Saturday, January 19, 2019

In My Mailbox #376

This week have gone by way too fast. And I have barely gotten anything done. Ack. Also just exhausted and don't really feel like doing anything. Rude. But I did read a book last Saturday evening, and another book this week, so I have read a little bit. And have much more that I need to read. But I also need to put together a whole bunch of blog tour posts and I have no energy for it. Sigh. I also need to take instagram pictures. No inspiration. Plus side, it is starting to get lighter outside, finally, eee. So almost done with the dark and depressing photos, haha. Just. Yeah. I need the will to do things to come back, please. Blogged a little, but not much. I shared my review of The Cerulean :) And review of Come Find Me. <3 This week I'm waiting on Soul of Stars :D I'm trying my best to get things done, but it isn't easy. This week my baby niece turned one. Busy with that. <3 I had my usual hospital visit, which was exhausting. And I'm tired. All the time. And upset too, because of certain books that I do not have. Makes me so sad. Sad too, because of how my laptop is being an ass, and I have to send it in to service for a second time. Not happy about it. And my iPhone X is having issues too, and I'm unsure how to fix some of those issues, and it's annoying me to death. Have spent so many hours this week trying to fix problems. Nothing works. Yeah. It's driving me insane. And all I want to do is be able to read Kingsbane early. To have my own print ARC to look at and pet and love and ugh. I'm jealous of everyone that has one. I'm trying to be patient. It is not working. So anyway. I'm doing okay. Probably. Just wishing I was able to do more. I'm trying. It is just going slow.

How To Train Your Dragon 3. Eee, some of the books I have ordered arrived a while back, haha :D They are so precious looking. Movie arrived in Norway on the 11. But no English in my town. Much heartbreak.
Shadow Weaver. The pretty paperback edition :D Isn't it just gorgeous? I love it. And so adored this book.
Nintendo Classic Mini. Eee, I had to get this one, finally. It looks pretty fun and awesome. Excited to play.
Pop Figures. More new ones, yay. Love them. But gosh, missing many of the newest Harry Potter ones.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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