Monday, February 28, 2022

Review: Dog Star by Megan Shepherd

I knew I had to read this book when I saw that cute cover. And because I have read and enjoyed books by this author for years. I hoped I would like this one, and that I did. Giving it four stars, as it was almost perfect to me. It was also all kinds of sad which just broke my heart. Rude. But it was so good too. I loved the writing.

I must admit that I did not really know much about Laika and her story before reading this book. Only knew that there has been a dog in space, but no real details about it. And reading this story was pretty exciting. But also sad, which was hurtful. But it was a great story, and I am glad that I read it. It was a story with heart.

This book takes place in Russia in 1957. It tells the story of Laika, the first dog sent to space. It was a honest and real story. I knew how it would end, with the dog, but I still hoped that it would have a different ending. It did not. Sobs. It was fully interesting to read about, though. This book is told from two different point of views, alternating between them. We get to read from the dog, Laika. And the girl who gets to know her, Nina. I will not be sharing too much about this book. As it was a pretty easy and fast read. There was not really that much happening. But it was pretty exciting at times and full of family love, which I enjoyed a lot. I really liked reading about the bond between Laika and Nina, how it kept growing. They were both so cute but sad and broken too.

I enjoyed getting to know Nina and her family. She is twelve years old and her brother Ivan is ten. He wasn't all that nice at first but I grew to care for him, as he got better. I also liked her parents a lot. Their family scenes were pretty cute. Nina had a best friend, who escaped with her family to America, having been branded as traitors to Russia. And so she cannot talk to her or talk about her at all. The people at her school doesn't treat her nice either. Some of it were a little weird, but I liked it even so. But sad too.

This book is about the dog Laika. And I really liked getting to read from her mind. She was a homeless dog, living alone out on the streets. Getting attacked by other dogs, barely getting something to eat. She did not have a good life. Until she got picked up by humans, wishing to use her in their space program. She got food and some new dog friends, who were adorable. She had to do a lot of tests, to see if she could enter space. It was a little hard to read about but so interesting too. I liked this dog a whole bunch.

Laika is being cared for by Nina's father, as he works there. So they get to meet and Nina starts spending time with the dogs. Which I adored a whole lot. This book was about them connecting and starting to care more. And the date for sending a dog into space got closer and closer. And then Nina slowly learned that Laika was never meant to come back from space, as the rocket was not made for that. And reading about all of that was so sad but good too. It was a fast read, full of feelings. I wish it had ended differently, haha.

One thing about this book is that it reminded me a lot about World War II and what happened then, with the youth groups. Okay, because it was featured in the last book I read about the war. And because of what is happening right now in the world, with the Russia war. And how similar Russia and Germany were back then. It was written well, though. But yeah. Russia in the time of the Communists did not seem like a good time. Does not seem like Russia is any better now. This doesn't focus much on any of that, though.

Dog Star was a great read. And I'm glad I read this beautiful story. It did make me cry, though. And I'm a little bitter about that ending, haha. But this was a stunning book. And I very much enjoyed it. It was not fully perfect to me, as I found some of the dog point of view a little weird, with talking to a star, but it was still very cute. And I cannot wait to read more books by Megan. I haven't yet read all of her books, but I have read a bunch, and she's a great writer. I think that you should all read this important and cute story.

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