Friday, August 11, 2017

Review: Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

For more than a year I had been dying to read this book. Then I learned some spoilers that I did not approve of, and I wasn't all that excited anymore. But I knew I would still read this, because I adore Jay, and I loved Nevernight oh so much. But I was worried. So worried. With good reason. Sigh. Have many thoughts about it.

I don't know where I shall start. I don't know what I will write about this book. I just know that I think there will be a lot. And I know that I'll be very honest about how I feel about certain things. Aw. Have decided to give this book three stars. I did enjoy some parts of it, but I didn't love any of it. Which was so depressing, to be honest.

I'm such a huge fan of book one, Nevernight. I loved it even more when I just read it for the second time. I loved it because of how amazing Mia was, how gentle yet fierce. And I loved it because of Tric. He made everything better. He made Mia a better person too. And he made things fun as well. I loved him oh so much. And I loved beyond words reading about him and Mia slowly falling for each other. But then that was ripped away. That ending of book one still kills me. And I think that is a big reason for why I knew I wouldn't enjoy this sequel. I mean, that very last page is awesome, but that was only the last page. Hmph. And not having Tric in this book, well, it made me not like it as much. Mia was changed. More than a year had passed. Just, depressing. Sigh.

But even without Tric, I did think that maybe I would still like the story, and like Mia. But sadly I had so many issues with all of it. I don't know where to begin. Like Nevernight, this book is so long. But unlike Nevernight, I didn't want this book to never end. Instead I wanted it all to be over with. Aw. Which is the worst feeling to have. But I couldn't help it. Everything felt weird, compared to Nevernight. First that it takes place so many months later. And so I never got to read about Mia grieving for Tric, if she did that.

And so many other things not to know. The book starts with a smut scene. Which I normally like, but this one I didn't like at all. Sigh. I just felt nothing from it. Maybe because I was missing Tric, and not wanting Mia with anyone else. Or just felt like the writing was different. I don't know. Just didn't enjoy it. And it sadly didn't get better from there. Aw. Because just about all of this book takes place inside a prison for Mia, sort of. She sells herself to a gladiator sort of place, as a slave. Almost every moment is about that.

And while it was interesting to read about, and I grew to care for some of the characters a lot, it grew to be boring too. I wanted so much more. There were tons of plot things and shadow things that could have been focused on, instead all of it is getting showed over to book three. I hate waiting. Felt like more of it could have happened in this book too. Sigh. So rude. But even so, it was exciting at times to read about this new place Mia ended up at. Such horrible people. And learning more about the horrible law and such.

Most of this book was just heartbreaking, to be honest. There is a lot of death. So so much murder and blood. I enjoyed it, somewhat, but some of it felt a bit too much too. Bitter about a death that happened early in the book. So wasted. There is a lot of fighting and learning to fight like a gladiator. Mia did way too much cheating, tbh. Well, if she hadn't, she would be dead. But still. And oh, all the characters. I hated and liked Leona. She was interesting at least. Arkades was sort of interesting too, but not much.

Then there was that Furian person. He was another darkin, like Mia. And she spent all the book being hungry and full of lust around him. Always. And that last part just made no sense and it bothered me so much. Sigh. The rest of the shadow stuff was so interesting to read about and I wanted more so badly. But her wanting to fuck that man at all times? No. Made zero sense. Like her want to fuck Adonai as well. That was just weird. But nothing happened with either of them, though, so I'm thankful for that at least.

But ah. Then there was the biggest reason for why I hated parts of this book. Ashlinn. She is in it a whole lot. This girl murdered Tric. Hurt Mia. Murdered many others. I hate her like I hate no other. But oh, Mia is quick to forgive her. Even quicker to fall for her. Which made no bloody sense at all. I'm so angry about it. She seemed to forgive her after she told the truth about one thing. Felt pity for her when she heard her father was dead. Just, I'm so angry. I hate this girl. I hate Mia for not hating her. So disappointed in her.

Sorry for the spoilers. Shrugs. But I couldn't not mention this one part. Because I can't stand it. I can't stand it at all. Mia and Ashlinn grows so close. Not once did I witness them talking together or spending time together or Mia forgiving her for real. Or talking to her about Tric, hating her for it. It did not happen. None of it. Their whole relationship screams false to me. Yet it's supposed to be love, or whatever. I'm so fucking angry and hurt about it. Never forgive. Never ever forget. I will never ever forgive these parts of it.

Gosh, I've already written more than I was supposed to about this book. And yet not nearly written down all of my thoughts. Sigh. I just feel really hurt by this book. Because Mia and Tric was the reason for why I loved Nevernight. She barely even think his name in this sequel. I feel so betrayed. Because she so very obviously loved him in Nevernight. And she knew he loved her too. Yet now she's pretending she's never felt like she feels with someone else. And gah. I'm angry. Anyway. Enjoyed some of the plot. Most times.

I am glad that I read Godsgrave. I'm just really sad that it was disappointing, like I thought it would be. I'm happy that I didn't hate it. Three stars is still good. Just, no love. I love the world, no doubt about that. I love Mister Kindly and Eclipse. Sort of love Mia, at times. But parts of the plot I hated so much. But still. I'm dying for book three. More than I can say. I fear it won't end like I want it to, sigh, but still dying for it. I need to know everything that happens. But oh, I must say that I won't re-read Godsgrave anytime soon.

Despite this, I'm still getting every edition of this book, like I did with Nevernight. And I feel happy about this. Because I still have that hope that book three will be everything I want it to be. Okay, fine, I don't think it will be what I want. Sigh. But my broken heart still hope. Oh, well. I'm prepared to be shattered. Godsgrave was exciting at times, but overall disappointing to me. Still, huge fan of Jay, and I did enjoy it some. Others will love it. Hmph. Thank you so much Harper Voyager for the ARC of this gorgeous book.


  1. Sorry to hear that this didn't live up to your expectations, Carina. Still, good that you enjoyed it somewhat. Great honest review! :)

  2. Three stars is still good. :) Sorry you didn't love it, but you are right- at least you didn't hate it!

  3. I've just started Nevernight and i already love Trick.I don't know what i would do after his death. I think I will be like you with this book.


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