Thursday, November 9, 2023

Review: A Study in Drowning by Ava Reid

This book was not what I thought it would be. I had wished to like it. And I ended up loving it to pieces. Oh. I did not know how very much this one would be for me. So happy that I read it right now. Every moment of this story was perfect. So adored the main girl. And such a sweet romance. Sigh. Writing was fully great as well.

There is so much I loved about this book. I do not know where to start. Or what to share. It all felt magical. I loved getting to know Effy and Preston. I truly loved reading about them spending time together. I loved how creepy the plot was. I so very much loved how soft and broken Effy was. It ruined me. I loved her the most.

I'm giving this book five stars, of course. Because I loved it from start to finish. It was such a stunning story. I fully loved the plot and the characters. I mostly loved the romance, ha. It was truly just perfect and sweet and I found that to be the very best. Sigh. There is much to share about this book. I shall share a little bit, not too much this time. I liked the world it was set in, though we do not get to see too much of it. It felt like something of the past yet also of the present as well. It was about two close countries at war with each other. Which was sad, but we didn't get to know much about it. It was about one of them, where Effy lived. In the south they believed in magic and things like that. And in the north, where she was from, they did not. Although Effy still did. And I so loved that about her. I loved everything she believed in.

I simply have to talk about Effy a little. This girl was the absolute best. She had recently begun studying at a university, where she was to study something she did not actually care about. While also being the only girl in this place. What Effy wanted to study was literature, but she was not allowed. Men only. And oh, it hurt to read about how women were kept from things in this world. Very much like ours, of course. Written very well too. But Effy was trying her best even so, and wanting to study what she could. It was not easy.

And that hurt the most, reading about what happened to her. We get to see small glimpses of it several times in this book. And it hurt every time. Yet I loved it too, as it made her even more real to me, because of how broken she was. And how strong she became. How at first she did all that she could do to survive. And then actually wanting to live, later on. Sigh. But yes. This girl went through so much. Too much. And yet not actually the worst thing, which made my heart a little bit happier to know. Effy deserved the world.

And then reading about her mother. Ugh. I hated her. And we do not actually meet her, only read about her. But yeah. She was not a good person. And what she did to Effy as a child. Well. I'm so not pleased. Because of this, Effy has been on sleeping pills and other pills since she was young. It was interesting to read about it, why she took them, and what they helped against. Well, somewhat helped. I just. I loved Effy. Every broken and hurt part of her. She was so afraid at times. But trying her best and so brave too.

Anyway. About the story. Effy had a favorite author. One of his books was her most treasured one, which she had read hundreds of times and that had helped her when she was hurt. And I so very much loved that. I loved how this book was a part of this story and how we got to see parts of it too. This author was her hero. And then she learned more and more about him and it kept getting worse. Ahh. I loved it, haha. But yes. Effy is invited to his home, six months after his death, to help redesign the place. She's excited.

But it was very much not what she had pictured when she arrived. It took six hours to travel by train. The house was far on top of the cliffs. Almost falling into the sea. It was very much a ruined and broken home. His son lived there, and gods. He was such a creepy man and it bothered me very much. But also written so well. Hmph. I loved the mystery of it all. Effy was not the only one from the university there. A boy was too, Preston. He was there for a different reason, to research the dead author, to figure out all his secrets.

And oh, they had such arguments about this at first, ha. I loved it. They had the best bickering. Because they were somewhat enemies, with Preston being half of the other country. And being a literature student as well, which was her biggest wish. So they did not start out very well. But it changed fast. They became friends. Started to work together a little too. Working to figure out the mystery of that very creepy house. And gosh. Preston was the very best boy. I loved him the very most. His story was so good as well. Ahh.

And then their growing romance was the actual best. Sigh. A little slow. At first. But very perfect. I loved them together. They fit so well. Both a little broken. Both a little soft. A little stubborn. And just the cutest. Okay. I may have written too much about this book already. Oops. And yet too little about the plot. There is a little hint of magic. A story of the fairy king. What Effy believes in, what Preston does not. How it fits with the house and the book. I loved the history of the drowning. I wanted more of that as well. Loved it.

There was just so much amazing in this story. I cannot deal with it. In a way it was not actually a story for me. I'm not much a fan of contemporary books. But this was not only that. And yet I still loved every piece of this. Sigh. I think it was because of loving the writing and how the characters were so perfect. A Study in Drowning was perfection. I loved the mystery of it all. I adored the precious romance. And Effy was the most perfect broken girl. And I loved how she changed as well. You should definitely all read this one too.


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