Saturday, February 12, 2022

In My Mailbox #536

Whoops. Suddenly Saturday all over again. This week have gone by too fast, as always. And I did not manage to make myself read anything. Oops. But this coming week I will for sure. <3 I have just been trying to take it easy. Sigh. My health is a fucking mess right now. And everything goddamn hurts. Hmph. I just want some of it to heal. And nothing is getting better yet. So rude. So yeah. My energy is gone and I have not been able to get anything done. Fingers crossed for me, that I will finally feel better soon. I did, however, get my 4th pfizer corona vaccine yesterday. It was needed. Hoping for no side effects from that. Ha. This week I'm waiting on Fairy Tale :) I did get a bunch of pretty mail this week, though, eee. And that always helps my mood. <3 Now just need my body to get better too. Hmph. Hope you are all doing well :)

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Real Easy. Excited for a new book by Marie. <3 I think I will love this adult book. Reading it one day :)
Seven Mercies. And now I got my US hardcover as well :) I do need to read the first book soonish. Oops.
Dog Star Bookmark. Eee! Thank you so much Megan :D This bookmark is so very precious. <3 I love it.
Pop Figures. Arthur looks pretty awesome :D I love love love my Amazon exclusive The Witcher, eee :)
Animal Crossing. Oops. More mini figures came out, eee. And they are SO cute and worth the money :D Love them the most. And had to buy another calendar, only luck that I found one in stock, and this one had no damage, so yay. <3 And a few more a little more expensive Amiibo cards. Oops. So precious :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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