Saturday, December 8, 2018

Review: Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers

Reading these books again have possibly destroyed me a little. It have only been four years since I first read Mortal Heart, yet it turns out that I had forgotten almost everything. Which made this second read feel like a first read for most of the time, which was so very lovely. I loved this third book so much. Five stars always.

There is so much I loved about this book. And I do not know how to write it all down. It was slower than the other two books, yet I loved it just the same. Mortal Heart tells the story of Annith. She have spent her entire life at the convent for St. Mortain, as she was brought there as a baby. She's never been anywhere else.

There is so much to get to know about Annith. And though the beginning was slow, I did not mind it one bit. Because the book needed those pages to get to know Annith and her life. I loved reading about it so very much, because Annith is amazing. She is the best assassin at the convent, despite never having been sent out to kill someone. She is the best one at everything there. Always doing everything that needs to be doing. Never breaking the rules. At least, that is how it seems. But Annith is not that gullible. She is the sweetest person, yet so fierce too. She wants what she deserves, which is to finally get sent out to kill someone. But the abbess is not letting her. She wants her to stay at the convent forever, as their seer. This is so not okay with Annith.

And so Annith makes plans to run away. And I loved her so much for that. For wanting something else for herself, for being brave enough to do something about it. I loved getting to know this girl. How she did not have it easy growing up. It broke my heart. And made me care for her so much. I loved how she cared for the other girls at the convent, though I wish they had cared more for her as well. Hmph. Felt like we got to know new things about Annith from beginning to end, and I loved that so very much. She was awesome.

This book is all about Annith. And her learning to make things happen for herself. Learning to take control of her own life and future. She also learns the truth about who she is, how she came to be. And it was all kinds of heartbreaking and rude. But so very perfect as well. Annith was such an amazing character and I loved her to pieces. She learns so much in this book, and I loved that the most. She meets many people and they were all lovely to get to know. And she sees Ismae and Sybella again, and oh, that was perfect.

On her second day after running away from the convent, she meets the hunt. The hellequin. Dead men searching for a way to free their soul. They are pretty scary, but not all of them. Which is how she meets Balthazar. And oh gosh, how I loved this dark and tortured man. Reading about him and Annith spending time together was all kinds of precious. She spends a few weeks riding with the hunt. Being protected by Balthazar, getting to know them all. I wish she had stayed with them always. They were simply awesome.

But she leaves them, and ends up at the place where Ismae and Sybella are. Annith ends up being a big part of trying to save the duchess and her lands. And I loved that so. Loved reading about everything that happened at court. I loved that Balthazar followed her there. That they got closer. And there is romance. And it was so very perfect. I shipped them the most. Eee. Full of complications, though. But they were so awesome. There is so much going on in this book, and I have not mentioned much of it. All was exciting.

I'm not sharing too much about this book. Simply because I do not know what else to say. This book was all kinds of stunning. I loved reading about Annith and her journey. And her romance. Sigh. So very good. Loved learning more about the previous characters too, and I loved how they all played a part in fixing the war in this country. So much happens, and I loved reading every moment of everything. I cannot describe enough how much I adore Ismae and Sybella and Annith. They all have such a special place in my heart.

This third and final book in this very amazing historical trilogy was all kinds of stunning. Mortal Heart was everything I wanted it to be. There are more of every character, despite this book being told from the point of view of Annith. The ending was all kinds of amazing. A bit rude, but so perfect. And the fact that Robin is writing more books in this world with some of the same characters is killing me. I cannot wait to get to read Courting Darkness next. Shall be so very good and I am both nervous and excited. I know I'll love it.

For real, though. If you have not read these books yet you are seriously missing out. They are all three full of amazing girls fighting for their lives. These girls are fierce and angry and full of justice. Also full of murder too. So much death in these books. Most of it deserving. These books are dark, yet not too dark. There is some stunning political parts too, not too much, but just enough. Getting to know these girls have been the very best. You all need to get know them too. Because they are perfection. Go buy these books.

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  1. Sounds like I am missing out! It is easy to see how much you love this book. I love that you felt you were reading it for the first time. I have always wanted to be able to do that with Harry Potter. :)


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