Saturday, February 19, 2022

In My Mailbox #537

This week have been pretty crazy. First I had a few days of arm pain from getting my 4th vaccine last Friday. Then this Thursday I felt like shit. And took my very first corona test. Which was fucking positive. Very much so, right away. Goddamn it. I am not at all happy about this. It all started with my nephew on Sunday. So I got in from him. Mom too. And my stepdad. And today my poor sick grandpa too. I'm feeling like absolute shit. Feeling so sick and I fucking hate it. I'm already sick all the time. I did not need corona as well. I have chest pain. I have a bad cough. I have nose and throat pain. I have a fever and a very big headache. Though I have had those two for ages. But still. It sucks right now. In paaain all the time and it is the worst. It better last for just a few days. I better not get any lasting effects of this. It will not be okay if I get worse because of corona. I'm already sick enough. Shudders. So yeah. Please, fingers crossed for me. Supposed to have my tonsils operation in 13 days. Not sure if I can do that now or not. Sigh. Will see if I get well again fast enough, though. Feeling so worried about my grandpa. He was not supposed to get corona at all, as we don't know if he will survive it. Ahh. But. Positive thing is that we most likely only have omicron. Which is said to be milder and less awful. So. Yeah. Fingers crossed. And my sister still hasn't gotten it, which doesn't make any sense at all. Hmph. Haha. Anyway. This week have been bad. It is still bad. I have not done any reading. Or taken any photos; not until today. But not doing any better yet either. So rude. Hoping this coming week will be better. We'll see. Sigh. Only one new blog post. This week I'm waiting on I'm the Girl :) Hope you are all well. <3 And staying away from corona, which I did not. Hmph.

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The Iron Sword. Looking gorgeous :D Behind on reading books by Julie. But adore her and own them all.
In the Serpent's Wake. EEE! Finally, book two is out :D I'm so very excited about this sequel. <3 Preetty.
Beyond the End of the World. Yesss. Got my stunning AUS paperback edition :D Sigh. This is gorgeous.
LIFEL1K3. As I wasn't able to find the new UK cover paperback, I got the AUS version instead, haha :)
Pop Figures. Oh. My gosh. I got all the pre-orders this week. Oops. And eee, they all look so goddamn gorgeous :D Love my Robert Pattinson Batman, eee. <3 Love my The Witcher lovelies. All are perfect.
Animal Crossing. Gosh. I ordered more cards from Amazon France. Oops. And that gorgeous wrapping paper from Nintendo German as a platinum points reward :D Ahh! I'm so, so happy with everything. <3
Batman Tickets. Eee! Thank you so much Funko Nordic. <3 I will be giving some away on instagram :D

More Instagram photos here. <3

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