Saturday, September 14, 2013

In My Mailbox #98

I have not had a good week. Been very sick and feeling like crap. Sigh. Still am. Just waiting for next Friday so that I can get my medicine and most likely feel better. <3 But, plus side, I did get a whole bunch of awesome books this week :D Some awesome review copies and a bunch of pre-orders ;p
Winner. I picked a winner for a paperback of What Goes Around, but she did not respond within 48 hours. I picked another one and contacted her, so hoping she'll respond :) What did you get this week?

I got these four amazing books from HarperCollins International. <3 Thank you so, so much!
The Burning Sky. SO happy about having a print ARC of this. <3 Loved the book so much :)
The What Not. I still have to read my hardcover of The Peculiar, but I'm really excited for both ;p
Deception. I'm hoping to read this book really soon :D Just have a few others I need to read first :)
The Beginning of Everything. Weeell.. I do suppose I need to give this book another try. It's pretty.

Sweet Legacy. I didn't fully love book one, but I still think I should finish this trilogy :)
Replica. Won this from Preternatura. <3 Thank you :D Sounds pretty awesome. It is pretty.
Deception. Hih, I might have bought way too any copies of Deception. But they are so pretty!
Fangirl. Reading this one today :D SO EXCITED! I think I will love it a lot. I really hope so :)
The Unwanteds: Island of Fire. Won this ARC from the publisher, and Kristen was so kind to ship
it to me here in Norway. <3 Thank you so much :) Loved this book and really wanted this ARC as well. <3
Kinslayer. Gorgeous UK hardcover! So, so pretty. Re-reading Stormdancer, then this awesome one :)
Hover. My second paperback (A) Hih. I still haven't read Gravity but I'm hoping to do so pretty soon.
Deception. Yeah, I pre-ordered a few of this one (A) but just different editions :) Excited to read it.
More Than This. I kind of love this author. So I really hope I will love this book too :D Excited for it.
Unspoken. I have not yet read my hardcover.. but I'm getting book two, and I wanted them to match :)
Clockwork Princess. New UK paperback. And oh, it's really pretty :D And smaller than my other ones ;p

The Cat Returns. Ordered this one months ago, had to get book depo ship me it again. Finally arrived :)
Clockwork Prince Manga. Oh, they look so pretty. But hah. I'm not sure I dare to read the mangas ;p
HaPĂ„ t-shirt. Won this via Facebook. <3 A Norwegian t-shirt for this food thing we have ;p Hih.
Antigoddess. My own pre-ordered hardcover <3 I need to read this awesome book soon. So pretty. <3
Hemlock. US paperback :) I did love this book about a year ago. Cannot wait for the sequel to come :D
Monsters. Ah, gorgeous hardcover. <3 Just read my ARC and this book is so perfect. You all need it.
What Goes Around. Got this awesome book from publisher. <3 Thank you :D I love it. Excited to read.
Antigoddess. Got this gorgeous hardcover from Tor Teen :D Thank you so much! You guys are amazing.

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  1. Ooh, I still can't get over how pretty the cover is for The Burning Sky! I'm looking forward to Kinslayer, although strangely my excitement for it has died down for some reason. :/ I'm hoping to start Thronhill soon, Hemlock was a fave of mine last year. :)

  2. I love HarperCollins! They are the best :) I hope you feel well soon! You have some great books there like always Carina ;)


  3. Grabby hands grabby hands grabby hands. I begrudgingly gave The Beginning of Everything 5 stars. Dying to read The Burning Sky and Deception. So many awesome titles.

    Feel better soon, Carina! <3

  4. Loved Deception and hope that you do too

  5. Your book haul this week is much much bigger than mine! I didn't enjoy The Beginning of Everything as much as I hoped but it was still a nice read, I hope you'll enjoy it. I'm very jealous of your copy of Fangirl, just saying. You received so many great reads and I hope you enjoy them all!
    Get well soon :)

  6. Awesome haul of books. I'm hoping to read Replica soon. Come visit me as well.

    Books of Love

  7. I'm so sorry to hear you are sick and having such a hard time. Hope you will be feeling much better soon!

    And what an amazing haul!! Deception has such a pretty cover! I'll be getting the paperback edition to match my Defiance one!

  8. I love looking at your IMM posts! :) And once again, you've got many lovely books. Enjoy! :)

  9. I'm sorry you've not been feeling well *hug* Looks like you got some really great books. So happy you got TBS arc since it has a different cover than the HC. I got Deception too! I've not read Defiance yet. Need to get on that. Hope you feel better this next week.

    My Friends Are Fiction's Showcase Sunday

  10. I got an ARC of The Burning Sky a few weeks ago, with that original cover! I love it. And I also got Deception this past week! I hope you enjoy all of your books! Get better, lady!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  11. Wow so many amazing books Carina! I can't wait to dive into Deception, I absolutely loved the first book. Also Kinslayer, What Goes Around, Fangirl and Hemlock too. I hope you feel better soon, so you have the chance to read these pretties! Happy reading!

  12. Again, a ton of awesome books!! I can't wait to read Deception by C.J. Redwine. And so many people have been raving about The Burning Sky. Totally putting it on my wishlist.

  13. Gah I'm so behind on commenting but I definitely sympathize with feeling sick-I feel so crappy right now. Hope you're over yours now and feeling back to normal!


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