Saturday, August 25, 2018

In My Mailbox #355

This week has gone by so fast. Gosh. I only managed to read one book, as I was nervous about it, so it took me ages to get enough courage to start it, haha :) But it is read now, and so I am already ready to start my re-read of Warcross. Gosh. Shall start it tomorrow, eee. I'm excited. I also do still not have any energy left. So I'm still as behind as I have been every week. How rude. But just got another dose of the newish medicine, so hoping so badly I might start feeling more awake, haha. Fingers crossed. Other than that, I'm doing pretty well. Which I'm happy about. Got a little mail this week; it is all gorgeous. Blogged a little bit too. This week I'm waiting on As She Ascends :D And I shared my review for Sherwood :) I wish I wasn't so behind on everything. It is no fun at all to be so far behind. Hmph. But my health do come first. And I'm not able to do anything at home either. How very rude. Hoping it will start getting better shortly :)

Catwoman. Gosh, I hope I love this one. I had to own this version too; as I own the other DC ones in it :D
Furyborn. Finally got hold of the international paperback :D But.. they are so very beat up. My poor heart.
Swag. Love these two pieces so very much! Thank you so much Calla for sending these precious to me.
Pop Figures. Some of the final Stranger Things I was missing, eee :D Biggest collection. Also, Hercules.

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