Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Review: A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas

This book was such a joy to read. I adore Sherry, though I had only read her YA trilogy before this book. I wasn't fully sure that I would enjoy it, as it's not really my kind of genre. But I wanted to give it a try even so. And I'm glad that I did. Because I liked it oh so much. Was such an exciting and stunning story to get to read.

Not sure where to begin. I loved the writing so much. Reading this book was very easy, fast and awesome. And oh, I enjoyed reading about all the characters so much. I wish there had been more point of view from Charlotte, as I loved her most of all, but I liked the other point of views as well, as they were all interesting.

Most of this book is told from the point of view of Charlotte and a police inspector. Charlotte is twenty five years old. She was such an amazing character to read about. Sigh. I loved her so much. She was a huge fan of food, and I loved that the most. She was really smart and brave and just all kinds of awesome. I wish to get to know her even more in book two. I disagreed a bit with her choice in the beginning of the book, aw, but I'll learn to forgive that, I hope, lol. The beginning of the book is from the view of her sister, Livia. She has a few chapters in the book as well, but not much. And oh, I adored this woman a whole bunch too. Loved getting to know her a lot. Just wish she'll get her happy ending. Because she very much deserves it. Crossing my fingers.

My favorite was Charlotte, though. And reading her point of view was the best part. She's doing so many exciting things. And some awful things too, that were a bit heartbreaking at times. But most of the book is just exciting and a bit fun too. I loved how Charlotte made up a person that solves crimes, aka Sherlock Holmes. And I loved how amazing she was at solving crimes too. She was so smart and awesome and I just loved her to pieces. Sigh. I cannot wait to read more about her and her adventures. So very excited.

Though I do feel a little bit bitter about the romance. Because it is full of heartbreak. And oh, I want the romance to happen so badly. But I have a small fear that it may not happen at all. Ahh. But I need it to. Because Lord Ingram was such an amazing person to read about. He's two years older than Charlotte, and they have known each other for so many years. But aw, they are not together for most of this book. So heartbreaking. They seem to be in love with each other. But it's so complicated. My heart is aching.

The book is also told a lot from the point of view of the police inspector, Treadles. I ended up liking this man a whole bunch as well. He seems like a kind person, and sort of a smart man too. I liked his wife an awful lot too. Wish to see more of her. There was so many characters to read about in this book. Treadles spend most of his chapters interviewing people, trying to find a murderer. And I liked that a lot, because it was exciting, and I was curious about all the different people he talked to. I enjoyed it. It was interesting.

This book is about a mystery. Trying to figure out who murdered three people, and why. And it was such a stunning story to read. I loved reading about Charlotte so so much. And Lord Ingram. Sigh. Hope he is in book two a bunch more. I wish to know so much more about him. And more of his past with Charlotte as well. I'm so curious. Anyway. Not sharing much about the story, just that it was pretty exciting and very interesting to read about. I enjoyed reading every part of this story. Even the more boring parts of it, lol.

Only reason for why I'm giving it four stars and not five was because while I loved the book, I was not completely in love with it. Probably because my heart was breaking over the choice that Charlotte made in the beginning of the book. I didn't approve, but understood her reasons for it. But still, broke my heart. And because of the lack of romance. I wanted more. But despite this, I loved the book a lot. And I have hope for the romance, that it will happen. Hopefully. Because I want it more than I can ever describe. Ah.

This book probably shouldn't have been for me, as I'm more of a fantasy reader. But I ended up loving it a lot. Because I am a fan of mysteries, though I have never read or seen Sherlock Holmes before. But I will. One day. And this book was just all kinds of exciting and mysterious. I was never able to figure out who the murderer was. And I loved that. I adored the characters so so much. A Study in Scarlet Women was such an amazing book. Full of mystery and excitement. So glad I read this book. You should do so too.

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  1. I totally agree with you about the romance, Carina! I want a HEA but I'm not sure it would/could happen. I'm a bit bitter about it, too. :/ Still, I loved Charlotte's brain and ability to solve crimes. I haven't read the 2nd one yet. I think it's out. I look forward to your thoughts! Wonderful review, my dear! :) xoxo


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