Saturday, December 29, 2018

In My Mailbox #373

Where did this week go? Christmas is moving so fast, ahh :D But I'm loving it. Lots of good food, haha. And lots of family time as well. I had the best Christmas eve, with lots of turkey and presents, haha. No bookish things for me, as my family is small, but I got a bunch of money, lol. Love all that I got. <3 I'm so behind on catching up this week, but hoping to get to it soonish. I did manage to read two books; which is not a lot, but also enough since it was Christmas as well, haha. And gosh. I need to read one more book to reach my goal of 80. I can do it. Probably. Hopefully. Unsure what to read, though, gah. I'm also so so very tired lately. It sucks. I want to sleep all day long. But I cannot. How rude, haha. I also started playing my Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu for real Thursday, and played for about six hours. What. My eyes are still killing me, haha. But loving it and want to play all the time. Oops. But managed to read too, so a few new posts this week :D I shared my Best Four Stars of 2018, eee! Posted my second review of Unearthed. <3 This week I'm waiting on The Severed Moon :D Shared my review of Undying too. <3 I have had a pretty great week. Behind on everything, as usual, but doing good. But gosh. I did not get any books in the mail this week! Ahh. But yeah. With Christmas going on, there were a lot of days with no mail, haha. Maybe some books next week, though :D Still sharing something that I got, haha. Happy Holidays to you all :D

Pop Vynl. These new Harry Potter figures are all kinds of adorable and I just had to have them :D Love.
Tamagotchi. Eee. Christmas present from sister :D I had this when I was little. Had to have it again, haha.

More Instagram photos here. <3


  1. Your cat is always so cute, and this time very festive, lol! I'm sure you'll be able to get one more book read for your goal. Maybe a novella if you're pressed for time. Glad to hear you got just what you wanted for Christmas: money! :)

  2. Love your Harry Potter vynl figures <3<3 So Sweet and adorable :-)


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