Saturday, January 26, 2019

In My Mailbox #377

This week I have struggled to read two books. I managed to finish them both, but they were so not good, and they made me so goddamn angry. Ahh. I am sharing both my reviews for the blog tour on Monday :) But yeah. It has messed with my head all week long, haha. And so I have not had any time at all to catch up even a little bit. What. But I am starting catching up today. And tomorrow. And hoping to have enough energy to get a lot of things done. This week have been very busy with family too, so barely any time left between family and reading. And must put together some blog tour posts too. <3 Also working on getting some tv things done, and it's driving me insane, because it is not working. Ugh. And also so upset about not having Kingsbane in my life. I need a perfect, unread, stunning, undamaged, ARC of it for my biggest collection. <3 To read and to love and to treasure forever. I worry I may never get one. Ahh. But I hope. I hope so badly. So anyway. A few new posts this week :) I shared the cover for Bid My Soul Farewell, eee. <3 This week I'm waiting on The Priory of the Orange Tree :) And then I also took part in the blog tour for Sleepover at the Museum, sharing my review. <3 Though this week have been busy and a bit annoying at times, I'm still doing good. So behind, but hoping to catch up very shortly :) Also got some gorgeous mail, eee, and waiting on some more awesome :D Taking forever to arrive, though, and my BookDepo orders are so weird. Ever since November it takes three or four weeks to get my books. Yet I got those first two below after one week, while I'm still waiting on books shipped at the beginning of January. So weird. And so annoying. Hmph. But yeah. I still got a bunch of mail, eee. And it is all so very perfect. <3 Love all of it.

Undying. I adored this final book :D And the US hardcover is all kinds of huge and stunning and I love it.
Reign the Earth. Eee, stunning new US paperback edition :D I must have all the editions, haha. So pretty.
Blanca & Roja + The Afterward + What We Buried + King of Scars swag. EEEE! Huge thank you to Caro for trading all of this with me :D I am in love with all the books and all of the swag. Ahh. It is all so perfect.
The Ice Monster. Bought this as it looks so cute. I also thought a plush was included, hahaha. It was not.
How To Train Your Dragon. Had to buy this one because of the stunning movie three cover, eee :D Love.
Fragments of the Lost. Eee. Huge thank you to M for trading this stunning UK ARC with me :D I love it so.
Figures. Bowtruckle was too adorable not to get, haha. And love my new pop figures too :D Just so cute.
Plush. I had to get this adorable little thing, haha :D So cute. I wanted the fox.. impossible to find. Hmph.

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