Monday, December 3, 2018

Review: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

It has been way too long since I last read this book. This was my third read, but it has been almost six and seven years since the last time I read Grave Mercy. And I had forgotten how very much I loved this book. This re-read simply killed me. So so good. And I'm now even more beyond excited to re-read the next books too.

I do not know where to begin. Because every single part of this book was perfect. And I am beyond thrilled about it. I had a small fear that I would not love it when I read it again, since it has been so many years, but I should not have worried. Since I truly loved this book even more this third time. Every part of it was so good.

I found the writing to be all kinds of stunning. I fully connected to the main character and the world. And loved both so very much. This book takes place in the past, and much of it was historically real. Which I loved. Though I have yet to read anything about the real events, haha. But I very much loved that this was a historical fantasy. The history part worked so well, and the fantasy in it was fantastic. Sigh. This book just killed me with how perfect it was. I only wish there would be more of Ismae point of view, which I know there is not. But her part is complete. Somewhat. And I very much love the other girls that will be in the next books. Eee. Cannot wait to re-read those books too, then Courting Darkness after that. It will be so very good. I'm sure they'll all ruin me too.

This book tells the story of seventeen year old Ismae. It begins three years earlier, with her father having just sold her into marriage. She has just gotten married, and the awful man that bought her is very eager to sleep with her right after. Shudders. Thankfully, this does not happen. Because Ismae have a secret, that her new husband does not know yet. She is the daughter of Death. And because of this, she has a huge and ugly mark on her back. When he sees this, he fears her, but also beats her. Which was so sad.

But then he leaves her. And someone else helps her leave, which is how she ends up at the convent of St. Mortain days later. And that is what this story is about. Ismae fits in with these people so well. Others like herself, daughters of Death. They all have unique gifts. And they are all trained by nuns to kill men. If they are marked by Death, of course. Three years go by, and Ismae has been doing well there. Training to kill in all the ways. Being immune to poison, and making new ones. She has a new life. That she loves.

I shall not mention much more about the plot. But yeah. It is so very good. There is not that much about the convent, to be honest. A little bit to learn who Ismae is. And learn of her friends, Sybella and Annith, whom will both be important later on. I loved that they were all friends. Sigh. Ismae gets her first mission to kill a man at age seventeen. Then her second one right after. It goes well. But then she gets sent on a different assignment, far away from the convent. She is set to spy at the court for the Duchess of Brittany.

Which is where this story truly starts. I have already written way too much about this book, lol. But I could not help myself. Or stop once I started. Ismae is to stay at court, looking for traitors to the throne. Looking for new people to kill as well. She has to stay there with a man, to claim to be his mistress. Gavriel Duval. And sigh. This man killed me with how much I loved him. He was the very very best. And their enemies to lovers relationship was so very good and perfect and I shipped them beyond words. They were adorable.

This book is a lot about life at court. About Ismae getting to know Duval, and a few of his friends. Whom I adored too. She also spends much time with the Duchess, Anne. She is only twelve years old. Everyone is trying to marry her. Shudders. It was creepy. And some bad things happen. It was pretty heartbreaking at times, but so very good. I loved how Ismae protected her. I loved how they became friends. And I loved learning everything about the court and such. It was interesting and exciting. Not even a boring moment.

There is so very much going on in this book. And I have already shared so much, yet not nearly enough. Everything about this book was exciting. And I always wanted to know more. There is death and treason. Hate that turns into romance. It was the most perfect relationship. Ismae and Duval were perfect together. This book is also about Ismae growing as a person. Learning more about herself. And learning more of Death and her reason for being. It was awesome to read about. I adored this girl so much. Loved her so.

Gosh, I have written so very much about this book already. I simply can't stop. And I haven't even written that much about all that happens. Grave Mercy was simply perfection. And I am so so very happy that I read it again right now. It was just what I needed. So good. This whole world that Robin has created was all kinds of perfection. I loved it so much. The book is full of great characters too. I loved getting to know all of them. Duval was my most favorite one, though. He was simply way too precious. Kind. And loving.

If you have still not read this book, then you really must. I own all the copies of it, except for the ARC. Hmph. The original hardcover cover is all kinds of gorgeous. I also very much love this newly designed paperback cover too. It also has a bonus small epilogue, and a great deleted scene as well. Which was the most adorable thing, and made me see more of Ismae and Sybella and Annith together, which they had been for three years. It was sweet. And I adore these girls beyond words. Sigh. They are awesome.

Grave Mercy was everything I wanted it to be. And I am thrilled that I finally got to read it again. This book did not disappoint. Full of amazing characters and a stunning world. Full of danger and exciting moments and death. And the very most amazing romance. Sigh. This book was so very good. I loved every single moment of it. Simply cannot wait to start Dark Triumph next, though I fear it will break me, because I had very much forgotten some details that were heartbreaking. But I also can't wait to get started. So excited.


  1. I just started listening to this book. I have not read it before and figured it's about time that I do!

  2. This sounds like a great book. Glad you loved it so much. Sounds fabulous!


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