Monday, December 31, 2018

Best Books of 2018

Happy final day of 2018 :D I hope that you will all have the most awesome day. I'm so excited for all the fireworks. And for eating more turkey, haha. Today I am sharing my Best Books of 2018 :D Eee. I have read a whole lot of aaamazing books this year. So many books that I loved. And in this post I'm sharing about my top 12 books. I have loved more, but these are my favorites of the books I have read this year. Sort of in the right correction. But also cannot choose between these. But also, to be honest, my memory is not quite right lately. And so I cannot make myself choose which books I loved most. Gosh. But I loved all of these so so very much and I do remember all the love I had for each of them. So yes. Sort of correct order of the books I loved the most. If you have not read these books yet, get moving. They were all so so very good. This year I ended up reading a total of eighty books. Which is not a bunch, but it was the most I could do, with my health being the worst this whole year. A few of these books were short stories, some only ten pages long, haha, so I'm not sure how much they count. But right now they count for me, as they made me reach my goal this year, lol. Only fourteen re-reads this past year. More next year for sure, ha. Twenty five five stars reads, twenty four four star reads. And with many being bad reads too, haha. But I did read so many good ones this year, and loved them all. Sigh. Hoping to read more next year. Crossing my fingers. I have so many books I did not get to this year, and I'm so very excited to read them all. One book missing from this list is Two Dark Reigns. It is only missing because I did not have two other books to add with it, haha. But yeah. I loved that one too. So very much. Happy reading to every one of you :D

Best Four Stars of 2018. My Goodreads 2018 Challenge. My Goodreads 2018 Year in Books.

1. The Hollow of Fear. The romance in this book killed me. It was perfection. Such a thrilling mystery too.
2. Sky in the Deep. All kinds of unique and precious. I loved the characters in it beyond words. Too good.
3. To Kill a Kingdom. The best mermaid story for sure. And an incredible romance and story too. Loved it.

4. The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein. Dark and delicious. This book ruined me. Loved it so.
5. Sawkill Girls. Most stunning girls and such an exciting monster too. This book was simply incredible.
6. LIFEL1K3. This one was way too rude. That ending ruined me. But so very good. I adored this world.

7. Courting Darkness. Full of all my favorite characters. And filled with the most exciting and rude plot.
8. Obsidio. Such a thrilling final book that I loved so very much. Also, I died in this one, and I loved that.
9. Give the Dark My Love. This one ruined me a little. That ending was the rudest. But so very precious.

10. Sadie. This book wrecked me. Very heartbreaking. But thrilling and exciting and sort of hopeful too.
11. The Blood Spell. A new stunning book by the best author. Adored the characters and loved the story.
12. Reign the Earth. Such a unique and gorgeous story. Heartbreaking and beyond amazing. Loved it so.



  1. Happy new year๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŽ†

  2. Happy new year to you, lovely Carina! <3
    I loved so many of the same books as you, especially Courting Darkness. Robin Lafevers is wonderful!

    Megan @

  3. Hope you enjoyed the fireworks and congrat on 80 books! Must finish Sherry Thomas' series soon. Happy New Year, Carina! <3


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