Saturday, January 5, 2019

In My Mailbox #374

This past week have been so busy. And so long too, haha. I'm a bit sad that Christmas is over, and that all the Christmas stuff has been packed away. Hmph. It was all so pretty. But it's also less messy now, so yay for that, haha. This week have been pretty good. Sadly done no reading at all. How very rude. As my health have been bad so far. But hoping it'll pass. It must. I wish for this year to be better. Hmph. But yes. Week was good despite that. And I got some stunning mail too. Eee. I love it all so much. I also have five new posts this week, eee. But no books read. Ahh. Starting Last of Her Name next, I just need the energy to read. And so far this new year have been shit for my health. Ugh. Hoping I can make myself read soon, despite that. Because I do want to read. So badly. But no energy, and that makes it a lot harder. Rude. I shared my review of Dreaming Dangerous :) I posted my Best Books of 2018, eee. <3 Shared my looking backward and moving forward post :) This week I'm waiting on The Cerulean :D And then took part in the blog tour for White Stag. <3 With an awesome Q&A with the author :D I'm a bit behind on some things but hoping to catch up in the coming days. And hoping I will finally start reading too, because I want that, and I need that. Also, I'm very much waiting for the sun and light to come back. So tired of all my dark photos. Ahh. But it is already getting lighter out, yay. Hope you are all having a great first week of a new year :D

Queen of Air and Darkness. Second regular hardcover edition, haha, and stunning UK paperback. Love.
The Cursed Sea. Finally got this second book :D I haven't read the first one yet, ack, but I will. Very soon.
Last of Her Name. EEE! Thank you so much for trading with me Monica :D I am so very happy about this.
Umbertouched Swag. Most gorgeous pre-order swag from Livia :D Thank you love. It is so very stunning.
Lauren DeStefano Swag. Ahh, I love this pre-order swag for The Cursed Sea :D It is so very pretty. Love.

More Instagram photos here. <3


  1. So many goodies!! And ugh, Queen of Air and Darkness truly is a work of art. Side note: I can't believe Christmas is over, and the new year is here, either. It's wild.


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