Saturday, December 2, 2023

In My Mailbox #630

Happy December :D Ohh. This week have gone by way too fast. How rude. No new book read, though I know what I'm reading next, hopefully starting it soon :) Finished my The Lord of the Rings re-watch. <3 Best movies, always. Then I re-watched Sweet Home, eee :D Best show. Sigh. As season two came out yesterday. Ahh! Just finished that too. Was a little disappointed. Aw. But it was amazing as well, and I did love it. Now just waiting for season three. Hmph. I got a whole lot of mail this week. <3 Few books. Many pop figures. Oh. Help. I have just had such a busy week. But a good one too. So excited for it to finally be December, Christmas month, ahh. <3 I started entering all of the different advent contests here in Norway online, haha, until Christmas on the 24th. <3 Hoping to win something awesome this year :) Crossing my fingers. This week I'm waiting on There is a Door in this Darkness. <3 Hope that you are all doing well :)

Once Upon a Time in the North. The US edition. Yeah, I know. Still buying all the different copies, haha :)
A Study in Drowning. Eee! So happy I was able to buy this from Goldsboro :D Fully gone now. Gorgeous.
Beth Revis Swag. Ahh! Two swag packs from Beth arrived :D And they are so perfect. Love this swag. <3
Movies. Still buying blu-rays to collect, haha :) I so loved The Little Mermaid. And Strange World as well :)
Poki-Heaven. Bought three pop figures :D Love Hagrid. And my The Lord of the Rings magnets, ahhh :D
Plushes. Eee. These three TY plushes are just too cute. Still addicted to buying all the cute plushes, ha :)

Funko Europe. Help. Two new orders arrived this week, ahh. <3 And oh my gosh. I just had to have all of these, eee :D So much precious. Love the new Disney princesses. Love the ones from Wish. I got that Ace poster just to sell it. Oops. I'm the worst, haha. But I just got it sold too, so, ha. Yay for me. Still not getting my Stranger Things mystery mini Max. Sigh. Not giving up yet, ha. Love my new soda pops. <3 And most excited about my three flocked Aristocats, ahh :D And love my free Nana wallet, eee. Precious.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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