feel like I have been blogging forever. And of course I'm not stopping anytime soon :) Oops. This weekly post of mine ended up being way too long. Sorry about that :) If anyone is actually reading my updates, haha :) Three new posts this week :) I shared my review of Champion of Fate :D This week I'm waiting on When Among Crows :) And I shared my Twelve Years of Blogging post. <3 Hope that you are all doing great :D

Night of the Witch. The gorgeous hardcover edition of this book. I had to have it, of course :) Stunning.
Sword Catcher. Got my first of many copies; the UK paperback edition :D So very excited for this book.
The Fragile Threads of Power. Gorgeous US hardcover edition. I must get caught up on this series soon.
Prince of Thorns & Nightmares. I couldn't help but get this one, haha. Got the Eric one. Reading one day.
The Night Hunt. UK paperback edition :D Will be reading my hardcover, but had to have both. Excited :)
If I Have To Be Haunted. Ahh! First official Fairyloot YA book subscription. Looks gorgeous. I'm curious.
Lore + Silver in the Bone. Bought from Chest of Fandoms; German editions. Colored edges. Perfect :)
Detective Pikachu Returns. I am pretty excited about this new pokemon game :D It looks very adorable.
Barbie Doll. At last got my Barbie doll as well, haha :) I just had to have Barbie and Ken. I love them lots.

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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Twelve Years of Blogging

How has it already been another year? Time is moving so fast lately. I started writing this post last night, just before midnight. So I did remember my blog birthday this year, ha :) But did not finish writing it before today, I was simply too tired. But anyway. Eee! My blog is twelve years old :D No idea where all the time has gone. No giveaway this time, as I haven't had the energy to figure it out, haha. But having one soon, hopefully. I'm still blogging each week. I'm still reading, though I am still not reading a lot. But so far I have read more than I did last year, so I feel that I am making some progress at least :) This has been such a busy year for me. I turned 30 years old :) And my sister took me to Disneyland Paris for my birthday. <3 Only one day, but it was enough :) We had such a great time. See my blog post about it here. And my cat turned 10 years as well. <3 She still behaves as if she is a kitten most of the time, haha :) I still use twitter daily, which is where I share all small details about my daily life. I have also started posting on instagram every single day, though that might become less during the months of no daylight soon. But I still haven't gotten many followers, ha, but I still love taking photos and sharing them anyway :) So I do not mind. <3

I don't actually have that much else to share about this past year. We had such a great summer, though I wish it had been even hotter. But we did have many great summer days, which was nice. Now it's so very cold, though, and it has started snowing too. Brrr. At least this means that Christmas is near now, haha :) But yeah. I'm mostly just waiting for summer to come back again, ha. My health is still bad, still have my four chronic diseases and still have problems with them all. It's difficult. But I'm doing okay. <3 This year have also been such a great book year for me. I got so so so many books. Ahh. So many precious ones to add to all my collections, eee. And I have read more amazing books this year than in a while, so that's good. I may have also gotten way too many funko pop figures this year. But oh. I have no room for more books or pop figures, yet I can't make myself stop buying any of them. Sigh. My love for it all is too much, haha :) I also still play pokemon go daily and animal crossing new horizons and pocket camp as well. <3 Anyway. I still blog. And I am not planning on quitting anytime soon. I still love reading. I still love writing super long reviews, ha. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I hope you are all doing great. <3


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Waiting on Wednesday #625

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.



From #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth, When Among Crows is a contemporary fantasy set in Chicago, where creatures from Slavic lore are real and among us, and is a story about the families we build―and the ones we destroy.

Format: 176 pages, Hardcover
Expected Publication: May 14, 2024 by Tor Books
Pre-Order: Blackwells and Amazon US and Amazon UK

Ohhh. I am curious about this book :D Looks like it will be short, and I cannot wait to read it. And oops. Such a small summary, haha. But it sounds great and it is Veronica Roth. So of course I'm getting it. I love the cover too. Hoping this short looking book will be amazing :) It sounds very interesting, at least.
What are you waiting for on this cursed Wednesday?

