Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Review: Unearthed by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

This is my second time reading this book, and my second time loving it so very much. It has been more than a year since I first read it, and I was a little worried about reading it again. Worried I would not love it the same way. But I did. Very much. This book is still all kinds of perfect. Sigh. I loved reading it again so much.

But gosh, I had somewhat forgotten the very rude ending. What. Such a cliffhanger. And an evil one at that. Hmph. Thankfully, I have a copy of book two to start right away. And I simply cannot wait to read Undying. It shall be all kinds of amazing and I'm so very excited. Especially so since I re-read Unearthed first. Sigh.

There is so much I could say about this book. I shall try to limit myself, haha, since I have already written a review of this book before. But yeah. I'm not good at writing short reviews, so I may fail, haha. Also because I suspect I will want to write about this book all the time once I begin. It was just that good. It ruined me a little too, again. How very rude. And yet I loved every moment of it. Sigh. I found the writing in this to be all kinds of amazing. I had no issue at all connecting to the characters and to this world. And I loved that very much. The writing was pretty much perfect. Eee. This book is told from two point of views. Jules and Mia. And my gosh, how I loved that. Because they are both so very precious. Simply loved getting to know both of them the most.

This story begins at a new planet. And I loved that it started right at the action part, when they had both already arrived at this new planet. That was awesome. Though, well, their first meeting wasn't really the best one, haha. Considering they are both about to be killed by someone else. But it did help them bond. And I loved that. Cannot begin to write down how much I adored Jules and Mia. They were such amazing characters and getting to know more about them made me so so very happy. Always wanted much more.

I will not be sharing too much about the plot this time. Because I'm not sure how to write it all down, haha. But also because I mostly just want to write about how very much I adored these precious and how much I loved reading about them being together. Eee. Oh, and I also very much loved this story. I loved that it is set in a new place, and how it was different from Earth. I loved getting to know the details about this new place, and always wanted to learn more about it. It was interesting and written so well too. I loved it much.

This book tells the story of Jules and Mia. They did not know each other before they met on this planet. And they are so very different from each other. They come from entirely different places, have lived very different lives. But gosh, how I loved that. I loved reading about them getting to know each other. Getting to care for each other, despite being different. I loved that they still had things in common. I adored their bickering. It was the most adorable to read about. Though, of course, there was a little heartbreak as well.

And that did ruin me a little bit. Yet it was not that bad either, because they are still together in the same space. Sure, they are pretty angry with each other, but they are still sharing the same space. They have not left the other behind. And that made me love this book even more. Even though they both lied, and they both got hurt, they still cared. And they still wanted to fix their issues. It broke my heart a little, but it was not anything big, and it just made me love Jules and Mia even more. And ship them even more too.

There is so much going on in this book. Jules is on this planet to try to find something for his dad. Trying to find out why this new planet is dangerous, to prove that his father was right, that he shouldn't be in jail. Ack. And Mia is at this planet to rob it. Which is not something that Jules approve of at all, haha. I simply adored reading about them together. Sigh. Mia needs the money to help save her little sister. Which was a storyline that also broke my heart. I cannot wait to know even more about it all in book two. So excited.

I'll not share much more about this book. Only that there is a temple of death and traps. There are people hunting for them. And every moment of this book was exciting. I know there is so much more I could write about Unearthed right now. But I will not. Will simply share that I loved this book so so very much and it is so special to me. Jules and Mia are both so precious. And I'm dying to know how their adventure will end. So very excited. Amie and Meagan did such an amazing job with this book, and I'm thrilled I got to read it.

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