Saturday, June 17, 2023

In My Mailbox #606

Ohh. This has been one exhausting week. Good, but I am so tired. And so I have not managed to start reading a new book just yet. Aw. Hopefully in the next few days :) Though it will finally be sunny and hot outside, so I will be spending hours outside every day for a few days, which I am so excited about, ha :) Though it makes me all kinds of dead. I hurt all over from sitting outside for a few hours today. Sigh. But I love it too. Anyway. Went on an all day road trip this Monday. It was painful, ha, but such a good trip with my family too :) I got a little bit of lovely mail, eee. Waiting on even more next week, oops. <3 Anyway. I'm exhausted but good. This week I'm waiting on Prince of Thorns & Nightmares :) Hope you are all well. <3

The Forgotten Five: Rebel Undercover. Book three. Oops :D Reading them all one day. Love the cover.
Gallant. I just had to get this new paperback version of this book, as I liked it a whole lot. Pretty colors.
Roar of the Tides. Finally got to buy one of the editions of this book; the paperback :D So excited for it.
Blood & Feathers. At last bought this one too :) Such a huge fan of Beth. <3 Hoping to read it soonish :)
Pokemon. Eee. I had to get some of the new pokemon trading cards, ha :D And big pikachu plush, eee.
Pop figures. The gremlins one is adorable, eee. I love it so. Chani from Dune as well. Had to have her.

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