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Book Recommendation: Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

I have been wanting to read this book again for so long. And now I finally felt brave enough to do so, lol. Nevernight is such an amazing book. And I have no idea how I will be able to describe the reasons for why I love it so. But I shall try my best. This second read was amazing. Probably even better than the first time I read it, in April last year. I've just been a little bit nervous about reading it again, since I know what will happen in book two. Hmph. And I am not very pleased. But even so, this first book is still perfection.

Though I don't think I will ever forgive this ending. And the person that ends up dead. Okay, so many ends up dead, but I only cared about one. And I'm not happy about it. At all. And the person who did the killing, well. I'm never forgetting. Never forgiving. Despite the fact that I know others are clearly forgiving this person for the murder. Hmph. I'm not pleased. And never ever forgiving. But still. I do think and hope that I will enjoy Godsgrave. For the plot. And the murders. And Mia, most of the time. Fingers crossed.

Okay. Enough about that. I loved Nevernight oh so much. The writing is amazing. And the characters are all stunning to read about. I loved getting to know them all. And I loved paying better attention to details this second time, when I knew everything that would happened. I noticed a lot more. About Mia's family. And some things about the plot too. I simply can't wait to know what happens next. Though, I must admit, that I'm a bit heartbroken that a person won't be in the sequel. Sigh. I wanted that person there. Sad face.

I think the biggest reason for why I love this is not because of how dark and bloody it is, but because of how it isn't. Well, it's a lot of dark and awful, but it's not all that. I would say that a lot of this book is about Mia and Tric falling slowly in love. Though it doesn't focus on it often, but when they are together, it is so clear. And it's breaking my heart into a million pieces. What I loved about Mia in this book is that she isn't all about revenge and killing. She also has a soft and gentle heart inside of her. But I loved all her sides.

I'm not going to mention that much about this book. Just that it's amazing. And that I loved every moment of it, except for that one murder. So rude. Okay, I got my heart broken over a lot of murders, but still. One hurt more than others. Hmph. Anyway. The story is simply incredible. I seriously loved reading about Mia and learning her past and her present. Getting to know what happened to her and her family in the past broke my heart so so much. And I loved it to pieces. Mia was such an amazing character to get to know.

This book is about young people who are learning to become killers. By studying and doing lots of awful things. It was all so so interesting to read about. And I loved that Mia made some friends too. I did like Ashlinn at first. As her friend. But near the ending, that feeling changed fully. And I loved Naev so very much. She was amazing to read about. There was just a bunch of characters in this book. All interesting and exciting to get to know. The mean girl was awful. Yet loved her scenes even so. Loved all the scenes.

Then there was Tric. Sigh. The person I loved the most in the whole book. Especially when reading it again. He was simply incredible. He has such a soft heart and is full of love. Yet he's brutal too, and he's a killer like them all. Yet so awesome. Sigh. I loved reading about him and Mia meeting for the first time, and him falling in love with her right away. And her liking him right away too. And them becoming friends were just awesome to read about. Didn't like all the time they spent apart, though. Wasted moments. Aw.

But oh, how I loved this boy. He was everything. And when he and Mia became more than friends, eee. It was awesome. And a lot of smut too. I loved it so so much. And I ship these two beyond words. And I'm beyond heartbroken over that ending. Sigh. Never forgetting. A bit upset about the fact that Mia didn't make things better before that ending. Think that will haunt me for ages. Hmph. But anyway. I loved Tric so so much. And I want more of him. So badly. Do not want Mia with anyone else. At all. My poor heart.

Totally forgot to mention my favorite scene of the book. There is this awful whipping scene. Heartbreaking and painful, yes, but it's so good to read. Because it happens to Mia and Tric, and they are both trying to save the other. Tric because he so obviously loves her. Mia trying to pretend that she doesn't love him. But she does. She so clearly do. And this scene just broke my heart, because I feel that they cared so much for each other. And oh, learning about the Tric's past. Broke my heart the very most. So so good.

Okay. I'm not going to say much more now. Just needed to write a little bit about how I loved this book. Sigh. It's perfection. Yet so heartbreaking and rude. This book is dark and brutal and bloody and full of murder. Yet Mia isn't a dark person. She's sweet yet fierce yet brutal. She's amazing. And this story is incredible. Didn't mention much of it at all, but it's so good. I love Mister Kindly. And everything else too. Nevernight is perfection. And so worth reading. Read it now, if you haven't done so already. It's worth it.

Tension crackling between them, curling the edge of her lips. She could feel it thrumming in her fingertips. Pulsing beneath her skin. Desire. Her for him. Him for her. Nothing and no one between.

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  1. Sounds like a book that will have me biting my nails. Glad you had the chance to reread it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. :)


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