Saturday, December 1, 2018

In My Mailbox #369

Eee! Happy first day of Christmas :D I am SO excited that it is finally December :D EEE! YAY! It is the best month. I love Christmas. I had all my Christmas things put up a few days ago, haha. And it is all so so very pretty. Sigh :) And we have a little snow too, which is just so gorgeous. Sigh. But, ugh, the sun is also gone, so it is dark pretty much all the time. Rude. But still. I love it. Just, no pretty light pictures. Gah. Oh, well. I do like my pictures even so :D I also got SO MUCH MAIL this week! AHH! I am DYING. Finally got a bunch of pre-orders too; so so late. Hmph. And ARCs! And signed books! And ahhh. Sigh. It's all so so very perfect. <3 Oh, and yeah. Tons of Archenemies copies, haha. When I love an author THE MOST, I must have double of each edition of the book. Shrugs. I cannot help myself. Ahhh. (I know, I know. Have no room. I need to sell some more one of these days. But do not want to.. Sigh.) Love all my books :D So very much. <3 Also! Eee! I have finally begun catching up again :D I have commented on above 300 blog posts in these past few days. I am awesome, lol. And beyond exhausted. Ugh. But love that I'm catching up again :D I read two books this week, but they weren't that long, and I read them in the beginning of the week. Ack. Buuut. I am re-reading the Grave Mercy trilogy next, eee. And I'm so very excited :D Starting tonight or tomorrow, when I have the time. December is also the most busy month for me. Gah. Also new posts too. I shared my second review for Shadow Weaver. <3 And my review of Comet Rising :D And this week I'm waiting on Scorch Dragons, eee :) Also, it would mean the most to me if you would comment if you are visiting. <3 I get so so few comments lately, and just getting any is the best feeling :) Thank you.

Archenemies. ALL THE COPIES. Hahaha. I couldn't help myself. Hardcover to read, B&N hardcover, intl paperback, first UK paperback too. They are all just so so very precious. Can't wait to finally read this. <3
The Dark Days Deceit. I have still only read book one, ack, but will one day read all three books, haha :)
Shades of Light. Book three of the French editions :D I own all three. And they have the very best covers.
Grisha. Eee, book three French edition too :D I own them all, and they are beyond gorgeous. Sigh. Love.
The Reckoning of Noah Shaw. I know, know. Forever behind on this series. Sigh. I still have all the books.
Reign the Earth. Finally got my AUS paperback edition of this very gorgeous and most awesome book :D
Damsel. Eee! Thank you so much for trading with me Hollie :D It seems a bit bad yet entertaining, haha.

ARCs. OH MY GOD! I got the MOST AMAZING trade package from the most lovely Kristi, eee. <3 Thank you so much lovely :D Eee. I'm very excited. 12 ARCs. All from authors that I love. All for my collections. Eee. A Million Suns complete my ARC collection by Beth Revis :D Love! So so happy to have it. <3 And all these books. My gosh. They are so precious. And so so perfect. Most amazing trade. Love it so. Also! The Clockwork Angel poster was from this trade too, and eee! It is stunning :D Love it. Love all of it so. <3
Flashback + Heartless + Renegades + Archenemies. EEE! Thank you so very much Changing Hands for shipping to Norway :D And for getting all of these books personalized to me. <3 And for all of this swag! Ahh! I am dying. It is all so very perfect. Sigh. All four books are personalized :D Eee. Will be sharing that on instagram in the coming days. <3 Thank you so so much Shannon and Marissa :D I love you both. <3

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  1. Wow! You got a ton of mail. I don't think my mail for the year even adds up to that. :)

    Your picture of the sky looks so pretty. It is dark here starting at 4:30pm and it is hard to get out of work and have it so dark. I try to remember that other places are even darker.

  2. Oh my goooooooddddd, that Grisha! Leigh Bardugo is currently my favourite author and I also want to have many editions of her books (right now I don't even have my own polish edition - because it's no longer avaliable anywhere -_- so there may be slight problem with that haha :D But I'm planning to buy some other editions at bookdepository :D

  3. Wow! What a lot of books! You must be in book heaven at the moment!


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