Monday, October 9, 2023

Review: Champion of Fate by Kendare Blake

This book was everything I wanted. I loved it from beginning to end. I am just so happy about it. Sigh. Of course, I have loved every book by Kendare. So I knew this one would be amazing. But I also did not realize how very epic it would be. Waiting for the next book is going to be torture. I want more of everything.

Five stars for this book. Even though that ending killed me, ha. It hurt. But it was so good too. I'm just fully nervous about how everything will be in the second book, as I have so many hopes. Keeping my fingers crossed. But gosh, this first book was every kind of incredible. I loved it beyond words. This was perfection.

I'm probably not going to be able to find the words to describe this story. Or I am going to end up writing way too much. Oops. The writing was stunning. I felt connected to everything. It took me a while to read this, but that just meant I had more days to love it. It is told from the point of view of sixteen-year-old Reed. And I loved her more than anything. She was the sweetest and loveliest girl. I really loved how she was tall, despite her not fully loving it herself. Very much of the beginning of this book is about getting to know Reed. We start with her as a child, eight years old. Having just arrived at a new place with her family. Then having to watch them get murdered during a raid of their village. It was fully heartbreaking. But she was so brave and so fierce.

I truly loved Reed the very most. She is the only survivor of her village. Taken by the raiders when they found her, supposed to be used as a sacrifice when they reach their ship. Along with a black colt. Reed connects with this horse right away, and doesn't realize they are supposed to be killed. But they end up getting saved by two women, two Aristene. Which is how Reed begins her journey of becoming one. A immortal fighting woman. Who trains heroes, men and women, to bring them glory. I so loved all of this.

I'm not going to say much more about the Aristene and their ways. Just that I loved all of it so very much. These warrior women were all kinds of awesome and I loved those we got to see. Especially loved Aster, who became the mentor of Reed. They were like family and I just adored that. I loved how the Aristene had their own secret home, only available to enter through a veil by these women. I loved how amazing everything was and I so loved getting to know the history of these things too. So many details. Loved it.

Anyway. Reed was taken in by these warriors. And spent the next eight years as an initiate to become an Aristene herself. And I loved how we got to see the final parts of this training. Because she was not alone. She had two girls with her, Lyonene and Gretchen. And oh, how I adored reading about their friendships. It was honestly the very best thing. They were such great friends and I loved that. Gretchen seemed like the most gentle one. Lyonene was a bit crazy, ha, but I adored her even so. We got to see much of them.

Then it was time to actually try to become an Aristene. Which involved a Hero's Trial. I so loved all of the details, haha. They had to travel to the secret city to find out which hero they were meant to bring to glory for their first time. Though Reed had already had a peek at her hero, eight years before. And I very much liked that, because she had been thinking about him for all of those years. Oops. Anyway. I have already shared too much of just the beginning. I just. I loved this story most. I loved all of the little things as well.

Especially loved the relationship that Reed had with her horse, Silco. He was the meanest and I adored him. Reed and Lyonene both got heroes that were to fight the same war. Gretchen chose to not become an Aristene after all. Which was very sad, yet I fully got her. Wish we had seen more of her, though. But yeah. Reed and Lyonene ended up in the same place, almost. And so they got to spend much more time together, fighting for glory, haha. I loved it. They had some bickering, but they were sisters. I loved them.

Then there was the hero. Hestion. And I cannot with this boy that Reed was chosen to make a hero of. I loved him. Yet I was a little upset with him too, haha. He did a bit too much of sleeping around with every girl he could find. Ack. But that was before Reed. So I cannot be too upset about it. I guess. I loved their first meeting. How all of it went down. How Reed sort of worshipped him already. Yet he was her hero, so no romance, not really. At least not right away. But oh, I shipped them from the very beginning, ha. Sigh.

There is so much to say about this story. I cannot. And I have shared way too many small things already. But I cannot seem to stop myself from writing about this book. Oops. So I'm sharing a little more, ha. This book is about Reed training her hero for glory. When he gets that glory in war, she is ready to become an actual Aristene for real. But so much happens. Feelings happens. And I wanted them together more than anything. Sigh. My poor heart. And the war as well. Gosh. I hated the villain. So much. It was so perfect.

