Tuesday, January 1, 2019

looking backward and moving forward

Happy New Year everyone :D Wishing you all the very best 2019. <3 In this post I wanted to write a little about how 2018 was for me. And what I wish for 2019. Will share a bit about the good and a bit about the bad. Not sharing too much, only wanted to write a little about how this past year have been for me. It has been so very hard. But also so so very good too. Sharing some of the good first. I read a whole lot of new books that I loved so very much. I got to trade for so many books which I needed to complete some of my collections, and I'm so very thankful for that. I ordered many signed and personalized books, and they are all so very precious to me. I have spoken to some authors online and that it very precious to me as well. I got so many books this past year. And tons of stunning swag too. And I'm so thankful and happy for all of it. I'm so very excited about this new year; about hopefully completing more collections and getting more new books. I cannot wait to fall in love with so many more bookish worlds. And bookish boys. Eee. Haha.

When it comes to personal things, the good is that I have spent so so much time with my family. And that meant even less time for reading, though, haha. But it's been good. I have a nephew that is almost nine years old now, and I adore him to pieces. I spend every day with my sister and my nephew. Last January my sister had a little girl too. And she has been so very precious this past year. I adore her tons. And this April there is a little boy coming too. Ahh. I will never have any free time left, haha. I'm never having kids myself, though, lol. But I love my sister's children. They are the best. So anyway. Family time have been great. And I have done a bunch of fun things in the past year too. No travelling, sadly. But staying home is good too. For almost half a year I have my outdoor spa bath up, in the summer, and I take my daily 40C two hour long baths. Those are the best parts of the summer, haha. Now waiting for late April to get back.

But yeah. My past year have had good things. But it's also been the most painful year for me. I thought the year before was hard, health wise. But this past year has been even worse. I have been sick since I was five, and have now four chronical life long diseases with a bunch of sideeffects too. I don't have the worst case of any of them, but having all four at the same time is the worst thing even so. And I'm doing my best to deal with it, but it's so hard. And this past year was especially so. I started the year with having tried a new medicine, which ended up giving me a small case of pneumonia. Which went away with some other medication. Then I tried a few months of a different medicine, a needle in my skin every two weeks. That had zero effect on me. My stomach was bad for so many months and I had so very little energy. And my joints were aching and it was the very worst. Then in the summer I finally made them give me the first medicine that I got for my stomach, ten years earlier, that they stopped giving me some years ago, when they started giving me a cheaper one instead, which stopped working the year before last. Ugh. Anyway. This new old medicine worked. It worked on my stomach right away. And it is still working. My stomach has not been this good in a few years now, and I'm so happy about that. But it is not without problems. I got fatigue right after I started my medicine. And it is not gotten any better. I am so very exhausted and tired all the time. And I have several other side effects too. Which is not good. But I'm unsure what to do, because it does work on my stomach. Ugh. So yeah. So far I shall just deal with it all. But it's hard. And so I'm behind on everything, and I have read less lately. Except for this past month. In December I read ten books. Which is the most I have read in one month for so very long. I even had the post blog posts in a month, most for more than a year. But then I got more medicine on the twentieth, and my fatigue got so much worse. Sigh. Hoping it will pass, but so far it has not. I still had the very best Christmas, though :D

Anyway. I guess I shared a little too much, haha. If you are still reading, sorry about that :D I just had the need to share a bit about my life here on my blog too. Despite having the worst health these days, I'm still blogging. And I will not stop that. I'm behind on things, but I'm catching up too, and I'll not stop that either. I tweet a lot, though I pretty much never get any replies, haha. I also post pictures on instagram too. And I do love doing all of this. I love reading, though it's hard sometimes. I'm behind on watching movies, since when I have worst days, I do not even have energy for that. How rude. But yes. This past year have been good too, not only bad. I have played tons of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu this past week, and it has been so good. I still play Pokemon Go every single day, and it's the best, haha. I spend so much time with my family, which is small, but good. I still have my most precious cat, and although she is a little devil most of the time, ha, I love her the most. I try my best to stay positive, and most of the time I succeed. Sort of. But yes. I'm doing good. Exhausted, but good. I wish I was doing better, but I'm thankful I'm not doing worse.

For this coming year, 2019, I wish for my health to get better. I wish to win the lottery, even just a little bit, so I can have more room for my books, as I ran out of room ages ago. Oh. I wish to have enough money for a small vacation this year too. I wish to read a lot of amazing new books, and re-read some favorites. Wish to catch up to watching movies, as there are so many new ones I'm super excited to see. I wish to finish catching up to everything, once I feel well enough for it. I wish to start talking to more of you lovely bookish people and to more authors too, as I have felt a bit lonely this past year, as very many of those I talked to went away from twitter. I wish that 2019 will be the very best year for me. I know I will never stop being sick, but I wish for days where I will feel okay, where I will not hurt. Crossing all my fingers for all of that. Anyway. If you are still reading, sorry for sharing so much, haha, and thank you the most for listening to me. You are the very best. All the hugs. I hope 2019 will be perfect for all of you :D And for me too, lol.

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  1. Happy New Year, Carina! Glad you are spending time with your family. It is precious time. Sorry that this last year has been so hard in terms of your health. My late husband had chronic health problems throughout his life and suffered too. Hope 2019 is a better year for you and full of more books you love

  2. I'm sorry about your chronic illness. That can be very difficult to live with. I hope it gets a little easier on you in 2019.

    And so many bloggers (& followers) have gone away the past few years. It is getting lonelier out here for sure. We just have to regroup and discover new friends - which I did find a lot of new bloggers last year!

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  3. I hope you feel better with your healt in 2019 and wish you all the best <3
    Happy New year :-) Hope you read many wonderful books in 2019 :-D


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