Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Review: Last of Her Name by Jessica Khoury

I have been a fan of Jessica for years. I adore her and her books have been amazing to me. I knew I must read Last of Her Name as soon as I possibly could. I have waited so long for it, and I am so thrilled that I can say the wait was worth it. Because this book was all kinds of amazing. Loved it so. It was pretty much perfect.

Giving it four stars, though, because of some small issues that I had. Will be sharing all about it, but it was not anything big. And for the most part I loved this book. And I'm so glad that I read it. Because it was adorable and pretty special and unique. Writing was great, which I loved. The story and world was so well done.

I loved that this book is an Anastasia retelling. Not that much like the animated movie that I love, haha, but I didn't mind. This book was still precious. And loved the ways I found it to be connected to the Anastasia story. As it was different. It's set far in the future and in space. Which was all kinds of awesome. I loved learning about this world, as there were new things to learn at all times. There are nine worlds in this story. All different, all with humans and humans that have adapted into something else. And I enjoyed that a whole lot, as it was interesting and I always wanted to know more about it. So very much wanted to see all of the nine places too, haha. They all seemed awesome. And I loved all of the space travel in this one. It was great and written so well.

This book is told from the point of view of seventeen year old Stacia. She's spent her whole life with her parents on their vineyard, spending time with her best friends. She has had a quiet and fun and normal life. Until now, when a spaceship arrives in her town. They are searching for her. And she doesn't know anything about it. Turns out she is the lost princess Anya, whom everyone thought was dead. She ends up escaping from those who wants to hurt her, but her best friend is not so lucky. She get captured. Ack.

And this book is about Stacia trying her very best to rescue her best friend, Clio. And also learning more about her past, though she is not ready to believe it. It is a book about Stacia growing closer to her other best friend, Pol. Learning about the past of all three of them, and of their friendship. I adored them tons. I loved that they were such great friends and I loved reading about it too. But oh gosh. The secret that Clio has. It pretty much killed me. So different. So rude. So very good. Such a surprise and so heartbreaking.

There is much going on in this book. I will not mention most of it. Only some things that I loved and one thing that I was a little disappointed about. But mostly I adored this book. I loved that Pol rescued Stacia and that they are on the run together. Though she is not very happy about that, ha. I loved all the places they went to, as all of them were so interesting. This book is filled with other characters too, and I liked getting to know them. There are also the prisms, small diamonds. Which had the very best story. Loved.

The reason for why this book is a four star for me is the romance. It was my favorite part of the book, and I felt like maybe it was done a little bit wrong. Because these two characters were obviously meant to be together. And they are the cutest together. But they spend pretty much the entire book not being a couple. Ugh. And they are being a bit silly about it. A bit jealousy, but no love triangle at all. I wanted them to talk about it. To finally get together. It happens, but it took some time, and that ruined my heart a bit, honestly.

Though the romance hurt me, it was also my most favorite. Because Pol was beyond adorable. And him and Stacia together was the very best thing. I loved learning new things about their past, as they spent their whole lives growing up together. I loved learning about when Pol fell in love with her. And I did love learning about how she felt for him, because that whole thing was beyond complicated. But also so good. But my gosh. I shipped them so. And I wish there had been more heat between them. More kisses. Sigh.

But despite that, I did love this book. And I did love the romance. I simply wish it had been a little more of it. That made me dislike parts of this book, which is why it's a four star for me. But pretty much everything else was awesome. Enjoyed reading about the villains in the story. And all the twists and surprises. Gosh. There were a lot of those, haha. I had peeked, aaack, but that did not make me love this book less, so I'm thankful for that. This book was rude. But so very good. I liked it so very much. You must all read this one.

The ending was good, but I wish it had been even longer too. It was bittersweet when it came to certain plot things. But was also so very good and I enjoyed it lots. Last of Her Name was such a stunning story. Filled with thrilling adventures and amazing characters. With such a lovely romance too. I found the story to be so good and I always wanted to know more. Now I wish that Jessica will write another book about all these characters, haha. As I want more of all of them. I so cannot wait to read more books by Jessica.


  1. oh it sucks when the romance in a book isn't done really well. i look forward to the romance in any novel i read, so this will disappoint me, too.

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