Champion of Fate truly was everything I had hoped it would be and much more. This was an incredible epic story of heroes and warriors and friendships. And a little romance too. Most perfect writing. And I adored the characters more than anything. I'm not going to share more about the story, already shared too much. But gosh, how I loved it all. I cannot. Reed was everything. And the other girls were too. And Hestion as well. And Silco. I just want more already. I so cannot wait. You all need this book in your life.


Saturday, October 7, 2023

In My Mailbox #622

Sigh. This week have been preeetty exhausting for me. Gosh. But I'm alive, ha :) And I have also started reading a new book, finally, eee :D Champion of Fate is so so so good. <3 I'm slow to read, of course, but loving it so. Didn't get to read more today, but lots tomorrow, I hope. And I got a whole bunch of mail this week too. Oops. All the books and all the pop figures, ahh. So much awesome. <3 I have been in a lot of pain this week. My shoulder started hurting; it was the actual worst for days and days. From my shoulder to my elbow to my wrist. It's better now, but not good. Ouch. And yesterday I had a hospital appointment, which made me be gone the entire day, and it hurt. I have psoriasis cuts all over my fingers and my heels too. Shudders. So, yeah. Yesterday hurt. But it was such a good day too, with good food and a tiny bit of shopping and swimming in the best pool. Okay, no swimming, but bathing, haha :) Winter is officially here too. Been snowing a little, though it isn't fully sticking yet. But so cold. Brrr. Not ready for months of cold and dark, ha :) Anyway. This week I'm waiting on A Ruse of Shadows. <3 I hope you are all doing well :D

The Fragile Threads of Power. My signed UK paperback edition. I had to buy this version, ha :) So pretty.
Percy Jackson: The Chalice of the Gods. Both editions arrived, ha :) Signed waterstones special, I love it.
Find Him Where You Left Him Dead. Hardcover has arrived :D Of course I had to own this finished copy.
A River Enchanted. One of the two books in this duology; ordered them both on sale; to read one day, ha.
The Scarlet Veil. I know, have not finished the trilogy. But this Waterstones edition looks so pretty. Love.
The Forest Grimm. I'm excited about this book, as I think it sounds pretty great :D Hope to love this a lot.
Girl of Nightmares ARC. EEE! Thank you so much Mikaella for trading this with me :D I love it so much.
Lore Keychain. Ahh. I am so excited to have this gorgeous swag from Lore :D I bought this from depop :)
Champion of Fate swag. EEE! Biggest thank you to Kendare for this perfect pre-order swag. <3 I love it.
Funko Europe. Oops. Bunch of new pop figures :D I love them all. Sigh. Many new Christmas ones, ha :)
Peach car + Encanto Cards + Bukowski. What I bought on my hospital trip, ha. Love it all. Cutest plush :D

More Instagram photos here. <3

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Waiting on Wednesday #624

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

A RUSE OF SHADOWS (Lady Sherlock #8)

Goodreads Description:

Charlotte Holmes is accustomed to solving crimes, not being accused of them, but she finds herself in a dreadfully precarious position as the bestselling Lady Sherlock series continues.

Charlotte’s success on the RMS Provence has afforded her a certain measure of time and assurance. Taking advantage of that, she has been busy, plotting to prise the man her sister loves from Moriarty’s iron grip.

Disruption, however, comes from an unexpected quarter. Lord Bancroft Ashburton, disgraced and imprisoned as a result of Charlotte’s prior investigations, nevertheless manages to press Charlotte into service: Underwood, his most loyal henchman, is missing and Lord Bancroft wants Charlotte to find Underwood, dead or alive.

But then Lord Bancroft himself turns up dead and Charlotte, more than anyone else, meets the trifecta criteria of motive, means, and opportunity. Never mind rescuing anyone else, with the law breathing down her neck, can Charlotte save herself from prosecution for murder?

Format: 368 pages, Paperback
Expected Publication: June 25, 2024 by Berkley
Pre-Order: Blackwells and Amazon US and Amazon UK

Eeee! New Lady Sherlock book from Sherry Thomas :D I am so very excited. Though, aack, I am a few books behind on this series. Gosh. But I love the ones I have read so so very much. And I cannot wait to re-read them sometime soon, so I can read the rest of the books too. <3 Charlotte is the best character :)
What are you waiting for on this mysterious Wednesday?