Saturday, March 4, 2023

In My Mailbox #591

Another week has passed. I am exhausted. Sigh. This week have been full of pain. Plus side, reading a new book :) Will finish it tomorrow. It's good, but a little bad; a four star so far. Anyway. Got some stunning mail this week; all the books. Ahh! <3 But yeah. This week have been hard. I'm still so exhausted from my corona, now three weeks later. So tired. But getting better, I guess. But this week sucked. Badly. I had my final dental appointment to get rid of holes, finally. But it was super painful after, and it still is, now many days later. Shudders. My poor jaw. Then this week was medicine week too. And that killed me. Only just starting to recover a little. I'm so exhausted from pain. Ugh. But I'm doing good, despite this :) Well, trying to be doing good, haha. Oh. Yess. Did finish my re-watch of The Lord of the Rings, took me many days, but so good, always. <3 This week I'm waiting on Night of the Witch :) I hope you are all doing well. <3

I Dream of Popo. Finally bought myself this new adorable picture book by Livia. <3 Hope to love this one.
House of Hollow. Have been meaning to buy this book for ages :) Heard good things about it. I'm curious.
Rebel Spy. Finally bought this new-ish US paperback edition, ha :) I so loved this book; you must read it.
Jellicoe Road. Another that I finally bought; new paperback edition of a book I so, so loved years ago. <3
In Every Generation. Had to own this paperback edition too, ha :) Though I have not read this series yet.
The Dragon's Promise. I haven't read book one, oops, but since I own it, I figured I should own this too :)
Skyborn. Eeee! German edition :D I had to own this gorgeous copy. I loved this trilogy. So much. Love.
Extasia. Of course I bought two copies of this new paperback edition, haha :) Loved this book so much.
Kirby. A new Kirby game for my nintendo switch :D I just had to buy this one, haha. Hoping to play soon.
Funko Europe. Oops. I may have ordered again. Ahh! But so worth it :D I ordered for the new Bruno. So stunning. Love my Hamilton girls, which I still have not seen, haha. And I had more luck with my mystery minis, eee :D Got one new Stranger Things; Eddie. <3 Finally got the Coraline pin I was missing :) And at last got the evil valentine's mystery mini blue bird that I was missing to complete my collection, ha :) Love. Oh! Forgot to mention Max and Luisa. Bought from a US site; finally got my stunning Luisa. <3 Love her.

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