Friday, December 28, 2018

Review: Undying by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

This final book was all kinds of thrilling. It had all of the answers that I wanted. Was full of exciting things and sweet moments as well. Very much cared for the ending too. It was pretty amazing. But it also had less romance than what I was hoping for, which I am a little disappointed about. And so I am giving this a four star.

But a very strong four stars for this book. Because it was pretty much perfection. Was exciting from beginning to end. And never slowed down. I loved reading more about all the characters. And getting to meet new ones too. All of it so interesting and exciting. And I loved almost all of this book. I needed a bit more romance.

Which is what I will begin my review writing about. The book was so good. A stunning sequel and final book. It had all the answers I wanted about the world and the plot. Though, of course, would not have minded even more books, haha, as I wanted more from all these characters. Sigh. But this book was awesome. Rude at times, but so very good. Except for the romance. Oh. Which was disappointing me a whole lot. I so loved reading about Jules and Mia getting together in Unearthed. But also felt like that book had too few kisses, haha. But I felt sure this second book would have more, much more. But it did not. And I am so upset about it. Sure, I can survive books with little romance. But I prefer my romance. Hmph. Especially since this romance was so so good.

And I wouldn't have been so upset about this, if it weren't for the fact that there could have been more of it. There were so many places in this book where there could have been kisses. So many chances for the romance to have been sweet and exciting and just so very perfect. But it was not there. Since they were both being cowards. Ugh. And I'm a little bitter about it, haha. Yes, it happens later, but it could have been so very much. There was way too little romance in this book. And it breaks my heart a bit. I wanted more.

But this does not mean that Jules and Mia were not perfect together in this one. Because they were. And they are together at all times, again. And I loved that beyond words. They argue a little, but not too much, and I was mostly okay about their arguments, haha. I only wish the romance could have been there too, sigh, because they both feel it. They both care for each other so very much and they both want more. Yet it still does not happen for ages and ages. Hmph. But I survived it, haha. And I did love the book even so.

Because this book truly was all kinds of amazing. Yes, I wanted more romance, but I was also incredibly pleased with how this book was written. The writing was amazing. The story was so so very good. I loved learning more about Earth in this world these amazing authors have created. Sigh. I loved getting to know more about the Undying too. These alien people that look like humans. I loved getting to know all of their history. Learning who they were. And what they wanted with Earth. It was exciting and so good. And evil.

This book starts with Jules and Mia having been trapped on the Undying spaceship for a week now. They have not had a shower since they were on Earth last, which was ages ago, so they both smell pretty bad, haha. Yet they are so close in this ship, hiding from the Undying. No kissing. Ugh. Still. They are adorable together and I simply loved reading about how close they were even so. They are scared. And alone. All they want is to go back home. And warn Earth about the aliens. Which will not be as easy as they want it.

There is so much going on in this book. They do manage to get back to Earth, but it is not easy at all. And they end up having to go with two Undying as well. Atlanta and Dex. These two characters were all kinds of different and mysterious and I kind of adored them. Getting to know them was pretty exciting. We also get to know Jules's cousin, Neal. And gosh, I loved that boy a whole bunch too. He was adorable. Not all that helpful, haha, but so awesome. I loved learning more about their families too. It was all so very good.

I shall not mention much more about the plot of this book. Only that it was all exciting and a little creepy and just so good. While this book was not a five star for me, it was still pretty much perfect. And I loved a whole lot of it. I loved Jules and Mia beyond words. I only wish they had managed to make the romance work faster, haha. Learning what the Undying wanted with Earth was pretty evil and rude. Especially the way they went about it. I loved reading about Jules and Mia trying their best to stop it all from happening.

Undying was an excellent final book. I loved pretty much everything about it. Jules and Mia were both so very precious. Getting to know how their story ended was the best thing. This book was full of adventures and surprises and some death too. It wasn't that heartbreaking, but it was still pretty sad at times as well. This book was almost perfect to me, and I'm so very happy that I read this series. Both books are special to me. And if you have not read any of them yet, then you really must do so. They are both very worth it.

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