Thursday, December 6, 2018

Review: Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

I did not realize how much I had forgotten about this book since I first read it almost six years ago. I only remembered loving it so. Loving Sybella and Beast. It turns out I had forgotten almost the whole plot. And reading it all again pretty much ruined me. And I loved every moment of it. Once again, five star for this precious.

Dark Triumph is a companion to Grave Mercy. It takes place in the same time and same places. Some of the same characters too, only from a different point of view. And it is so very good. I loved the small scenes of Ismae and Duval included. But I very much loved getting to know Sybella better, and her whole story.

There is so much going on in Dark Triumph. I do not know how to write it all down. So I shall only share a little of it. As thinking too much about some of the things that happen only makes my heart hurt even more. Although I'm also so very happy with this book. Because it is full of hope too. So many dark moments and memories. But also hopeful. And it has the strongest ending too. This book tells the story of seventeen year old Sybella. She also spent the past three years at the convent for St. Mortain with Ismae and Annith. Where she trained to be an assassin, to kill men who had been marked by death for being traitors to the duchess. The nuns at the convent sent her back home as a spy six months ago. She has spent the last half year in the worst place.

Because her father, that she spent her fourteen years of her life with, is the worst possible man thinkable. He was horrible in the first book. And was ten times worse in this one. And worse than that even. I spent every moment of this book wishing for his death. Wishing it would be the most painful death imaginable. It killed me knowing that Sybella has to be at this place. She as there just hoping for the chance to get to kill him, waiting for a mark to appear on his body. Yet after six months, nothing had shown. Waiting killed me.

And it almost did kill Sybella. Because being at this court with her family was not a good thing for her. The castle was at all times filled with traitors and bad people. Even her brother was not safe for her. Learning about her past with him pretty much ruined me too. It was so so painful. Sybella went  through so much in this book. And I had forgotten most of it. Reading about it again was so good, but so painful. She doesn't have it good with her family, with forced to stay there, at their mercy, hoping for a chance to kill her father.

But she is waiting for nothing. Which she soon realizes, when she gets a new message from the convent, asking her to free a prisoner that her father has taken. Beast. And Sybella ends up with all sorts of plans. None of them good for her. But all of them the only thing she can do. I will not share that much about this book, only that my heart broke for Sybella at every moment. Yet she is so strong. And fierce. And brave. And also loving and kind. Only one of her maids was kind to her, and I loved that girl very much for that.

This book is all about Sybella and her life. And her mission to kill this one man. And also about how she saves Beast from the prison he is in. How she has to help him get away and then ends up getting stolen away with him. She must help him not die, as Beast is badly wounded. It is a book about her facing her demons. Remembering her past. Trying to get passed it. And it is the most heartbreaking story possible. But also so very beautiful and hopeful too. As Sybella is so strong and brave and I loved her to pieces.

It also helped that this book has the sweetest romance. Eee. Beast is huge and ugly, which is mentioned often, but he has the biggest heart. And the best smile. And he is so kind and fierce and protective and loving. A little scary, but so good. I loved Beast to pieces. And reading about them getting to know each other and falling for each other was the sweetest thing. They fit together so well. Both with demons in their past. Both caring for each other despite that. I shipped them so very much. They were the cutest.

There is so much going on in Dark Triumph. And I have already shared too much about it, yet not nearly enough. Though most of this book only focus on Sybella and her life, there is also more political things about the world and the duchess's war with the french and all of that. It was so interesting to learn more about everything. Sigh. This book was so very good. And everything I wanted it to be, once again. I'm so happy with how much I loved this one. Everything about it was perfection. Even the parts that ruined me.

Like with the new paperback for Grave Mercy, Dark Triumph does also have a short epilogue included at the end. It takes place right after the ending of the book, but it is a little more about the ending. And it was so very precious. And I wanted more, haha. I am so not done with these characters. Sigh. And re-reading Mortal Heart next will be all kinds of perfect. I simply cannot wait to read Courting Darkness after that. I'm so very excited. For real, though, if you haven't read this book you are truly missing out. It was perfection.

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